May 27th 2010 1:22 pm PT

Demo: N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights


Product Details Content: N3II Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions except Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, India, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland
Dash Text: Join an unlikely band of heroes as humanity makes its final stand against the dread Army of Night.




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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • NvaderJim

    adding it now. I can’t wait to try it!

  • mnemo

    Not in Germany, either.

  • MikeSan

    Is there a chance that the demo will be available on the belgian live ?

  • Exu

    Wasn’t expecting this. I’ll give it a go, picked up the original a while back for a fiver and it’s alright enough in small doses.

  • Exu

    Oh hang on, doesn’t seem to be there in UK…

  • kdzBiBa

    looked @US MP => nothing, is this a joke? :D

  • PAT2K9

    Nice. Thanks for the info Major.
    I had been waiting for this demo.

  • kdzBiBa

    oh sorry, my bad it’s available

  • Mr Jelicz

    not avaible in spain? i cant download

  • SilentHunter382

    Not available in Ireland. Well that sucks. :(

  • daissu

    Not avaliable in spain… confirmed too

  • Nervio

    Well… no Demo, no money.
    It´s easy of understand.

    a greeting from spain.

  • oldhouse

    No demo in Italy either…

  • Xlrking

    Microsoft sure hates their other Live Regions that arent America or Japan.

  • DarkRedRain

    @Xlrking This is being published by Konami and maybe they decide what regions it is available in?

  • ElektroDragon

    The first one was great, but incredibly difficult.

  • DeathConvoy

    Not available in Australia either.

  • Perixon

    Major, care to tell us why the demo isn’t available to the EU? Pretending like we (and our wallets) don’t exist just doesn’t make us go away.

  • Cyrax PT

    *Checks available countries*

    Will it be available to the others countries soon? Please?

  • glorioso

    Not avaiable in Portugal? Why?

  • HT UK

    Not available in UK either Major. You should update the post.

  • ChrisCasey

    Gold only. :(

  • sepulturas666

    Yeah, it’s not available in UK. However, i managed to download it with my US account. :)

  • kdzBiBa

    Not available in Germany, could it be, that the game won’t be uncut? Than I should cancel my preorder and look out for a good deal in UK or AUT :(

  • SCS 85

    Good to see a demo of a game I care about. This is probably the first time since 2007 I’ve downloaded and played a demo within a week of demo release.

  • Kimatg

    They should seriously have put Inphyy from the first series… T_T

  • Laun187

    Not available in France either …

  • guigui19

    not available in France !!! come on Major do something !

  • Exu

    @Kimatg – I think it’s set long after all the first game’s characters would have been long dead. Well, all the -HUMAN- characters anyway, apparently Dwingvatt’s still alive and kicking.

  • CuddlyClamShot

    Loved the first one, can’t wait for it to DL.

  • Tahmer

    Heck yes! Although the first one did get a little repetitive and boring at times. I’ll probably play the crap outta the demo, then buy it like 3 years later when it’s below $20.

  • I Yova I

    is this available…anywhere?

  • I Yova I

    (outside US I mean)

  • Z4M0

    All Xbox LIVE regions except Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, India, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland.
    France, Italy, Germany, Spain…they aren’t even real countries, just imaginary ones (like imaginary friends) so don’t desevere to be on a serious list like microsoft’s.
    I believe Europe was just an old rock band…

  • Ai Kago

    DOH! were is this? …I’m from England!

  • Crono Breaker

    Why? Always mexico its outside of the list, here Xbox its the first place on sales and we buy a lot of original content and games like accesorios, its not fear we never see the good demos :(

  • Joergen8

    Blame Konami, not Microsoft. Some of these Japanese companies are used to launching their games “whenever, if ever” outside Japan and the same goes for some of their demos.

    Okami with the wolf on the PS2 from Capcom took two and a half years to appear in Europe. I’m glad I dont play much if any Japanese games, much like they dont play western games.

  • Casserole

    They hate Europe apparently

  • Casserole


    Germany did win the Eurovision though!

  • MetalGearFloppy

    Still not available in the UK… :-(

  • glorioso

    Not in Portugal too… Major, do something!!!

  • Z4M0

    @ Casserole
    Germany desevered to win :) , I’m still laffin’ at Spain’s Algo Chiquitito. Apparently someone broke inside the show being totally naked so our entry at least was the comic relief of the show.
    Besides (on topic), the demo isn’t showing yet but I really don’t care anymore. I’ll just won’t buy the game and that’s it. I hope it will have poor sales outside Japan so they finally learn to deal with the rest of the world, mere baka gaijins!