January 11th 2010 2:03 pm PT

Deal of the Week: Magic: The Gathering


Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the PlaneswalkersXbox LIVE Gold Members can save 50% this when they purchase Magic: The Gathering. Normally 800 points, this week it’s only 400 points.





Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Lilikka

    Think you’ve got a typo there ;) It’s normally 800 points <3

    Either way, it’s a fun game, especially if you’re like me and grew up playing with physical cards.

  • lucasmxbr

    Seems very cool, i didnt even knew the existence of this game.. I never played it, but my brother has thousands of cards..
    It is avaible worldwide or just on US? Im from brazil and LIVE really sucks when it says that some content (like some arcades i wanted to buy) are not avaible on my location..

  • DePetri

    Good deal on a good game.

  • A Place for Us

    @lucasmxbr Check via Marketplace on Xbox.com.

  • Sonic Alpha

    Thanks Major, I may have to pick that up :)

  • twpps

    time to buy more points… I knew I would’nt be able to stick to my new years resolution that is not bying a new game before march with FFXIII, and Dragon Age Origins Add-on!!!

  • tabicat

    Thanks Major, I just bought it. I’ll pay $5 for almost any decent game.

  • Monhegan

    Attention MS marketing: $5 is the sweet spot for impulse XBLA purchases. For Indie Games, it’s $2. Avatar items should be $1. That is all.

  • Ark Hunter

    Nice. I’ll have to get that at $5. It seems to be a strong game for that price. I played the demo a while back and was really in to the physical card game back when it was in 3th edition and about 5 years beyond that.

  • wiirule111

    Only Asia got xmas deal on this game, but i will buy MTG right now. :)

    Nice deal! :)

  • Khufu23

    I missed this when it first come out and haven’t even tried the trial of it. Have only heard good things about it though and at 400 i’m sure it’ll be a buy from me.
    Deals of the week seem to be starting to live up to their name! Great stuff =)

  • Velete

    Barely anybody plays this anymore after the severe shafting early adopters got ( months for a patch to fix the most basic issues, instead it strips features out of the game )

  • Sneeches

    sweet, thanks major, buying it now :)

  • waldo15

    and done! Just bought it and it’s waiting for me to get home… oh how I used to be addicted to this game back in my younger days :)

  • cart00nstrip

    Total insta-buy! I’ve been waiting for this game to go on sale since Xmas, ever since being given a mess of MS points. Very happy about this, thanks!

  • DiaLogical

    Nostalgy buy for me! I’ve been putting it off to pick this one up, mostly for the lack of deck-editting ability I read about, but its not too bad ingame really (with the card unlocks and different decks) and you can’t not get it for 400pts if you ever played the original.

  • Sneeches

    I’d like to see the forecasted and actual sales from this promo. :)

  • Alphos

    Great deal! Every week it should be that way!

  • Polyester Pimp

    Awww man is there a way I can get a refund of the 400points cause I bought this on Saturday… Sucks if I would have known I would have waited. Can you do anything for me Major!?

  • yamayamayaamaa

    I keep buying arcade deals and don’t have enough time to play them lol. Either way, I’ll keep buying them so keep them coming! Thanks!


    This is a good deal. I just bought it.

  • Luminaria

    Nice! It’s great to see a DOTW that I can actualy take advantage of. Seems like its either arcade games I’ve just paid full price for =( or dlc packs for games I don’t own or have already bought. Thanks a lot Major!

  • rogXue

    nice deals lately, not games that I am interested in but still great deals. I’ve really had to mull over on whether or not I’d play these games. Kudos to the marketing team or whoever makes these deals. Thanks for relaying our thoughts Major!

  • Mushroom Jones

    Great game that is loads of fun for an old school M:TG person like myself. Everyone should check this out.

  • Freaky Priest

    Wow, I never thought MS would really cut such a good deal. This one is really worth it. I even bought it at the full price.

  • johnnycrowbar

    Best deal of the week so far.