April 6th 2010 12:19 pm PT

Demo: Blur – Multiplayer Beta Demo


BlurContent: Blur – Multiplayer Beta Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Asia
Dash Text: Blur Multiplayer Beta: Powered-Up Racing. Travel the globe to beat the best the streets have to offer. Utilize an armoury of Power-ups including huge bursts of energy, defensive shields, nitro speed boosts and mines to beat your rivals across the finish line. Blur features insane collisions, realistic damage, stunning racing environments, real world locations and licensed photo-realistic cars. The Multiplayer Beta features competitive gameplay for up to 20 racers, 6 tracks and different game modes. Download the demo.



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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Exu

    Played this for a bit, it’s a pretty cool game. It won’t revolutionise anything but it does what it does well enough and it’s just nice to see.
    Give it a go.

  • TaintedAssasin

    it won’t let me d/l it with out a pre-paid code……

  • xXNapsterManXx

    I enjoyed this in the but im not sure im going to buy it

  • Firebug2009

    this game is incredible, ive had the beta for a few weeks and went to lvl 10 about a dozen times….love it…its need for speed underground with mario kart mixed in for good measure…a definate upcoming platinum game

    PS i still dont have my 800 holiday points…ive contacted EA support and Microsoft support and neither helps…can anybody else help now? i have screenshots etc…

  • ideal rep

    I was in the Beta,its a cool game might be better now that everyone has the demo..

  • DarkGin87

    Major any reason why Mass effect 2 didn’t get its DLC today?

  • Veive257

    Downloading already, thanks Major!

    Don’t forget the Bioware contest today: http://social.bioware.com/brc/1688078

  • Captain DL

    Loved the beta. I agree that it should be more fun with more players in the game (assuming the servers can keep up with the demand). It’s a great mix of a true racing game and a mini cart game. Give it a go!

  • Phantaxus

    having a job finding players at the moment

  • rikietje

    Think I will try this out!

  • SilentHunter382

    I played it a few weeks back when I was given a code. It had a few problems but I love the game.
    I hope they fix these problems before they release the game.


    One of the most fun multiplayer demos/betas that I’ve ever played! I’m up to rank 15 now (the cap since the title update) and it’s really fun to get in a party with some buddies and just slam each other around on the tracks. As previously mentioned, it’s kinda like a realistic version of Mario Kart, so if you like arcade-style racing games, you’ll have a blast with this! This has more than sold me on pre-ordering the full game out next month.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    Nice. That should boost the player base a bit.

  • oO MG81 Oo

    I played the beta and really loved it. Definitely picking this one up when it comes out. It’s like a really fun arcade racer mixed with a kart racer. Kinda like Burnout meets Mario. Excellent!.

  • chiruno99

    Now the players will raise from 65 to 128. Hooray!

  • ElektroDragon

    This is a decent game, but hold off for Split/Second as it may be even better. Cheaper too, after Amazon $10 credit and $5 OFF code.

  • Anonymous

    Nice Game!

  • EveofLight

    Pretty nice game :)

  • BeeDizz

    I enjoyed the Beta but i wasn’t enormously impressed or anything. Not a buy for me. Bizarre made a mistake going away from the PGR series imo. It’s more fun like Juiced or Grid than exciting like DiRT or Forza to me.

  • jkern109

    i love this game

  • sho220

    Nice to see this available to the masses. I too had a code and got this demo early. It’s a pretty fun game. Overall, the game is very well made. Graphics, sound and gameplay are all solid. However, it never hooked me. Maybe I was expecting too much? I did notice it is a lot more fun with friends.

  • LittleBlueAlien

    Is this available to Silver members too?

  • Nitramuse


    Silver has no online multiplayer, so even if you can download it you can’t play it :(

  • EveofLight

    Nice game, cars seem a little stiff but overall its a fun game, reminds me of Mario Kart

  • I DLord I

    D/L’d it last night, but struggled to find a good lobby/game. Was anyone else having this problem?

  • Z4M0

    One of the funniest multiplayer I’ve played lately, and wasn’t laggy at all. Despite I liked PURE I think split/second will have it hard to surpass this one on fun factor.
    Add the fact the powerups are neon stylish like they were out Geometry wars. I found 5.1 sound nice hearing the rock hittig my car.

  • Av0cad0

    Beta is fun, but I don’t care for the marriage of racing sim and kart racer. I’d prefer losing the real car models and using futuristic car designs. Shooting energy weapons and missiles from your Ford just doesn’t seem right.

  • TechReconR6

    Nice demo. Made it to level 15. This is more my type.