June 22nd 2010 1:15 pm PT

Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws To the End Co-Op Mission Pack (Free)


Red Dead Redemption™Content: Outlaws To the End Co-Op Mission Pack
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions except Japan
Dash Text: The Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack lets up to four players join forces and take on the Dying West together. Missions include raiding gold mines, clearing the outlaw-infested town of Tumbleweed with cannons and Gatling guns, battling rebel insurgents across the river banks, and more in 6 new co-op missions. With new achievements and Challenges, this extensive co-op pack brings hours of gunslinging action to your Red Dead Redemption experience. Xbox LIVE Gold Membership required to play.


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  • omote75

    Thanks, queued up and ready for tonight. Just finishing up the main storyline so this should be a welcome addition to a great game.

  • SilentHunter382

    Anything that is free is always good. And the added 100g just make it even better. :)

  • Anonymous

    thank you for rewarding us this free dlc for a GREAT game.

    p.s. : strange only 2 posts when it’s free a billion angry posts when it’s not

  • Anonymous

    Played through them this morning. Very fun, the advanced missions are going to be tough.

  • r3dreck


  • P00K

    I hate that it requires 2 players. I wanted to be able to just jump in and see what was up, but none of my friends were online at the time.

    Why not let me just play with 1 person?

  • DiggyStyle

    Where is my Onslaught mode for Bad Company 2? I want to give Microsoft my money!

  • RayZakk

    Not even going to bother with it. I am sick of the amount of profanity in games these days. I couldn’t enjoy RDR because of that. Alan Wake had quite a bit. Is it impossible to tell any story without profanity constantly being screamed somewhere?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe because they’re CO-OP missions??

  • darkjester74

    Cool, queued up for download. Now the important question…where is BC2 Onslaught Mode?!?!?! GIMMEGIMMEGIMME!!! :)


    I saw the achievements for this that require you to not only Gold-medal ALL the regular co-op missions, but ALL the Advanced ones too. Wow they really ramped up the achievement difficulty for this from the original ones!


    Oh and I like the name of the achievement for completing a co-op mission with just 2 people: “2 guys, 1 Coop”. (sick bastards! haha)

  • Lavindathar

    The DLC is great. 8/10 achievments, just need to gold medal the advanced missions. And they seem tough!

    And you can play on you’re own. Just join the mode, and it will partner you with other players. No need for friends online.

    And if you want to do it completely solo, switch it to private mode and don’t invite anyone. Job done.

  • Sideswipe 1117


  • chiruno99

    Not evenrything Free is good, like Chlamydia.

  • DualCoreSTEVE

    Hey Activision & Infinity Ward, have you seen this, FREE DLC. Wow, imagine that guys, imagine how much more respect you’d get providing free, or even reasonably priced DLC.

    Well done Rockstar, good job, thanks !.

  • Kroesis

    I like seeing that word tagged on to the end of the title on this site and many others and not only because it means I don’t have to part with any form of currency but because I’ve seen so many post by kids of all ages who refuse to read the actual post and start slamming it complaining about ‘more DLC to nickle and dime gamers’.

    Not seen it in this thread though… yet.

  • RayZakk

    LOL I find it so funny that people have to spam my gamertag just because I said I didn’t like profanity. Why do children have this game? That surely must be the only people who would react that way from my comment.

  • DeFFeR

    RayZakk First – I understand your complaint. However, turn your game case around. Bottom right corner. Rated MATURE for the following reasons: Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, STRONG LANGUAGE, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs. It seems to be pretty blatantly clear to me, that this game has strong language.

    Second – You play Gears of War 2 still, and that has pretty vulgar expressions in it as well. ESRB for GeOW2: Mature for the following reasons: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, STRONG LANGUAGE.

    These are clearly marked on the packaging, so you have no right to complain about it when you should know beforehand what you are getting.

    Personally, I enjoyed all of the dialogue in RDR, it just felt… authentic. The situations that you were presented in aren’t the most pleasant or polite people, and thus, they aren’t going to watch their language for our sake.

    AND NOW ON TOPIC: Anyone else having issues with the multiplayer? I get stuck on loading, and can not get through (6 hours and counting…)

  • RayZakk

    Even if that is the case DeFFeR I know I chose the game, but as a consumer it doesn’t stop me from expressing the desire for less cursing in future games. That is part of how things change by people letting what they want known. Its not as if I can’t handle it, but just random cowboys cursing that doesn’t add to the story and my enjoyment. Others have stated it added to the setting of the old west, but I wasn’t aware they were really going for realism. Otherwise why can I slow down time and hide for a bit and the law just gives up?

  • Phantaxus

    Major: For the UK this has broken the multiplayer. It just stays at the free roam loading screen.

  • DeFFeR

    RayZakk – valid points with dead eye and quitter law enforcement. I agree with your complaint about cursing for no reason (random cowboys). I do think that there is some room/need for this type setting to have swearing in it, because it adds to the realism. Do I think that there needs to be the C word? No. The F word? Eh, we’ve all said it, but it can be done without. The Damn, S, B, Hell, B and those are becoming less offensive and more mainstream by the year, so I guess I’ve numbed to them.

    I don’t mind swearing myself, but with my 1 year old son in the room, and people are dropping Fs and Cs, those are words I don’t want him hearing/repeating. To your point about changing future games, R* is known for sanding against the grain to leave their mark in the industry, so you’re fighting a losing battle there.

    Phantaxus – It’s not just the UK, it’s the US too. Workaround – Enter SINGLE PLAYER and from the start menu, enter the multiplayer from there. I was getting free roam loading screen for 4 hours before I tried SP to MP, and got through. It worked 4 times for me in the last 4 hours, so that seems to be the way to go until whatever is broken gets fixed.

  • chiruno99

    If RayZakk says he dosen’t like profanity in games then let him not like profanity in games. It’s HIS opinion and not yours to question.

  • diablo1967

    Perhaps Ray should change his name to ProZakk?

    The game has an 18 certificate. I certainly don’t let my 15 year old on it. As for the profanity, has he never walked down a street?

    Back to topic – Free DLC is always welcome, especially with this superb game. It’s just a pity it’s too easy.


    @diablo1967: If you think it’s too easy, then just try getting all the DLC achievements.

  • chiruno99

    You kids are niave as usual, you have no idea what Ray is talking about yet you assume you do and think he’s just simply whining. I hate kids.

  • Hedfix

    MORE swearing in games please. Especially if it’s creative. Anyone here seen Deadwood? That alone explains why there’s swearing in this game. I’m also holding out for when Mario starts shooting hookers.

  • uG I Shauny

    I loved it nice long missions and a blast to play with friends on :D

    Was a little affected by the outage.. But it’s all good :D

    Keep the DLC coming R* :D

  • uG I Shauny

    I loved it nice long missions and a blast to play with friends on :D

    Was a little affected by the outage.. But it’s all good :D

    Keep the DLC coming R* :D

  • uG I Shauny

    Sorry about the :D’s lolz guess I like it too much ^^

  • Kroesis

    The levels of hypocrasy of one kid posting on here are quite astounding.. anyway,

    I usually mute the audio or wait until my little girl is in bed or at least out of the room before I play the game with sound for the very reason you’ve suggested, but when I do play it with the sound on, to me the swearing seems quite authentic to the setting. It’s certainly no worse than what I hear in the office or on operations. I understand that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I would imagine that people like yourself in that regard are in the minority. Of course that doesn’t mean that you can’t put forward your opinion, it also doesn’t mean that people should flame you for it.

  • Kroesis

    tsk, tsk. Apologies for the poor spelling on my behalf! I blame the aftermath of heavy drinking after the England-Slovenia match!

  • EveofLight

    Don’t know how long this was going to be free so I downloaded it even though I don’t own the game. (LOL) :D I will get it in the future though.

  • uG I Shauny

    @Kroesis No need to apologize great to watch your team get through to the last 16. Can’t wait for Sunday’s match against Germany!