February 22nd 2010 5:01 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Block Party details and dates


Earlier this month at the X10 Media event, we announced the upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party* promotion. Today we’re announcing additional promotion details and the release schedule1


March 3rd: Toy Soldiers -1200 points
March 10: Scrap Metal – 1200 points

March 17: Perfect Dark – 800 points

March 24: Game Room – Free to download. Individual games will cost 240 to 400 points


Plus: When you purchase all three Block Party titles and download the free Game Room app you’ll receive 400 Microsoft Points back to your account**! And if you’re an Xbox LIVE Gold Members you’ll also get an extra month of Gold absolutely free**!


And from Noon ET Friday, March 26, – Noon ET Monday, March 29 Block Party is making it easy for you to play together with an Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Unlock weekend! For this weekend only, we’re unlocking the online multiplayer features of all Block Party titles for Xbox LIVE Silver Members to play for free (games sold separately).


1This is the current release schedule for Block Party titles. As with everything game release related, dates are subject to change.


*Depending on your region, you may see this promotion called House party. The above information applies.



Purchase all 3 games: Toy Soldiers, Scrap Metal, Perfect Dark, & download the free Game Room app before March 31, 2010 11:59pm EST, and receive 400 Microsoft Points – FREE! As a bonus, all current Gold members as of April 30, 2010 that fulfill this offer will also receive 1 month of Gold for FREE! Limit one (1) of each gift per person. To qualify for your gift, you must purchase all three (3) games from Xbox LIVE Arcade and download the free Game Room app using your Xbox LIVE account, by March 31, 2010 11:59 EST. To qualify for the bonus month of Gold, you must have a current Gold account (sold separately) as of April 30,2010. The free Points and 1 month of Gold will automatically be deposited into your Xbox LIVE account after the end of the promotion period. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery – on or around April 30, 2010. Offer available only to legal residents, age 13 plus, of all countries that support Xbox LIVE, while supplies last, is non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and cannot be combined with any other rebate or offer. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Broadband internet required for Xbox LIVE; for terms of use and system requirements see www.xbox.com/live.


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Living Corp

    I hope Toy Soldiers and Scrap Metal earn their price tag. They seem interesting, but a touch expensive. PD BOUGHT!

  • rogXue

    back to $15 game season. aka I won’t be purchasing a title past $10.

    Although the gifts are tempting…

  • metallicorphan

    think i will give TS amiss 1200 points is a bit much

    wouldn’t mind knowing any info on Joy Ride or Snoopy!!..all we got told a few months ago was that Joy Ride was due in Spring

  • Lakeshow

    Toy Soldiers and Perfect Dark look like good buys. I’m not sure about Scrap Metal however, especially at $15 price tag.

  • Vegivo

    Perfect Dark is a MUST BUY!!!

  • AARON82

    didnt scrap metal use to be on the ps1 or am i going crazy


    Not a bad deal! It ends up working out to about a 30% refund (at current retail prices) of the cost to participate in the offer.

  • Shadow0810

    Once again, ignorant people piss me off. You can’t say a title isn’t worth it at 1200 until you play it. Tons of people said that Shadow Complex was “too much” at 1200 but was worth twice that easily. Quit saying that a title is “too much” until you play it. If you figure a $60 game has 40 hours of gameplay and that’s more than enough for you how can a $15 game with over 10 hours of gameplay (its the same ratio for people who can’t do math) not be more than enough for you, especially if its tons of fun? I’m not saying that I’m a fanboy of these games, and I’m probably not even going to buy them right away, but I’m not going to dismiss them based on something so ignorant as price, especially if they earn their price tag. Will they? Don’t know. It’s not even freakin’ released yet.

  • Shadow0810

    @AAron you’re thinking of twisted metal.

  • Glenn ZA

    This is an exciting post. Thank you Major!
    I really do like the “reward policy” being adopted by Microsoft.

    Buy this and we’ll give you this back! It is really awesome!
    I am an old school Game Room Junkie! Grew up in one, worked in one and can now even play in one on my Xbox 360. Pure bliss!

    Time to save some MS Points in the bag however.

  • GameOnJohn

    I don’t think I’m going to do the deal because I would need a lot more points. I will get Perfect Dark though, 800 Points is a great deal.

  • Major Nelson

    If you’re not sure if you want to purchase a game…every Arcade game has a demo. ;)

  • DigitalE

    Thank goodness Perfect Dark is only $10!

  • My Big Boss

    while supplies last WTF??

  • Sneeches

    Thanks for the info major lol I’ll be grabbing all 3 to qualify can’t wait to see what else is to come

  • Supreme Entity

    Sooooo, let me get this straight… I need to spend $40 worth of Microsoft points to get $5 back?

  • Glenn ZA

    @Big Boss, *chuckles* the FREE GIFT OFFER TERMS are the standard terms used for when gifting is involved. This time, no physical gift is being issued so no stress about the while the supplies last.!
    @Supreme Entity, think about it this way, can get all the above for $35 worth of MS Points ;)

  • AutomaticOcelot

    Good effort with the rewards, Major. A tangible kickback means more to our squishy minds than nebulous entertainment value. :-) Looking forward to PD and Game Room.

    I don’t know the first thing about the other two games, and I have no idea what I think they are worth until I play the demos. I don’t complain about Wii and PSN prices, I complain about their sore and inconsistent lack of demos (slowly improving). In short, XBLA is the one service doing right by consumers. We get to see exactly what we’re getting before we decide to pay for it.

    Crusading against higher prices is like crusading against better hamburgers. You can’t have a great burger for 99 cents anymore. It’s called inflation. If you set some arbitrary limit on how much value for money something can possibly give, you’ll be left eating fast food and playing old remakes your whole life.


    @Supreme Entity: You’re actually getting $11.66 back (400 points + 1 month of Gold), provided that you’re already a Gold member of course.

  • Spiraea22

    Very interested in Scrap Metal (love a good top down racer) and Perfect Dark for sure but Toy Soliders.. I don’t know yet. I’ll have to play the demo first

  • Uzumaki15

    Sounds good I’ll have to get some more MSP for gameroom. But what happened to joy ride?

  • Stedanko420

    Uzumaki15 asked the same question I had. What happened to Joy Ride???

  • Thomas Egebaek

    I think I speak for all when asking:
    Where is Doom 2?!

  • SketchyPederson

    Perfect Dark is a given. Toy Soldiers looks like I’ll have to demo is first. And Scrap Metal, meh. Looks farrr too expensive.

  • Skunk175

    Major, it’s not whether I like a game or not.
    It’s do I feel it’s worth that much.

    Now time for the positive part of my comment. :)

    Looking forward to Perfect Dark!
    Enhanced version of an already great game, online on every mode, maps from Goldeneye added (!!!), and 20 achievements!

  • hyghwayman

    game room +1

  • ShaggyB

    scrap metal looks cool but i dont feel its worth $15… nor do i think toy is worth that…

    if you were giving $10 back and the month of live id be in… I down with PD, and the price is right as that i would have paid $15 for…. but ill wait on the others.

    good promotion but not quite good enough to make me jump at it… I appreciate the offer though

  • Computerdude103

    I’ve been saying it for a while, and it looks like Microsoft is starting it.. the rewards programs really do work. If they included a couple free months of XBL wth all new Xbox titles, they’d probably find themselves selling a lot more titles. (I know I would buy more). This is a step in the right direction (Aka not making live free, but having ways to get some free time)

  • NEW P4TH

    Perfect Dark is a no brainer especially at that price. This is a game I would easily pay more than 800 points for, but thank you Microsoft, Rare and RJ studios for the sweet 800 point spot. Toy Soldiers looks pretty cool, but I’m not sure its worthy of the 1200 point tag. Ill give the demo a try. Scrap Metal looks very meh and doesn’t look like something Id pay 1200 points for. Game Room sounds neat, but also comes off as a micro-transaction hub.

    Thanks again Major for the update. I really cant wait for Perfect Dark XBLA. I still hope one day Microsoft will let Rare bring out a new Perfect Dark for the 360. Perfect Dark Zero was a disappointment, but it was still a blast to play and very entertaining. I’m 100% sure Rare would love to do a sequel to the original Perfect Dark on Xbox 360 and I’m sure they wont disappoint this time. Hopefully its one of your E3 announcements :)

  • Surly x Duff

    I think I’ll be saving my money on these. Using that method I keep $40.00, not $5.00. I won’t be missing out on much. Maaaaybe I’ll get Perfect Dark. If its as good as I remember. Then again, Doom 2 was better.

  • AOClaus

    Why oh why couldn’t Perfect Dark be the first game to be released? Is it because everyone is afraid that PD will get all the attention and those first two games won’t see any purchases?


    BREAKING NEWS! “TeamXbox has exclusively learned that, later this afternoon, 2K Games will announce the release date and pricing for its upcoming downloadable content pack for hit RPG/shooter, Borderlands — and Xbox 360 owners will get a headstart on everyone else. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx will be released for Xbox 360 tomorrow, February 23, for 800 Microsoft Points (or about $10).” http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/22155/Borderlands-General-Knoxx-Release-Date-Price-Revealed/

  • CaptainCaterpie

    PD only 800 points…. :D – Scrap Metal is a definite “maybe” buy, and Toy Soldiers I have no clue about so will DL demo. Both 1200 though…. steep. Especially since buying games for the Games Room costs a minimum of 240. We have a budget y’know M$…

  • Z4M0

    I can’t recall if I still have 3200 points at my account (I was considering the possibility of getting PB winterbottom tonight).

    I’m against the 1200 pricing policy, as far as theorically games have to become better with time to drag in more customers (you know, the more quality you offer the higher will be the demmand) not as justification of price tag raise, you know if you offer better stuff but also raise the price, you aren’t improving that much. I meant, I purchased castle crashers at full price, etc. but don’t like it to be the norm cause if this goes on this way, do the maths: the end of “rcade games”.

    Yes, games will be progressively better, will be heavyer downloads and will be more expensive. $60 30 hours downloadable games, anyone? that’s my point of having such prices as rarities, not as a norm.

    Besides all of what I’ve said I might jump in (depending on demos of course, if they are worth the points or not) JUST TO SUPPORT the policy of REWARDING LOYAL CUSTOMERS. Finally MS is doing it right posting the live marketplace scheludes, making offers and such :)

    On a side note, I’m eager to try PD. Goldeneye was utterly fun, dunno why as I’ve never been an 007 fan but that game was a blast and yet I missed PD so it might be still worth some money today :)

  • wolfzero01

    might get Toy Soldiers, not too sure about downloading the Game Room since you have to rebuy any Arcade titles that might be in it, like Galaga

  • SumHydroponic

    Perfect Dark @ $10 is a must buy. Toy Soldiers will be demo first then possible buy. Scrap Metal, not to interested at this time but will demo before I judge. About The Game Room… Will we receive any free games at all with the DL’d? Also will we be able to try any before we buy? Some of the games for it may be must have’s for me, Crystal Castles anyone? Honestly I would want to try alot of them out before I drop any money on them, regardless of how inexpensive they may be.

  • stststststq

    SumHydroponic – According to some of the info that came out of X10, you can try games once on Game Room before you buy and you can also demo the games that your friends have bought in their virtual arcade. Every game also has a rewind feature (kind of the same as in Braid), but if you use it your scores won’t count towards high score tables. There’s also a challenge mode where you can send out challenges to up to 7 other people and when you’re in Game Room you’ll see messages updating you on how the other people are doing in the challenge. You can create challenges using any of the games you own and I believe that you can also download other people’s save states from leaderboards and create challenges with those if you like. All games have 9 medals (3 each of bronze, silver and gold) and there are achievements, but they’re spread across all games. If you buy just the 360 or PC version, you can pay just the extra to get both versions, rather than having to pay full price again and it seems that there’s cloud storage for save states, because if you’ve played a game on the 360, you can pick it up where you left off on the PC if you have that version too. That’s all of the info I’ve heard, so if it is like that it sounds really good. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  • Mcmax3000

    Toy Soldiers and Scrap Metal look pretty fun. I’m not overly interested in Perfect Dark but if the other two are as fun as they look and I end up picking them up, I’ll definitely download Perfect Dark so I can take advantage of the promotion.


    I love Xbox Live Arcade games. I really don’t have a lot of money. Looks like I am going to have to find some by next month!

  • kaleido42

    Quick question here. In the Free Gift Terms its pointed out that to be eligible you must be 13 or older, but shouldn’t it technically be 18 since you have to have to have an adult xbox live account to even be able to download Perfect Dark considering its rated “M”? Just thought I should point that out there.

  • luissolid

    Perfect Dark is must-buy and 800 Mps much better…
    a doubt, the Xbox Live Block Party offer is only for USA???

    Waiting for March 17…

  • luissolid

    i read the full post and got my answer: P
    “Offer available only to legal residents, age 13 plus, of all countries that support Xbox LIVE”

  • xXNapsterManXx

    wow 1200 for toy soldiers and then 240-400 for 1 game in game room WTF microsoft love ripping pple off i will be getting toy soldiers ive been waiting to long for that to pass on it becuase microsoft love my money. and WTF happend to Joy Ride did big park studios suddenly vanish i hanvt seen anything about joyride since E3 09.WTF

  • mchiefvs360

    Perfect Dark is the one I’m looking forward to the most. Will get Game Room as well, looks really good, despite what some critics are saying.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, already am planing on getting Toy Soldiers, Perfect Dark and the Game room. Not sure about Scrap Metal. Major one question, I am planing on getting the Game Room on Games for Windows LIVE, if I get it on the PC, does it still count on the deal? Not really a big problem for me, just wondering.

  • WheelzthatKeelz

    “I really do like the “reward policy” being adopted by Microsoft.
    Buy this and we’ll give you this back! It is really awesome!”

    Yeah, spend 3200 MP and get 400 points back! awesome.. :/

  • Computerdude103

    Its better than nothing…

  • Oatmeal25

    I’d like more information on Game Room. Like do people have to buy the game room version of XBLA games they already own?

  • Velete

    Deal would be sweet if MS didnt take several months to recredit you with the points:P

  • seldinhio

    Whoow oo oo, hold on now. Before we go on to Game Room, haven’t you(MS) forgot something. Like Last.fm and 1 vs 100 for the rest of the world. I’m not a hater but really, really com on now why shouldn’t I be able to play those 2 apps in Sweden or where ever in the world I live. Bla Bla Bla licenses here licenses there. Make it happen.