July 12th 2010 1:19 pm PT

Destination Arcade to launch with the Summer of Arcade


I wanted to let you know that the Destination Arcade release date has been moved to next Wednesday to kick off the launch of the Summer of Arcade. We’ll start on July 21st with Limbo, followed by Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Castlevania Harmony of Despair, Monday Night Combat and we finish it off with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Also remember that if you purchase all five titles, and you’ll receive 1200 Points back. Complete schedule and details here. As I mentioned in my original post, Destination Arcade will only be available in the US. If I learn of any plans for other regions, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Edit: I have learned that the Destination Arcade app will only be available for the duration of the Summer of Arcade promotion which ends August 18th.


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • xZMANx

    Nice, can’t wait to check it out.

  • Gambit3rd

    Every game will cost 1200 points. A bit expensive…

  • Captain Bluey

    Major, still a US only launch?

  • rogXue

    Don’t you mean Summer of Overpriced Games? I won’t be buying one title this summer…

  • Major Nelson

    Yes. As I noted above and in my original post…DA will be available in the US only. I don’t know what the plans are for adding support for additional regions. 

  • Captain Bluey

    Thanks Major. (But you must have edited your post, as the last sentence wasnt there when I first checked this post).

  • Captain Bluey

    Anyway, I am looking forward to checking out Limbo and the Tomb Raider games.

  • DeviseUSA

    Not really that excited for any of the SoA releases this year. Needs more Twisted Pixel.

  • Grubish360

    This is great, because I love XBLA. Although, I’m not that excited for the summer arcade games this year. I’ll still try them out though, who knows.

  • Tekkie neXt

    Castlevania and Monday Night Combat are getting picked up for sure and maybe Hydro Thunder but most definitely DO NOT WANT Tomb Raider.

  • STONED1999

    I never received my 1200 points from last summers event, or the more recent get points back scheme. So I don’t think I trust these promotions, I will buy hydro thunder, but no strong impulse to buy them all this time.

  • stststststq

    “I won’t be buying one title this summer…” – Yeah, the 60 dollars you could have spent on those 5 games would be better spent on awesome games like Naughty Bear, lol……….

  • Alfred Saxon

    I am looking forward to hydro thunder hurricane. I enjoyed the dreamcast one. I don’t know about the other games. 1200 MS points a game will go down well.

  • r3dreck

    It’s just an app, who cares.

  • SumHydroponic

    I will trial Monday Night Combat, but highly unlikely that I will pick up any of the others until they are a deal of the week. Deathspank however, will be mine wednesday.

  • phawx

    Limbo and Castlevania are the only two games I am willing to pay $15. Everything else, I can wait on.

  • Kroesis

    Will be able to save some cash this summer then.

  • Kendoguk

    Its just a UI how hard can it be to give to other regions, not hard at all i bet.

  • I DLord I

    Not too excited for this Summer of Arcade. Limbo looks promising, everything else probably passing on.

  • WPAK

    And again something for US only, there’s more then the US in the world. *sighs*

  • BeeDizz

    Looking forward to a few of those titles.

  • kuroi albatross

    US only? This sucks…

  • chiruno99

    I only want Castlevania and Harmony of Dispair

  • chiruno99

    And Limbo

  • Arent Argento

    US only … awesome.

  • EchoPark25

    Another xbox feature that doesnt come to euro. Thanks again MS. I feel the guys in Euro, need a lower xbox live charge as we get half the features

  • ShiftyInc

    I dont mind that you have to pay 12 bucks for an arcade game that is worth it. But why is europe getting screwed over by every update. We pay the same amount for gold and get like 30% less. It’s beginning to piss people off in europe.

  • Doh Ray Egon

    @stststststq: Funny how you criticize someone else’s game choices…as you keep your recently played games hidden. So you don’t really have any right to comment on anyone’s gaming preferences.

  • SinedX360

    Great to see Hydro Thunder Hurricane on XBLA !!! :-)



  • MajorMask

    It’s great that Destination Arcade is US only. So there is no need for the rest of the world to use it like the crappy Zune video app.
    No additional loading time and no purchases for games you only would buy because they’re cheap.
    It’s enough to check the new releases in the Arcade Marketplace once a week.
    If you don’t like a game then you wouldn’t if it’s sorted well or is presented in a better way.

    So people get over it. Microsoft only wants more of your money.

  • thrst

    Booo! for US only! Boooooo!

  • Stephan1237

    Its just a app, why don’t launch it World Wide? Nothing about licenses

  • metallicorphan

    getting a bit tired of XBLG to be honest..its only taken 5 years,nearly 6,LOL but there are not enough online games i wanna play,and there are no amazing special offers for being with GOLD(D.O.T.W. is a joke)..and it seems the money i pay goes towards new features in the U.S rather than where i am

    i will tell you now that this train of thought started from Microsofts dire E3

  • Exu

    Save 1200 by buying them all at 1200 and waiting months for a rebate, or save an immediate 2000 by waiting until they’re all on Deal of the Week. Maybe more if some end up at 560.
    Going to be sorely tempted by Hydro Thunder, admittedly. Would have been tempted by Castlevania but I’m not paying 1200 for a glorified GBA game.

  • Deltacore16

    @Exu: I agree. I’ll wait until they hit Deal of the Week. I’m in no hurry to play these games, even for the rebates. Why not get rid of the rebates and spread that savings over the cost of the games now.

  • SilentHunter382

    At the moment I only want Castlevania Harmony of Despair. I will check out the demos of the other games.

  • Hugoku

    Once again, the rest of the world is paying full price for an XBLA Gold membership yet it keeps getting the shaft on all the new features.
    Major, what gives? Is there an end to this trend?

    I know of license issues but is Microsoft at least looking into local partnerships in foreign markets to bring extra content?

  • Ganon255

    Limbo and Castlevania I will buy sight unseen. Lara who?

  • DL CyberSkull

    Is Destination Arcade an application like Waypoint or is it a feature of the Dashboard?

  • kdzBiBa

    Looks like Summer of Arcade is nothing special anymore :/ Where are the great games from the past years?

  • X Ray Hamburger

    My question is why is Destination Arcade only going to be available for about a month. Why even hype it up or even design it if it’s just going away?

  • BryceS

    The short time and limited region does seem bizarre. I thought that it was just a way to organise and find your own games and games you might like more easily. At the moment I find that I tend to forget about games which I either haven’t played very recently (meaning that they show up in the recently played list) or that are earlier in the alphabet. Showing games which are related to what I already own, or which I have recently played has got to be good for both me, where I might go back to a game I have forgotten, and Microsoft, where I might spend more money based on the recommendation.
    Seems a no-brainer really to have it released worldwide and to be a permanent part of the dashboard, as long as it actually makes it easier to browse the content you own.

  • Black Fist

    What don´t you guys change the name of the console for USBox, it would be simpler, and you wouldn´t fooling anyone.
    Or at least change the logo in the european XBox, so, insted of the ball and the X when we turn the console on, we good get the finger and a saying like: “FU and thank for your money, morons.”
    It´s clear that you don´t care for anyone outside the US, so, why is the XBox sold outside North America?
    Back in 2007, when i bought the console, i used to be a fan, i loved it; now……..it´s just sad, you guys are cluless about anything, it´s borderline ridiculous.
    The lack of 1st parties, the lack of exclusives, giving the finger to anyone outside the US, the all ESPN crap (US only again)……
    At least Sony tries to give everything to everyone, at least Sony Europe exists and do their job….
    And before anyone saying that Destination Arcade doesn´t make or break, it´s just an app or that it might go to other countries soon; this isn´t about the app, but rather that enough is enough.

  • Dr4gOnsFuRy

    “As I mentioned in my original post, Destination Arcade will only be available in the US.” To be fair you said “will be available in the US ” doesn’t mention “ONLY” anywhere, so just got peoples hopes up for nothing. However I’m not really bothered if we get this or not, doesn’t seem like it affects much at all, just a few visual basics that don’t even look good and a few new options, I can easily find what I am looking for in the marketplace without any trouble so I have no use for this.

  • Lanmanna

    I find it funny how the people in the US dislike the idea of Destination Arcade and everyone in other countries wish they even had a choice of getting it. Grass is always green on the other side, right?

    Anyway, I plan on getting Hydro Thunder and Limbo. How can you guys say the selection is bad? All of them look good(save for Tomb Raider), especially Hydro Thunder 2! That’s a classic! How can you guys not want it? None of you loved that game on Dreamcast/PS1/N64/Arcade?

  • TheBlackPigeon

    It looks as though I’ll actually be buying all five games this summer. Good times!

  • TheBlackPigeon

    It looks as though I’ll actually be buying all five games this summer. Good times!


    Wait so per your Edit note, Major, now the Destination Arcade app is only going to be available during the Summer of Arcade promotion? So does that mean that it’s still going to be active after that but you just can’t download it any more, or will it be permanently disabled after the promotion is over? I like the idea of a one-stop hub for all things XBLA, especially to keep track of the latest deals and specials, but it seems pretty pointless to even have all this info available in it if it’s just going to be dead and gone after only 5 weeks.

  • Captain Bluey

    It sounds like MS are running a Destination Arcade Beta in the US for a few weeks. I guess they will refine it and roll it out everywhere else after that in a modified form. Why else would you go to the trouble of running it for a limited time only? Just a guess but it makes sense.

  • Major Nelson

    My understanding is that it will only be available during the Summer of Arcade. After that, you will not be able to use it.