March 8th 2010 2:03 pm PT

Deal of the Week: CoD:WaW Map Pack Bundle


This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can the Call of Duty World at War Map Pack bundle for 1600 points. Normally 2000 points, it will be on sale until until March 15th.


Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Oh baby 1994

    I can’t wait to hear all the complainers Major!! LOL

  • MathGuy42

    Much better deal than last week. However, I don’t own CoD: WaW, so I can’t use this deal myself.

    In last week’s DotW comments, several people made good arguments for having 3 deals each week: Arcade Game (anyone can benefit), DLC, and theme/Avatar stuff. At the end of the comments, eolh93 made a particularly good argument. My only disagreement with him is that I would wait for DLC to go on sale, if I think it is overpriced. I’ve bought some DLC (eg Halo 3) full price because I felt it was worth the cost. However, I’m holding out for a price reduction on Halo Wars DLC since I’ve heard no one say it’s worth 1600 MSP.

  • Exu

    Should have had a permanent discount ages ago, this deal’s been done before but better when each individual map pack was 400 for a week.
    It’s still better than avatar content but it would be nice to have new deals, as opposed to this ongoing “here’s a deal we already did only this time it’s worse”.

  • AquilaXBL

    Thanks for the update, didn’t have time to check the new deal on my Xbox yet. This week’s Deal is nothing for me though. I would like to see some deals on DLC for certain older games where some people might be interested in like Prince of Persia’s Epilogue or Tomb Raider Underworld’s bonus levels.. it’s just a suggestion of course, but I think more people would like that!

  • erichsouza76

    I agree with MathGuy42. And would go even further:
    Now since there are LOADS of stuff on Marketplace, why not have some more deals as well? If Steam can have lots of deals on a weekly basis, why not we can’t have it on Marketplace too?
    This could heavily increase sales for sure.

  • Xlrking

    *Insert Steam is getting lots of sales due to their fantastic deals here*

  • moocow21

    You’d figure anybody still dedicated enough to still be playing this game would already have all the maps. For anybody else, you might as well pick up the PC version of the game for that price, where all the maps are free.

  • Shonk jr

    My ps3 is getting loads of attention latley
    they had a shedload of offers about 2 weeks ago
    and there’s another 10 or so on atm

    20% off some map pack that that everyone either has
    or doesnt want is just plain rubbish

    and didnt we have these at 400 points each not long ago?

  • Hoffer

    Another week, another lame “deal” on Xbox Live Marketplace.

  • Pureblade

    Let’s get a Mega Man 9 deal in preparation for Mega Man 10!

  • Sausage Villan

    too bad they sold this at lower prices before … too bad that i all ready bought them as they came out … too bad it only play COD MW2 … i mean i might seriously consider buying the if not for that

  • Sausage Villan

    i mean i only play COD MW2 now … not it .. i

  • chiruno99

    Wonder when there’s going to be a good deal. Like Bethesda good with “all” of the Oblivion content at 50%.

  • Quaranj

    I already have all 3 of these. They were worth full price at release. I’m with MathGuy42, Halo Wars DLC at a discount would be a sale, so would the DLC for Burnout Paradise, Soul Calibur 4, or IL2 Sturmovik for me.

  • Exu

    @Pureblade – That could work both ways, people might buy MM9 at 400 and then MM10 at 800, or they might buy MM9 at 400 /instead of/ MM10 for 800. Double-edged sword.

  • I DLord I

    Each map was 400pts earlier on…

    What is wrong with you people? Anyone still playing WaW probably has all the maps already. Your market researchers need to lay off the crack-weed.

  • mccalejk

    Bought. Now I have 2 MS points on my account. What should I spend them on? :-/

  • Skunk175

    Wow, $20 for DLC on an EARLIER game in the CoD series.

    TWENTY dollars.
    Seriously, you might as well make it a seperate disc.

  • doublekill002


  • DiatomicMaster

    March: The Month of Terrible Deals.


    Great deal on a great game. Only if it were 4 months ago.

  • skullivan

    When are there going to be additions to the XBLA Hits program? Sales are fine on fairly new stuff but older stuff needs to be permanently discounted after a while. You guys also need to learn from Steam and do some actual worthwhile discounts. 20% off overpriced Avatar stuff and old map packs is laughable. If you’re going to offer lame stuff at least make the discount like 50% -75%.

  • WinterSnowblind

    Just when I thought the deals were really getting into gear, we have two utterly dreadful weeks in a row. I’d like to assume this is because we’re building to something big..?

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap people stop complaining! You want deals for your needs only and not others!! It’s an awesome deal for people who still don’t own the zombie experience. Calm all your nerd rage!!!

  • UKresistance

    Twenty Percent off anything is just too small to be considered a good deal.

  • Nitramuse

    You know what a great deal was? Batman!

    I believe I paid 940MS points for that one (via Games for Windows Live). Now that’s a deal! 75% off! :D


    LOL – Crap Deal.

  • I DLord I

    @ FourZeroTwoIW

    It is terrible because they all used to be 1/2 off AKA 400pts each, that would be a total of 1200, not 1600. Therefore, this is taking steps backwards insofar as “Deals” are concerned.

  • Kaize

    They really do need to work on these deals. Most of them aren’t even good. Who would buy this? CoD:WaW is old, everyone is on to better games now. How about giving us a deal on a current game?