June 14th 2010 10:27 pm PT

2010 E3 Xbox 360 Media Briefing



Audio of the 2010 E3 Xbox Media briefing



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E3, Podcast By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Major Nelson

    Get folks, this week I am pretty busy but I’ll be reading the comments and try to answer some questions/comments next week.

  • EndrzGame

    I thought the conference was pretty impressive. GoW3 looks awesome and when they took to space at the end of the Halo Reach trailer I was reminded of Wing Commander. Hopefully we’ll get some dog fights through multiplayer? That’d be sweet. I also watched the presser with my niece and nephew ages 10 and 12. They were STOKED over Kinect. Seeing that ‘the kids’ are a large part of the demographic MS is going for I’d say they’ve got a winner on their hands.
    But, haters are gonna hate no matter what anyone says.

  • Stedanko420

    Get someone like Jimmie Fallon to host your presentation. All the presenters seemed nervous/uncomfortable. Also, Dead Rising Case0 looks awesome.

  • chiruno99

    Less E3 more inventory blow out / DoTW please.

  • LawdaddyCO

    Wow…Nintendo smoked you guys.

  • TH3Hammer


    Yes, they did. They made Microsoft’s briefing look like a middle school production. I hope someone is taking notes.

  • Vance009

    This could be trouble down the road for Microsoft, the games that we love are at the end of its life span like Halo, Gears of War, and fable are ending. we need new IP’s to make the core gamers like myself what I love and a lot of people love is live, if Sony fixes their online Microsoft may be in trouble. On the good side It was about time for to see a new xbox 360 and it looks real nice. will pick one up when the xbox I have now gets the rrod.

  • yolarrydabomb

    RRROD is coming to your new xbox.

  • yolarrydabomb

    @Kroesis Really? still looks cheap and I have no problems with noise on my elite anymore ever since they made a install game to HDD

  • Cyrax PT

    Worst E3 conference EVER! I really hope that kinectic doesn’t sell more that 100k and becomes one of the biggest fail of videogaming history…
    Well, at least E3 MS Conference 2010 has already become one of the biggest joke of 2010…

  • twisted poke

    I too was disappointed with the event. Kinect has absolutely no appeal to me which is probably why I found the show a little bland. I want to play games, not pet a virtual cat. I guess the new conole is cool but I personally really don’t care at this time. Might be more interested when my unit eventually craps out. Hopefully You guys designed a console that actually works this time. Would be a shame for you all to piss away another 3 billion due to shoddy hardware.

  • bigbadbobbyd

    MS were very focused on the majority of the presser covering things that were “Exclusive” to 360. That’s why so many other games (sports games, arcade, big budget multi-platformers, etc.) were not shown.

    I actually think that Kinect will be great, just for the interface capabilities (once they’re all working…) I’m thinking a Minority Report style control system on 360 would be just fine (for $99, not $150).

  • twisted poke

    Also, concerning the ESPN thing: I get the feeling that this will be little more than ESPN360.com. I can already get thousands of live sporting events for free using that service. Hopefully I am wrong. The fact that NBA, NFL, PGA golf, etc. were not mentioned leads me to think I am not.

  • chiruno99

    Sony are bringing Twisted Metal back. What kind of miricle is Microsoft going to peform to even try to win me back?

  • Culebra 64

    I was impressed that the tech behind Kinect seemed to work as advertised for the most part, but the games simply aren’t there yet. Too many ‘me too’ titles, and no killer app. And as cool as the NXE navigation stuff was, the price is too high for me to grab it just for that alone.

    Hopefully down the line there will be better content.

  • TH3Hammer

    Yep, Twisted Metal is HUGE. Move actually looks pretty good, but I’m still not seeing anything that makes any of the motion controllers amazing. You want a good fitness game? How about adding updates to open world games like GTA, Red Dead Redemption, or Crackdown 2 where you actually have to walk/run/jump in front of your camera in order to move around the game world? Forget punching cute balloons or something… actually give us options to make our favorite games truly interactive.
    I hated Sony’s tricky pricing announcement for Move though. “It’s going to be $49.99!” Then after the applause, “and another $30 for this other part that you need.” I won’t be surprised to see some sort of controller/button remote add-on for Kinect at some point though. The Forza 4 demo already showed how they have to take control away from the player in order to accomodate the limited input the camera alone can receive.

  • LawdaddyCO

    Major, you just got owned by the PS3 and Wii. I actually want to pick up a PS3 now.

  • I chex mix ho I

    @Culebra 64
    i totally agree with your post and i like the way you said it. you didn’t resort to insults like most everybody else on here. you hit the nail on the head with kinect. i might consider it at $100 but no way at $150. navigating around the dash with it will be cool but that’s the thing, its “cool”. its not revolutionary and i can see some flaws in the system if not implemented properly. also, i think it would be cool to bundle in joyride and perhaps the sports game since joyride was supposed to be free to begin with. as far as the rest of the conference goes, halo reach, gow 3, and metal gear solid rising all looked like great games i will get. i was a little disappointed they didn’t show any rock band 3 but i am definitely excited for the espn addition. also, it looks like the hulu rumor turned out to be just that, a rumor. or perhaps, all the pieces weren’t in place to announce it yet. anyways, i did think nintendo and sony had better conferences today and the whole cirque de soleil world premiere of natal kinda turned out to be a joke in my opinion. i have no desire to even watch it on tv now since everything from it is already revealed.

  • logikil

    MS, what the heck happened guys? Why did you not take the last half of the conference focused on Kinect and make that it’s own conference instead of spending all that money on Cirque and focus on 3rd party partnerships and exclusives for the conference. Did the 3rd parties abandon you?? Why no new studio acquisitions. Nintendo, who I barely would have considered a contender, destroyed you guys and Sony. And even though Sony seemed like a big commercial, at least they had some entertaining bits for the core. It makes me kind of sad. The 360 has been my favorite console of this gen, but that is rapidly changing.

  • Sir Fragula

    Absolutely awful. I mean seriously? A few minutes of Core targetted footage and then an hour of what?

    Who was your target audience with that Kinect stuff? Casuals don’t watch E3, they get their product awareness from word of mouth and advertisement.

    Who was this conference for?

    Who thought the badly acted, badly scripted demonstrations would work?

    Does Microsoft really have nothing for the Core audience after Reach ships?

    Do you have to be Oriental to use Kinect?

    Did a focus group suggest that the weirdo with the long hair wear his sunglasses indoors? Was it an intentional decision to make him look hate-able?

    Is Microsoft even aware that head-tracking for FPS, Racing and other Core genres is Kinect’s killer app? If so, who’s idea is it to *not* promote the hell out of it?

  • MajinDustin

    I hope they make a You’re in the Movies for Kinect, the Xbox Vision version sucked. badly.

  • MilitanT07

    Major, you said on the videos this E3 gona make us talk about it for long time, seriously?
    that was it?

    it doesn’t make wanna talk about it at all

    very dissapointing microsoft, shame…

    Microsoft didnt even show a proper kinect game, its all wii-like games.

  • cinco312

    I wasn’t shocked by this years conference. We already knew about everything that was being showed. I’m not a Halo or GoW fan, so that doesn’t interest me. That new game by Crytek was cool, would definitely be following that. The ESPN app wasn’t surprising ever since they changed espn360.com to espn3.com, I knew something was up with that, but I know I’ll enjoy that very much.
    Kinect looks awesome just for the media features, the games look kinda boring and awkward, except for that dance game, that looks good. The Xbox slim looks very appealing, I’ll wait in that though.
    I expected more secret exclusives, Xbox is really doing bad in that department. I would have liked to see some Mass Effect DLC news or ME3.

  • Gambit3rd

    This was the worst MS show.
    Nothing really good and new announced. AC2: Brotherhood beta exclusive to the PS3… I’m really unhappy this year.

  • Casserole

    Was the thing really live or just scripted? Because when Laura Lollipop was showcasing the video chat feature, I immediately looked up the gamertag of the other person (Velveteen), she was offline and was only online 2 days before the conference!

  • Casserole

    Was the thing really live or just scripted? Because when Laura Lollipop was showcasing the video chat feature, I immediately looked up the gamertag of the other person (Velveteen), she was offline and was only online 2 days before the conference!

  • I chex mix ho I

    i was actually wondering the same thing. it seemed like there were certain points in the kinect part of the conference where certain gestures were made after the screen had already updated to whatever screen comes after the gesture. hmmmmm

  • Jaysonguy

    Microsoft nailed it this year.
    Know who’s covering it? ABC and CNN and FOX, all of the major media outlets, that’s what Microsoft was going for because that’s how you hit the casual. The guy who watches Larry King Live sees Kinect and all of a sudden he’s wondering if it’s a good idea, then he sees ESPN on the 360 during an ad and thinks it’s an even better idea. Or the woman who doesn’t play games who watches Dateline before bed and see EA’s Sports Active game and thinks about getting the console because her son would play games on it too.

    This was aimed at the casual and it hit dead center. The veteran gamers know that Microsoft is always going to have stellar titles and Microsoft knows that under no circumstances are they ready to give up their standard controller now or maybe ever. Kinect wasn’t aimed at the Gears of War gamer, sure, it was shown to say “you might be interested in this some day” but for now it’s aimed straight at the casual gamer.

    You know, the casual gamers who have disposable income and the casual gamer who will help fund the next Halo and Forza with the money they bring in by buying the console.

    I mean seriously guys, not too many of you guys are getting this

  • Major Saw ODST

    Microsoft show at this E3 = biggest fail of all time. Of all time.

    What did you expect, that hardcore majority of Xbox 360 will be pleased with Halo: Reach, GeoW3, Fable 3, CoD7 and Metal Gear Rising? Guess what, Metal Gear Rising and CoD7 will be availabe on PS3 too. New console? First you needed to have built-in WiFi from the begining. And interchangable HDDs, as PS3 do. Now we are stuck with old 360 and need to buy 89$ WiFi adapter and pay another 150$ for 250Gb drive. When on PS3 you can go and just buy standart 2.5″ drive and pop it in.

    Now what choice I have? Pay for WiFi and/(or) HDD upgrade, or sell my current Xbox 360 Elite for 150$, add some money and buy PS3? Will I have future proof game system? Yes. Will I get BluRay player and 3D support? Hell yeah. What about online? Guess what, PS3 now have subscriptions like Xbox Live have, so I will need to pay 49$ a year for all the stuff that Live have + I will get invites to betas and FREE Arcade title every month. That’s a deal!

    Now lets speak about games. GoW3, Uncharted 2, Twisted Metall, and lot of exclusive deals on other games, like exlusive content in Dead Space, new MoH, Mafia 2.

    And guess what? Gabe Newell anounced Portal 2 on PS3, and said IT WILL BE BEST version available. Gabe, f***ng, Newell. Ok, now me looking at your conference where I saw 5 games and clone of WiiSports, and now I’m looking and Sony show. What will I do? I sell my Xbox 360 Elite for 150$ and move to PlayStation.

    Microsoft at E3 2010 = biggest Fail EVER.

    Oh, and I hope (and sure) Kinect will Fail.

  • TH3Hammer

    @Jaysonguy – Try to spin it any way you want, but I’m not seeing the kind of coverage you are talking about. CNN has been on most of the day here and that disaster of a media briefing hasn’t even been mentioned. Go to NBC or ABC news and it’s not mentioned on either of those sites. Not even anything on msn.com and Yahoo only mentions the new 360. We aren’t getting it because there is nothing to get. Regardless of who they were targeting, they failed.

  • logikil


    Then why not have all of that in the Kinect thing that they did on Sunday rather than some ridiculous Cirque event that no doubt cost a ton and had little effect other than making MS out as jokes. Then they could have catered the press conference to the Core gamers. There is no doubt that MS wanted to get mainstream media coverage, and they succeeded in that regard. It just seems to have been at the expense of the fans they currently have.

  • Jaysonguy

    I don’t need to spin.
    Here’s one of ABC’s reports…http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/Media/microsoft-unveils-controller-free-gaming-world/story?id=10907707
    Here’s TechRepublic’s take on it….http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/geekend/?p=5102
    As for why not do it just on Sunday it’s to get the most media attention at the start of E3.
    I mean does anyone see what happened with the Wii when they used this approach? They grabbed casuals and their money.
    Anyone looking at this should be thinking “wow, more people means more money for more games I want”
    No part of the 360’s core should be bothered by this at all, the fact that Kinect ISN’T being forced on everyone in the new Halo or Gears should show that Microsoft understands it’s users better then anyone. We’re not going to be fed a stream of dumbed down games that have the motion controls tacked on. Core users will still get their games and now a whole set of new users will get Kinect games and when and if the time comes that they cross then awesome. If not this still means a new revenue stream for Microsoft which means better products and opportunities for everyone who owns the console.
    The exclusive deal with Activision is to help more users choose a Microsoft platform, the ESPN deal is to make users choose a Microsoft platform, the Windows 7 phone interaction is to make users choose a Microsoft platform. There were big deals all over the place and they all lead to one thing, making the brand stronger and a stronger brand allows it to do more things. That’s where exclusive games and content come from.

  • TH3Hammer

    I don’t see some soccer mom manually navigating to ABC’s tech section, or even knowing techrepublic exists.
    The point that Microsoft is targeting casuals isn’t the issue… at least not for me. I LOVE games that I can play with my son, wife, parents, whoever. I would be extremely excited to see some well thought out and well excecuted casual games. I’m upset that they did a half-assed job with what they came up with, and they presented it like their target audience was a bunch of idiots.
    I want to be excited about Kinect, I honestly do. Unfortunately, the lack of imagination that went into what we were shown by Microsoft at E3 is extremely frustrating. It’s like someone just told them to go and clone a few Wii games without putting too much thought into it. Then they were clueless about who to show people what they had. Some little girl pretending to get licked by a fake tiger just made me cringe. “Stop Skittles! Stop Skittles!” Yes… damn it, Skittles just make it end!
    I read that there is actually a cool obstacle course type exercise part of the game. Why didn’t they show something like that? Then if they are ripping off games, they should be targeting Sony’s Play-Create-Share idea. They could make you unlock materials, paints, props etc though the obstacle course challenges then give you total freedom to customize your pet’s living area and build your own obstacle courses, then share them or invite friends to do them with you online with their pets. Using the Kinect camera, you should be able to build, paint, and arrange things with your hands. That’s the kind of basic stuff that I personally expect at this point. I think we should all have higher expectations from Microsoft, and a game shouldn’t be stripped down and simple just because it’s targeted toward a casual crowd.

  • Xlrking

    The wii did this years ago, and the Kinect showed off shit thats possible on a Nintendo Wii, i see no possible reasons still to be happy about the Kinect.
    You are way too optimistic about something that isnt even new technology, that both Sony and Microsoft are just now trying out motion and making fools of themselves with obvious wii sports rip-offs.

  • Major Saw ODST

    @Jaysonguy. Yeah and Natal cost is 149$ + you will need at least 149$ for Xbox Arcade, while you can get wii for 200$. And family already has Wii, 98% is that they won’t buy Xbox and Natal.

  • Jaysonguy

    Hammer, that story came from Good Morning America. It’s just under tech on their site.

  • Van Faulk

    If it wasn’t for the fact that sony had NOTHING this year, this would have been the worst conference. I don’t hate kninect and I want to see what it can do with core games. I don’t even hate casual games. But on stage is not how you demonstrate them. You let people try them for themselves. Fake entusiasm always looks bad. You guys should have shown Fable 3, and crackdown 2 and talked about future projects like mechwarrior.

    Look at what nintendo did. They were the only guys who balanced core announcements with casual stuff. And they didn’t waste time with demos.

  • Van Faulk

    BTW, Kinect will fail if you guys over price it. Sony just gave youguys a bleeping gift with their move pricing. Make it no more than 100 dollars and pack in a game with every one.

  • DarkRedRain

    E3 Show Feedback: First the bad, but a new 5 cent d-pad on the controller would have excited gamers more than the multi-million dollar circus show. I can understand some of the frustration here, hardcore gamers feel let down. With that said, the show was not that bad, some of the comments here are way overblown. Some great AAA games, the new Xbox is cool and Kinect shows promise. Going after casuals is fine, but don’t forget what got you here! Major, your work is solid as always, this is not against you.


    I am not paying 150 dollar for the Kinect and I am no paying 60 dollar per that is all

  • LapsonHK

    Off topic:
    With XboxLive being such a restrictive and confined platform, XB360 lost so many MMO like APB,ChampionsOnline,FF14. And now you even lost Valve. What do you think, major?

  • Culebra 64


    Quick correction, Microsoft didn’t lose Valve, Valve simply announced that they will no longer neglect PS3. Every game that was coming to 360 still is, it’s just multiplatform now.

  • TH3Hammer

    Is the big news Kinect? Nope… the main story on yahoo is all about the 3DS. http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/plugged-in/nintendo-shows-off-3d-portable-game-device/1402338

  • Major Saw ODST

    @Culebra 64

    Portal 2 on PS3 best version on “any console”. It will have Steam, and other stuff not available “anywhere” on consoles. So basicky PS3 version will be better than Xbox one. What about Dead Space 2? Breaking News, it will be better on PS3! If you remember EA show, all games were shown running on PS3. Exclusive maps for new CoD? First of all — they again will be that only for 1 month. Secon — CoD is done, after all that fail with MW2 and Infinity Ward.

  • mccalejk

    Kinect will be a failure. You heard it hear first. I wish MS would stop trying so hard to make people believe it will change how you play.

  • Kaize

    I think its time I get rid of my 360. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and this press event just made it clear that Microsoft doesn’t know what they are doing anymore.

  • metallicorphan

    yup,sorry i have to go with the MS show wasn’t that great(Nintendo won,then Sony,then Microsoft)

    the thing is 75% of the show was Kinect,and you guys had already pretty much showed off what it could do last year as Natal..so nothing was surprising

    the other 25% of the show was games we had already heard about except Codename Kingdoms from Crytek

    another major concern is you announcing timed exclusives for COD games for the next 3 years..while SONY smoked you right out of the water with Exclusives(not timed)..for games like Mafia II,Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Medal of Honor Frontlines full game with the new MoH

    disappointing all round really

  • MajinDustin

    Does anyone know if the IR dvd remote will work with the new xbox?

  • metallicorphan


    good point,i love my small 360 remote…i wanna know this also

  • MeS FEAR

    ok now i will do my own press conference…and my announcement is?…i will buy a PS3! Why? Because this years conference was a big dissapointment. ESPN will be ONLY available in usa and maybe UK. Kinect will be damn expensive so i dont want it until it will be cheap. The new Xbox is really nice but i dont need it now. The Games that we saw weren’t new but it was nice to see some gameplay. But thats not enough to impress a customer. The last years conference was amazing and exciting. Sorry Major but Sony won this year. Thx and have a good day everyone.