June 14th 2010 7:15 pm PT

Announcing the new Xbox 360


We’ve just announced the new Xbox 360 at the Media Briefing in LA.


New design, 250 GB HDD and built in Wifi N all for US $299.


Pix here


Discuss below

Edit: It is now available for Pre-order


Let me know what questions you have and I’ll answer them here or in an upcoming show.


Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • AMT

    Agree with above:

    Can I replace the hdd with SSD drives?


    Is the USB controller better, thus making USB speed faster?

  • mig0

    Got a few questions.

    – will old consoles be phased out? If so, will an arcade version without a HDD be sold?
    – the HDD looks very different. Will it be user upgradeable or will I have to buy a proprietary HDD like I do with current xbox users? Obviously existing HDDs won’t work with the new console.
    – How do I migrate from my 120gb to a new console?
    – I have memory units… can I use them on this?

  • Stoney0ne

    i just bought an elite 2 weeks ago!

    son of a gun

  • Capt Moore

    To Mig0

    Memory units are not compatible with the new system.

    No body knows if it’s a shell that any hard drive can be put into, but most reports think that the new hard drive is propreitary.

    Joystiq is reporting that to transfer from the older system, you need the USB transfer cable, the software to transfer is built into the new unit, so the disc is no longer required

    Not sure if they will sell the older arcade version along side the slim version once stock is exhausted.

  • SirPoonga

    STONED1999, you don’t want bluray on your xbox. A bluray drive is slower than a dvd drive. While it looks like Microsoft finally got the clue that the hard drive should come with the system and be internal they still need to support the older systems and can’t assume there is always a hard drive to install games to. This is why many games on the PS3 have 5gig+ installs.

    Games on the xbox expect a certain performance from the optical drive for optimal load times that you wouldn’t get with bluray. Bluray sacrifices speed for enormous capacity. You wouldn’t want a system that requires you to install every disc you put into the system.

  • Capt Moore

    Mig0, joystiq is now reporting microsoft said in an after press event that they will not manufacture any more of the older model xbox 360’s… So it looks like the end of the xboxs that don’t include a hard drive……

  • krisxx

    Was not impressed either. I wanted games. Why no XBLA games announced? Kinect just looks like a Super Wii or Wii 2 add on. I was over the motion crap years ago, dunno why M$ and Sony feel the need to do it now.

  • LawdaddyCO


    I actually do want a system where I could install every game. I don’t want to listen to a harrier jet in my family room while playing games.

  • MotorCitySarge

    Well, there is one room/tv in this house that doesn’t have an Xbox360 hooked up to it. Sooooo, bring it on. I’ll replace my main console with the new one and put one in the guest room!


  • gbus

    I’m moderately annoyed now that I just bought my 5th replacement xbox last week. How about a trade-up program for those of us that have spent way more than we should on xbox?



    Try taking the tv off mute.

  • Blue Thunder28

    I am buying this in a heartbeat.

  • RayZakk


    It’s entirely possible most people may never experience the ring of disc death. There is nothing to stop a disc from hitting the laser inside the 360 dvd drive if for some reason your 360 gets bumped. If it is jarred or bumped while a disc is being read, it can make contact with the laser causing a ring around the disc where it was reading at the time ruining it. I was wondering if this has been fixed because after all these years this is still an issue. If you play with others in the room or pets it can be dangerous.

  • mig0

    @captmoore- so not even an adapter to USB for the old MUs? That kind of stinks. I have Worms and Geometry wars on some memory units.

    Joystiq is reporting that old hardware 360s will no longer be sold.

  • Capt Moore

    Kotaku has a 5min video of the new unit, shot with an apple 3GS iPhone.

    No USB adapter that I know of for the memory card, but can you use your current xbox to copy the file onto a USB stick or the older xbox’s hard drive?

    Is it possible to make a custom adapter?


    @mig0 have you tried to transfer them under the new data transfer system. I have transfered some items that couldn’t be transfered under the old system but, now could. Try it if you haven’t yet.

  • Joecr

    I was glad to watch http://kotaku.com/5563360/video-walkthrough-of-the-new-xbox-360 which did cover several on my questions. It has 5 USB ports (2 in front with 3 in the back), 1 port for Kinect (which looks like a modified USB port to me), the HDD is in the bottom if you have it upright, etc..

  • Capt Moore

    My logic for those of us with old units……

    If we need wifi now, purchase a bridge like apple’s airport express (wireless n version), as the xbox specific accessory is not needed with the new unit, and is the same cost.

    Do not buy a larger hard drive for the old unit, unless it is very cheap, as it will not be compatible with new console.

    If able, keep, find, borrow xbox transfer cable, do not need the DVD as it is built into the new unit.

    Hold off buying any ir accessories, such as the media remote, or 3rd party remotes unless it is confirmed to work with the new unit.

    Hddvd drives are unknown to work with new unit.

    Do not but the vision camera, kinect will replace all functions.

    With optical built in, do not buy hdmi kit from microsoft, optical breakout cable is not used on new unit.
    Component cables are fine to purchase.

    Consider buying “white accessories”, such as white chat pad and headset now, new stuff will probably be black only.

    Don’t buy faceplates or memory units.

    Any other suffusions for those of us with “legacy” equipment

  • UnarmedGorilla

    Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh…. I just bought an elite to replace my old 20gb that red-ringed. I so would have held out for this new beast!!!!

  • waldo15

    Now I know what I want for father’s day :)

  • Bakura

    It looks nice, but why does Microsoft refuse to put a blu-ray drive in the system? That’s the only reason why I still have my PS3. I don’t get it.

  • BryceS

    I tend to agree that going from a subtly curved, tasteful case to something so angular is a pretty strange decision! It’s certainly striking, but is that what you want in your living room? It seems to have been designed to appeal to a pretty narrow section of the market.

    I wouldn’t mind the extra USB ports, but a cheap USB hub was given away with my Rock Band kit, which does the job for the time being!

    Ah well, my Elite still looks good next to my Sky+ HD box and has only been replaced for RROD once so far, so lets hope it survives a bit longer…

  • Anonymous

    Well, I got to see the unboxing at both engadget and joystiq.

    NOT impressed. Still a proprietary drive? Give me a freakin’ break. Now you have even LESS of an excuse for why you want outrageous prices for your storage. Can’t justify it with your proprietary enclosure anymore. Can’t wait to hear the new, ludicrous, reason.

  • mig0

    The version of worms and geo wars I have were included with 512mb memory cards I owned, so they’re not transferrable. It’s not a huge, huge loss but it’s unfortunate if I’m unable to do anything with these MUs on newer systems. I suppose I could try once again.

  • Slider2nl

    I like to know when we will recieve the new dasboard on our old 360 console, can we use the new dashboard with controllers? Or do you need the Kinect for the new dashboard?

    Quote from press release:
    “The New Dashboard and Kinect for Xbox 360. Here at E3 we’ve shown how Kinect for Xbox 360 will transform the way we experience entertainment. We’ve updated the dashboard with a new look and feel that makes it more inviting and open.”

  • Z4M0

    Looks ugly IMHO and don’t like the shiny finish.

    Now, I don’t get the point about people saying his/her xbox 360 is now obsolete. This (have it any official name?) does just the same as any 360 on the market, it just has built in wifi but games will play the same on both.

  • Joergen8

    Just what the doctor ordered. The same but slightly better.

    Wont be getting it anytime soon though, no need really until my third box (this time a Jasper) blows up. My fourth will THEN be this slim edition. Even if I get really itchy for one, I’ll wait at least a few months to see if these RROD as well.

    The build quality will probably be lower than the originals, what with one-chip CPU+GPU etc cost cutting, it’s way cheaper to manufacture. The PS2 had several revisions and it went backwards each time, right until all you got was a DVD-case sized flip top empty hull of nothing.

  • ElektroDragon

    Ugly? You guys have no taste… It looks phenomenal! And if it really is whisper quiet, I’m upgrading. Question is, how do we transfer our content from our old drives to the new machine? Major?

  • DavidGX

    It looks nice but is this one going to fail 6 times like the ones we’ve had?

  • Doh Ray Egon

    Yeah…nice to see a room full of journalists get one for free, meanwhile I’m on my 4th 360 due to one red ring and two E74 errors, and a charge and play kit that decided to stop working. And in return I get a Frankenstein 360 (a refurbished one) that will most likely break in another year from now.

  • SpaceNinjaDino

    Good move on the WiFi.

  • Spargo CXVII

    Yeah I like, but I want a Halo Reach Paint-job on it. On the Xbox itself!!!!! KTHSBY

  • Lethbridge

    Any idea about the infrared port? I don’t seem to see one.

  • Ganon255

    I’m in for one. Trading in my elite ASAP. It would be nice to see detailed stat sheet regarding this SKU and how it will affect those who are upgrading.

  • The Grim Heaper

    I’ll be trading in my RROD X-Box and my Current Pro Model for one of these. Pretty damn slick, if I say so myself!

  • Bawitdaba1337

    Love the new design!

    I do have some questions:

    1. In the wake of the “Vista Ready” issues and legal battles, what does “Kinect Ready” mean?

    2. Can the internal hard drive be swapped freely with any hard drive I want or is it locked down still to Microsoft branded ones?

    3. What is the “AUX” port on the back above the USB ports?

    4. What is the CPU, GPU, and RAM specs on this new unit?

    5. Can we play games without a disc needed in the tray?

  • Anonymous

    LATEST NEWS : They will do tranfers if you used the 1 yr already. just call customer care. not something to complete over xbox.com

    A different type of cord, no power brick.

    No memory card slots. Must use USB’s.

    Built in internal hard drive. Can not use old Hard Drives.

    It comes with a quite fan! No more loud Noise!

    Older original Xbox Games will work if they are in the compatible list.

    Can NOT use external wireless adapter.

    I hope this information helps!

  • Anonymous

    New 360 is called… Xbox S

  • Anonymous

    I will be able to answer more questions if you ask here. http://tjmarsh.wordpress.com/

  • SCS 85

    About damn time. But it took so long. At least the 360 slim is finally here. Finally, after 4 years they have features that match the PS3. Took a while, but I’m glad its finally a reality. Was beginning to lose hope.

  • mccalejk

    lmao @Rayzakk, “Can it lay on it’s side?” Seriously?

  • Lucky 13 X

    Looks good.
    I am happy to see that Xbox is finally at the point where wireless can be built in withuot an increase in price to the consumer, and wireless N to boot. I like how you called it “the console the community asked for” in the product page’s Xbox.com video. Great marketing line Major, you should have Xbox Promotions go with that. :-)
    Now any details on whether this version comes with a controller with the improved D pad from the other regions that needed it for futball games? I would hope that such an opportunity is not missed. You could even sell the “improved controller” as a separate item. I know I would buy it.

  • Lucky 13 X

    Reading though some of the comments, I think it looks pretty okay.
    It reminds me of some of the Alienware computer designs which is not a bad thing IMHO.
    Also, I would not mind having one in Ferrari red. And yes, that is an actual unqiue color. Hopefully, the next Forza Kinect game will prompt them to make one in such a color for a RE 5 like bundle.


    I think everyone pretty much saw this slim redesign coming so MS could cut production costs. But considering their track record when it comes to hardware reliability issues, I think I’ll just let all the diehard early adopters be my guinea pigs to expose any potential redesign flaws before I even think about getting one of these.

  • bullka LT

    Here’s an unboxing video. It answers some questions (how does the hdd look like, number of USB, AUX (I think it’s for Kinect.. combining USB and power in one port), noise etc.).


  • S7 Knowledge

    Man! If only I had some kind of precognition to know there would be a new sleek redesigned Xbox 360 coming out at E3 this year! Alas, I at least got a nice birthday present in the Modern Warfare Edition 360, with all that storage space. Sadly my license transfer was done at that time too, from old console with 120GB added HDD to new 250GB MW2 console. Here’s only hoping that Microsoft will decide to lift the restrictions for those who buy these updated consoles, perhaps just this one time since it would be a positive incentive to promote to existing 360 owners. Sure the data can be transferred without an issue, but the licenses for all your content, that some games require to work, is gonna make a purchase now an unfortunate problem. Looks like I’m waiting till Kinect release.

  • JoBE242

    I love it! I love it! I love! I really hope that whisper quiet really means whisper quiet this time. What about SSD, is it possible?

  • Whetzel

    I’m sorry, but I can’t help but to laugh at all of the people who said, “but I just bought a new system xx number of days/weeks ago”. I thought that everyone knew that you should never buy anything that close to E3. New things are almost always announced at E3.

  • AOClaus

    Damn. I just bought a replacement 360 on the 6th because mine was experiencing GPU failure. Now I feel like I got totally screwed.

  • K04 Passat

    I own over 300 Xbox 360 retail games, many duplicates in there so we can play Halo 3, Crackdown, RE5, etc over LAN. Got to be getting toward 200 XBLA games… Buy a lot of dlc…

    I’d love to have a 360 slim, but I have 4 consoles. I should just be comped at this point. Already own the Modern Warfare 2 console, Resident Evil 5 console, 20 gig white Pro, and 120 gig black Elite…

    Yes, I know, not being realistic.