April 1st 2010 1:03 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Arcade Inventory Blowout Sale


Starting today, April 1st,  through April 7th, we are discounting 10 Xbox LIVE Arcade titles in the first ever ‘Inventory Blowout Sale.’ The sale prices are available to both Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members:



Regular Price

Discounted Price


South Park 800 400 50%
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix 1200 560 53%
Defense Grid 800 400 50%
Rocket Riot 800 400 50%
Mad Tracks 800 400 50%
Track & Field 400 240 40%
Lumines Live 800 400 50%
Age of Booty 800 400 50%
Schizoid 800 400 50%
Wallace & Gromit episode 1 800 400 50%



Remember, the discounted prices will only be available until April 7th.


Arcade, Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Firecrest

    Major, you were asking for an assessment of this sale on Twitter, so here goes (in my honest, unbiased opinion):

    Really, it’s about time MS features a deal like this. Even with a slimmer catalog of games, Sony has been consistent with themed PSN sales on a monthly basis. If it seems like too much, perhaps this is something MS could explore with the tenure system? I know it was briefly mentioned that there will be perks for long-time members of XBL.

    That being said, for 240MSP, I’m even considering Track & Field.

  • SilentHunter382

    Considering getting Defence Grid at this price.
    Was going to get South Park but I think Defence Grid would be a better tower defence game.

  • Mordochai

    Already have all I want. I can highly recommend Defense Grid and South Park. Age of Booty is fun. Track & Field a blast from the past. Mad Tracks & Lumines Live has found their right price. ;-) Can I get a “refund” for spending so much on XBLA?

    Happy Easter!

  • Atomicow

    Nice try Major, not falling for it.

  • mik29

    I’ve either got or don’t want all of these game, shame.

  • slappypyne

    Tell Marketing to do this much more often! I bought more points so buy some of these games. Isn’t that the point?! Well done! Plenty of old games sitting on Live that could use a discount, if only to bolster dwindling on-line communities for them!


  • tag605

    Thanks… picked up rocket riot

  • Disco Penguins

    Yes! Rocket Riot is finally down! I’ll be getting some of that, please. :)

  • Brash Attack

    Getting South Park, fo shizzle!


    APRIL FOOL !!!

    Ha very good Major… Folks every item here is actually the “Stimulus MAp Pack” for 1200MP’s download at your peril..

    Trust me it happened to me… I was NEVER going to buy that darned map pack and fell for Major’s trick I bought “Rocket Riot” my account was billed 1200MPAND I now own STIMULUS MAP PACK WTF !!!

    Or do I ?

    P.S The NATAL Demo on Live is amazing too, the things I can do with just a camera and a body part

  • Silvercube

    Hey Guys, as much as I love LUMINES, spare yourself and purchase QUBED.

    It contains Lumines with a lot of the DLC (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d75/Silvercube/Mobile%20Uploads/1125091657a_298782.jpg), and E4 and Rez HD is included on the disc.
    You can get this game for about $10-$15.
    You’ll save money this way :)

  • LawdaddyCO

    Defense grid is sweet. I have it on the pc…I’m considering purchasing on the 360 because I like it so much. I still play it from time to time.

  • Silvercube

    Bought Rocket Riot and Mad Tracks.
    Always wanted to get these games, at these prices, its irresistible :)


    ya miss one.
    The MW2 map pack should be on here, that way it would be normally priced. ;)

  • pata70

    I predict Trials HD won’t be on sale until the holidays. Like Shadow Complex and Castle Crashers were during the last holidays.

  • Gorkinlot

    Now these are the type of deals I’m talking about!

  • BrooksterMax

    Feedback – bigger selection is good, mostly 50% is good, longer time to buy is good, would have been good to stick in some DLC and maybe GoD stuff as well? I’m going to pick up a few things.

    So better sale than before, but I know you can do better – you have a massive library of stuff!

  • Blaz0

    How can DLC games be used in an inventory blowout sale? Isn’t inventory something that would typically sit on a shelf?

  • I DLord I

    Defense Grid is one of the best XBLA titles. Anyone on the fence about it should definitely give give it a shot. A bargain at $5.

  • PriusGuy2004

    My feedback…this is exactly what we have been asking for. There are some great games here that I will be getting tonight!!! Please let your marketing tea
    know to do this more often. More games on sale might equate to a lot more people buying games rather than just playing the demos and not paying full price. Thanks for this great set of deals !! Lumines and Age of Booty for sure….and Geometry Wars 2 next week for 400 pts!!!

  • Veive257

    Awesome, thx

    Star Wars MMO on 360!

  • Z4M0

    (off topic)

    Did anyone get their 400 points from the BLOCK PARTY PROMOTION yet ? Will come handy to take advantage on the sales :)


    Oh, I liked rocket riot back at its release but I’m not sure if it has much to offer if multiplayer community equals zero.

  • Av0cad0

    @silvercube – Thanks for the tip! The DLC for Lumines is the only reason that I don’t own it yet. Horrible way to sell (or in my case, not sell) DLC. I was going to get the base game under this promo, but Qubed looks like it may be the better way to go.

  • Veive257

    There’s more stuff on sale next week too: http://tinyurl.com/yh22a34

  • Skunkslayer

    Tell the marketing dept more of sales like this.

  • Veive257

    clicking is fun: http://tinyurl.com/yh22a34

  • cinco312

    Ehhh…the only one that has me interested in Track & Field. Nice sale, just wish it had some good games on it.

  • Doh Ray Egon

    Having 10 games on sale is good, but the selection isn’t all that great. The only one I would’ve bought…I already have. The rest are just meh.

  • Helvedeshunden

    I’m definitely picking some of these up to support sales like these. Marketing people take note. Price matters. :)

  • ArcSphere

    This sale is great. More sales like this would definitely get people to purchase more games they are on the fence about.

  • LeiChat

    Really appreciate the offers but wish it included the #2,3 and 4 for W&G as I already have #1
    Have been holding off hoping there might be a bundle price for them.

  • Quaranj

    As far as feedback goes, $ale! This household already had 5 of these titles and purchased 4 more today. The only thing we left was Wallace and Gromit, just not our thing here. Track and Field is a stick killer, but I couldn’t let it pass at 240 pts. If you did similar for all your 400 point games, I’d probably scoop ‘em all over time. The missus still wants Sealife Safari to drop… The deal last month with the 400 point kickback was nice, though I’d like to see more contests for points. I’ve already figured out that DLC for all my games would be 50,000+ MSP, so maybe a buy-in 50/50 draw for MSP or something? I know I’m not the only one who could drop a lot of points in the arcade alone.

  • snoopydoggy

    I have SF2:HF already, loved it since early childhood!! Whats this Super Street Fighter like? Worth my 560 points? Anyone give me any ideas as ive never played it, cheers

  • Rick Dias PK

    This is excellent. I’ll be buying some MS Points tonight and picking up a few of these titles, because this is the kind of sale I like to see. Good show!

  • ZybaMan

    Nothing here that I want. Just waiting for that Geo Wars 2 sale.

  • tabicat

    I picked up Defense Grid. Thanks, Major!

  • PAT2K9


    I just got Super Street Fighter II HD Remix today and it is worth 560 MP if you like the classic 2D SF games. The game looks really good on my 50″ 1080p.
    Go for it.


    Finally the poor lower class will stop their complaining. That is, until the next deal of week or games on demand release.


    Major, here’s your feedback: This is of course an EXCELLENT idea to have a sale like this, and will not only boost sales for some of these games, but also breathe some new life into their dwindling online communities. It’d be best if this was a monthly event that lasts at the very least a couple weeks, if not the whole month until it changes over. I’m personally not that much interested in any of the games on this list other than Lumines, but as previously suggested, I’ll probably just get Qubed instead since I’m also interested in E4. Maybe there could be a couple top-tier Arcade titles added to the list? It doesn’t even need to be this many games either. If this was a monthly event, it could be about this many items, but maybe even be about half & half with Arcade games and DLC. I know personally there’s a LOT of DLC for a LOT of the games that I own that I’m currently feeling lukewarm about but would be VERY tempted to snatch up if I saw they were on sale. Please let the marketing team know to make it happen, and thanks for passing the word on!

  • Velete

    w00t MS, finally putting out a deal that isnt trash or a repeat – going to be grabbing 2-3 of these

  • Doh Ray Egon

    @CARNAGE RULES: So even when there’s no complaining…you complain about other people. Your worse than the people you bitch about.

  • UnarmedGorilla

    Will be getting Wallace & Gromit 4 sure!

  • yolarrydabomb

    nothing good for me

  • Z4M0

    @ Doh Ray Egon
    Just trying to drag someone’s attention… in the end all his, supposedly real, money can’t buy people who cares about what he says so he has come to this post after post :D


    Now seriously, don’t people get tired both of complaining for everything and whinning about complaining people ? For once we got news that didn’t make people complain yet others keep singin’ the same song on and on. Oh and there’s even a spammer with the bioware links littering arround.

  • Shonk jr

    I tell you what Carnage Rules
    you take a photo of all your gaming stuff
    and i will take a photo of mine

    and this poor lower class person
    will have more than you

    people moan when things are over priced
    and with fair reason

    I had 7 of the 10 games already
    and just picked up the other 3


    I will be getting that Super Street Fighter, Thanks!

  • DiatomicMaster

    Defense Grid is a fantastic bargain. Other than that, I might try Age of Booty, but nothin else seems to interest me. Still, sales like these are an excellent idea.


    @Shonk jr

    I really don’t care what you have and I don’t really feel the need to flaunt what I have. I will say this my games played list is really a games OWNED list. I keep 3 gold accounts, which I’ve had for 5yrs, 4yrs and 2yrs and all are paid thru 2011. I could go on but, I don’t care too. I’ll also say that if you are that excited about saving 5.00 dollars, you don’t have money. I probably give away at least 5.00 on a daily basis to the homeless.


    You don’t really think I care about you guys, do you? This blog is comic relief. It’s the same 50 people complaining about high prices and deals of the week, EVERY WEEEK. You guys DEMAND Deals of the week and then p!ss and moan that they’re not the RIGHT DEALS. All of you ingrates are the pond scum of the XBOX community. All of you will never be truly happy until everything is free.

    @Doh Ray Egon

    I’m still reading some complaints in here. Thats why you guys are the lowest of the low.

  • Shonk jr

    Carnage Rules your a joke and the biggest troll here

    200 games at 1200ms instead of 800ms is an extra $1000
    thats not pocket change

    i have close to 200 arcade games
    and over 28000 microsoft points sitting waiting to be spent
    but i dont just blindly spend them like an idiot
    the games have to be worth the price

  • DanMW

    Defense Grid and Rocket Riot for me thanks (already had Street Fighter and Luminies)

    More sales like this more often please (but I guess the next one won’t happen until Xmas)