January 12th 2010 5:00 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Marketplace release schedule


To help your with your planning, I am happy to share with you with a release schedule for the next couple of weeks for some of the regular Xbox LIVE Marketplace features.*


Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week:

January 18th: Mass Effect’s Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station, 240 Microsoft Points each.

January 18th: Hasbro Family Game Night: Battleship, 400 Microsoft Points.

January 25th: Portal: Still Alive, 800 Microsoft Points.

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand:

January 12th: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

January 26th: Dead Rising


Xbox LIVE Arcade:

January 13th: Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD, 1200 Microsoft Points

January 20th: Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, 1200 Microsoft Points

January 20th: Death by Cube, 800 Microsoft Points

Xbox Avatars Marketplace:

January 14th: Burton gear and Darksiders outfits.

January 21st: International attire , MX vs. ATV, and University style outfits


Starting today, the following Games on Demand are now available for a lower price:

BioShock, Saints Row, MX vs. ATV Untamed, Prey and Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution.


If all goes well, I should be able to share a schedule like this with you on a bimonthly basis.


Plus, this Friday January 15 from 12n ET/9am PT through Monday January 18 at 12n ET/ 9am PT, Xbox LIVE Silver members can enjoy Last.fm on Xbox 360 for free.


*Current schedule, subject to change

Edit: The lower prices are not applicable to all regions. The Burton content is currently delayed.


Arcade, Deal, Marketplace, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • GamingTailor

    @murph17 – Yeap, probably you’re right. I tought that would be something related to Alice in Wonderland.

  • Nitramuse

    Will this Vandal Hearts be as bloody as the original one? :)

  • Velete

    bloody EA, at the last minute they extend the length of their 800 points giveaway promotion then slash the prices of the things that everyone was buying to be eligible for it in the first place, sneaky :P

  • Geektopia

    Does anyone at Microsoft actually read this blog and its comments? It seems highly unlikely given the amount of negative reaction that has accumulated since Games on Demand was released. It’s really hard to be excited about anything here. Last FM free for Silver users for one week-end? Gold subscribers in Australia don’t get it anyway. Although the US-centric focus is to be expected (given a lot of this content comes out of the States) but the disparities between international regions has encouraged quite a few of us in the antipodes to cancel our Xbox Live Gold accounts (including me). Some of the discrepancies are inexplicable. For example, Bioshock is still $49.95 in Australia despite the fact that the Australian dollar is currently trading at $0.92 US. Huh?

  • kev873

    Why are games like Prey 19.99? You can buy it brand new for 9.99 bucks at gamestop, or 7.99 used. if 20 bucks is the lowest that these games on demand are going to be for games that have been out for years, I will never buy one. lower the price of the 19.99 games and i’m sure you’ll see alot more sales. There’s a few I would buy right off the bat, but i’m not going to spend twice as much money for a game. Ridiculous! Lower the price of the origional xbox games would be nice too. Since you can find most of them for about 5 bucks

  • Sogeman


    Battleship is only for Japan. Did you think there would be 3 things discounted in 1 week ^^

  • Chicken Wyng

    @PriusGuy-Carcassonne was free a couple of years ago, not sure if you were on Live when that happened. I’ll be honest, I would have never played the game if it wasn’t free but it is probably one of my favorite XBLA games.

  • Hedfix

    You may aswell have all the deals active now until the end of the month, I mean who is really going to buy Portal Arcade now knowing that it’ll be a deal in a few days time?

    Staggering them made more sense before we got the info on an entire months worth of deals in one go.

  • MeridusBeta

    You know what, I’m going to just assume Games on Demand discounts are taking a little longer to apply for the European region. There’s NO way you’d discount the ALREADY CHEAPER US prices and not our already more expensive ones. I refuse to believe Microsoft would be that stupid.

  • XxLightkunxX

    Games on Demand prices being reduced? About time, MS.

  • X Ray Hamburger

    Yah I gotta 5 star this for the fact that having this on a bimonthly basis would be awesome.

  • TheJuggla17

    Darn! I was hoping to see price reductions for Oblivion and Kameo.

  • TheJuggla17

    I thought Prey was reduced? It’s still at $19.99!

  • Major Nelson

    The new, lower prices should be available now. If not, let me know.

    I am hoping to post a list like this twice a month.

    Oh and yea, we read the comments…bad and good.

  • Kandrick

    Bioshock is still full price here….

  • MeridusBeta

    Everything’s still full price here too.

  • AlphaWolf Fang

    I love the scheduled list :) It really helps with planning and having a heads-up for what is coming :)

    Twice a month is good. Once per month would be even better, but I suspect that internal systems and scheduling will not allow notification that far in advance…

    Either way, thank you for the list of upcoming XBLA titles and fingers crossed for PvZ next month :D

  • Surly x Duff

    Waiting for the Civ Rev price drop. Will definitely consider that if its under $20.

  • Teh ShadowMan

    Prices haven’t changed here either. Even if they had I agree with everyone else here who says you can buy the disc at bargain rates second hand by simply driving (or in my case walking) for no more than a half hour return trip. I’m also one of those people who is constantly removing games from the hard drive to install newer titles so I much prefer to have the disc rather than have to download 5 gig every time I want to play one of my older games. (and then clear out a title or two)
    Geektopia is right, given the value of the AU $$ against the greenback the prices should be less than what we are paying. This INCLUDES the yearly XBL susbscription fee (currently $79.95AU)especially since predictions are that we will have parity within 6 months. You guys and gals in the states are griping about $29.95 for a “Classic/Platinum” title, we’re paying $49.95 (online). And no last FM. Come one Major, push it for the peeps down under!

  • The Bill Payer

    No price changes yet on the East Coast of the USA.

  • Tusock

    No price changes here in good old New Zealand yet either….

  • rastansaga

    the price reductions don’t apply to UK. “Prey” is still £19.99, despite it being readily available on amazon for just £2. what a joke

  • RuairiAU

    @Majornelson (and the Microsoft Marketing Team)
    Pretty much all of those games are AU$49.95 here in Australia and US$19.99 in the US.
    Price disparity based on how much your regional marketers think they can rip off the local populous will only result either alienating your consumers or justifying us to use alternative means to obtain the content. Take a tip from Google and ‘Dont be evil’.

  • rastansaga

    if Major does read all these posts then please do something about the stinking mess that is “1 vs 100 UK”. I fully accept that it is a “beta”, but generally beta products do not degrade over time, they normally get better. We’ve lost the live host, we have virtually none of the ‘themed’ rounds that the US gets, we get atrocious spelling mistakes, we get ludicrously wrong answers, we get impossible questions (example: “what is 10 + 8″, is it 12, 14 or 16 [from last week]), we get “network errors” ever 5 minutes… number of players has dropped from 25,000+ to just 5,000 tonight. it’s a disgrace!

  • ZaneXXX

    Major, my hope is to see Games on Demand(360 and pc) able to compete with Steam. The ability to purchase content and play it on either platform would be huge to me.

  • AntiGollum

    “Why are games like Prey 19.99? You can buy it brand new for 9.99″

    That’s the kicker to me. You can bitch about how used games are $4 at your local mom and pop shop, but I don’t think that’s quite a fair comparison. However, if a game is selling for $20 new in retail shops, the digital version (which comes without the overhead of physical media production, packaging costs, shipping and inventory costs, ability to lend to a friend etc) should NEVER sell for even a penny more. Realistically, the digital version should be $10 less than the copy you buy in stores, but I’m willing to pay a premium for the convenience of just clicking a button and having it download. That premium is a price that’s no more than par with retail.

  • Ark Hunter

    I thought I might pick up Bioshock as I though it was already $20 and it would be less. I guess it was more because it’s $20 now. $10-15 and I might buy it for convenience. And Civ Rev for $30?! Not that you can’t get $30 out of it, but it’s pretty old and not that popular to be $30.

    Thanks for the schedule though. I might get the ME expansions sense I’ve got 500 points lying around.

  • Rick Dias PK

    Major, thank you for posting these schedules in advance. It does help me out quite a bit and I hope you’ll continue to do so (even as I understand that the contents are subject to change). I’m also pleased to see some Games On Demand prices are going down. They’re still not quite where I’d like them to be, but I’m at least CONSIDERING a few purchases now (probably not, but this is a step up from “Hahaha, no” which is where I was earlier on the matter). This sort of up-front info and response to customer concerns is nice and I hope it continues.

  • ElektroDragon

    What is the Jan 19th Game On Demand?! And yes, I NEED a Trials HD deal of the week if you ever want a sale. :)

  • The Bill Payer

    Good question Elektro, what is the January 19th game going to be?

  • Aliasalpha

    When Games On Demand was first starting, I predicted it wasn’t going to gain much purchase, particularly in Australia, due to major bandwidth limitations (nothing to do with Microsoft naturally), non-competitive pricing, regional restrictions limiting our selection and the tiny size of the 360 hard drive (and its associated extremely high price per GB).

    There’s an opportunity to correct the hard drive issue with the impending release of the 250GB HDD that is strongly rumoured to be any day now but I have a feeling that at best it’ll be priced the same as the current 120gb which will still make it damned expensive. Selling a 250GB xbox drive for the price of a regular 500GB drive leaves only the casing to eat up the rest of the price and somehow I doubt that really costs so much. Bit of a markup because its a profit area and you’re holding a monopoly? Sure, go for it, more power to you (IS there more power than a monopoly? Maybe some cooler board game like Space Hulk). A LOT of a markup? Yeah I’m a bit less enthusiastic there.

    Removing the regional restrictions should be as easy as copying the ISO or whatever the system uses to local content servers and flipping a bit in the database to allow us to buy it. Until and unless we hear a damned convincing reason why Australia can’t get certain titles (which were fine for a disc based release here), the only thing we can assume is that Microsoft are enfocing this “Because we can” which is just a stupid business move. Our money is as good as anyone else’s, in fact its better because it has more pretty colours in!

    As for the pricing, if you fail to compete on price, you’re selling on nothing but convenience and a multi-hour download of a game IF you can get it and IF you have enough free drive space on a locked system that you can’t just whack a 1TB drive into is not what I would call convenient. I’m afraid that to get my money you have to start getting consistently cheaper than retail and adopt a model comparable to GOG or Steam with regular discounts and good quality sales.

    On the upside though, at least you can FIND things on the xbox marketplace to complain about, its a big plus over the PSN store…

  • StammyFi

    Still seeing old prizes.

  • happysnowman163

    Will be buying Serious Sam this week and Vandal Hearts next week. Appreciate the work you do major (and the rest of the team) in trying to be open. It feels like there is a real sony-microsoft content/price war kicking off. Great for the consumer :)

  • L0rN

    Can you please leave a statement here if this pricereduction only affects USA, major? Cause I don`t see any here in Germany. Thanks in advance.

  • Khufu23

    This is great. I’m always wary of buying XBLA games in case they go on deal of the week the following week. If this is a regular feature, I need fear no more =) Awesome.
    Thanks Major.

  • Interceptor Lee

    “Starting today, the following Games on Demand are now available for a lower price:
    BioShock, Saints Row, MX vs. ATV Untamed, Prey and Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution.”

    Those reduced prices seem to be for the US only. Bioshock is now $19.99 in the US by the looks of it – but you’re still charging the UK £19.99.

  • waitfortomorrow

    Just go buy a retail copy of Bioshock. It’s $20 or less at most stores and you get a physical disc.

  • GamingTailor

    This kind of information two times a month should be enough. That way, we always can have some spare points to the days ahead. Thanks Major.

  • Xlrking

    Well im happy to see Serious Sam up there, but still no Perfect Dark makes me a semi-sad panda.

  • AL0IS

    Speaking of release dates and of last.fm, do you have any kind of news concerning last.fm coming outside of US and UK?
    We see many ads for Xbox saying things like “enjoy facebook twitter and last.fm on your 360!” but last.fm never reached our countries. Are those ads from Microsoft only lies or is it really coming?

  • SnoopDope

    Nobody is forcing you guys to buy the GOD games at these outrageous prices, they are just one more available “option”. You can always buy the games cheaper elsewhere.

  • SaviorB2

    29.99€ in Finland for pretty much every single game.

  • Lynch182

    £14.99 brand new on play.com, and you get to sell it on afterwards :)


    I will be picking up that Portal: Still Alive.


    Really Major Nelson last fm is already free and your making it seem like is a gift to use it

    for a specific time frame you guys are ridiculous and think consumers are retards.


    What a deal you get to use Last fm for free WOW what a value u suck microsoft


    maybe more like last year i’m paying for live ripoff

  • Teh ShadowMan

    Go buy a PS3 then mate. You pay nothing – you get nothing. M$ isn’t a charity.


    I already have one and i’m thinking of dropping ms live for good and i don’t want any charity

    i just don’t like the way they rip people off with their shady pricing.