July 6th 2010 4:42 pm PT

Coming soon: Destination Arcade


Destination Arcade The Mall

Next week we’ll be launching another way to browse content on Xbox LIVE Arcade and we’re calling it Destination Arcade. With a growing library of over 250 Arcade games, Destination Arcade will allow you to discover new games and content you enjoy through an easy-to-use visual browser.  You’ll have the ability to sort by price, community rating, and more!  Also, stay up to date on the latest arcade releases through a news feed and also find out what games your friends like and recommend. This brand new recommendation engine & visual browser app will be available in the US on July 14th from the Games Marketplace section of the dashboard. I’ve posted some screenshots of what it will look like if you want to take a peek.

Edit: We are now launching Destination Arcade along with the Summer of Arcade on July 21st


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Drz Prince

    Looks more organized

  • rogXue

    looks interesting. Kind of looks like onlive though.

  • Grubish360

    This is great! I love Xbox Live Arcade.

  • AriesDog

    Great news. I’ve been with the system since the beginning so I was aware what every title was when it came out but I can see how it would be overwhelming to new customers.

  • Matll

    Looks really nice but is it only coming to US?

  • StammyFi

    US only? Why?

  • wizll


  • PiMD

    So another app to download, just like Zune, Netflix, Facebook, Music Game Stores, and now this? If they integrate it into the dashboard, fine, but don’t make us download more apps.

  • AlphaWolf Fang

    Looking good :) I hope (and assume) it’ll come to other LIVE regions too shortly after :)

  • modemman11

    Just another pointless app that we really don’t need.

  • Wulf684

    How about the rest of the world?

  • Quicksilver4648

    Now I am from the US so I am looking forward to this. But I have to ask, why just the US. Are we Beta testing this thing and a little later it will be localized and released worldwide.

  • TheExMascot

    PiMD is right. The Zune Marketplace app takes a long time to load. The Lips Music Store is the worst. I once started it and was able to cook and eat eggs for breakfast before it finished loading. It does that EVERY TIME. I sure hope that gets improved and that this app isn’t as bad in load times.

  • Helvedeshunden

    It looks interesting at least. I’m a bit confused by what the buttons on the mall are supposed to mean.

    Choose one of these is to dig into the four displayed obviously, but what’s “show all games like these” supposed to mean? Same genre? Same price point? A bundle deal?

    I think a really useful feature would be tracking of ratings, so you can get recommendations based on how you rate games vs. how others rate them and what they end up playing a lot and/or rating highly.

  • Atomicow

    Oh goody. Something else to download that has it’s own loading screen. I stopped using my 360 for videos just because I have to wait for zune to open/load

  • LawdaddyCO

    This reminds me of Steam.

    Too bad you guys can’t do sales as good as them! But the DOTW is better than nothing.

  • SFX Ev3LComplX

    This is awesome, I cant wait till it hits us so I can try it out!

  • Turtle502

    if you’re asking why it’s only US-only for now, keep in mind it sometimes takes a while to localize things for various regions. There are language issues/barriers that need to be addressed before things can just be rolled-out into the world.

  • Stephan1237

    For US only, Again !

  • trent82

    If you load this by navigating to the game marketplace and selecting Arcade, then sure, it will probably be good. But if this is something you need to download and it is mixed in with your game library, then I think less people will care.

  • NavComm81

    @LawdaddyCO Amen to that. I love Steam Sales. Just grabbed Beat Hazard finally for $3.50 including the “Use your own music library” add-on.

    XBLA Deal of the Week is appreciated, but I’m beginning to lean toward PC gaming more due to pricing and sales.

  • SinedX360

    Seems interesting !

    What about Europe ?

  • Aynodok

    What’s happening to XBOX? Why now all are apps instead of dashboard integration?
    The XBOX Live Arcade Menu should not ever disappear, and this app is a proof of that.
    But only some will enjoy that, cause once again it’s US only. Thanks MS for the treat you give to the outer world…

  • OPT1CS

    I’m gonna hate this…. I hated having to go through Vuze just to watch a video thats on my HDD…. but like Vuze, I’ll try it out and then uninstall it. I don’t need to waste a few minutes of my time by going through more steps and dealing with load times just to access my videos.

  • SinedX360

    Maybe that would be nice to do the same for XBLIG…to push a little bit Indie Games and for the same time to help Indie Developers !


    http://www.xbla360.fr ;-)

  • BlindFire2112

    Dear America
    you may not know this but there is a big place called Europe just across the pond from you, i know you wouldlike to forget about us but sadly you cant so why dont you stop putting region barriers up on the internet where there isnt any anywhere else

    thank you
    singed the world

  • RainbowDespair

    Looks nice, but what we really need is a Destination Indie.

  • zerodown es

    US ONLY????

  • xXDarkShotXx 93

    A bit useless….

    I really like the way the hole Marketplace is integrated to the Dashboard…

  • LittleBlueAlien

    U.S. Only – Microsoft, seriously – go do something to yourself. I’ll let you figure out what word I would use.

  • MajorMask

    Fun fact: Only 5% of the world’s population live in the USA

  • SalarymanDaishi

    Neat for US Gold members, certainly. With continous effort with stuff like this, 360’s home ground is slowly but surely getting set on stone and considering the market area, perhaps that’s just strategy. 360 is slowly but surely becoming increasingly more tempting within US while it continues to become increasingly less tempting outside US. You guys probably have a plan but this side of the pond, it’s really elusive. Used to be a happy Live subscriber about a year or two back but watching from the other side of the pond, only seeing increased reasons not to renew.

  • Toadasaurus

    This looks pretty cool.

    Hoping it comes to the UK after a successful launch in the US. :o)

    Really hoping we get a Destination Indie too!

  • Archangel3371

    Looks and sounds very cool. Hopefully this will roll out to the rest of the world very shortly after.

  • wiirule111

    This looks nice, but too bad its USA only. I hope its only a mistake that US is announced.

  • ninja ATA

    That looks cool!

  • tabicat

    If this is another application, I’m just going to skip it.

    It’s ironic, actually. Years ago, Microsoft said they couldn’t separate the web browser from the operating system. Today, Microsoft isn’t integrating *enough* on the Xbox 360.

    And you guys wonder why the Kin failed.

  • GREY860

    I will have to try it out to see how it works out. Seems kind of pointless.

  • Monhegan

    How about a “sort by Sale” option, or some way of prominently featuring the deals of the week?

  • technofranki

    So this looked like a nice feature. But again, it’s US only. Shame on you, Microsoft.

  • mccalejk

    It doesn’t say it’s only for the US. It just gives the US release date. You people need to read before you start complaining.

  • trickybuz93

    Wait so this is some app?
    Not like just straight up intergrated into the system?
    And why is it just US?

  • Lohengriehn

    Just a note from some of your user: If XBL means non-US users are just here to finance the developments over the pond, Im at the end with my gold membership. Still undecided though. Anyway, the development looks okay and its maybe worth a look. Btw…the rating system is BS. Ff you have enough xbl accounts (silver is enough), you can rate any game up to the skies…

  • The Bill Payer

    Looks cool, can’t wait to try her out.

  • The Pizman

    I’d love to see some Sega Master System games in this or gameroom. I’d also love to see Crime Fighters on XBLA anyone remember that old arcade game? it’s a 4 player beat em up. That would be awesome.

  • Xlrking

    Has that shiny look to it like the PSN has.


    Looks good.

  • Ark Hunter

    Nice I guess. Is it another “app” that will have to load like Zune? I hate that.

  • ShaggyB

    you know what id like, the ability to gift points again. That was a fun christmas.

  • Sogeman

    US only, are you shitting me? And don’t tell me it’s because of localization, I’d rather have everything in English than wait for stuff forever to get badly translated