July 12th 2010 4:00 pm PT

This week on XBLA: Deadliest Warrior and DeathSpank


This Wednesday, Deadliest Warrior (800 Points) and DeathSpank (1200 Points) will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade.


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait for DeathSpank!

  • WinterSnowblind

    Deathspank should be great. Love Diablo style games, and anything by Ron Gilbert is at least worth checking out, though the humour here seems to be going towards internet meme’s a bit too much..

  • wiirule111

    I need to try both before i decide to buy any of them. Hydro Thunder is my most wanted, and if i only had a PS3 i would buy a 360 for this game. ;)

  • SinedX360

    DeathSpank seems very good and funny !



  • twpps

    DeathSpank,, look realy hillarious!!! but will wait.. at 1200 points… i think it’s to expensive

  • I DLord I

    Deadliest Warrior = Cool show. Terrible video game. I am calling it right now.

  • Exu

    DeathSpank: Too expensive.
    D. Warrior: Too crap.

  • Xlrking

    Kind of expensive stuff here, but buying one or the other never hurt.

  • Xx XRAS xX

    where is The Adventures of Shuggy ?

  • dirty whirlwind

    Thanks XRAS, I can’t believe I’ve missed the existence of The Adventures of Shuggy altogether. So googled it and it looks pretty cool with varied and interesting gameplay. The vid I watched (from GDC10) said it was going to be available in late April/early May, which obviously isn’t the case, and with the next 6 weeks game scheduled I guess we won’t be playing it in a while. :(

  • Blue Thunder28

    Deadliest Warrior looked like a decent game to play online with friends… and I really want DeathSpank but only have 920 points :( So I’ll have to wait a long while.

  • chiruno99

    The main question is, where is Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley?

  • Kroesis

    Will definitely be getting DeathSpank sometime but not anytime soon unfortunately.

  • tananset360

    finally. DeathSpank gonna try demo and grap one if it’s good as it should be.

    and hope for good avatar award not just useless T-shirt.

    PS. game’s Achevements is nice!!!

  • GamingTailor

    Can’t wait to play DeathSpank. It’ll be a good first game to play in the new Xbox 360. :)

  • xChris2008x

    Hmmm dont know which platform to get DeathSpank on :(

  • Rdeal

    DW is up but where is Deathspank

  • Toadasaurus

    Not that I’m generally too bothered about this sort of thing but it seems a bit strange the PEGI rating for this is only Ages 3+ when the description says, “Sever limbs, decapitate heads, and taunt your enemy‚Äôs lifeless corpse to build up ranking points”. Bearing in mind Castle Crashers has a less realistic, more cartoon art style and that’s rated Ages 16+….

  • SinedX360

    Seems DeathSpank is lost, doesn’t find XBLA door ;-)

    Maybe later in afternoon (for French Marketplace)



  • Anonymous

    Not showing up in the US also

  • KRiSX85

    really really really want DeathSpank… just played the PSN demo and its GREAT!

    not on Aus store as of about 11:30pm AEST… hopefully in the morning :)

  • Anonymous
  • Shiaoran

    Tried to download the Deadliest Warrior trial…

    “This offer is not valid in your region, or it has expired.”

    Get your region lock out of my XBLA!!

  • Disco Penguins

    Just tried DeathSpank, and it was an absolute blast. I’ll definitely be picking that up some time in the future.

    As for the Deadliest Warrior, thanks to stupid region-coding, I can’t try that out. Why do that? If I’m an American with an American account, shouldn’t that count for something? So what if I’m stationed in Japan. This is just stupid.