May 24th 2010 9:16 pm PT

Deal of the Week: Avatar Games and Gear


This weeks Deal of The Week is actually multiple deals designed to give your Xbox LIVE Avatar more fun. The following deals are available for Xbox LIVE Gold members.

The below Xbox LIVE Arcade games all support Xbox LIVE Avatars and are each 50% off:

Lazy Raiders

Band of Bugs

Madballs Babo: Invasion

PLUS, the Xbox LIVE Indy Game Avatar Wave Snowball Fight is 67% off


Lazy Raiders® Band of Bugs MadBalls in… Babo: Invasion© 


Need something to keep your Avatar busy? The below props are on sale:


Three Arcade games, one Indy games and three props are specially priced for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for this week only. Here is the complete list showing the savings:



Normal Price

DOTW Price


Lazy Raiders 800 400 50%
Band of Bugs 800 400 50%
Madballs Babo: Invasion 800 400 50%
Snake Prop 240 160 33%
Pom Poms Prop 160 80 50%
Basketball Prop 160 80 50%
Avatar Wave Snowball Fight 240 80 67%



Arcade, Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Ultima22

    Finally I have a reason to pick up Madballs and Band of Bugs.

  • SCS 85

    I’ve never had any interest in any of these games. Only one managed a metacritic of above 70. Guess I’ll give Lazy Raiders a shot even though I know nothing about it.

  • trixie360

    Is that a snake prop or snake pet? Can I use my lightsabre on it?

  • Rick Dias PK

    Very nice! I’ll be trying out some of the games in question later today, and likely buying them if they impress me. …Incidentally, doing so will probably bring my MS Point balance to near zero, so I’ll probably have to buy more points soon. Oh well; if this sort of thing keeps up then I’ll be glad to do it.

  • Kyaizen

    Picked up Band of Bugs. Thanks for the deals guys, hopefully the sales show you that we love cheap games!

  • NBA Kirkland

    Crap. I may finally have to get those pom-poms.

  • moocow21

    Very nice to see multiple deals, but I don’t see anything that might make me want to buy some microsoft points.

  • BeeDizz

    Multiple deals. Good call guys.

  • Grubish360


  • ElektroDragon

    FANTASTIC price drops for a change! I will be picking up all three of these!

  • ElektroDragon

    FANTASTIC price drops for a change! I will be picking up all three of these!

  • Z4M0

    It’s fantastic to have more than 1 deal this week… I was about to buy lazy raiders (I had fun with the trial) and babo (fan of the toy line when I was a kid) back @ their release date so I guess I won’t pass this time.
    I may also get BoB since I always loved UFO style games ()turn based + action points) …

  • Xlrking

    I might check out the games but i really wont buy anything.


    Well even if the games listed were free, I don’t see a single one I would take the time to download.

  • MAOraNza

    Got my basketball! PLAYOFF FEVER!

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @Legendary: Yet you found the time to comment that they are worthless. Good form, that.

  • Exu

    Great deals on Arcade games, picked up Lazy Raiders and already had the other two.
    Avatar and Indie rubbish can naff off.

  • Lavindathar

    Lazy Raiders is one of the best games I’ve played on arcade recently, and before today I’d never heard of it.

    Great game for 400msp.

  • wiirule111

    I bought Lazy Raiders and Band of Bugs without hesistation. I already owned Madballs. ;)
    Lazy Raiders is very cool, and Band of Bugs is “hyped”.

  • mccalejk

    Props should be $1, yes dollars not points, to begin with, at most.


    Like it matters what a silver thinks.

  • I DLord I


  • Quaranj

    Already had the Band of Bugs, it was worth full price, so this is a good deal. I had been on the fence about Madballs but this was too good to pass up.

  • Ultima22

    Right, Carnage; someone’s membership level somehow validates someone’s opinion about games.

  • Shonk

    oo first time in ages there has been a deal that i havnt got

    Babo:Invasion and Lazy Raiders downloaded


    @Automaticasselot:Did you mean forum DA.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, more avatar related CRAP for “deal of the week”.

    Reducing the price on already overpriced crap? Lazy.

  • Oh baby 1994

    If I could stop playing Red Dead, I may look at an arcade game some day…..LOL Giddy Up!!

  • chiruno99

    Anyone that buys Avatar props needs a slap anyway, especially because they’re on sale.
    I’ll look into Lazy Raiders though.

  • Kroesis

    Yep, just as bad as purchasing clothing items…