April 19th 2010 1:48 pm PT

Deal of the Week: Zombie Island for Borderlands



This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can purchase the Zombie Island game add-on for Borderlands for 1/2 off (400 points.)




Deal, Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Vegivo

    SWEET!!!Im glad i waited :)

  • Exu

    Pretty good, though I’m still holding out for the disc myself, or a sale on all content a’la Fallout.
    Still a great deal if you’re after it.

    As an aside, any word on what’s on Arcade this week? I heard After Burner Climax but I may have it and Zeno Clash’s weeks mixed up.

  • Anonymous

    After Burner Climax – 800 Microsoft Points
    Puzzle Chronicles – 800 Microsoft Points

  • chiruno99

    I already have this content. Completed it 3 times now on both playthroughs 1 and 2. Even playthrough about 3 hours one time around.

  • WhiT3Kr0w

    Great deal indeed. Got it today :)
    I suppose I will play this to level up a little more before starting second playthrough :)

  • DarkGin87

    bougth and already finished. so when is MAd Moxxi going to be deal of the week ill buy it.

  • Perixon

    I’ll pass – Borderlands wasn’t really what I hoped for. However, Afterburner: Climax is a must-have! (just like Outrun was/is!)

  • twisted poke

    If you are a fan of Borderlands, this is a no-brainer. Good deal this week as I felt this was worth the 800 points. I second the Mad Moxxi. Can’t see myself shelling out 800 for that but 400 would be a definite purchase.

  • moocow21

    Nice deal, but I’m still holding out on buying Borderlands unless they do a re-release with the all of the DLC included (a la Fallout 3).

  • Huddy72

    At what time does the price drop come into effect? It’s still 800pts in the UK.

  • Joergen8

    I just asked MS to magically duplicated this in their infernal bitmunching machines and forked over the 400 equally magical Mickey points, downloading now.

    PS. the disc version only has Dr Ned’s and Thunderdome which is sad. If it had all three it would have been worth the purchase of a plastic box with stuff printed on them, in exchange for flimsy sheets of paper with stuff printed on them.

  • Monhegan

    Well worth 400 pts. If you liked Borderlands at all, buy this immediately.

  • SecondOne

    and the early adopters get stiffed w00t :|

  • swyzak

    Thats awesome! I just got the game and I liked every minute of it. Time to kill me some zombies!

  • Z4M0

    I’ve waited for this one on sale too long but sadly my saves got erased and now I don’t see much point on buying this If I’ve to go thru witha lvl.1 player :/
    So based on my own situation I’m on the fence between this and L4D2 DLC… at least L4D doesn’t rely so heavily on persistent player data to have good fun.

  • Gambit3rd

    Borderlands was one of my Xmas gifts and I still have to try it. Dunno if I will buy this DLC but a good deal, a very good one.

    What’s on for next weeks? Some preview for next DOTW?

  • I DLord I

    Wait wait wait, you have had Borderlands for 5 months and you still haven’t played it yet? I hope you have some friends that are willing to romp through with you. Each extra player you have, the fun goes up exponentially.

  • Gambit3rd

    Let’s say my friends are not games or online lovers so no extra players for me. I know, that sucks, but that it is. In fact I always play with strangers. I need to get in touch with new people. :D
    Anyway I think it’s about time to try Borderlands out. It’s waiting me together with Brutal Legend and Dragon Age.
    I buy games whenever I see some good deal (yesterday I missed one on Mavel UA 2) but I don’t spend much time playing. :D

  • theuglyteradon

    I’m hoping that Castlevania will have a place somewhere in these “undead sales” that have been going on in the last two weeks.

  • Gambit3rd

    No DOTW for Castlevania as I can see: Dishwasher and Zombie Apocalypse for the next 2 weeks. I’d like to see Castlevania as a 400 points Deal. I already have Zombie Apocalypse and it was really boring…