July 6th 2010 4:42 pm PT

Coming soon: Destination Arcade


Destination Arcade The Mall

Next week we’ll be launching another way to browse content on Xbox LIVE Arcade and we’re calling it Destination Arcade. With a growing library of over 250 Arcade games, Destination Arcade will allow you to discover new games and content you enjoy through an easy-to-use visual browser.  You’ll have the ability to sort by price, community rating, and more!  Also, stay up to date on the latest arcade releases through a news feed and also find out what games your friends like and recommend. This brand new recommendation engine & visual browser app will be available in the US on July 14th from the Games Marketplace section of the dashboard. I’ve posted some screenshots of what it will look like if you want to take a peek.

Edit: We are now launching Destination Arcade along with the Summer of Arcade on July 21st


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Twisk

    I think this could be kinda cool – as long as you don’t have to wait for it to load (like the Zune marketplace app/thing).

  • Deltacore16

    I hope Microsoft doesn’t ruin this. I already hate watching videos on Xbox because you have to go through Zune.

  • xLoCk 0nx

    @Atomicow I couldn’t agree more. Having to go through Zune just to watch videos from the hard drive is a total joke – it takes forever to load Zune up to then watch a 30 second game trailer. I hope this Destination Arcade thing is built in to the dashboard and is not an independent app that needs “booting up” like Zune, Facebook, Twitter etc. I guess I need not worry for a while because it is US only haha.

  • dreampage

    Why is this available only in the US? This is just an application, it would take no effort to make it available in all Xbox LIVE regions. Microsoft’s policy sometimes seems to be really disappointing. What about half of the installed userbase outside the US? There can’t be copyright issues with this one. Apps like this should be available to all users of the service. Hulu, ESPN, etc. are another matter, but come on, this is for browsing games easier. Every LIVE user would deserve it, every outside the US, too.

  • twisted poke

    Not sure I see the point and as others have said, if this is like Zune it will be pretty much worthless. Will reserve judgement until I try it out though.

  • metallicorphan

    add me for another one who deleted the Zune thing because it was a pain to watch my HDD trailers that i downloaded through it

  • Cerberushunter

    Oh come on…

    Why I am paying for XboxLive Gold again? So much features, games and other things are not avaible to me and some other guys out there but we pay the damn same price!!! So Major why dont we get the same services?

    I mean I see that some things are not avaible because of Copyrights or things like that, but everytime some things like this comes up I think WHY! Why do Microsoft dont think about what we get for our money… Are we not worth it?

    I love my Xbox 360 but this really pisses me of.

    Disappointed Marco from Germany

  • DL CyberSkull

    Is this a dashboard update or an application like that Halo one?

  • Beitamax

    It looks ok. I think that sorting the games by price is pretty useful if you got a amount of points left that you want to spend on a high rated but also a low priced game. I’m curious when it’s available in Europe.

  • Shi No Yume

    “Why I am paying for XboxLive Gold again? So much features, games and other things are not avaible to me and some other guys out there but we pay the damn same price!!! So Major why dont we get the same services?”

    Not really, we pay MORE than in the US (59.99 euros (75.73 dollars)/39.99 pounds (60.58 dollars) versus 49.99 dollars). And we get less.

    Funny that, eh?

  • Exu

    Just integrate it into the dash.

  • Exu

    And another thing, Summer of Arcade? Summer of Overprice more like.

  • Cerberushunter

    @Shi No Yume
    Thanks for the info, its getting better and better. I did not think that Microsoft ripped us like that!

    WTF is wrong with you?!?

    Great now I cant sleep because im so *PIEP* argh…

  • cerafino

    would be wiser to give the add-on section an overhaul. put the whole sh*tload of rb, gh and lips songs in a separate category. they’re only distracting from the “real” add-ons. :/

  • Kroesis

    Your right as it only says the release date for the US but why give a date for the US only? We can only guess that it’ll be appearing to the rest of the world after. Something like this should be made ready and released to everyone (if that is their intention) at the same time, imo.

  • Shiaoran

    I really miss being able to sort by last played, XBLA-only trial and full segregation, and this sort of thing, which was very simplified on NXE.

  • A Place for Us

    If you don’t like Zune, delete it. Then you can watch your hard drive videos from the dashboard.

  • Rogue Gamer 23

    that could be really useful specially this part “You’ll have the ability to sort by price, community rating, and more”.

  • Slider2nl

    why not redesign the whole dashboard again an put the Zune and Destination Arcade ect in the dashboard itself saves loading ect.. Make it as easy as the kinect dash.

  • ageha stg

    the lack of comments from nelson are making me believe that this is really US only


  • AzBat360

    Over 300 games on XBLA versus over 1120 games on XBLIG? Yeah that makes total sense to put this on XBLA first. Have you ever tried to keep up with all the Indie games they release each day? Great priorities there guys.

  • Shiaoran

    Oh, here’s one thing that I’d love: Be able to see the rating YOU gave to a game, regardless if you bought it or not. Would be easy to remember those good games that just aren’t popular and you forget about it but you think it’d be worth a purchase sometime. Or to remind you not to boot a game you regret buying :P

  • Dj Ron360

    This is a very nice addition to Xbox live. And what some may not realize is that this may work for the Kinect update. Great job microsoft.

  • blackdevil4589

    US Only ? really? OOOOH big america. Who cares about the rest of the world .. right Microsoft? and no comment from MS? hahahahah nice :D

  • Blood Hurricane

    Liking the ‘sort by price’ option. Can we have that for everything, like gamer pics, etc?

  • RayZakk

    Great now where are my jrpgs and srpgs?

  • bullka LT

    Will it require dashboard update?
    Are there any news what other enhancements it will bring?
    When it comes to Old Continent?

  • JoJoStarFire

    They better start cracking and try to make this integrated with the dashboard. Unless the whole Game Marketplace section is going to be revamped. Or is this a preview of the upcoming Kinect interaction. Oh well, I will have to wait till the 14th.

  • chiruno99

    It dosen’t say it’s for US only, so read the article and stop complaining. Everything starts in the US and then shifts over later, it’s normal. Chances are, 3-4months later.

  • The Dukenator

    @Blood Hurricane: I had suggested something like that to Xbox Support.

    To everyone else, this might not be US only. For now, its being launched in US. Elsewhere is unknown at this time.

  • DeadOne Walking

    Ya, as already said by other people I delete the Zune app, and then get forced to re-download it.
    See, if you get a video that’s only on the Zune MP, and not at all in the XBox MP, you need the Zune app to view it, even though it’s in your purchase history.

    I almost NEVER use the video marketplace because of the double loading. I have said it in the XBox forums, and I am saying it here :
    Why nor just make a database file of all things on the storage device and update it as needed? I’m sure that the reserved space is not completely used up by the OS and cache. So, making a single file for this info that’s hidden or allowing the user to set a size limit through system options ONLY would keep the content search a lot smaller.
    Then add a database for all videos just for the Zune app, and the waiting becomes a few seconds, not a few minutes.

  • Stephan1237

    @chiruno99 what you are saying about “Everything starts in the US and then shifts over later, it’s normal. Chances are, 3-4months later”

    Here in Holland we have no Last.FM/ESPN/Hulu/Netflix.
    Only stupid facebook and Twitter.

    But we will beat Germany or Spain Sunday

  • EveofLight

    Looks pretty cool can’t wait till next week. MS should really give the people outside the US a break, it won’t be fair if they don’t get this; they will lose a lot of customers this way.

  • Alfred Saxon

    I hope this comes to England soon. Looks great.

  • Mr Black NL

    US Only *sigh*

    We Europeans have
    – a crippled ZUNE marketplace with <500 movies with no subtitles instead of thousands of movies and TV Series
    – No Netflix
    – No Indie games
    – No Hulu
    – No Last.FM

    And we still pay the same for our service! I know about rights and stuff but there are surely alternatives or something more can be done!!!!

  • blackdevil4589

    No Indie Games? germany and UK have Indie Games!! even the us games! why are there no indie games in the netherlands?

  • examark

    Have to agree and most points raised. If it launches quick then great, if not (as per Zune) it is a pain to wait for the load, even if it is just 10 seconds. We live in a “want it now” society and even short loads/waits feel like forever.

    Concerned that this does appear to be US only, as a UK based, english speaking user, I have no problem dealing with “american english”. The UK, I think, is Microsofts biggest european user base, why not just release it in the UK too. I know we are constantly told about licencing issues and other things on software, but surely if this is a microsoft developed app then there shouldn’t be.

    I have to say, I am finding the gap between what our US cousins and the UK are getting as definately getting worse for the UK. Our video store is a joke compared to the US one, and don’t get me going on Inside Xbox in the UK. Can we get the kinect event (Cirque) down yet? We couldn’t when we last checked.

    I love my 360, and I love xbox live, but have to say Microsoft do make me jealous of what they give their “home” region. I feel like their “bit on the side”, and that I should be happy when they give me the time of day.

  • Secluded Ghost

    So lets count how many things the US has that everyone else doesn’t.
    1: netflix
    2: last fm
    3: inside xbox news and more
    4: hulu coming soon
    5: espn coming this fall
    6: wider seletion in zune as well as lower prices
    7: cheaper games on demand
    8: music videos
    did i forget anything?…and after all of this i pay $10 more than the US despite the dollar pretty much always hovering right around parity…and now this app. Now some of this is excuseable (ex. netflix not even available in Canada) so I can’t blame MS for that one but things like this new app has no excuse other than laziness…even if it is coming later why not wait and launch it for everyone at the same time…it’s not like they’re charging for it and gonna make money any quicker by launching it there first…this is just bad business ethics…you’re keeping the US happy while pi**ing off everyone else…and all for a free app. I really wish that just once you guys in head office would smarten the hell up!

  • Mcmax3000

    @Secluded Ghost & everyone else complaining about paying the same or more for Xbox Live.
    You realize that most of the features you’re complaining about have nothing to do with Xbox Live Gold, right?
    Indie Games/Video Marketplace Selection etc are exactly the same for Gold and Silver members & most of the other services (Hulu, ESPN, NetFlix) are only available in the US outside of XBL so there’s nothing Microsoft can do about that.
    You get to play online, right? Well then, you’re paying for the same thing that most of the American Live members are paying for.
    Does it suck that we don’t get a lot of the same stuff that the US does? Sure but the price you pay has nothing to do with 95% of the features you’re complaining for.
    That said, this might just be a test case in the US and then it’ll be rolled into the Dashboard itself for everyone in the Fall update for all we know. Most of you are complaining about having to load apps anyway so I don’t see the big deal if we don’t get it.

  • SinedX360

    I will check Destination Arcade from my US account :-)

    Destination Arcade is a good way to push more Arcade !

    XBLIG is not in Netherlands and not also in Belgium…Maybe if Netherlands won the FIFA world Cup that will change (for Netherlands LoL).

    There are more and more good games in XBLIG, it’s great.So maybe something from Microsoft in the next future…I hope !

    14th of July is National day in France ^^

    For XBLA & XBLIG news -> http://www.xbla360.fr

  • Secluded Ghost

    I guess while im already kinda ranting i should menton to anyone high up at xbox that now that ps3 has luanched their video store in canada yuo might wanna consider lowering your rental prices…all prices hd and otherwise are over $2 cheaper and you have the ability to own movies as well…just something yuo might wanna give your head a shake about if you think im gonna pay over $8 dollars to rent your movies your mad…they are the same $2 cheaper on my dvr as well as my ps3…and anyone looking to start a flame war…don’t…im not a fanboy…i own all 3 systems and they all have their flaws…i do however find that im buying less and less for my 360…as someone who has over 100 arcade titles, over 10 god titles, 4 originals, 5 indies, and a load of add ons you really can’t afford to be letting the competitors have people like me buying on their system instead of yours…don’t get me wrong…ill still play my 360 the most but your losing my business in the digital content everytime you stiff other countries on content you could easily be giving us.

  • Secluded Ghost

    @mcmax… i know i mentioned price but i am actually more than happy to pay for my live at the current price it doesn’t bother me and as a matter of fact those feature are live related as many are for gold members only…i have not once thought i overpay for live…at a few dollars a month you’d have to be poor not to be able to afford it and in that case you shouldnt own a 360 in the first place

  • Secluded Ghost

    once we started getting regularily left out of feature on virtually every dash update i told my self i bought this thing for the games and ive been content ever since…its just that the other stuff is a tease…no i dont need…no ill probably never use most of it (facebook im talking to you) but when i see my 360 isnt doing everyhthing it can do i somehow feel cheated…i just hope that along this line of endless crap we gamers dont need that ms doesn’t lose their way and forget that no one but the hardcore gfot them to where they are in the gaming biz…which would be why almost if not every multiplayer game always sells more units on the 360…keep it hardcore ms forget the casual audience…kinect is not gonna move 360’s you’ve done all you can do…keep the hardcore happy…i my self have spent more on 360 related products inh the last five year than 100 casual consumers would have spent buying wii’s learn your audience and embraqce it…you think the attch rate for games to cosole owners in around 7 games per console try over 100 for any hardcore gamer

  • Secluded Ghost

    i really think the problem lies in people who don’t live in the us visiting this ite… as Major is american he likes to let them know whats up problem is…lots of people who visit mn.com are not americans…so we need to stop looking here for info for our countries feature or he needs to start getting info for all of us…but lets not kid ourselves he does enough already…let go count the comments and see how many are us and how many are not

  • Secluded Ghost

    US comments – 41
    others – 56
    the reason for this…we others have no one to tell us what’s upcoming so we come here to see whats up…and for the most part it’s globally related news on what’s coming but in some cases we get a tease of what’s coming to the US and go “hey we want that” as for the americans who tell us to stop whining… I seem to recall you guys being upset when canada got 1 vs 100 before you…now imagine if almost every new feature you either didn’t get or had to wait for 2 years…you know you’d be sobbing all over the place.

  • wolfzero01

    it does make the arcade section look a little cleaner & like OnLive’s interface, I hope that it won’t slow down the dashboard.

    It is curious as to why it looks like it is coming to the US only as it looks like it involves only updating the Arcade section of Live & not adding new content that would require complying with localization laws or polices in other territories.

  • mik29

    Yet another US only program…. i guess no-one else in the world uses XBLA?

  • Wulf684

    So AceyBongos just confirmed this is not coming to Europe. So yeah, that makes it US exclusive.

    Thanks. Huzzah. Whatever…

  • SalarymanDaishi

    @Secluded Ghost: The amount of whining is constant, really, and Destination Arcade makes no difference whatsoever. The services of the 360 will forever be US centric, that’s that, and no harm done. It’s a gigantic market area well worth securing even on its own and as for the whining from the rest of the world, no one cares about unintelligible criticism. English is fine and all but in the end, it’s the wallet that acts as a universal language capable of conveying the message.

  • Slider2nl

    @Secluded Ghost,

    So what you are saying is this: when you are poor, you don’t have the right to work hard for some fun.. Like Xbox or PS3 or Wii, that is pure discrimination everybody has the rights to have the same services as a rich ass like you.. point taken.. my point of view get the live services right for every country. look at prices of the arcade and content older then 5 years they can be cheaper.. Also i think microsoft/xbox take the first step in doing this by giving us the gold family pack 4 of the price of 2.. also the themes and premium themes are to old to pay for it.. if they could handel with the market pricing it was a lot of better on the xbox 360.. Example i can buy a movie on DVD for 2 dollars that microsoft ask me to rent for 4 dollars.. that is microsoft his problem asking points/money for stuff that is old eventually they wil kill them selfs by there own prices for conten, games and videos..