December 29th 2009 2:29 pm PT

Game Add-on: The Underdome for Borderlands


Borderlands™Content: The Underdome
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Text: (Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot is an add-on pack for Borderlands that includes a new cooperative arena game mode and a stash to store your gear. Are you god’s gift to gun fights? Think you’re the best? Wanna prove it? Then help us celebrate the grand opening of Marcus Bank (a subsidiary of Marcus Corp) by killing hundreds and hundreds of people in Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, the only competitive arena around where your next of kin can be assured that you’re coming back famous . . . or not at all. (All proceeds are kept by us). There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see


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Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Boxout6

    Holy crap…You can use Marcus Fenix in Borderlands?!?

  • rogXue

    umm I’m confused ;)

  • r3dreck

    Already sold it back, if this gave you XP point I probably would have DL’ed it and kept it around for a while… got $40+ back on it, bought it used for $50, so made out well… great game but not paying 800 points for add on DLC that’s not that great. I’ll wait for the game of the year version.

  • Exu

    Game’s been out two months and there’s already DLC totalling 1600?
    Screw that, I paid £16.95 for the game and I’m not paying another £13.60 for sodding quests.
    A price of 560 would have been far more… palatable.

  • Anonymous

    Downloading now!

  • Spargo CXVII

    Great Game, can’t wait to get home and download this DLC.

  • Kill Screen 256

    Do love the game, but I just bought DLC a few weeks back and now I have to dump out another 10 for a few hours of play? Sorry, but games i got for Xmas are worht my time more. Maybe down the road a little, but really Borderlands is not a game that needs new DLC every few weeks.

  • Twilight Miasma

    Played the DLC and it is awesome but don’t expect to burn through this like ZIoDN. This stuff is hard, even in through playthrough 1!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, this DLC will take a while to beat


    Blind purchase for me, I have some space bux to cash-in from Christmas. I hope it’s good…I wasn’t disappointed with Zombie Ned. Added to queue.

  • Louie

    I am starting to not purchase new games because of all the dlc that is released weeks after the full games release.

    I am starting to wait 6-12 months to purchase games now.

    I just bought FALLOUT 3 GOTY and i would have never bought it without the dlc on disc.

  • IxI unglued IxI

    Is it supposed to be like horde in GoW?

  • wiirule111

    I bought it right away.. Its a big download as usual. :-)
    They deserve the DLC money for this game, because its so addictice. Oh..They fixed the achievement glitches, so it unlocks all you didnt get. :-)

  • Gambit3rd

    I still have to start my journey into the Borderlands (Xmas present!) but I will look into this DLC. Seems to be very good to me.

  • robincognito

    Has anyone noticed that Major’s gamertag in the top right says “Bereich” instead of “Zone” then the zone is “Fun” which doesn’t exist. Is it German or something?


    Meh, Zombie Island was MUCH better. They took out all the expansive RPG quests that were in the original game and ZI, and just gave us another boring Horde/Firefight mode with only 3 arenas to fight in – really, that’s it. They even recycled all the same bosses from the original! And while the idea of a weapon bank is great, it REALLY should have already been in the game to begin with. They shouldn’t have charged any more than 400 for this at the most.

  • Mr BoomStick XL

    Well I have to agree with MACPH1STO, this is BIG let down!! I LOVED the first DLC, it was like the actual game and had TONS of LOOT!! WHERE’S ALL THE LOOT? It’s not the price I’m complaining about, it’s only 800 points. It’s the content that’s a let down. Not to mention @ level 42 I can’t get past round 2 wave 3. And I hate to beat the horse but what makes this age addictive is the loot hunting!!


    Yeah exactly BoomStick, I forgot to mention that. The enemies in this drop NOTHING for loot and you don’t get ANY exp for killing them. They took out everything that was fun and addictive about the original game and ZI and just reduced it to another generic shooter Horde/Firefight mode.

  • DiatomicMaster

    Can someone tell me if this has matchmaking dedicated to it? I mean, I got Zombie Island as soon as it came out, but I could never find anyone else playing it with an open game for others to join, which I found hard to believe. So did they fix this oversight and give this DLC, which looks like it would depend on it a lot more, a kind of matchmaking?

    I guess what my question is is: can anyone with this DLC find others with it through Xbox Live? Kind of a make or break deal for me.

  • PeaceSquid

    Hmmm, so that’s the game unmaxed again. I wish M$ would keep achvs away from premium DLC. Sure, add content but don’t attack my achievement OCD by charging me 1600M$P on top of the money I paid for the game.

    Also, I loved Borderlands but the DLC is weak. The Zombie DLC was rubbish and was artificially extended with that awful Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains achievement nonsense and this DLC seems ultra repetitive.

    If you’re going to go down the DLC route how about new classes, weapon types, skills and mods?

  • Anonymous

    What are the XBLA games of this week please ?

    P.S. : if you are sad and have a PS3 just try the GT5 demo<– i’ve never laughed so much in my life ; my stomach still hurts ; how can they dare making such a game !?

  • oAssassin Xo

    I talked about this on the Gearbox forum. They basically blame us gamers for not knowing there was no XP (among other things). They said we should (in my words) “Eat, breath, live Borderlands and read every detail about it!”. Such as the release about the DLC like a month ago. I never seen a release…why? BECAUSE I HAVE A LIFE. My life does not revolve around any single game. I told them they should have mentioned there was no XP in the MS info for this. They still blamed stupid gamers for not looking it up elsewhere.
    LMAO! So its my fault that I didn’t read the Borderlands web site every day for info about DLC for a game I don’t play constantly? It SHOULD be listed in the INFO. Thats why its called info… to INFORM YOU. I even checked another forum to see if anyone had complaints about the DLC and didn’t see any att he time. Now I am stuck with this crappy DLC I hav eno urge to play because I get no real rewards (which is leveling up).
    No REFUNDS MY ***! And I’ll say this and to **** with what MS or Gearbox thinks. You want to know why piracy is always growing? Look no further. Its because when we are not being ripped off by companies, we are being scammed into buying crap that we aren’t given the full story on. And to top it off when all we ask if for honesty and admittance that a company was wrong…they shove it in our face. Nice to show you care about your buyers of your game (and 360..that means you MS). Only reason I don’t pirate on 360 is because I’ve put to much money into it. But doesn’t stop me from doing it elsewhere. If companies want to play games…I can play them back. Like I said….piracy happens because companies are money hording and uncaring. We ALL suffer in this economy. Not just you guys who make your money off of us.

  • L0rN

    No Arcadegames this week, major?

  • wolfzero01

    its a cool DLC, but it sucks that there isn’t any XP gained from beating the waves on enemies, & I wish the cost wasn’t so high, probably should have been 400 pts.

    I’m glad for the bank, but it really should have been in the game in the first place. nothing is more frustrating than getting a really good loot drop, but because you don’t meet the level requirement to use it you either have to use a valuable slot in your backpack or sell it.

  • Anonymous
  • Twilight Miasma

    Why are you people bitching about not getting xp? You want xp that bad, go roll a new character, grab a friend who’s cleared New Game + and just go do Eridion Promitory and just kill all the damn Guardians. Those guys shit out xp!


    The lack of exp isn’t the worst part about this DLC. It’s that it’s just plain boring compared to the excellent main game or Zombie Island (yeah not counting that tedious Braaaaains mission) and isn’t worth 800 points like Zombie Island was. Hopefully with any more DLC (if there is more before the inevitable sequel), they’ll go back to how Zombie Island was and give us something that actually feels like an expansion.

  • waitfortomorrow

    No new arcade games this week? I thought they came out every Wednesday..

  • I Yova I

    it’s challenging…but boring

  • Firecrest

    What’s with the absence of a new XBLA release? What broke MS’ stride? >_>

  • Disco Penguins

    My friend just bought me Borderlands for my birthday, so needless to say, I haven’t even played the game yet. I do want to know if either this or Zombie Island are worth getting? Zombie Island does sound satisfying due to the fact that it has zombies in it. And if there is one thing I love in videogames, it is definitely zombies! :)


    What sort of quests are these? (i.e. what do you have to do?)

    Are they hard?(hard even for a level 50 with good gear?)

    I want to know before I buy it.

  • PeaceSquid

    this is the worst DLC in ages.

    a massive, joyless grind that gets old after an hour and then overstays its welcome like you wouldn’t believe.


    It’s that bad, huh?


    Yes EV1L SEAN, as much as it pains me to admit it, it really is bad. All it is is 3 arenas with recycled environments, enemies and bosses and a weapon bank which should have been in the game to begin with.

    To UCB Disco, you’d be much better off using your 800 points on Zombie Island than this, since ZI actually has new areas to explore with many new quests, new enemies (yes, plenty o’ zombies of varying types!) and new bosses.

    Just avoid Underdome unless you REALLY love Horde/Firefight arena challenges (since that’s ALL there is in this), or at least wait for a price drop first since this one’s not worth 800 points like Zombie Island is.

  • Disco Penguins

    MACPH1ST0: Thanks a ton for the info! I still just need to play the actual game and surely level up, but I’ll just ignore this DLC for now and get the Zombie Island one only. Really appreciate the input.

    One last question about Underdome: I do actually like Horde/Firefight, so do you think I’ll get enough fun out of this to justify 800MSP? Or is it not nearly of the same caliber as Horde or Firefight? Thanks again for the help.


    If you’re interested in DLC that’s all Horde/Firefight and nothing else, then you might like it. It begins with a starter challenge that consists of 5 rounds with 5 waves each in the 3 different arenas, and then once you finish that, it opens the door to the larger challenges, which are 20 rounds with 5 waves each, in the same 3 arenas again. So yeah there’s a LOT of repetition. There are various difficulty modifiers that are added on one or two at a time as the waves progress, like no shields, enemies regenerating health, leeching of your health and only getting it back by killing, etc etc. To correct what I said earlier, you do actually get some weapon drops, but it’s not from the enemies themselves – it’s a small pile of weapons you get for finishing a round. You need a good team, especially for the larger challenges, because if everyone on your team dies, you have to start back at the beginning again. And don’t even bother trying to go through it yourself, since it’s Game Over as soon as you die, but then again, this kind of gameplay isn’t meant to be done alone anyway.

  • Anonymous

    You dont start at the begining, you start at the beging of the previous wave you died on. So if you die on wave 2 then yes you’ll start at wave 1. If you die on wave 10 you start at wave 9.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    People need to do some research before posting nonsense….not only do you only start over on the small challenges, but you only “lose” and have to start over when EVERYONE dies, not “one person”…with a four man team, we had three die and go to the penalty box, and as long as your 4th can pull through, everyone comes back for the next round. Also, this DLC, unlike Ned, is geared towards Lvl 50 players. Zombie island was ridiculously easy and boring as a lvl 50, and the only reward we got was 3 more backpack slots from the Claptrap mission…Underdome gives your “max’d out” character a bonus skill point (max +1 now!). Also, Zombie Island DLC was $10, had no reason to repeat, and took 2-3 hours (for a team of 2 lvl 50s goofing around). Underdome is $10, gives you the ability to store 43 more items (lvl 10 bank), drops some pretty good loot on playthrough 2+, and each larger arena takes over 2 hours to complete (so 7-8 hrs not including the starting 5 round sets), not to mention it IS like a FF/ Horde mode, where anytime you want, you can pick it back up and see how far you can make it. To me, if you are starting out, get Zombie Island, and wait on Underdome until you hit 50…if you are lvl 50, skip Ned (unless you want the achvs), and stick with Moxxi for the challenge (it is no cake walk).

  • Headshots4life

    This DLC is amazing. I bought it right away and have no regrets. Zombie Island is better IMO but this is still a great download.

  • Xlrking

    Yet there are still ways to ruin it, no matter how good it is.
    Played with some guys who had the modded weapons, beat all 20 rounds of Hel-Burbia in about 2-3 hours.
    And yes, it does get very repetitive, not as good as zombie island was with its good amount of content.

  • aStrangeDisease

    I think it’s worth it just to have the item bank. Extra skill point is sweet.

  • RuairiAU

    I think underdome is a great laugh. KP ScuzzyBunny is right, this is meant for maxed out characters as a bit of a challenge.

  • DirtyWetSpeedo

    What about Fallout 3 DLC? I know it was already on for a discount but i missed it. :(