June 29th 2010 6:03 pm PT

Hulu Plus coming to Xbox 360


We are happy to announce that Hulu will be coming to Xbox LIVE as part of their Hulu Plus experience. In the announcement today, Hulu announced a preview of their Plus service, along with a series of partners of which Xbox LIVE is one of them. We’re working hard on creating customized experience for Xbox LIVE members, which means that Hulu Plus will be coming to Xbox 360 in early 2011. We are taking the time to ensure that the Hulu Plus experience for Xbox 360 is the best on TV and like our other entertainment experiences it will not be a port, but rather a custom experience that leverages the Xbox LIVE community features.


Hulu Plus will be available for US Xbox LIVE Gold Members only.



Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Seleste

    See TG kolz4ever, a spoiled little wanker. I bet he uses that same mouth to complain that Xbox Live is too expensive.

    Grow up.

  • Midnight Eye

    I am happy as a Canadian Customer to support US gold members with new features. I think Canadian customers should get a discount on Xbox live subscriptions.

  • mccalejk

    If what Kroesis is saying is true, good for the BBC.
    I don’t understand the requirement of having a Gold account for features like this (or for P2P gaming but that’s another can of worms); features that go through a third party who we are already paying. It’s silly.
    FYI, this isn’t my primary gamertag. I get enough 10th prestige spam as it is.

  • chiruno99

    ITV and 4OD is the same deal. They won’t provide their service to people that are paying when their services are free. I think it’s also why Xboxes only become Sky Boxes, and not Freeview. After all anyone with an internet connection can stream On Demand content for free without paying, and Freeview boxes are a one time payment for 50+ channels. Just contracts buisness here Microsoft and their partners can make money.

    It’s more likely to happen on PS3 only because the BBCiplayer is already there. Dosen’t work but it’s there. It wouldn’t suprise me if 4OD and more On Demand content appeared there. Not on PSN+ though.

    And I thought I was the troll, then TG kolz4ever shows up. The baton continues.

  • UberToast

    $10/mo – no thanks. Why bother when I can already watch Hulu (along with media from numerous other web-based steaming content providers) on my 360 using TVersity?? Epically when, as stated in the Hulu Plus press release: “Hulu Plus is a new, revolutionary ad-supported subscription product…” Meaning, not only are you paying $10/mo for it, but you are still going to have ads to deal with. Not at all worth it. I’ve already got Netflix and am running TVersity, I need nothing else.

  • SCS 85

    Will only mean something to me if there is no additional cost above what I’m already paying for XBL. Seems like there will be a $10 fee for this, which is no good.

  • DarkTear81

    Hopefully it’s coming to Europe. I will get it for PS3 though. First of all I won’t need a Gold-Membership and secondly it’s coming onto PS3 next month.

  • Wulf684

    So when exactly was Microsoft planning to release some European exclusive applications? (And by ‘European’, I mean ‘not only the UK’.)

  • bUbbALoUmCc

    I know this is off topic but has anything been said about watching ESPN in parties? I really hope so since you can with Netflix and ZUNE.

  • Whetzel

    I’m sorry, but for an extra $10 a month, I’ll just continue to watch Hulu on my HTPC, for free.

    Oh, and I can do that RIGHT NOW.

  • RayZakk

    I don’t use Hulu on my computer. Why am I supposed to be excited about it on xbox. Just something else I don’t want to use because it’s easier to type in my searches with a keyboard. If you don’t agree that a computer is more convenient why are you on yours atm reading this? Give me more games I want instead of useless features. How about more jrpgs, strategy games, anything besides racers and 1st person shooters.


    So if they’re going to put all their content on Hulu Plus now, then what’s going to be left to watch on free Hulu?

  • Apocalypse1309

    If it costs $9.99 a month for unlimited viewing, you can just cancel your cable subscription, save a ton of money and get ONLY the programming you want.

    Of course, none of this is relevant for me since I can’t see Hulu in my region… >_<

  • Apocalypse1309

    @extrickster From your spelling, grammar and style, I would guess that you’re an 8 year old kid yourself, or simply ignorant and uneducated.

  • Apocalypse1309

    I have to agree with all the non-US XBL members here that are complaining about this being another US-only option…

    Seriously, Microsoft, if I would have the option of buying and renting movies, TV shows and music in my region, you’d get a lot more of my money.

    P.S.: I’m in Costa Rica.

  • Apocalypse1309

    I have to agree with all the non-US XBL members here that are complaining about this being another US-only option…

    Seriously, Microsoft, if I would have the option of buying and renting movies, TV shows and music in my region, you’d get a lot more of my money. Oh, that AND if you’d take my INTERNATIONAL MasterCard…

    P.S.: I’m in Costa Rica.

  • mik29

    Yet another US only deal, fuck you MS.

  • NumberedJester

    Yet again Europe are left out to dry. I have to say Im getting anoyed now that we are paying the same subscription fees as the US but not getting the same service.

    I understand that different laws prevent television shows being broadcast into different countires ect, but at least we should be compensated in some way, cheaper subs, cheaper DLC ect.

  • waldo15

    So yes, most likely will have to pay the 10 a month for Hulu in the 360, only 6 months after it was available in other platforms. Apparently it will take that long to Kinectify-it.

    Most likely will pass on this but thanks anyways…

  • Hoffer

    I might sign up for this. I’ve got an iPhone and iPad I could use it on. I could also use it on my PS3 until the 360 version comes along.

  • IncredibleBulk9

    I wish you guys at Microsoft would make some stuff for other territories too. I feel like I’m missing out living over here in the UK.

  • ArronKohut

    This really makes me wonder why as a Canadian I continue to pay for second-class service. Time to take good hard look and decide if its actually worth it to re-subscribe when it comes due.

  • MeS FEAR

    major…why the hell is microsoft only doing stuff for us-members? explain that pls. I agree with all the non-US gold members here. A price reduction for non-US gold needs to happen if all the add-ons are only ever going to be for US members!! I will stop paying the fee if microsoft doesnt want to care about european members.

  • RayZakk

    Every group gets blocked from region specific stuff for seamingly no good reason. Man I’d love to be able to purchase stuff from the japanese xbl.

  • Kroesis


    Obviously I can’t say for certain if that is the exact reason and can only comment on what I’ve read. The following page was the source for my earlier comment:


    Also there are rumours that MS didn’t want to be ‘seen to be following Nintendo and Sony’ opting for Sky etc..


    Mind you, I’ve never been one to believe everything that’s said on the internet but at least the Telegraph’s report seems reasonable.

  • Jaysonguy

    Hi, could I have an order of random complaining?
    Oh nevermind, I see we have plenty here already
    I mean Stepto is part of the conversation in here? How does he even factor in all of this?
    I don’t see the problem here, Hulu is offering a Plus plan and Microsoft is allowing it’s users to use it. For those of you outside of the US you’re not getting Hulu are you? So the reason to yell at Microsoft is why?

  • Grimoire

    > So the reason to yell at Microsoft is why?

    Because we pay the same. The development work that is being done for this feature is done with monies collected from users around the world, and it will benefit US subscribers only. We pay the same fees, but get less. In fact, we even pay more here in Canada. A year of gold is $60CAD or about $57USD. In the US, it is $50USD.

    We are subsidizing the US subscribers.

  • batkinson001

    Onebitrocket said:

    Great! another USA only feature that rips off the rest if the world.

    1st Netflix, then EPSN and now Hulu!!!!

    Subscribers outside of the USA either need to see a vast reduction in cost of a live gold account or some features that justify the price for content compared to the USA service.

    Why the hell won’t Microsoft bring regional services to it’s Non-USA customers

    In the UK for instance, there are several tv catch up services, which would be a great addition to the live service, such as bbc’s iplayer. M$ has said that it currently has no plans to bring iplayer top the xbox live platform. I guessing it’s because it wouldn’t make M$ any more money.

    Seriously M$, pay some attention to your customers outside of the USA or reduce the cost of a gold live account!!!!!!


    My sentiments exactly!


    WOW, who would’ve guessed that this crew wouldn’t go for paying for something.

  • Jaysonguy

    Couldn’t the same argument be made for US customers who don’t get SkyTV but feel their money is going for another region’s goods?
    I understand what you’re saying and so far you’ve made the only reasonable argument because others have said the “only for certain regions” and Microsoft can’t tell Hulu what regions they’ll cover. Hulu covers the US so Microsoft can only offer the Hulu to the US users.

    Also if you don’t want to give Microsoft the full 50 dollars for a year of Live you have the option of buying membership cards at a discounted rate at many retailers, Major has posted deals before about them.

    The main thing is that as the 360 expands in the content it offers it’s going to exclude certain things for certain regions. I wasn’t upset that SkyTV wasn’t available for me in the US, I saw it as hopefully other companies will see that deal and offer it in the US. It’s the same with Hulu or any other piece of content that Microsoft provides.

    Considering the legal hurdles it’s impossible to think that every user will get the same exact content, that’s not possible in the world we live in. The best thing you can do is hope that regions that have something you would like do well so other companies join in and offer it for you. That also means being proactive about sending emails and calls to the companies and asking them to look into it.

  • metallicorphan


    i can’t believe your post!!!…you forgot MSNBC hub for America as well,LOL

    FWIW-MS..we would rather have new and exclusive games for the 360 rather than more features(especially when they aren’t available in our countries)..please start concentrating on bringing games to the 360 instead…you are falling behind your competitors!!!

    BTW Major…the 400 point giveaway thing with Red Dead Redemption-the codes that were sent aren’t working for anyone(and i believe its a MS promotion,not Rockstar)..apparently the email we got sent if any problems isn’t working

  • Sneeches

    hey microsoft…. how about bringing some cool stuff to canada… jesus.

  • Ashoholic

    Yawn, another US only bonus. By the time Hulu is available in Canada, I’ll have an Xbox 720.

  • HH Li

    Nice! another US only feature.
    we even don’t have any video content on inside xbox in Twiwan.

  • mccalejk

    I really wouldn’t put all the blame on MS for not being in any other countries. Contracts between two companies and laws vary amoungst different countries.
    I understand the frustration though.

  • Phen0m24

    If your 360 (and computer) is online, check out PlayOn. It has a free 2 week trial.
    PlayOn has an annual fee like Gold membership.

    I hope Jason and the crew at Hulu can differentiate between its own service and Netflix, just because Netflix has the back catalog of TV shows and NO ads. It will be nice to have shows in 720P, but Netflix does that already. Maybe stream shows to Zune HD??

  • Rdsknsfan3

    If we have to pay extra for it than it’s nothing more than a rip off. I’m not extra for something when I’m already paying for XBox Live and I can get Hulu on the internet for free.

  • Jaysonguy

    No, you cannot get Hulu Plus for free, they have switched to a pay system and will be filtering out the free content bit by bit to introduce this new system.

    All Microsoft will be doing is letting users access it


    I’m excited for this, I’m disappointed that it doesnt appear to have a free option. I wouldnt mind the ads and commercials.

  • w00dm4n

    it used to be on PS3 for free until hulu blocked it.
    the android 2.2 update had it running on smartphones until hulu blocked it.

  • RuairiAU

    Thats a pretty cool service. I wish copyright holders could come to a collective consensus for distributing content world wide. Otherwise, this problem of international distribution rights will only end up amplifying the problem of illegal file sharing that has already ravaged the music industry. Seems foolish to not move with the times.

  • Pemalite

    And what does the other 6 and a half potential billion people on the planet get? Nothing, absolutely nothing. – In the future Microsoft, instead of releasing everything for only the USA, hows about looking at viable alternatives to launch at the same time for other places around the world?

    Also, for those who cannot get Hulu there is another way, use Hotspot Shield to view Hulu from anywhere outside of the U.S. advert free.
    Then you could use something like PlayOn to stream it to your Xbox from a PC if you are clever enough. ;)

  • EveofLight

    IS anyone pointing a gun to anyone’s head to get this? If you can watch it for free on PC then do so and don’t download it on the 360 just like others haven’t downloaded the Facebook and Twitter apps….simple as that -_-

  • Xcalibro

    that is it. i’m not renewing live this year even if it means i won’t play halo reach online. I have had it with the unfair treatmend that gold members get outside of the US. 60 euro’s per year is the price over here and what do i get extra. Nothing no espn no hulu no homebrew games (xna games).
    It is a insult to make the rest of the world pay the same amount as the us even though we get les functions.

  • UKresistance

    Just like Netflix, I’m sure you need “Gold” just for the privilege of paying Hulu $10 a month.

  • DeviseUSA

    This deal was obviously in the pipeline for a while. I’m guessing Sony opened there chequebook and got an exclusive window.

  • Alfred Saxon

    Xbox 360 is a American games console. Wii/PS3 are Japanese.

    We need a European games console.

    I might buy a gaming PC. I am thinking about it.

  • ExtremeGamer

    Some of you are funny with the PS3 content. “I’ll trade my 360 in and stop paying for Live so I can get it on the PS3″.

    Sure, go ahead, but read the Hulu Plus marketing a little closer. On PS3 it requires PSN+, which is $50 a year like XBL. So either way, you’re paying the $50 fee plus the $9.99 Hulu fee. Just the PS3 version is coming out sooner.

  • Arte Venture

    This is friggin’ awesome. I just hope there won’t be a subscription fee on top of our Gold Membership in order to use it.

  • LittleBlueAlien

    U.S. Only – what a shock.