May 10th 2010 10:09 pm PT maintenance, My Xbox and the Xbox forums will be offline for maintenance on Tuesday, May 11th at 0900 GMT/0500 ET/0200 PT for about 60 minutes. During the maintenance, My Xbox and the Xbox forums will not be available.


This does NOT affect Xbox LIVE (and therefore the REACH BETA) which will remain available during this time.


Thanks By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • krisxx


  • xTye

    Hopefully it’ll fix that post edit time.

  • Anonymous

    Good to know. Is there going to be any new stuff on the forums?

  • Major Nelson

    Maintenance only. No new features.

  • Beasty Drummer

    A new color scheme wouldnt hurt tbh.

  • A Place for Us

    A new colour scheme? LOL. This is Xbox 360 – white and green.

  • Gonzo345

    Nice. Improving the system and its perfomance is always nice.

  • modemman11

    LOL, yes, god forbid the Halo Reach Beta gets impacted. All the 8 year old kids wouldn’t be able to play it.

  • DarkGin87

    New this was coming, avatar images ain’t displaying and achievement take some time to fully update

  • Beasty Drummer

    @Absyrtus Theres the elite. Why not do Black w/ Green text? Im just tired of the same old bland page. Maybe I complain too much :p

  • XxLightkunxX

    So how about Joy Ride Major? What the heck ever happened to THAT game huh? You left us gamers sorta left out in the cold with that one.

  • The Wee Bear

    Would be nice if they fixed the formatting too. It used to work for me but I can’t even add spaces to my lines of text or use smilies anymore when using forums. It used to work.

  • Glenn ZA

    As always thanks for the timely heads up!
    It is appreciated!

  • MClaeys

    I hope they make the sites compatible with all the browsers (there are a lot of bugs now in chrome, opera, IE8 and safari)

  • Kenjuan

    “This does NOT affect Xbox LIVE…” “No new features.”

    Too bad. Was hoping they might fix those BFBC2 SPECACT achievements.

  • DJ Deathstar

    I wish people would stop going on about Joy Ride, its obviously gonna get a date at E3 so just wait

  • AriesDog

    Tried participating in the forums but if it wasn’t the trolls, it was the overreachings volunteer moderators.

  • My Big Boss

    Can you explain what you do to “maintenance” those things.

  • SiskoDog1701

    I would not have expected that kind of comment from an Ambassador.

  • AriesDog

    @SiskoDog1701, like I said I tried participating in that community and gave up on it. I genuinely tried being helpful when I knew the answers to problems or questions posters had. (And still would.) But civil discussion was few and far between. Too many l33t speak trolls. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when a mod deleted a thread I started that linked to a article. He/she found the advertising there offensive. UGO. One of the biggest gaming sites on the web.

    Haven’t been back in months. Since they said you had to login to the Ambassador threads to keep your status active, I’m surprised I’m still listed as such. Best of luck to DMZilla and his crew but not something I’d want to do if I wasn’t being paid for it.

  • chiruno99

    Well it’s done now, so yeah.

  • XxLightkunxX

    @DJ Deathstar: I sure hope so, because the game is MORE than late for its release and MS hasn’t said a darn thing since they advertised it with that ONE VIDEO about it.