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2010 E3 Xbox 360 Media Briefing



Audio of the 2010 E3 Xbox Media briefing



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E3, Podcast By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson


    @ metallicorphan: Yeah Sony really burned Microsoft when it came to exclusives for multiplatform games, like the PS3-exclusive limited edition of Dead Space 2 that comes with a PlayStation Move version of Dead Space Extraction, and the PS3-exclusive multiplayer beta for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. And what’s the best that Microsoft has to show? A month of exclusivity for 3 years worth of overpriced CoD map packs? Wow, that’s just sad.

  • SteelCity Beast

    Now we know Sony had a MUCH better conference. I mean miles ahead. KB 4 Life!

  • Zekeban

    Sony really did have a better show for E3. Commented this on Xbox forums already.

    Sonys and Nintendos show were so much better that even a thought of buying their consoles came to mind. Loved Sonys humor side and more hardcore games, and Nintendo hit a homerun with reviving their old franchises to please hardcore gamers.

    Microsoft shot himself on the leg, tripped on a banana and got a bucket of water on it’s head. It was that embarrasing to watch the Kinect stuff. The new xbox is cool though, thumbs up for that

  • Anonymous

    This might finally be the year I breakdown and complete this generation’s set of consoles. Until now, I had no interest in a PS3. I was a “Wii60 Alliance” gamer all the way because I was tired of Sony’s constant chest beating every year. But this year they did something different. They spent 2 minutes talking numbers and then got right into the games – and blew away Kinect by showing they took Move and integrated it into core titles seamlessly. Their sports title doesn’t look like it was programmed for little kids. Sorcery’s brief demo, alone, blew away ANYTHING shown by Microsoft. And this was after Nintendo came out swinging to disprove the “we don’t care about core gamers” argument by showing just about every major IP and pulling two out of mothballs (Kid Icarus and Goldeneye 007 [what a kick in the nuts to Rare, eh?]).

    In retrospect, everything we used to make fun of Sony over (limited exclusives, losing exclusive developers to multiplatform, outrageous product claims, outrageous pricing schemes, et cetera) can now be applied entirely to Microsoft.

  • metallicorphan

    @MACPH1STO I forgot about Dead Space Extraction free with Dead Space 2 :(

  • SCS 85

    MS, I am disappoint.

  • puddyman

    I watched the press conference, and I just watched the Cirque Du Soleil / Kinect event. Wow, that was truly embarrassing. I love my 360, but ouch!

    And to throw salt into the wound, you guys tout the “COD timed exclusives maps” again? Which means crap, since why would anyone really care if PSN got the maps the same day?
    But then Sony answers with a bunch of exclusive content for the PS3 versions of some great looking multiplatform games. Just to give you the finger. That seems like quite a backfire.

    I always buy the 360 version of every game I can, but now I’m torn on many of those games.
    Just sayin’.

  • Culebra 64

    @Major Saw ODST: What’s your point? The guy I was responding to said Microsoft lost Valve. I corrected him, not a single Valve game was lost. I never said who had the ‘best’ version, just that Valve is still there.

  • Guto Ribeiro

    That was embarrassing. Starts good and then… Ohh My God !!! A disaster in so many levels! That was ‘the best E3 off all time’ for Microsoft??
    It’s time to go back to PS3…

  • EndrzGame

    So, a big burn to MS is that PS3 owners get a port of a bad Wii game? yay?

  • MilitanT07

    @no, but the fact is Microsoft did hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorible in E3, and yet Major nelson called it the best…

    I can’t believe this what I was counting for…

  • HereWeGo

    I’m disappointed overall on Microsofts performance…They have the money, the have the developers, and they have the ips to create some really amazing things with this…Low and behold, we get a bunch of granny titles and kids stuff…Even that Star Wars tech demo from Cirque’ was phoney as hell. Watching his movements towards the end, shows that it was all CGI.

    I’m still interested in seeing what Microsoft hopefully has up it’s sleeves for Kinect, but as for right now; it looks like another Nintendo Wii shovel-ware party to me. I can see it now…”Vacation Party” “Avatar sports” “Avatar Carnival Games” “Party Games Kinect” etc are in bound…yay!!! (Hence the sarcasim yet?) lol.

    Other than Kinect, I was pleased with the line up of games…Don’t get me wrong on that one. Microsoft is still my favorite console to game on. I own all three and I play most of my titles on the 360. The controllers are more comfortable for me, and I love the online experience even more(just recently switched silver, as i stopped using my card a while back. need to get a time card).


    @ EndrzGame: A “bad” Wii game? Dead Space Extraction got a 82 on Metacritic based on 75 reviews and is considered to be one of the best on-rails shooters for the system.

  • EndrzGame

    I’ll go with this guys quote:
    Extraction gets a lot of mileage out of the Dead Space setting, with a decent light-gun campaign that’s worth playing through… once.
    By Brad Shoemaker

    GiantBomb are pretty much the only reviews I trust, and they gave it a 3 out of 5. Again…yay?

  • Ash1978

    I can not believe that I was actually looking forward to this. The depths of my disappointment know no bounds. I truly believed that Microsoft was going to blow the doors off the industry this year. Instead they pandered to celebrities and the mass media.

    Where were the new game announcements? Where were the Dashboard enhancements? Where were the games that the core audience could get excited about? I saw nothing of the sort. Instead we were subjected to Wii ripoffs and a plethora of dance/exercise games.

    I find it ironic that Nintendo saw the writing on the wall this year and acted accordingly. While Microsoft and Sony are genuflecting to tweens and grandparents Nintendo is showing the core gamer what they want to see. In essence, Nintendo knows they already have the casual crowd and is trying to steal core dollars away from its competition. Guess what? I think they nailed it.

    In closing I would like to say that I crave new gaming experiences. I have grown tired of shooting men/aliens with a varied assortment of weapons. I had hoped that Kinect would open the doors to those new experiences. Sadly, all they had to offer was a f’ing cat petting simulation.

    I see dark days ahead…

  • Blue Thunder28

    E3 Is awesome.. I’m super excited for the things coming.. Crytek is going to do some amazing things for 360 starting with Codename Kingdoms… Child of Eden is going to be AMAZING as well as I LOVE Rez and that on Kinect is going to rock.


    @ EndrzGame: And I’ll go with this one: “… it is a true Dead Space experience, and the game is not only packed with content, but also very polished.” And that was the general consensus for the majority of the reviews for the game. So yes, if you’re a Dead Space fan, then yay indeed… unless you plan on getting Dead Space 2 for the 360 and won’t be able to get this with it. Once again, what happened to all the good multiplatform exclusives, Microsoft?

  • Xlrking

    @Blue Thunder
    Dont be so optimistic.
    It really isnt something to look foward to when a accessory only has 1 game displayed that was actually good at E3.

  • chiruno99

    Ofcourse Major will say it’s the best, he works for Microsoft and will borwn nose them like every fanboy does.

  • Ylyon

    Sorry to say it major, but this was the worst Microsoft E3 ever…. great Cirque du Soleil indeed, but no game announcements….

  • Gonzo345

    I agree: terrible conference. Microsoft: spend the money in another things, not just in a Circus.

  • XboxNman

    I was torn watching this press briefing. The core gamer in me was very disappointed but the casual gamer was happy…not thrilled, but not sad.

    That being said, I thought I’d post a possible explanation for the briefing (however unlikely) that I haven’t seen listed anywhere. Don’t take this to mean it’s what I believe…or to mean anything really, it’s just a theory for a fun discussion in a thread that has become pretty depressing, no matter how deserving. Anyway, what if MS actually wanted this response from the core group…here me out. If you look at this from a sort of scheming, manipulative view one could possibly see that the best way to get Xbox to be seen by the public as anything other than a gory, violence trainer (which is how a lot of them, not me, see it) is to show that a lot of the core gamers and media are up in arms that Xbox is (seemingly???) no longer catering to them. Now when Jane Q Public’s kids ask for Kinect she finds that the machine and company she thought was evil is not just “trying” to be casual and “trick” her as has seemed to be the case in the past, but is actually changing to be a casual family system since even the Xbox faithful are saying it. I was lucky enough to go to the Encore Natal Experience showing and while in line I met several people that didn’t own an Xbox because they said they didn’t like gory violent games and they were very surprised when I told them that Kinect was showing only casual games (thanks to the E3 briefing that day I knew this stuff). They liked multiplayer family games like Mario Kart so they were interested when I told them of the games I saw. So it’s possible most people don’t know Xbox has family games. Plus maybe it’s just me but does anyone else find some of those “family” games as very HARD, I think I found it easier to beat Halo 3 on Legendary lol.

    I know that this idea seems farfetched but think of it this way. For one thing, no matter what MS did someone was going to be unhappy, either they wouldn’t like the Kinect controls for a core game or maybe no controller option or it would be gimmicky and ruin a game like Halo Reach, etc., plus the cost to now play their favorite ip’s because they must have Kinect (though that will probably happen anyway). Then they still wouldn’t be seen as a casual system so they lose there as well. So it’s easier for MS to lose 1-4 million core gamers and gain 10-20 million casual gamers (ok those numbers are just me pulling them out of the air, but you get the idea). Then say after a year of getting the casuals MS can “buy back” most of the core gamers by getting more core games again, even if 1 or even 4 million core gamers are too hurt to come back it’s a win for MS and in a sense for the faithful as well since more money and owners equals more and better games. Also I think a lot of core gamers are smart and follow the best games, not the system or company, so with MS bankroll they could pay to get the good games as they somewhat did with the original Xbox and the core would follow. Also think about the fact that casual gamers are usually younger and in some cases healthier so that equals more money over the years with the added bonus that young kids and casual gamers are easier to keep loyal (or brainwash :-) than the smart core gamers that demand the best games no matter who makes them…imo anyway.

    You might say that Sony is able to do both core and casual with Move, and while maybe true, they have the advantage of riding the Wii’s wave, casual gamers see a Wii like device and picture casual family fun ala Wii. Plus Sony has already proven it has kid and casual gaming over two generations of systems.

    So just something to think about in a conspiracy sort of way. And does anyone know what happened to the rumors of Fable 3 using Kinect in some small way? Just rumor or did they not want to show anything but casual games….. Here’s hoping for a good TGS (or whatever major gaming event is next). Btw Major Nelson thanks for listening to us voice our thoughts even if there isn’t much you can do about it yourself.

  • XboxNman

    One more thing, I think while I was slightly underwhelmed by the games for Kinect (not by the Kinect device) I do think there is still great hope available for Kinect and to be honest I think we might be being a bit (only a bit) hard on MS in terms of expecting groundbreaking games – especially core ones. Think about it, from what I know the dev kits for Kinect (Natal) were only given out to most developers almost one year ago, and at that time it was still basically a prototype. Yet now we expect amazing Kinect core games (though I think we’d have been happy with a few new regular core games) while at the same time we bark at companies that rush games out unfinished and awful. We might be wanting a bit too much. Granted, MS has had the tech longer so should have more to show imo, but they have been smart enough to not force Kinect on games that have probably been worked on for 2 or more years already like Halo Reach. Which is my point, great games take time, and one year for most is not very long, especially when it’s not like any control out there. Don’t think I’m trying to make excuses like a fanboy, these are just some things I’ve noticed. I own all the systems and just like innovative games and tech for any system. So I’m hopeful but disappointed from the news from MS E3 briefing.

    Something else I’ve noticed, the games may be Wii-like, but I think that it’s more of a genre thing than an outright mimicking or copying. While some games are very similar (Kinect Sports) the reactions of people (actually) playing are a bit different from those of the Wii. The best way I can think of to describe it is to compare it to the N64’s single analog stick and Sony’s two analog sticks. While a FPS can be played with one stick, the second stick makes it that much better, you can have the exact same game for both, but they can play differently or even be like different games just because of different controls. That’s how I see the Kinect games, while not revolutionary per say, they are different enough to be more than outright Wii clones…thus a different experience. Plus there’s no reason not to mimic things that work :-)

    Even with the lack of core stuff, I’m still interested in some of the Kinect games…and that’s coming from a 6 foot 7 inch overweight man, I guess we just wait and see. Sorry for the LONG posts, I got carried away, so sorry. Anyway I look forward to seeing if MS can make this thread be almost pointless after Kinect hits or at next years E3…or if we’re doomed to fail.

  • TH3Hammer

    Another breaking E3 exclusive from Microsoft! Medal of Honor beta is delayed, ONLY ON 360! It may be just a Modern Warfare rip-off, but I at least wanted to check it out. Microsoft just can’t do anything right this year.

  • judas invisible

    So Joyride (“a free game for our beloved fans” e3 2009) is now a retail game we must pay for…
    Nice move MS i’m really disapointed, and by your conference too.

    I’m really sad to think that i’ll need to buy a ps3 to play the games you’re not able to give us on 360 and good luck with your ridiculous “wiinect”.

  • LawdaddyCO

    Major, I just had a bad feeling. I was about to buy some games on live (Shadow Complex and Marvel V Capcom2) but decided not to because I may be getting a PS3 soon due to the E3 conference. I will be very hesitant to purchase another year of live when the time comes again.

    I don’t want to be stuck with games on a console I won’t be using much of in the future.

    Oh Microsoft…you have screwed up big time.

    Also, my wife saw the kinnect stuff and thought it was extremely underwhelming. She is more interested in the move that will be almost half the price of the dysfunctional Kinnect.

    Microsoft won me over with the 360 and I left my PS2. It looks like I may be returning to the Sony shortly. A lot of my friends feel the same way. In fact, one of them already picked up a PS3 due to their conference.

  • Archangel3371

    I really liked the press conference myself. Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 looked fantastic. I loved the Fable III trailer. Black Ops looked awesome. I can’t say that getting the map packs earlier then anyone else matters much to me as sadly I found Activision’s pricing of the Modern Warfare 2’s map packs was a bit too pricey. I still haven’t downloaded them despite my love for the game.

    I thought the Kinect display was great. The dancing and exercise displays really impressed me with how the tech works. The operation of menus with hand gestures and voice recognition was really cool. That River Adventure game looked pretty fun plus with Kinectimals and Forza III display I saw some really neat potential. I will admit though that I am worried with the “having to stand up to play” talk that I’ve heard lately.

  • Z4M0

    It’s as simple as asking youself why do people buy a console.
    To play games, of course. So in the end wich makes a console great are the games not the peripherials you will use or the tech behind them.
    This year PS3 will get the same games than Xbox 360 + exclusives (others than just a GOW and halo games) + exclusive content.
    I don’t care that much about exclusives but getting less of a game just for buying it on xbox just feel sad. And yes, kinect may be awesome and all that but I can’t see any kinect game for me in the bunch of 1st batch.
    I won’t dare to say such dramathic stuff as xbox 360 is almost dead and such, but as someone else pointed out, everything xbox users used to make fun of Sony can now be applied entirely to Microsoft.
    Right now I’m more focused on Xbox Live Arcade than retail titles, and for me that’s what keeps the Xbox being fun. Maybe in the near future when 3rd parties get used to kinect and start implementeng it on their core games ( capcom, EA, THQ, 2K…) not as the only imput source but as complement to the control pad people will change their mind about kinect. Of course in case 3rd parties start working on titles other than minigames stuff.

  • BasicConduct

    They should post Sony’s one.. The one with Kevin Butler… now that was a real nice takedown of Microsoft & Nintendo… I mean c’mon Microsoft… More WII games in Microsoft form?? Kind of lame…

  • chiruno99

    This is the greatest downfall of Microsoft ever. I’m suprised anyone is even going to stay with them and not go for TWISTED METAAAAAAAAAAL.

  • Blue Thunder28

    @Xlrking Navigating the dash alone with Kinect is going to great enough for a purchase, so I’ll be happy with my one real game for it :) (plus I really want to see how Fable 3 uses Kinect)

    Overall though video games are for fun and everything Microsoft showed looked fun as hell, whether or not it’s less content than the competition.

  • Blue Thunder28

    Also I’d have to agree with Archangel3371 100%.. besides the love for MW2 part :)

  • Quezcotl

    Major, I know that you had to get cheers because of crappy show with tons of fake acting… but still you should never end a show when the big surprise generally happends, just to announce that the journalist gets a free xbox, wtf?!
    What will MS do now that Bungie works for Activison, no more HALO etc’ (and thats a good thing, I mean halo3,odst,reach and wars 4 games on 4 years,nah not milking at all).
    So what will you do? gears4,5,6 and 7?
    Gears or Kinect? I love the middle ground you give people to choose from. Also, why hide Crackdown for this e3? is there a reason?
    Why not allow Square-enix FF14 on the 360? S-E said it was because you doesnt want it be playable with pc+ps3 owners, mayby because you actually charge people for gold while ps3 players play for free? dont wanna let people know about that?

  • twisted poke

    Some people are definitely overreacting. It’s obvious that natal isn’t geared toward the core gamer. As long as great games still come the xbox will be fine. It’s a little concerning that I can’t name one 360 exclusive due out in 2011 or beyond though. A few new ips would be nice as this years big games are sequels to sequels and yet another halo.

    It will be interesting to see if Major actually responds to our comments and concerns here or on his show like he stated he would. Not holding my breath though. MS seems to keep him on a pretty short leash. I find it hard to believe that deep down he’s looking forward to petting a virtual cat or playing some dance game.

  • Rinedog

    I don’t know if any other non-US Gold members feel the same way I do, but I feels like my gold fees are only going towards developing new features for US gold members only (no offense to US members). And, we never see a comparable feature launched outside of the US. Things like this new ESPN channel, lastfm, and netflix(not the best example as netflix cannot even be streamed from a computer outside of the US). At this point non-US gold members should be paying less for our gold subscriptions because all we are essentially getting is multiplayer and deal of the weeks. Instead we end up having to pay more.

  • HAPPY70

    Wah! Wah! Wah! I watched both the MS and Sony E3–got what I wanted from both and skipped what I didn’t. How old is everyone here?

  • Fletch955

    “The XBOX 360 you’ve been waiting for..” No Major, the one we should of had from Day 1. I think I’m gonna wait for the XBOX 720 next year, hopefully it should have blu-ray by then too..

  • SteelCity Beast

    More money on games and less money on a circus that games journalists literally say “humiliated them.” Looks like Microsoft got the Red Ring with their press conference this year.

  • JoJoStarFire

    Great Great E3, on 2011 they better have it in New York, and stop catering to these celebrities in Los Angeles,California. I mean, NY needs love to. I would definetly go if they had it in Madison Square Gardens…. don’t know if they ever had an event there before, but I would love to be there.

  • EveofLight

    OMG, some people can be so dense, just because they are making Kinect games in the future doesn’t mean they are going to stop making the SAME OLD games they are making today. By the time next yr comes you will get your same old Halo and Modern Warfare games >.>

    I would love to attend one of these as well and I wish one day they would have one close to home

  • JoJoStarFire

    God damn I read through all these comments and there is a lot of dissappointed cry babies on here WOW!
    If people were smarter they would pay to extend their warranty for a yr or two so they don’t have to spend $300 every 6 months. I only paid for my console once and have been getting it fixed whenever it broke. I know how shit their console can be if you like playing the damn thing then you should think ahead.
    I wasn’t at the conference but I saw some videos and the people did look a little nervous and fake but hey could you have done any better?
    Microsoft pisses me off more than any other company so I am not a kiss ass, there will hopefully be more games in the future; not the same old stuff we have been getting every year, game makers have to step up as well. I am for Kinect I like to see stuff like that and who cares if its a wii rip off, shit its hands free! Every company steals ideas from the other. Netflix was on the 360 first now its on PS3 and Wii (I have both discs).
    I got the new 360 slim, traded some stuff and only had to put in a little. Its basically the same system with the Wifi (which is awesome when my connection messes up and I have to “borrow” Wifi connection for a while).
    Its best to have all systems cause then you can fall back on the other when the other fails and they all play the same thing….GAMES!

    You can please anyone (including myself) but I try to see the other possibilities even when I talk shit myself

  • The Gh0sts

    I dunno why people think it’s faked, do you expect engineers and other staff to be professional actors?

  • chiruno99

    It’s “Magic” it dosen’t need Technicians so you’re screwed when it breaks.

  • Stoney0ne

    count me in as an upset strong xbox brand supporter

    i just bought a new jasper elite, and N adapter…. a month later… this new unit comes out….

    come on ms… how about a trade in program.. my local game store was giving $105 for used eilite… you give me 250 for the console, out dated 125 gig HD, and N adapter… ill caugh up the rest.

    then think about buying this suddenly not as cool kinect (i prefered natal) device