April 22nd 2010 1:00 pm PT

Halo: Reach SKU’s announced (with pix)


Halo: Reach will be available in standard, Limited and Legendary editions when the game launches this fall. Full details on the contents of the Limited and Legendary editions are below:

Halo: Reach Limited Edition – $79.99 (USD)

In addition to the game disc and manual, the Limited edition includes:

  • Game disc housed in recovered ONI ”black box”
  • An exclusive Elite armor set for use in multiplayer modes
  • Artifact bag containing Dr. Halsey’s personal journal and other classified documents and effects that unravel long held secrets from the “Halo” universe

Halo: Reach Legendary Edition – $149.99 (USD)
The complete “Halo: Reach” collection. In addition to the game disc, manual, and the complete contents of the Limited edition, the Legendary edition includes:

  • Noble Team statue expertly crafted by the artisans at McFarlane Toys. Individually molded, hand-painted and individually numbered, this statue is a must-have for any serious “Halo” fan
  • UNSC-themed custom packaging
  • An exclusive multiplayer Spartan armor effect


The standard edition of Halo: Reach will have an estimated price of $59.99 USD.  The two special editions will be available only while supplies last and I’ll let you know when they’ll be available for pre-order. Until then, I’ve posted some high rez pictures of some of the items mentioned above.


In other Halo news, Bungie’s latest Halo: Reach ViDoc, titled Carnàge Carnivàle was also released today. We’re only a few short days away from the Halo : Reach multiplayer beta which starts May 3rd. As a reminder, you will need your Halo 3: ODST game disc to participate in the beta.


Halo By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • rumblpak

    Hmm…a $70 statue, thanks but no thanks. I will however partake in the art book for $20. Unless more info about the legendary edition comes around with something that sways my opinion, I’ll be getting the limited edition. That is unless major wants to give me one for free ;)

  • kaleido42

    Awesome, time to start saving up for the legendary edition. Any word yet though on whether or not the pre-order will have a bonus, or is that still unknown to the public?

  • kaleido42

    Awesome, time to start saving up for the legendary edition. Any word yet though on whether or not the pre-order will have a bonus, or is that still unknown to the public?

  • GamingTailor

    Great company for my Master Chief helmet. :D

  • Exu

    Too much money.

    Also, what’s this about the Limited having different armour to the Legendary? If I’m forking out for the biggest edition I want the lot.

  • AllTeam

    Major, what about people who got the invite via email (because they were xbox one supporters?)

  • Atomicow


    Don’t want it? Don’t buy it. And the Legendary includes everything from the limited PLUS more. You get both armor variants.

  • theuglyteradon

    I think I’ll just get the regular version of the game and wait for the Legendary Version to slip down to that price… because that statue would look pretty killer next to my TV.

  • Exu

    @Atomicow – That’s the problem, I -DO- want it! :D
    Thanks for that though, the flaming head just screams “I’m a target!” but that Elite armour is effing badass. Also that sculpture looks amazing.
    I’m just worried they’ll convert dollars to pounds badly, as usual.

  • xTEC4

    @Exu, if you read the Legendary have everything in the Limited Edition plus the extra stuff listed.

    @AllTeam, that invite was for the Reach Beta on May 3rd, nothing to do with the retail game.

    Well, at least I have plenty of time to save up for the Legendary edition. That statue will look awesome next my Chief’s helmet.

  • Shadow0810

    Got 3’s legendary edition. Kind of wish i didn’t now. That said, that statue looks amazing. $70 amazing though? Definitely getting Limited, that’s a given. Legendary though. ARRRGH, what to do what to do.

  • The Phazer

    Does anyone actually like statues in special editions? They’re almost invariably rubbish, don’t do anything, and just look a bit tacky. I’m baffled by them. This doesn’t look too hot either. I always think at least action figures would seem a bit neater, or just something better like the H3 helmet.

    And yes, that means I don’t think the Legendary edition is very good or worth the money. I quite like the limited edition though – a nice looking book of background material? Neat. Hopefully it’s quite substantial though, the Halo Wars one was kinda naff, particularily when you compared it to something like the massive hardback fully original graphic novel that came with Warhammer Online (which was actually also a pretty decent read).

    (Memo to MS: a Legendary Edition that had contained an exclusive action figure of a Reach character plus cool new Halo graphic novel would have been a really nice Limited Edition…)

  • ShaggyB

    lol guess im droping $80 in september (rumored)


    Nice to see that they made the Legendary for this one = complete Limited + more, unlike with Halo 3. I felt kinda ripped off by the Halo 3 Legendary when I saw that the game in it had just that boring grey cover on it, instead of the Limited tin or the regular cover. Also why are the game cases in the special editions always black instead of the regular green ones? Hopefully these pics are just an early representation of it and they’ll use the green game cases for all editions this time.

  • Raven Xp

    Yeah, already got the preorder for the legendary. I’m a sucker for Halo things.

  • MrT820

    “Game disc housed in recovered ONI ”black box”” – so another cheaply designed case that results in a badly scratched disc? come on, learn from the past!

  • TBizzle4Shizzle

    That Limited Edition case is ugly as balls.

  • Quicksilver4648

    I bought the Legendary Edition for Halo 3 but I think I am going to have to pass on it this time. College made me poor so Standard $60 version all the way. However, probably 2 years after launch I might pick up the Legendary Edition for around $30.

  • Atomicow

    @Exu Well considering this is likely Bungie’s last Halo game, I’m willing to spend a bit more. It will look very good with the H3 helmet

  • Z4M0

    I’ll get limited at best… c’mon if you really wanted a statue you should got it apart far ago. There are better crafted halo statues out there wich offers more value for the money.
    That’s why I didn’t get the special edition for AVP game despite being an AVP sucker… I already got better stuff (cloth patches and statues) than the cheap ass quality included in those said limited ultra deluxe legendary wigflippin’ editions.
    Reach’s limited ingame armor and artbook will be welcome aditions tho.

  • Frayteez

    For being Bungie’s “possible” last Halo game, im really not that thrilled with the Legendary version. I thought they would have went all out. No special gamerpics, avatar clothes to show you got it, no DVD documentary, just a…statue in a big box? I think ill save at least $70 but even the limited doesnt seem that interesting since the artbook I can care less and you wont always be an Elite in matchmaking (unless thats the gametype you pick).

    This is a real let down.

    Seems similar to Modern Warfare 2…

    Limited edition= artbook in a hard case

    Legendary edition = a huge unnecessary item (except you could actually use the night vision)

  • Codename 76

    @Frayteez – Why don’t ask Justin Timberlake? He’ll give you something else in a box and ain’t a statue.

  • Spargo CXVII

    $ 149.99 No Problemo. Legendary Edition will belong to me.

  • Goodeye84

    I am so buying the legendary edition!

  • h8b1llg8ts

    I’m in for the LE Edition for sure. One of the better ones to come out in a while too.

  • xAngelSerranox

    Thanks for the heads up Major, I am in for the Legendary but any word on whether or not there will be a LE Console.

  • moocow21

    I definitely won’t be buying this one. Got suckered into paying $60 for Halo 3, only to find out half a year later I couldn’t play all the playlists anymore unless I was willing to fork over more cash (for maps). I might actually pick up ODST now, though, seeing as it’s finally hit $30 at Amazon, the price it should’ve launched at.

  • h8b1llg8ts

    I’ll double, xAngelSerranox, question. My Halo 3 console is getting on her last legs too and I would like to retire her along side both my Halo 1 and Halo 2 Special Edition systems too.

  • TBizzle4Shizzle

    @ moocow21
    I think there are 2, maybe 3 playlists total that require DLC. Even still, the only ranked playlists are the MLG ones.


    C’mon Z4M0 like you really have a choice.

  • moocow21

    Thanks for the heads up! You’re right, I just checked bungie.net and most of the playlists don’t require the DLC anymore. I just remember there was a time when I popped Halo 3 in and found I couldn’t play the only playlist I liked (Big Team Battle) without the DLC and it really knocked the series down a few pegs in my eyes. That’s I’m still going to wait a while on Reach.

  • TBizzle4Shizzle

    Yeah, I remember those days, not being able to play half of the playlists. I started playing Halo again recently and was so happy when I saw that very few playlists required DLC anymore. Finding that out, plus all the Reach hype picking up… Halo’s sucked me in again.

  • SamF2000

    As years have past I have gotten smarter. Not only am I not buying any special editions but will wait 6 months after halo reach launches and pick it up at half price or less used.

  • SoulAssassin808

    Standard edition is fine for me i don’t need all the other stuff

  • HsitH

    I really, REALLY want the legendary edition, but, like others said, these things are not as limited as your marketing team always tells us. If there ends up being an abundance of them like there were the Halo 3 Legendary versions, I’m gonna be so disappointed. But who cares, right? It’s going to sell millions anyways.

  • Real Xebec

    So this is what gaming has come down to? The standard game costs $59.99, but you have to pay an extra $20 to get “Elite armor” or an extra $90 for “Spartan armor”. Without either armor, you’re sure to be toast in multiplayer modes.

  • Exu

    I think the armour will be largely cosmetic, if there are any differences in power than they shouldn’t be too great and chances are the in-game sets will be more than a match for them.

    Also the flaming head is listed as an “effect”, so may not actually do anything other than the visual change.

  • UnarmedGorilla

    My opinion of the MP beta will determine what SKU I fall into. Bring on May 3rd!!!

  • Neo X5

    I’m thinking the “exclusive” armor will eventually be DLC….I maybe wrong but I just have that feeling.

  • Asian Inferno

    I was split between the Limited and Legendary, but then I realized where is the “Making of”/Bonus Features Disc???

  • chiruno99

    I don’t want any of them, but if Push really does come to shove then I’ll just go for the disc alone and a bag of chips.

  • Lord Forbes

    Sounds great! The statue looks and appears to be a pretty good size. Any word if there will be a special Halo Reach edition console? I have a Halo 2 and Halo 3 console and would love another cool looking one. Thanks!


    The flaming helmet is already out there in Halo 3 as one of those ultra-rare armor pieces that only Bungie employees or certain celebrities have, like how Recon armor used to be.

  • WinterSnowblind

    @Real Xebec
    The armour is purely cosmetic. Sure, if you’re a hardcore fan it’s almost a neccessity, but you’re not at any disadvantage by not having it.

  • ElektroDragon

    I can’t believe you guys are releasing these in this economy! I’ll take the standard edition, and then only when it drops to $30. I have yet to finish ODST for crying out loud. Game overload!

  • Joergen8

    I hope they rebuild the engine from scratch for next gen, they’ve milked the s*it out of the Halo3 engine and it was mediocre to begin with (stuttering, low res rendering). Oh well, maximum profit with the least effort.
    I mean, the dark, unlit, untextured corridoors of ODST (recycled ten times in one playthrough) were some of the worst graphics and technology this gen has to offer. Hopefully no PS3 fanboys saw them.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Face it – you’re all paying $70 for the in-game Spartan armor effect. :D

  • Hedfix

    If I see anyone on my FL with the extra armour I’ll be sure to delete them because I don’t suffer fools gladly.

    “ZOMG some plastic guff!”

    How about you have a version of the game that comes in recycled paper/cardboard, one that costs a little less and comes with the manual on the disc? It’d be nice to have a little LESS useless crap in the world but as they say ‘there’s one born every minute’.

  • FinderKeeper

    I bought the Halo 3 Limited Edition the same time I bought the Halo 3 console… in October 2008. Got discounted prices on both… the game was only $25, unopened. (though it did suffer from “loose disc-in-tin” disease. Luckily the game was (and still is) playable.

    I don’t know if I’ll cough up $80 at release for the Halo Reach Limited Edition, but there’s a chance that I’ll pounce if it’s on sale somewhere on Black Friday (assuming it’s released by then). I don’t have ODST yet, but since it’s now $30 new on Amazon, as a previous poster mentioned, it might be time to get it.

    I don’t have as much money as I have time (to wait for the price drops). ;-)