April 20th 2010 12:04 am PT

Check me out…I’m dancin’…I’m dancin’ ! Here are your Claptrap WAV files

Thanks to our good friends at Gearbox software, I present thee with a few official Claptrap sounds from Borderlands.  Use them to make a ringtone, text alert messages, new mail notification and more. Here is a 3.9 MB.ZIP file that contains 16 classic Claptrap clips. See below for an update

Note: These audio clips are provided for personal, non-commercial use only!

October 2012 update: I have re-uploaded the files to Soundcloud. Enjoy.

Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jaysonguy

    Hello phone ringtones, it’s great to see you

  • AP0LL0G0D

    I have a new ringtone now.

  • Kusanagi2k5

    THE CL4P-TP LIVES! (in my iphone, of course!)

  • Jaysonguy

    So let’s see… track 27a and d will be ringtones and Ah Ha! will be my new email notification on the cell.

    I fear the day “Oh no I’m going to die” becomes useful

    Thanks Major!

  • Code to Joy

    @Jaysonguy “Oh no I’m going to die!” is now the sound that plays when there’s an error on my computer. That’s a good use for it, at least I’ll laugh when something crashes now. Lol.

  • Piztup

    Awesome. Message tone and a ring tone!!!! Cheers MN

  • Hauz20

    So I’m trying to convert these to MP3 for use on my phone and daniusoft keeps crapping out on me … any recommendations?

  • chiruno99

    I’ll be downloading these for if I can find it, my little Trash Talk device.

  • swyzak

    Good stuff !

  • Major Moyo

    I don’t understand, are all these 16 audio files Borderlands related, or there are other game sounds among those files?

  • The Dukenator
  • Helvedeshunden

    Brilliant. Thanks :)

  • Gonzo345

    Awesome, but I want them in Spanish :(

  • mchiefvs360

    This may or may not replace the Halo grunt dialogue as my ringtone.

  • FlipperGameplay

    This is great. Claptrap is so so funny and hilarious. Many thanks.

  • Hauz20

    @Dukenator: Thank you, sir, but I did find an online converter last night that worked well. I’ll have to give that program a shot though.

  • DanMW

    Thanks for the link Major, Claptrap is awesome.


    Now we need a Claptrap Avatar item, I’d buy that in a heartbeat!!

  • darkjester74

    Noooo, they forgot to include “Greetings travelers!” Still, nice pack of sounds, thanks Larry!

  • itzallgud

    AWESOME!!!…just made my day!

  • Devinant

    woah, awsome! am I leaking?!

    Thanks Gearbox & Major! :D

  • PhoenixFire92

    This is my new ringtone. My nerdyness continues to suprise me :D

  • Lord Geoff

    Thank you very much!

  • Yukon Cornelius

    Unce unce unce unce … oh check me out!

  • Redeuxx

    WTB Scooter sound files. THIS IS WHERE CARS LIVE!

  • Atriedes Raid

    Thanks!! These are awesome!!

  • DooMsDaYRangeR

    If you’re having trouble getting these ringtones on your iphone, I can help you get them on your phone using the latest version of itunes. You don’t need to go searching around for software.

    Just message me.

  • MajinDustin

    What’s a good free program to use to open this zip file?

  • Darth PaulBlack