January 15th 2010 12:05 am PT

Looking for a change? Come work with us !


Now that we’re a few days into 2010, many of you may be looking for a change in your professional scenery. Why not think about joining our team? Make the first step and take a look at our job postings. We have quite a few positions open in many areas of our business. You can work on the hardware side of Xbox 360, help make Xbox LIVE even better or work on our developer tools in XNA. Like PC Gaming? We’ve got that covered to with Games for Windows. You like games right? Maybe you have the skills to help Microsoft Games Studios make the next great games. Can’t wait to get your hands on Project Natal? We’ve got openings on that team as well.  We’ve got variety of creative and technical positions open at locations around the world. Check ‘em out. You never know where it may lead.


Xbox 360, Xbox.com By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Atheist Primate

    Come and work at the Xbox team? Well, if you say so, Major. Packing my stuff first thing in the morning. Looking for a cheap flight to the US. See you guys soon.

  • A Place for Us

    Can I just pop over to your campus and you’ll let me in? :D

  • x2i4eva

    Would give an arm and a leg to come work for you guys but god knows how someone even gets the experience one needs to do half of the jobs there… I know a lot about web design, programming with VB.NET but thats about it oh well, perhaps in the future maybe.

  • Hoffer

    Have any use for a 13 year COBOL programmer? :-) I’d love to be in the videogame industry. My bank job is beyond boring. If only I had some experience that MS would be interested in.

  • ResCogitans

    Hey maybe someone can finally save the console I’ve loved for over 4 years from becoming one of the most annoying consoles I’ve owned. Hopefully someone has the vision to make some sweeping changes that finally benefit the consumer (while at the same time hopefully increase X360 adoption). Unfortunately, the future looks blightful (in a personal sense) for my beloved console. (3rd place? Come on, you can do better! Secondary reference: http://j.mp/6r2N6r)

    My personal problems with X360 I’m hoping some of the new hires can cure (as quoted):
    “Along with that, I’ve been having a terrible time with Microsoft and their insane price-gouging. When I bought the PS3, I set it up no problem hooked up the HDMI for video, used the SCART cable for audio through a separate receiver (since the HDMI and SCART connections are far apart and you can actually use the two together, without having to buy some BS adapter). I was half-gifted an Xbox 360 Elite and have had to spend extra money on a HD Transfer Kit to move my stuff to the new one (bast**ds, I thought I would at least get that for free), and a knock-off Audio Adapter (I refuse to pay 40 dollars for the Audio Cable Adapter/HDMI Cable bundle) so I could use my audio receiver as the main audio source (that just pissed me off even more). Not to mention the Wi-Fi adapter I bought for my first Xbox because my Xbox is too far from my router to use hardwire. I still prefer the X360 as a system, but its becoming such a pain in the ass. So overall, I spent way more on an X360 than just the selling price, which is just not right.”

    Fix away new hires! (Yes, I am annoyed X360 fan.) Apologies Major Nelson for my rant, but I truly hope the new hires lead to not only a change for them, but for Xbox360 as well.

  • Aliasalpha

    I LIKE that job searching layout, can you please convince Microsoft Australia to implement it? The current one is very average.

    Shame that all the ones I’ve looked at require previous industry experience or I’d apply for a few myself

  • ElektroDragon

    I now live near Redmond, I’ve been in Windows IT for 10 years, and would love to work for you guys for the first time. :) I just have to get the nerve to apply and leave my current company. Unfortunately, moving from traditional IT to an Xbox job is a big leap and the barrier to entry is high for Microsoft in general. Loving games and having played over 400 of them on the 360 alone, owning half of them, is probably not enough of a qualification! :)

  • JAMS77

    If I ever lose all my teeth or get a nifty crack whore vibe going. I’ll hit you guys up.

  • Anonymous

    you gotta go to school for this shit

  • mchiefvs360

    Looks very interesting, will definately look into it as a carreer path.

  • Sonrics

    Just filled my resumee and hoping to get noticed in your Microsoft // XboX offices in Mexico…. looking for an interesting change in carrer/job.

  • yolarrydabomb

    Do I get pay to play games?

    Then I in! lol

  • Huch

    @ResCogitans – Well said. I too have similar experiances and feelings with M$/XBOX. Currently I purchased the wireless controller game pack and one of the games will not work because they put it on a disk and a required update cannot be downloaded because if it. I have gone round and round trying to get an acknowledgement and have gotten nowhere. This issue is 2 1/2 MONTHS OLD! 2 and a 1/2 freaking months with no resolution and the faulty bundles are still sitting on the shelves.

  • UKresistance

    I’m willing to give the marketing team a swift kick in the ass after every stupid mistake they make.

  • Gonzo345

    Nice time to change many things if a gamer could work with a company like Microsoft. Many times I think that Microsoft “hasn’t got” any gamer in the Xbox division.

  • SnoopDope

    US Residents ONLY ?

  • mccalejk

    Hopefully they hiring someone who knows how to properly engineer a console so it doesn’t break so often. =)

  • dirt junkie 77

    Who the hell wants to work for a company that not only lies to it’s customers on a regular basis and without regret, they also consistently sell faulty hardware and don’t care about supporting it AT ALL! Their answer is ‘buy another one!’ All they want is your money and for you to shut the hell up. Microsoft’s entertainment division is run by a bunch of A**holes! I am so sick of how this company treats it’s customers! You can all go to hell!

  • Parassassin

    I worked for Microsoft and it was hell in a glass building!

  • SuburbanBoy TM

    Shouldnt there be jobs for people to police Xbox Live? Instead of threatening imaginary bans to people who cheat/are abusive throughout matches, you should start having the common sense to employ people to deliver on the spot bans. Thats where at least some of our Gold subscription money should be going, although I daresay a lot of folks who are becoming increasingly fed up with the service would happilly do it for free. Things on Modern Warfare 2 are getting completely out of hand, with folks regularly using turbo controllers, lag switches, exploiting flaws in the game, and of course acting like general idiots back in the lobby. Thats not what any of us signed up for or want to see on Xbox Live, and its becoming more and more prevailent thus difficult to justify staying a subscriber when nearly every game is infested with cheats. It was with great reluctance I bought another gold sub last summer, and its looking increasingly unlikely I’ll renew next time around (even though I probably said the same thing last time)

  • Devastator

    I’m a heckova B.I. guy, but no listings for NYC

  • Glenn ZA

    My resume has already been submitted to a few of the applicable openings within my skills and career path!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    I think it is awesome though that you have Major Nelson posting this to his blog.
    *Two Thumbs Up*

  • AutomaticOcelot

    Ah, the holiday season for Entertainment and Win 7 have been very good, I see. A couple hundred new positions to recover from the thousands of layoffs last year is a good sign!

  • JonnyDFandango

    From the looks of just about every comment here, I think M$ might want to do some hires in the PR Department.. Your companies image has really gone to crap. I think that the hardcore gaming community is no longer alone in their gripes with M$ treatment of their customers.. there is much that can be done to fix this though.. it’s not that there isn’t a fix for everything, it’s that M$ doesn’t have any reason to care.. they know they have us; if we want to game, we have no choice to put up with all the BS.

  • mccalejk

    The bigger the company, the most vocal the critics are.

  • Bucko Dessie

    Shame nearly all job posting require experience nowadays, it sucks if you have studied for years completing University in June like I did and then have to do a crappy job because everything else requires experience. I’m doing summer holiday jobs at the moment because there is no work at all, how are you supposed to get into the industry if you don’t have the “required experience” at least that how it is in England right now. Nearly every industry job posting requires almost three years experience and most exclude graduates..

  • IxI unglued IxI

    Hey Major… How would i go about getting your job… LOL… you must have the sweetest job there.

  • Major Nelson

    Thanks for the comments. Everyone on the Xbox team is very passionate about our products and we really value the feedback.

  • harris1123

    @ Bucko Dessie

    Your comment reminded me a something Shigeru Miyamoto said some time ago. He had said given his original qualifications he wouldn’t get a job at a certain gaming company today.

    Point being a lot of these qualifications really do bar a lot of talented and passionate individuals from the industry. Don’t get me wrong I feel that having experience is important. People need to know what they’re doing. But, I do feel having a passionate person with a desire to achieve is just as valuable.

    Eh.. but that’s life.

  • HFC

    Hi Major,

    Do MSFT hire ‘non-US nationals’ under any form of visa sponsorship programme? Years ago I was offered (verbally) a job at NASA – pending a green card. The green card people – without a formal paper offer – told me they couldn’t green card me. Extremely frustrating catch 22 as NASA wouldn’t give me a formal offer without the card.

    I hold dual British and Australian nationality. Getting a green card, given I was born in the UK, seems extremely difficult. Australia has the E3 visa programme that allows Australian nationals to work in the US. I’d come and work for you guys in a heartbeat if I could get a working visa. I used to live in Seattle and loved it. Great place.

    Do MSFT actively recruit using the E3 programme?


  • BrooksterMax

    I already have my career as much I would love to get involved in the industry it is not where my gift is I feel.

    However Major, you should also re-advertise the Xbox Ambadassors program that I just applied for, this may be a good avenue for others like me (hopefully)

  • Bucko Dessie

    @harris1123 I love what I studied and I do the same as a hobby, and I have been using computers since 14, nearly 23 now. I know if you are passionate about something it’s a lot more helpful and I love what I do, but if you don’t have “industry experience” how can you actually get into the industry. It’s really very difficult, only freelance work seems viable right now.

  • Mikro

    Hmmm Hey Major try the generic Microsoft Job site I got a resume in there and I’m in the waiting list in the Microsoft information communicatoions skills like aka Video Monkey’s type I’m in line for running around taping meetings and other events internal. Not just xbox everything the job list pool quite large

  • DMack CA

    All of the positions are “Senior” this, “Principal” that, don’t you guys give promotions?

    I’ll keep checking back, but I think I’ve only got enough experience to co-host the podcast :)

  • SinedX360

    Hi Major, no job for France ? It’s a shame :-( Promote XBLA, Indies Games…would be a nice work :-)

  • mattski09

    how old do you need to be to work at xbox and were do you have to live