May 12th 2010 2:20 pm PT

Demo: Iron Man 2


Iron Man 2Content: Iron Man 2 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: North America Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan
Dash Text: Download the Iron Man 2 demo. Suit up as Iron Man or War Machine. Check out their incredible firepower and powerful new melee moves as you take on EPIC enemies from the Roxxon corporation. Full game out now!




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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • WhiT3Kr0w

    Not available in Europe :(

  • Kyaizen

    Downloading now. Hopefully it’s better than the first one…

  • Venom V73

    Not a good game, but it’s worth a rental for an easy 1000 achievement points.

  • kodoo

    @WhiT3Kr0w – Afaik we’re not missing out on anything :D

  • QualityJeverage

    Supposedly a terrible game, but I enjoyed the demo for the first one just because it let you fly around as Iron Man for a few minutes.

    That’s all I need. I’ll give this one a download.

  • Jaysonguy

    Holy bananas
    If the first Iron Man game was rough around the edges this one is just a big spinning saw blade of awful. I played the first one because it’s Iron Man and learned to accept it but I don’t know if I can ever play this one.

    I appreciate the demo but geez, wow…..woo

    This is why I’m happy there’s a demo of games

  • Exu


  • ElektroDragon

    Thanks, I can now remove it from my Gamefly Queue.

  • chiruno99

    Ah well, back to games.

  • Logic Squirrel

    LMAO if i liked the demo i would not buy it from amazon, i would just go to my local store.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    I genuinely hope another developer gets to try a third title without a movie tie in.

  • Jaysonguy

    Hey Logic Squirrel, if you buy games you should really be doing it at Amazon.
    I mean you can get it from your local store for 59.99 plus tax or you could get it from Amazon for 56.99 with no tax and no shipping.
    You should really look over the incentives Amazon offers for games, Red Dead Redemption at Amazon scores you a Gold Guns pack and 20 bucks back. Blur gives another ten back, Madden already has 20 back.
    No, I don’t know work for Amazon, I just don’t know how anyone can find better deals

  • Z4M0

    Not avaliable @ Europe, hooray!
    Besides, I liked the first one. Nice game for a tenner (and even cheaper). People is crazy expecting every launch to be tripe A. Sometimes low class games can deliver delightful surprises. (here and there, not on a constant basis of course).

  • Shonk

    I look forward to paying £3 for this game new in the near future

  • Velete

    Terrible game, even worse than the first one – especially the graphics ( this one looks like a ps2/xbox game at best )

    Luckily the game is only 1-2 hours in length MAX

  • ElektroDragon

    Are they trying to see just how rushed and low budget they can make these movie tie-ins? This is a disgrace. The Where The Wild Things Are game is actually much higher quality.

  • bloodnutman

    Warning..Do not download this game. I regretably have the full game, it is broken, controls don’t work. Camera no good.I wish I could get a refund

  • LSpear76

    I actually enjoyed the game despite the bad reviews. It’s too short and there aren’t enough modes, but I had fun playing through all the missions.

  • I DLord I

    Boo to poorly made games. Boo. I am just glad I got to read some reviews before buying lost planet 2 as well… wow. They both play like Rubix Cubes.

  • TechReconR6

    Game is very bad. Worse then the first game. Metacritic score so far a 45. Contender for one of the worst games of the year.

  • MJ23 GOAT

    I have this game and IMO it is WAY better than the first one, but admittedly that is not saying much as the first one was one of the worst games I have ever played. Anyone that says that Iron Man 2 is worse than the first game is kidding themselves.

  • Kroesis

    This is a good example of why I generally avoid movie tie-in games

  • Logic Squirrel

    @Jaysonguy thanks i will consider this on some titles but most of the time the store is better for me as i get it same day plus i have a discount card 10% off.

  • Kroesis

    For my ‘must buy on launch’ games I use Amazon and they usually have a pre-order price thats lower than store prices even with on the day, first class delivery costs added on. Plus they occasionally have decent bonus’.

    For other purchases I use my local Game store as I’m always trading in older games. In fact I still have a £22 credit which will be going toward RDR (I don’t consider it a ‘must buy on launch’ game at the moment but it’s getting quite close!) or something similar.

  • Ark Hunter

    I thought the buy it now was going to be a Games on Demand link. (which would be kind of cool for a new release game to have that instead of older stuff…just not this game)

  • Sausage Villan

    Awesome amazon bumped up the gift card to 20 bucks … it was 10 … now i have even more cause for joy in 5 days

  • Sausage Villan

    for red dead redemption i mean