June 11th 2010 8:56 pm PT

Where to watch the Xbox E32010 Action


We have a lot of things going on at next weeks E3 Show. If you can’t attend, allow me to do a run down of a few of the places you’ll be able to jack in and keep track of what’s going on.


Xbox 360 Media Briefing

Monday, June 14th at 1:30p ET/10:30a PT/1730 GMT tune into to SPIKE TV to watch the Xbox 360 Media Briefing. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, it’s is set to air live and commercial-free in high-definition. Also, the Media Briefing will be live streamed on Xbox.com and Facebook in UK, FRANCE, SPAIN and ITALY at 1830 UK time (BST)/ 1930 Central European Time (CET.)

If you don’t have access to Spike TV at that time (due to say, work or school) then I’ll be live blogging the briefing directly from backstage at the briefing.


PLUS: If you are If you’re in New York City on Monday June 14th, watch the Xbox E3 briefing LIVE in Times Square on the MTV Billboard at 44th and Broadway. (note: I’d love to see some high quality pix of the briefing on the big screen…any one up for that challenge?)


World Premier of the “Project Natal Experience”, imagined by Cirque du Soleil.

Tuesday, June 15th at 3:30 PM on MTV, and at 9:00 PM on Nick at Nite, MTVu, MTV Hits, and Logo.


If you are in France, Italy Spain or the US, hit up Xbox.com where they’ll be streaming the Media Briefing from LA.


Plus, I’ll be in LA all week covering all of the action for Inside Xbox as well as Xbox.com so follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up on all the latest Xbox and gaming news.


Whether you’ll be watching live or following the live blog, be sure to drop by our chat to speak your mind about all the E3 news. For the best experience be sure to register or login prior to the event, and be sure to read our chat FAQ if you have any questions.


Edit: Xbox.com, in conjunction with MTV Networks/GameTrailers.com, will be streaming the Xbox E3 Media Briefing live in HD from 10:30 am until 12 pm Pacific Daylight Time on Monday, June 14. Visit www.xbox.com/E3inHD during that time to see the future of Xbox 360 gaming.


E3 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Atriedes Raid

    Sweet!! Looking forward to it!!

  • Korahn 27

    so what’s the difference between THIS Natal Presentation and all the previous ones?

  • LeX DiRtY

    We need a Xbox Live stream. I want to watch this from my couch. Show us what Silverlight can really do. And I don’t get why you don’t put this up on Xbox Live after the show is over. Give us both shows in HD and not just a ‘best of’. I mean, it is possible, it is promotion, there is demand, so why not?

  • II Fr0zen lI

    Are you going to be live blogging the Project Natal evet Sunday night or do we have to wait til its on TV Tuesday to see it

  • MongooseMuffin

    Geoff Knightly? Do you mean Geoff Keighley, or is this someone else completely? Also super excited for the cirque show!

  • Major Nelson

    Geoff Keighley is your host for the show.

  • Perixon

    Major, what about the rest of the EU? Where do we go to watch the World Premier of the “Project Natal Experience”?

  • DeviseUSA

    Having 2 press conferences is confusing. I thought the Natal event would be first so that we would see the “hardcore” Natal games in the Xbox briefing. Interesting to see what you do. I’m expecting most focus to be on families for the Natal event. Sad thing is that it’s mostly going to be core gamers that watch it. Hopefully not in horror!

  • Anonymous

    This will be on the same time as the world cup game, thank god for DVR!

  • T Mecha

    For those in Australia(yes we do have 360’s down under) MS E3 confrence will be live on Fox8 tues 3:30am. Encore screaning at 3:30pm.

  • Xlrking

    I dont really like MTV, so i will pass on that or just watch a recorded version of it.


    It used to be nice when all of the press conferences and presentations were all on one channel, like G4, and it’s sad to see now that they’re all being split up and exclusive rights are being sold off to other channels now that they realize how popular they are and how much money can be made off them. But as long as I can still get live, uninterrupted access to watching them for free on the channels I already have, I don’t mind it too much.

  • xXNapsterManXx

    wow Can’t i get it on Australian MTV WTF imm awatch it on IGN.com.au there gonna have it

  • h4z4kid

    I think xbox.com will also have a live stream of the conference, they did last year..

  • chiruno99

    I’ll rmember these locations, ofcourse I’ll just get a better one somehow anyway

  • The Wee Bear

    YouTube is covering it as well.


  • Steve with OCD

    Cirque du Solei??? Are your serious??? What junk, well i DO plan on watching everything BUT that now :-P

  • Ring1900

    2 days…6 hours…:S Freeze me, plz! :D


    So…what do those of us without cable do for the MTV one? I hope a site posts the full video is decent quality, or even better Xbox Live, since they always seem to stream live while im driving all over town for work lol. I did just get the HTC EVO…with 4g and flash video maybe I should be dangerous and watch it while I drive? No, lets not be silly Major, just process the video with your ultra insane Microsoft servers with the quickness and shoot it out to my 360!

    But really, I paid for Gamespot total access a few years and usually end up waiting until a week after the conferences for the HD video downloads. I dont see why theres not a site or service that can pump these videos out within a timely manner.

  • TheMovieMiguel

    ALL the coverage wiill be here: http://e3.ign.com/
    including the sundays evening move & natal demos and the “EXLUSIVE” moday press conference will all be streamed live on IGN.

  • SeeUInTheFuture

    Ugh, I hate Geoff Keighley….is it on G4 at 3? I see on my guide some press confrence is on Monday at 3, but it dont say which…


    Geoff Keighley is the Ryan Seacrest of gaming. He’s EVERYWHERE!

  • Jsk1103

    Major, so what exactly is on sunday for “project natal”?

  • Ex2x

    Awesome. What’s even more awesome is that I get to go to the project natal event. Woo hoo!

  • mann alive

    This feels like some kind of deal making debacle. Why produce a 2 hour show for 3,000 “influencers,” but only release a half hour show 2 days later to the public? Sure, go to MTV and get that broader market exposure, but why not also “influence” the millions of gamers already actively interested in Natal by providing a live stream?

    And why is the press conference exclusive to Spike, which is interrupting its daily CSI marathon to show the presser and then has no other E3 coverage the rest of the week?

    Why do I have to flip away from E3 coverage to find the MS E3 coverage? Makes no sense. Guess I’ll be on the Gamespot stream for that one.

  • DavidGX

    Major, I don’t know what you guys are planning for NATAL but it better be fucking amazing. I’ve heard that the price could be $150 or even as high as $200. Unless you guys show something that just completely blows away anything we could have imagined… you guys are screwed.

  • Steve with OCD

    I agree, who has cable anymore? With netflix, hulu, and NZB/torrents why pay for something you dont use… Come on MS, get with the current time, stream live or just wind up never really knowing how many viewers your REALLY having since your focing others to d/l it elsewhere… Nice marketing dept!

  • acsofspades

    Really confused, will the Project Natal Experience be broadcasted live? According to VG247 it will be, but my tv guide say different.

  • StophJ

    I can’t believe how many complaints there are over a rumored price point. you seriously can’t expect it to cost the same as the vision camera did… can you?

  • metallicorphan


    doesn’t mean we have to expect it to be the same price as the 360 itself!!!

    so the Circus thing been delayed until Tuesday now?

  • lockload

    What about UK, pls major dont leave your biggest european gaming country out…

  • Shinobi Metal

    I just can’t get interested in project natal. NOBODY will EVER look like anything but a spastic fool while playing it. But here’s hoping they do a Bringing it Home this year so we get some of the demos for REAL games premiering at E3.

  • Anonymous

    MTV, Cirque de Soliel and Justin Beiber. Does anyone really need ANY MORE proof that Microsoft doesn’t even know the audience they’re trying to reach and that Natal is dead before it even hits the shelves? This is going to be another case of Microsoft throwing good money at bad and taking massive losses to try to push a hardware device. Look how successful (/sarcasm) expensive console addons were for Sega (see: Sega CD, Sega 32X, Dreamcast Broadband Adapter) and where Sega is today.

  • metallicorphan

    Major does actually say they have the Xbox.com page for UK,France,Spain and Italy..if you didn’t get the xbox email like i did,then its this page(which i got from that email)


    The Wee Bear on page 1 of comments on this topic gave this link to the Youtube IGN page(it will be live)which looks like it will be a good show,they also have the schedule on that page


  • Olamire

    i’m so pumped. hope to hear about new IPs and VR tracking for Natal.

  • Jordanaire

    Can’t wait, wish I was back in New York City.

  • PriusGuy2004

    Super excited to see this. I have personally gone to two Cirque shows, “La Nouba” in Orlando and “Kooza” in Denver, and both were incredible! Their shows are top-notch, and if you’ve never been to one or never seen one before, my opinion is that you’ll be in for a real treat. I’ve got my laptop set to record them on my Windows Media Center while I am at work. Totally looking forward to this!!!

  • EyeR8

    Don’t forget about http://www.gametrailers.com/e3/

  • Iron Nomad

    According to USA Today Online Project Natal will be called Kinect and it even has a very short list of games. After reading the article it looks like it was meant to come out tomorrow. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/gaming/2010-06-14-vidgame14_ST_N.htm


    Rumours are that the Kinect Star Wars demo was faked and the actor was reacting to NOT actually controlling the game.. http://i48.tinypic.com/wh0ah1.gif

    Any comments major?

    Also in the vidoes the rooms used are massive. Can you say that Kinect would be “useable” in smaller rooms that have been shown so far?

  • LeX DiRtY

    What a massive fail the show was.

    This is on a Wii Music, Giant Enemy Crab and Riiiiiidge Racer level of fail.

  • Kroesis

    I hope that there will be something vaguely excite worthy in the works for the 360… and no, I don’t mean Kinect. I’m talking about new features on the dashboard and/or an actual good free MMO type game using avatars that will actually be free to play (and give the avatars and their expensive clothing a little more value to the account holder).. etc.

    Still, looking forward to seeing what’s in store gamewise.

  • metallicorphan

    @scouser it did look fake to me,the onscreen stuff was happening before the guy okay by a millisecond or so,but it still shouldn’t of been…especially when the Jedi stood all heroic like,the Jedi on screen did it before the actor

    you can see the video here and see what i mean


  • metallicorphan

    sorry scouser i clicked on Iron Nomads link instead of yours,your link was better than mine

  • Skunkslayer

    The link http://www.xbox.com/E3inHD goes to a outlook webmail client…

  • h4z4kid

    Wait, so will Xbox.com have a Live Stream of the event?

  • The Grim Heaper
  • Jonners117

    “Hey is that Avatar?”
    “Yeah my friends played that to boost their gamerscore”

    Laura is so win!

  • chiruno99

    It was just 1hr 30mins of Wii games without the Nunchucks.

  • OS Perry

    “watching” the IGN live blog of the conference… I thought it was actually a let down. No big surprises, EPSN had been leaked already… Call of Duty Black Ops to lead it off??! Halo Reach… been there done that. Gears3… Fable 3? No big surprises. Natal/Kinectic or whatever its called… just hasn’t convinced me… and how much is it going to cost?

    I’m not convinced.

    And Sony and Nintendo won’t have to pull out too many tricks to outdo MS this year, IMO.

    Hopefully there is still some big announcements for 360 in store, the rest of the week.

    Most disappointing E3/XBox Media breifing in recent memory.