March 10th 2010 7:12 pm PT

Going to South By Southwest? Come to the Xbox Party!



If you plan on attending South By Southwest or if you live in the Austin, TX area we’ve got a couple of events next week that may interest you. First if you are attending the SXSW Interactive conference, make time for Xbox LIVE General Manager Marc Whitten (Gamertag: Notwen.) Marc will be presenting The Future of the Digital Living Room on Tuesday, March 16th at 12:30pm. Hit this session to hear Marc’s view on where entertainment is headed and what role the internet will play in the living room. I’ll be there with Marc to help facilitate his Q&A session at the end of the presentation.


Update: Due to a last minute schedule change, Marc will be unable to attend…but everyone else will be there!


Do you live in the Austin area but don’t plan on attending SXSW? No problem…swing by our Xbox Party at the Six Lounge from 3 until 5pm on Tuesday March 16th. I will be there along with Laura (lollip0p), Eric (DMZilla) and a few more from the Xbox team. Spend a few hours with us and enjoy the Salt Lick BBQ we’re providing (which I am told is quite good) and play some games! We’ll be bringing some upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade titles for you to get your hands on including Game Room, Perfect Dark, Super Meat Boy (it is Texas…right?) and more.


This event is open to everyone 18 and over (SXSW passes are NOT required.) You won’t need a ticket to get in, but when we reach capacity, we’ll need to stop letting people in…which means no games or BBQ.

Take the afternoon off from work and plan to arrive early to make sure you get in.


Here are the details:


Who: Anyone in the Austin area over 18
What: Xbox Party at SXSW!
Why: To play games, eat BBQ and meet some of the Xbox team
When: Tuesday, March 16th from 3pm-5pm
Where: Six Lounge. 117 West 4th Street, Austin TX


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See you Tuesday.



Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • e

    The fact that I’m going to be at the office instead of at this event eating Salt Lick BBQ makes e an angry vowel.

  • Glenn ZA

    Really wish I could make it to SXSW! A little to far across the ocean… Hope you & the team @notwen @lauralollipop @DMZilla have a blast! Have a piece of BBQ for me please :)

  • Anonymous

    Im on my way from Arizona!! ill post again if i can’t make it.

  • N0RDS

    When are you coming in MONTREAL?? ;) lol

  • mccalejk

    Thanks for the whopping 6 days notice, lol


    Hmmm I don’t live too far from Austin (what a cool fun city!) so I might have to make the roadtrip to have some of that famous Austin BBQ with you guys (even if it’s not from Stubb’s) and get my hands on Perfect Dark and see what Game Room’s like! Are you guys planning on giving away any goodies too, like maybe some codes for a SXSW t-shirt similar to what you gave away at PAX?

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Count me in…my brother is DJ’ing that night anyhow, so we will be there!

  • bobbomo

    e, I can only imagine you as a bold, italic, capital E! “Don’t go away mad, just go away” :-)

  • desynch

    i think i need to make my way over to texas, somehow.

  • Saccia

    I wasn’t planning on going to SXSW because the passses are expensive but this sounds like a great free event. I have some vacation owed to me. I’ll see if I can take off from work and head down to Six Lounge. It would be neat to meet Major and I can tell you that SaltLick is awesome… free is even more awesome.

  • KingFudd

    I attend UT Austin, and I have Spring Break next week. Count me there!


    I’ll be there! I’m getting off work around noon, and heading up there from San Antonio. I really hope we’ll be able to get in!

  • SilentHunter382

    I would go but too bad that it is a 7000km journey for me. :p

  • FinderKeeper

    Um, don’t get BBQ sauce on the controllers! :-D

  • DMZilla

    You can thank me for the Salt Lick BBQ. ;-P

  • Lucky 13 X

    Sorry to hear you won’t make it e. Texas BBQ is mighty good.

    I had other plans for this day at SXSW, but I’ll try to swing by to catch the presentation & festivities. Sounds like it should be fun.

  • FivElementNinja

    I’d like to go, but I’ll be working during that time. the irony is I work a couple blocks from there :( maybe I can sneak out of work for a few hours.. I’d really like to go

  • Agrovaine

    I’m going to try and make it. I have no plans to go to SXSW but this sounds like it’ll be fun a chance to meet the XBOX Live team. Cya there!

  • JOECOOL 76

    I can’t wait!

  • chiruno99

    Does Britanese peepls ever get these kind of events to go to? Especially with BBQs?

  • drudaddy

    I’m very tempted to go, but I have to travel all the way from ft worth. and possibly be turned away because capacity is full.

  • Piscesluvr

    Alright, see you there. I am already on vacation that week, so this is sweet for me. Oh, and Major, Salt Lick is awesome BBQ, better than Stubb’s.

  • TXDeadBear

    SXSW is such an awesome event. Here’s to being stuck in Dallas for the weekend and wishing I was in Austin…BLEH. Have fun and eats lots of Texas BBQ!


    i am a fatal errors wife….i tried signing up under my own gamertag (vertigoxcured85) but the registration failed or something. anyway…i wish you were coming e, so i could shake your hand! my husband and i got married almost a year ago now and i registered for a meat grinder. it sat in our dining/storage room for a long time. so my husband comes home one day asking me about our meat grinder after listening to yalls podcast talking about grinding your own meat to make hamburgers. i was down so we tried it and we will never buy store bought ground beef again. i even gave some to his mom to try and she wont go back either! so thank you very much! hopefully you can make it down here some day! once you grind you dont rewind! and as for the bbq…im am a disgrace to texans every where! i hate bbq, and bb


    bbq sauce. so im not too excited about that! but its freaking awesome that yall are providing food to everyone for free (im assuming)! ill take a nice cold beer though! see yall soon!

  • AtomicInternet

    Sounds like fun, hope I can get in!

  • jagowar

    I might make the trip over from College Station but if you can swing it I would like to see some windows 7 phones there showing off the xbox stuff.

    The gdgt party will have them but I can’t get there monday night.

  • Maximegalon

    It is cool to see MSFT having a good showing at SxSW. No Sony in sight… You’d think they would have something.

    Microsoft is even demoing the “Surface” technology if you have a badge (or sneak in). I gots me a couple of XBOX shirts and played World of Goo on a Windows 7 touch PC. Very nice.

    I’m looking forward to the other MSFT parties tonight.

  • Lucky 13 X

    That’s unfortunate Marc will not be there. Would have liked to have heard what he had to say.

  • AtomicInternet

    Great event and great BBQ, thanks for setting it up. Nice to finally meet some of the show members.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Had a blast…when do we get those great games??? They had Risk: Factions, Meatbag, Limbo (probably the most popular game there), Snoopy, and the new Bomberman (that let’s you run around using your Avatar to blow up everyone else’s Avatars!). Had a great time, Major, and even the wife had fun, so it was win-win. Great meeting you…you guys need to do more events in TX!