July 12th 2010 1:19 pm PT

Destination Arcade to launch with the Summer of Arcade


I wanted to let you know that the Destination Arcade release date has been moved to next Wednesday to kick off the launch of the Summer of Arcade. We’ll start on July 21st with Limbo, followed by Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Castlevania Harmony of Despair, Monday Night Combat and we finish it off with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Also remember that if you purchase all five titles, and you’ll receive 1200 Points back. Complete schedule and details here. As I mentioned in my original post, Destination Arcade will only be available in the US. If I learn of any plans for other regions, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Edit: I have learned that the Destination Arcade app will only be available for the duration of the Summer of Arcade promotion which ends August 18th.


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • The Dukenator

    @Major Nelson: So basically, Destination Arcade being available during Summer of Arcade is a test run. You want us to report on any issues we encounter with it?

  • Blue Thunder28

    Let’s hope the limited availability of Destination Arcade is a test and will come out in other regions sometime later :) Looking forward to getting Limbo and trying out Lara Croft. Shame there’s nothing MASSIVE AND EXCITING like the year Castle Crashers came out.. still a decent SoA though.


    Ok thanks for your response Major. Hopefully that means that this will be a beta test version during the promotion like people are speculating and that a full permanent version will be made available for not just the US but also other countries shortly after the promotion is over.

  • Iii Am Reptar

    Awh, a temporary app? From the looks, hopefully every section will have that look. Having your avatar pick movies, music (future add on for us Zune Pass owners), is epic.

  • Fufz

    do not want

  • Kroesis

    Really? A temporary app for US only.

    Unless it is a ‘test’ for an update later on in the year, what a waste of money. (I doubt that coders and designers would be creating this app in their own time, free of charge)

  • MeS FEAR

    only limbo and lara croft seems to be interesting…i’ll take a look at the demos of those two

  • stststststq

    “I find it funny how the people in the US dislike the idea of Destination Arcade and everyone in other countries wish they even had a choice of getting it.” – That’s because people say whatever needs to be said so that they can moan. If Europe got it and the USA didn’t, people would just switch around what they say. Haven’t you realised that this site is only for moaners yet?


    Our friends in Europe do seem to get the short end of the stick, more often than not. I know licensing and localization plays a part in that but I don’t see that being very applicable here. Xbox needs to take a much harder look at that in the future.

    Limbo looks like a winner. Might have to try that one out.

  • ExtremeGamer

    I would do this, but I never even got my block party points that I was supposed to get for buying all those games.

  • rogXue

    I spend $20 on Naughty Bear and will defend it to the grave :D then again I’m a fan of parodies. What I won’t do is spend $15 on a XBLA digital title that probably won’t even play on the next system. Summer titles anymore just look like a reason to raise the price. I’ll wait for DOTW pricing just like I have with past titles.

    Destination Arcade looks like a good idea but if it’s available for 5 weeks I’ll pass on it as well. All I know is this is a very confusing blog post from MS.

  • darkjester74

    Regarding the update: Uhhhh….WTF, over?

  • Black Fist

    So, Destination Arcade is an app only available for the Summer of Arcade.
    You guys actually made an app for 4 weeks….ROFLOL…pathetic

  • Goodeye84

    Whoever the genius was that said “Let’s create an app for viewing arcade then axe it after 4 weeks” should be fired immediately.

    Seriously whoever thought of that is an idiot.

  • The Dukenator


  • Cronan

    This whole app stinks of epic fail.

  • kenb6870

    Why make the app temporary? A lot of games do not get promoted, this might fix that mistake…

  • wolfzero01

    probably check out Limbo & Monday Night Combat, not really interested in the others

  • StuartATrueRed

    I’ll probably wait until the games come on the DOTW promotions, that way it will be worth it.

  • L 4 W L 1 3 7

    Is this going to be free?