February 8th 2010 1:59 pm PT

Deal of the Week: A week of 3 fighting deals


This week Xbox LIVE Gold Members can choose from 3 different Xbox LIVE Arcade fighting games that have special DOTW pricing:


  Title Normally*  Sale Price* Save Availability

Marvel™ vs. Capcom® 2



Marvel vs Capcom 2


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All Xbox LIVE Regions

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ : Turtles in Time Re-Shelled



TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled


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Not available in Japan and Korea

Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao™ & ©



Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao


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Not available in Korea

*MS Points



Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • KEV2O9

    Thats a good price for MvC2. I havn’t got the tmnt game so might pick this up.

  • Strepto91

    Nice deals! Getting better and better :D

  • rogXue

    good deals this week, unfortunately I own 2 and don’t want the third. For the rest of you though, get MVC2 and TMNT. They are definitely worth these prices!

  • twisted poke

    Will be buying the turtles for sure. Anyone played Invincible Tiger and want to share an opinion?

  • Olimite

    Thanks for the deals.

    Interesting that realistically, all three of those games should have been launched at the new prices.

  • GuZ1977

    I really really hope you’ll all be as happy and cheerful when “Microsoft will discontinue Xbox LIVE service for Xbox 360 consoles and games” in a couple of years “to evolve the service with features and experiences that harness the full power of the Xbox 720/whatever” and you discover that all your DLC and Arcade games you bought for your now artificially obsoleted Xbox 360 won’t be available to download ever again!

    Not to mention the downloadable Title Updates that is needed to load your save files/DLC and isn’t stored on the HDD like on the old Xbox or PS3!

    “The best is yet to come”
    Yes, ironically that always seems to be the case with Microsoft Products!

    Good luck with that future RROD then!

  • sepulturas666

    @GuZ1977 – you are right man. After we see what happen with old xbox’s dlc’s i will almost never buy dlc and arcade games anymore.
    Yes – you don’t own them, Microsoft does.

  • MathGuy42

    I’m disappointed. I was hoping for Halo Wars DLC on the heels of the GoD announcement. Seems to me a price reduction on the DLC, either temporary or permanent, would aid GoD sales.

  • theuglyteradon

    Do you have any information on when the previous EA Deal will be giving customers those 800 points, Major? Also, any news on if they are going to honor buyers who purchased BF1943 during the one-day sale?


    Nice deals!


    I’ll be picking up Turtles, nice to see 3 deals this week.

  • Perixon

    Great deals, Major – it looks like someone has paid attention to what the community asks for. I’ll make sure to pick up Turtles!

  • Shadow0810

    GUZ quit spamming every post with random rants. Get out of here troll.

  • GamingTailor

    Think I’m gonna buy TMNT. Cowabunga!


    Great deals, especially on TMNT! Thanks and let’s see more multiple-deal weeks like this!

  • Z4M0

    Well… nice, but I already got MvsC 2 at 560 a month ago…

    I feel the temptation of getting points for the turtles game but as I said in another thread (and also Guz1977 points) the fact MS seems to not support DLC in long terms makes a good DRAWBACK even if it’s just 4 bucks. Already got the 16-bit cartidge and it’s still playable, more than can be said of this in few years, unless MS tell the users about.

    Can’t insist enough how much I hope to see here an official post concerning to that matter soon, then I might get points even for invincible tiger, speaking of wich, anyone have any coments on the whole product ? Had mixed feelings about the demo back at its release date.

  • Exu

    Look like good deals, don’t they? Well they sort of are, but let’s take a closer look.

    MvC2: A good price, but this is a repeat deal only last time it was 560. It’s sold bucketloads already, you may as well have whacked this on Arcade Hits (remember that?). It’s a great game yes but the deal seems a bit… redundant.

    TMNT Reshelled: I only bought this to get the 800 points back on the Summer of Arcade promotion (which I never recieved) and sure it’s enjoyable enough but you’ll be lucky if it lasts a week. Regardless, it’s enjoyable enough and for 400 you can’t go far wrong.

    Han Tao: Get lost, this game’s an abortion at any price. The only game of the three I don’t own and yet I still don’t want it.

  • DiatomicMaster

    Shut down Xbox Live capabilities for the 360 in a couple years? How preposterous. Microsoft expects the 360 to last another five years or so, and I’m not surprised. At this point it’s a booming business, most people would see a new Xbox console as overkill.
    You seem like a pretty thick person anyway, I don’t hold this against you.

  • NavComm81

    I won Marvel VS Capcom 2 over Twitter this week, so don’t need that. Turtles is still a piece of crap remake, pass. I’ll check the demo for the other one, never heard of it. Might purchase, if I like it.

  • Kenjuan

    Good deal for those who somehow missed MvC2 @ 560msp over the holidays, but I was really, really hoping that today’s deals weren’t gonna be MvC2 and TMNT. That suggests we’re probably gonna match the rest of Japan’s DotWs ( http://www.xbox.com/ja-JP/live/marketplace/dealoftheweek/default.htm ) as well. If so, then next up are BF1943 and Battleship. :( I was hoping to continue the incredible streak we’ve been having with more great games like Trials HD, Puzzle Quest, Braid, and Peggle.

  • Kenjuan

    By the way, I meant to say MvC2 and Tiger.

  • ShaggyB

    wow id get MvC2 or Turtles if i didnt have them already… not familiar with Tiger

  • sleepydumbdude

    I like this week having 3 deals wish it could come up more often and have 1 of the deals an older titles or dlc. *cough* Samurai Warriors Xtreme 2400 :( I can’t buy the games on demand for that.

  • wiirule111

    Nice week.. The Invincle Tiger was an instant buy, and i bought TMNT on second thought… MvC2? No way. ;)

  • Surly x Duff

    May have to pick up TMNT finally.

  • I DLord I

    That TMNT game made me vomit large piles of disappointment and forced me to request to undergo the Rite of Tranquility when I played it at my bud’s house weeks ago. That game is TERRIBLY outdated and no fun at all. The only way the word “Deal” could be utilized with that game is when the word “Free” is in the same sentence. I could only recommend that game to someone who habitually burns money in an attempt to be entertained.

    Do Not Buy That Game

  • A Place for Us

    Was hoping for TMNT to go on offer. :D

  • trickybuz93

    Nice deals. DoTW are getting better every week. ALthough I think we should have more deals like these where it’s 2/3 games instead of one either from the same genre or different as it can appeal to more people. Hopefully something to keep in mind right Major?

  • porschephiliac

    Are any of these an easy completion?

  • Exu

    TMNT you can do in a few hours if you’re good, only tricky one is Survival.
    Of course if you’re buying it just to pad your gamerscore… well I won’t judge you, but many will.


    I just picked up the TMNT game. I got Marvel VS. Capcom 2 in the last deal around the New Years holiday. Does anyone recommend the Invincible Tiger game?

  • Blue Thunder28

    was dissapointed with TMNT but my brother bought it assuming it’d be amazing. LOL.

  • waitfortomorrow

    @I DLord I:
    I agree. The SNES version is the best one. Sadly it will never come to the Wii’s VC with updated graphics and online play. Though it’s wroth $5 if you have it to spare. My friends are into MvC2, but it’s hard to play with an analog stick imo. And the arcade sticks are way too expensive to even think about buying one.

  • xLoCk 0nx

    Thanks Exu for letting me know Han Tao sucks :) I’m downloading TMNT ! MVC2 not exactly my sorta thing.

  • Z4M0

    Well, I have to say that someone kindly told me about Invincible Tiger so downloaded the full version and I’m glad I did.

    It’s an old formula but have to admit it works. The game has a nice presentation (sound effects, music, menus and the old shawn broders’ flavor to the graphics) plus it has multiplayer coop and a 3D visual mode that makes stuff pop up off your tv if you use the propper glasses.

    It has enough deep to its gameplay (could be compared to boxed games like viewtiful joe except for the bullet time effects) to be worth 800 points and may appeal to old kung fu movies fans and action gamers alike.