February 3rd 2010 4:20 pm PT

LIVE Activity for week of Jan 25th


I’ve decided to expand many of these lists to include the top 20 titles. I think this gives a much better idea what the 23 million Xbox LIVE members are playing.

Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles (based on UU’s)

1      Modern Warfare 2
2      Halo 3
3      Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Demo
4      Call of Duty: WaW
5      FIFA 10
6      Mass Effect 2
7      Call of Duty 4
8      GTA IV (Purchase the full game for direct download )
9      Left 4 Dead 2
10    Madden NFL 10 (Download the demo)

11    Assassin’s Creed II

12    Gears of War 2
13    Forza Motorsport 3 (Download the demo)
14    Borderlands
15    Halo 3: ODST
16    Mass Effect

17    Trials HD
18    NBA 2K10
19    NHL 10
20    Rock Band 2


Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)

1     Portal: Still Alive
2     Trials HD
3     Castle Crashers

4     Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment
5     Battlefield 1943
6     Worms 2: Armageddon

7     Serious Sam HD: TFE
8     UNO
9     Hasbro Family Game Night **
10    Marvel vs. Capcom 2
11    Magic: The Gathering
12    Madden NFL Arcade
13    Peggle
14    Shadow Complex
15    Zombie Apocalypse
16    Pinball FX
17    KrissX
18    A Kingdom for Keflings
19    ‘Splosion Man
20    Marble Blast Ultra

The above arcade list is based on full versions purchased.
**Combined sales of all Hasbro Family Game Night titles

Top Indie Games (Full Versions purchased)

1     Avatar Drop
2     I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1
3     The Impossible Game
4     Head Shot 2
5     Soul
6     Miner Dig Deep
7     Glide
8     Avatar Alarm Clock
9     Mind Warp 
10    KGB Episode One
11    Avatar Golf
12    Avatar Run
13    Beat Hazard
14    Physics Lab
15    ZP2K9
16    Avatar Aquarium
17    Inside Lacrosse’s CL2010
18    RC-AirSim
19    Dont B Nervous Talking 2 Girls
20    Solar


Original Xbox Top Live Titles (based on UU’s)

1    Halo 2
2    Star Wars: Battlfrnt 2
3    Counter-Strike
4    Splinter Cell Chaos
5    Fable
6    Conker: Live Reloaded
7    Star Wars: Battlefront
8    Doom 3
9    SW: KOTOR
10   SW: Republic Commando


These lists are based on global unique users connected to Xbox Live or in the case of Arcade and Indie Games, full versions purchased during the week. Some content (and therefore the links) may not be available in all regions.


Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Boe2

    About Conker: Live Reloaded: is’t it about time we get this as a downloadable game? Impossible to find in stores here and I really want to play it :)

  • BHZ anakinjmt

    Yay! Thanks for expanding it to top 20 Major! It does provide a more detailed look at what we’re playing.

  • K04 Passat

    I can’t believe Rainbow Six Vegas didn’t make the list. Seems like I get a full room of 14, every time I host a game. I still LOVE playing Attack and Defend at the Calypso Casino.

  • Lohengriehn

    DAO isnt in the Top20. And there is RtO out now officially. I think its time for that patch @ Bioware ;)

    But Im wondered how much users purchased “Dont b nervous…” hehe.. :)

    Ah, and thanks for expanding the top 10 into top 20. good thing!

  • Glenn ZA

    The TOP 20 sure gives a clearer indication! Appreciate it!

  • robincognito

    Finally we have Top 20 lists. =D Thanks Major.

  • arcad1abiker14

    go Battlefield: Bad Company 2 such a fun game to play

  • VVho Cares

    Awesome Major! Thanks for expanding the list to 20. This really broaden’s my scope of games to purchase.

  • robincognito

    Major, it would would have been nice if you had given recognition to the fact that it was mostly due to the requests of the readers of this blog that you expanded the lists to 20; at least then, it feels as though we’re being heard.

  • TBizzle4Shizzle

    Wooo! Finally the top 20. I knew it had to happen eventually. It makes me very happy to see Rock Band 2 on the list. And I’m also much more likely to get Borderlands sooner than later because it obviously still has a ton of people playing it than I imagined.


    Thanks for the top 20, just including it is recognition enough. This allows the list to give props to some other games besides the usual suspects.

  • VVho Cares

    Yeah and you should also give recongnition to Vinton Gray “Vint” Cerf who created the Internet which allowed you to post this!

  • Major Nelson

    I’ve actually been planing this for many months. I’ve just now had the time to get it done.
    And we (the Xbox team) spend listen to the community all the time.

    Let me say it another way: you’ve been heard.

  • GameOnJohn

    I thought Mass Effect 2 would be a little higher. Mass Effect 1 is on there. Borderlands is there and so is rock band 2.

    ZP2K9 is on the Indie list. Its a good game for a dollar. More people need to play online.

    Thanks for the top 20 lists.

  • BloodOmen360

    “Let me say it another way: you’ve been heard on the insignificant things”

    Now let’s talk video marketplace for all live countries, price drops on older DLC, Games on Demand and the hard drives, just to name a few…

  • aStrangeDisease

    Thanks for the top 20 Major. It’s nice to see where Borderlands stands. I might play again soon to get those last few levels before the I get the next DLC.

  • AriesDog

    Love the expansion to 20.

  • Gowans007

    Thanks for listening Major!

    Top 20 is so much more informative now.

  • AriesDog

    Wait. How does Portal Still Alive beat Trials HD on the Arcade list but Trials shows up on the overall Xbox 360 list and Portal doesn’t?

  • Xper Vadam

    @ AriesDog
    Top 20 360 list is games PLAYED while Top 20 Arcade list is games PURCHASED.

    Thanks Major and the Xbox Live team for the Top 20. Much appreciated.

  • MathGuy42

    @AriesDog, I believe it is because two different metrics are used. More people paid for Portal last week than paid for Trials HD, undoubtedly due to the DotW. However, more people played Trials HD online than played Portal. The majority of those players have probably owned Trials HD for awhile.


    Nice to see a SRPG like Vandal Hearts do well, even though it should have been 800 points. And thanks Major for the list expansion! Now if we could just get that Add-ons Purchased list too… ;)

  • kingbet123

    Major, thanks for listening to us. Also, to all the posters freaking out because “Game A” isn’t in the Top 20, that does NOT mean that no one plays it. Street Fighter IV isn’t in the Top 20 and there are PLENTY of people who play.

  • Thiago123

    -Wow at BFBC2 Demo. I’m know it will be a day 1 purchase for me, but I’m guessing 1943 really helped sell the franchise to a lot of people. Still, I don’t remember BC1 ever making it to the top 3, but then again, FREE, might have something to do with it.
    -I’ll say it again, LOL at Gears fall from grace. A great campaign and horde is fun, but the main multiplayer is a disaster. I hope EPIC takes notice and tries a little harder on Gears 3. I know they are still rolling in dough, but many people predicted Gears 2 to be a permanent fixture in the top 5 for years.
    -Mass Effect 1 on the top 20…I missed the first one, and I know I’ll be one of the many playing it for the first time before sinking my teeth into the sequel (though I still need to make it through AC2 first).

  • VILIUS169

    thank you very much XBOX team

  • yolarrydabomb

    I surprise people still playing Shadow Complex.

    I need to get that game.

  • rastansaga

    good to see no Komani rip-off xbla titles on the list

  • BHZ anakinjmt

    @Bloodomen, Major has NO influence on things like price drops for DLC, Games on Demand, video marketplace for other countries, or hard drives. To expect him to be able to do things about that is insane. I’m sure he could inquire about it but it’s not like he can go “250 GB hard drives? Sure! Video marketplace for Japan? I’ll place the call now to get it done!” Stop griping about things he can’t do anything about.

  • AnEternalEnigma

    I know this is unrelated, but what in the BLUE HELL is taking Microsoft so long to certify and distribute the Modern Warfare 2 patch that fixes the new permanent airdrop glitch? The PS3, you know, the FREE service, has had this patch for almost a week now. MS needs to seriously step up. MW2 on the Xbox 360 is unplayable because everyone does this patch. To make matters worse, nothing will be done to these people because of the ineffective and completely vague feedback/complaint system. It’s very obvious the whole structure is broken. I left bad feedback on a guy that had three stars, and his reputation went UP to five stars. WHAT?!?

    Microsoft needs to seriously overhaul everything. The patch certification process takes way too damn long. Why did the free PSN users get this patch almost a full week ago and XBL users, the ones that actually PAY, have to wait like this?

    Why is the cheating complaint system so vague. Okay, so you file a complaint for cheating. How does that let anyone know what exactly they were doing? Why does a person’s 3-star rep go up to 5 stars when I leave them bad feedback?

    This whole system is BROKEN.

  • Ark Hunter

    Yeah, top 20! Wow, what happened to MtG? I thought it was way up there in XBLA last report.

  • CaptainCaterpie

    “We love you Major, we do.
    We love you Major, we do.
    We love you Major, we do…. Oh…
    Major we love you.”

    In all seriousness, it’s great to see a Top 20. Brilliant. Keep up the good work Major. Especially from our oh so accurate and reliable feedback.

  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Thanks for finally adding the top 20, it’s more interesting than the top 10… those are always the same.

  • Lucky 13 X

    Thanks Major for posting the top 20. Both we the community, and I’m sure those who make the games in the top 11-20 appreciate it.

  • Mr Barrel Roll

    “Dont B Nervous Talking 2 Girls” = epic lulz

  • MeS FEAR

    thank you major and xbox live team for the top 20*********GO BFBC2***********

  • MuckRak3r

    Man I love the top 20 list.


    500 x EXP can’t save you now!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha cliffy b fail

  • itzallgud

    TOP 20!!!!!!!!

  • seldinhio

    Two thumbs up for a top 20. Now if you could do DLC, and maybe some numbers on how many players where online at one time in a week, the peek. Steam has it.

    And for the guy who mentioned BF:BC1. That game maybe never where on the top 10 back in the days but it always had ppl who played the game.

  • Monhegan

    Surprised 1 vs 100 isn’t in the top 20.


    Yeah I’m surprised to not see 1 vs 100 either, especially since it made the top 10 at least a couple times already.


    This is a very ggggggoooodddddddd post.

  • Xlrking

    Id like Conker to be a downloadable title since i really cant find it in stores.
    Oh and good list as well, even though i heavily dislike MW2.

  • DiatomicMaster

    I third the notion to make Conker a downloadable game. Make it happen, Xbox Team!


    The Xbox Originals program was abandoned months ago, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

  • davidkenobi

    thanks for hearing Major ! Top 20 great, much more representative

  • ZybaMan

    ME2 only seems low. It’s one of the best 360 games and can’t even beat FIFA 10 or a crappy demo.


    YYYEEESSSSSS, Modern Warfare 2 kicks aaaaassssss!

  • Ganon255

    Please add a “Games for Windows Live” list, Major. Thanks!

  • mchiefvs360

    Thanks, for this and the Inside Xbox Tab on the Australian Xbox 360 Dashboard!

  • Gonzo345

    YES! Finally top 20! Thank you Microsoft / MN :)