February 8th 2010 2:17 pm PT

This week on Arcade: Darwinia+


Darwinia+ will be available this Wednesday February 10th for 1200 points.


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • billyjack77

    This game looks bad.

  • GuZ1977

    I really really hope you’ll all be as happy and cheerful when “Microsoft will discontinue Xbox LIVE service for Xbox 360 consoles and games” in a couple of years “to evolve the service with features and experiences that harness the full power of the Xbox 720/whatever” and you discover that all your DLC and Arcade games you bought for your now artificially obsoleted Xbox 360 won’t be available to download ever again!

    Not to mention the downloadable Title Updates that is needed to load your save files/DLC and isn’t stored on the HDD like on the old Xbox or PS3!

    “The best is yet to come”
    Yes, ironically that always seems to be the case with Microsoft Products!

    Good luck with that future RROD then!

  • Mr Barrel Roll

    u mad?

  • Zeipher Burger

    Thank you, GuZ1977 for your expert opinion on this matter, Darwinia+ for Xbox Live Arcade!


    do not buy it


    1200, I’ll pass.

  • CFR

    Darwinia is a really good game, and it’s well worth the 1200 points. This is basically Darwinia and Multiwinia in one pack. Darwinia and multiwinia together sells for $15, and hey! 1200 points just happens to be $15… Don’t knock it til you try it folks.
    I’m not going to get it until I’m sure I’ve got enough to get Perfect Dark whenever that comes out. But once it does, I might pick this up. It’s a fun game.

  • stststststq

    It’s a good deal for 1200, because you get Darwinia and Multiwinia in one package, plus new multiplayer modes. I wish the folks with nerd rage about the original Xbox online service being discontinued would give it a rest though. Just sell your 360s and get a PS3 if you’re that annoyed, then you won’t be able to play last gen games at all, never mind online.

  • Shadow0810

    Wow, everybody with the hate. And it seems like you don’t even know anything about this game? Darwinia is a fantastic game at 10 hours in one playthrough and plus you get full multiplayer with multiple modes? Sounds like a good deal to me.

  • GuZ1977

    Please stop your astroturfing with that fake silver account.

  • Sneeches

    Dont know if it’s just me but link doesn’t work major. LOl

  • Exu

    My personal viewpoint is that this is too little too late. Darwinia is five years old, Multiwinia two, and this has been too long coming.

    Introversion say they need this to sell a minimum number of units to stay afloat. Not exactly a lofty goal when the prerequisite is equal to Space Giraffe but still Darwinia+ will apppeal to a niche number of users already.
    Instead of gouging them for 400 more points each surely it would be better to potentially widen the market by offering it at a more digestable 800 point price?

    The price and genre of Darwinia+, combined with the deals this week, will kill this game’s chances. Sales may be good, but they could be great. Of course, there’s still time to correct this but I doubt that’ll happen.

  • Huch

    Pass @ 1200

  • Ashenkhar

    1200 points for a game that’s what? 4 years old? Riiiiiight. Thanks, I’ll stick to my Steam copy.

  • ibelievein93x

    I want Perfect Dark and Plants VS Zombies!

  • Sneeches

    this game looks like crap, lol I wouldn’t even pay 40 MS points for this junk.

  • rastansaga

    This is quite an old game, don’t know what extra features they’ve added for the 360 version. It always looked really promising in the screenshots – I always thought it was reminiscent of a modern day ‘sentinel’, but when I did finally get to play it, it was just a bit… meh.
    1200 points does seem too high – you can get it on Steam for less than 2/3 of that

  • Shonk jr

    there should be some guarantee’s that ms arnt going to close the download servers for
    games in a few years

    its not the same as xbox 1
    i have like 200 arcade games

    major can you comment on this if you are able plz


    This looks like a case of too little (or too much?), too late. If they had released this closer to back when the PC version was still somewhat popular and fresh in people’s minds, this might have done better. But at this price and this late in the game, it looks like the XBLA version is just destined to fail miserably.

  • Z4M0

    I recall it being a blast back when it was released at steam (still looked weird but was a fun experience) but hey, it’s been long from that and feels overpriced.

    Add the fact there are 3 deals of the week and it looks like people will wait till its price drops to 800.

    I’m still waiting for official words about the DLC, like Shonk jr said. Despite adressing to us as “partners on this” they drop the bomb but then leave us with no information concerning to the possible benefits or detriments to the actual system.

    It also would be nice also to have temporary bans for spamming at this site. GuZ1977 ‘s posts are becoming way too much.

  • trickybuz93

    Why are you going around posting the same thing on every new post?
    We get it, you’re mad but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to know how you feel.
    Stop spamming.

  • shadaik

    Sorry, 1200 Points for any DLC is to much. Sell it physically and you get your 15 bucks from me, otherwise – I don’t think so.

  • ToEvadeSlugs

    Yay. Introversion finally get Darwinia on XBLA. I have been looking forward to getting my hands on this version. Couldn’t have come at a better time for me either, with a couple of days off work.

  • Shonk jr

    how’s the 1200 point bs working out for ms
    i know i have totally stoped buying games
    even the deal of the week i dont have isnt
    worth the 800 its onsale for so im not getting that either

    I have 23000 microsoft points ready to spend but dont like
    being ripped off!!

  • I DLord I

    Shonk jr

    Case in point(my post on the Darwinia release thread).

    It is not that we don’t have $15, it is that we don’t want to feel ripped off. 1200 just because you CAN is insulting.