July 20th 2010 4:01 pm PT

Announcing Kinect Pricing, Xbox 360 4 GB Console and Holiday Bundle


Today we have officially confirmed pricing for Kinect. Plus, we have also announced a new 4GB Xbox 360 Console and a special Kinect Holiday Bundle.


Here are the details:


Kinect Pricing
: Existing Xbox 360 owners can purchase Kinect and Kinect Adventures for $149.99 (U.S. ERP). Remember, Kinect will work with every Xbox 360 ever made.









Xbox 360 4GB Console

The new Xbox 360 4GB Console includes built in Wi-Fi N, 4GB of internal flash memory and a black matte finish. The console begins shipping August 3rd and will be available for $199.99 (U.S. ERP).











Kinect Holiday Bundle
: Available later this year will, the bundle will contain: Xbox 360 4GB console, the Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures packaged together for $299.99 (U.S. ERP).












Pre-order Kinect or the Xbox 360 Kinect Console Bundle today, and at launch receive a token to download three exclusive game levels for Kinect Adventures, the game included with Kinect.


Kinectimals, Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride will retail for $49.99 (U.S. ERP) and are part of the 15 Kinect games that will be available at launch.


Kinect on Xbox.com



Kinect, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • JoeCool314

    I agree with rogXue, except I don’t have children. So Kinect doesn’t appeal to me or my coin! Now after I saw the Star Wars section of the Kinect E3 Demo I thought hey that might be ok…….then I was reminded of how many times Lucas has raped the fans. Forget that…….running away!!

  • Doh Ray Egon

    I just don’t understand who Microsoft is trying to appeal to here. The hardcore (most of us here) don’t seem to care about Kinect. The casuals already have the Wii (And won’t care to buy another system), and if they don’t…they are going to see either a $200 Wii or a $300 360 with Kinect on the store shelves. They will most likely go with the Wii because of it’s price.


    Not to be insulting, but what are you guys thinking?

    As it is right now, this cool new technology will ultimately fail. First, there is very little software supporting the technology, so only a handful of individuals who are really excited about the technology or a single game will buy the hardware, resulting in a low install base. Second, seeing this low install base and a lack of return on investment, developers will make very little to no effort to develop games for this technology. Lastly, very few games will result in fewer and fewer people adopting this new tech. And the circle goes round.

    In order for this technology to be successful, you are going to need to do a couple things. First, it needs to be bundled with all new hardware without a price increase. This will hurt, but in the long run you will be better off. Second, for the HUGE install base you already have, you need to price the add-on very low so people who want the hardware, and more importantly people on the fence, will adopt it. Once the hardware is attached to more xbox systems, developers will be more comfortable investing in games for the system resulting in more games, more choice, and people wanting to adopt the system. You get your return on investment from the games not the hardware itself.


    The $150 price tag makes my decision very easy for me- I’ll pass on Kinect. I guess Microsoft is going after the same people that are willing to pay $5 for fake virtual clothing for their avatar (I don’t get it). I predict this will sink like the HD DVD addon… Microsoft will stop supporting Kinect just like it did for their force feedback steering wheel- at least with the wheel you get feedback- I have no desire to move air…

    I am planning on trying move (will be a $50 investment since I have the camera)… at least I will be able to play Tiger Woods in HD- I am enjoying Tiger 11 on the Wii except for the graphics…

    I am disappointed with Kinect- I plan on not falling for Microsoft’s expensive experiment…


    Hahaha $150 with game is too much? You buy a $300-$400 system and pay $60 for games plus $50 a year for Gold and $150 is “too much”? My suggestion is to go buy a last gen system and some used games…. $150 for Kinect and a game is about right. I will use it for what it is great at… Being a GREAT hands free remote! Plus it has the camera. What, $150 is too much for a remote? Tell that to Logitech which has sold (and STILL sells) $100-$300 Harmoney remotes for YEARS!

  • SGT Benton

    Lol.. looking forward to all the “OK, the price rumours were true…” tweets from Major, Stepto and E after they were busy telling us it was all speculation and no price had been set. ;-)

  • NBA Kirkland

    The $150 price won’t last too long because it isn’t going to sell well. Nearly all the games are for a “casual” audience, but the price is anything but. I think MS is making a mistake because once the numbers come out that it isn’t selling well, developers will think twice before making games for it. And it will be a downward spiral from there.

  • Rdeal

    £130 for a addon what a joke,it will be dearer than the console itself.
    People who buy this need to be committed,i was looking forward to this but at that price i really hope it fails

  • dirtbound

    I think it is a HUGE mistake not offering a $399 deal with Kinect and the 250GB 360s.

    I am planning on getting Kinect, but Microsoft will lose a console sale since they are not offering the ‘real’ bundle people like me were waiting for.

    Not to mention the fact that right now they are saying there are no current plans to offer the 250GB HDD add-on for the 360s. What the hell are these 360s 4GB users going to do when they need to upgrade?

    Wake up Microsoft and stop telling us that your ‘research’ shows happiness about the pricing, when most of your customers are obviously NOT happy.

    I’m still trying to grasp the lack of marketing brain power here… no 250GB 360s/Kinect Bundle? Nope… still don’t get it. Stupid… Stupid decision.

  • dedtime

    wow… Do they actually want people to buy this thing, or do they just want it to look good on store shelves. A peripheral for the price of a console… Not to smart.. And there is no argument about “It comes with Kinect adventures” blah blah. Kinect sports should be free with it anyway. 100$ would have been a much better price. And Joy Ride, that game that was once a free to own idea has been turned into a gimmic racing game for 50 bux…. Just not smart. CC this to the hardware guys on the xbox team :P

  • YODA12320

    Any possibilty of a spec sheet and/or comparison sheet for the 4GB Slims and 250 GB Slims Major?

  • Servantes NL

    kinect is going to fail hard xD

  • ValleyFloydJam

    wow thats a bloody stupid price lol

    it should be closer to £50 and anyone who pays out for that needs there head looking at tbh

  • Casserole

    Well I was hoping Kinect would come cheap so that I could splash out on a lot of Kinect games (most at E3 tickled my fancy) but the high pricepoint has put me right off.

  • StaticFree

    I would’ve been tempted by a kinect/360s bundle if it came with a hard drive. I wouldn’t mind having a kinect unit and a new 360s but I can’t see myself paying $450 for that. Guess I’ll stick to my 60g 360 and wait and see if the price drops one day on kinect.

  • Supergrass

    I bought the original Xbox on launch day and the same for the 360, which I much prefer to my PS3 and Wii. But I have to say this $150 price tag is absolute insanity. The people behind the decision and the implementation of Kinect have already failed and I find it hard to believe they can’t see that. No way in the world am I paying $150 for this thing, a sentiment that seems to be running high among others. And Kinect did at least have me interested, though now I’ll probably go with the PlayStation Move instead.
    Just wondering who Microsoft thinks its audience is going to be at that price tag? Hardcore gamers will be busy buying COD, Fable 3, the new Fallout, etc. at this time of year with that $150. The casual audience is not going to pony up $150 for an item that seems to have so little to it from a hardware perspective.
    To Major Nelson and those at Microsoft, I almost never complain about business decisions or pricing because nobody is forcing me to buy anything. But in this case, someone there needs to have a bit of sense slapped into them.

  • dirtbound

    I’ve been giving this thing the benefit of the doubt for months, and have bit by tongue during that time… but it almost seems like MS is making a calculated effort to bury this project… as if it has problems they know are going to be there on launch.

    What gives?

  • The KaneRobot

    That price will be cut in almost half by 6 months after release.


    Any word on when the all black with chrome guide button 360 controller will be available at retail? I’d like a second one that matches the one that comes with the 360 S.

  • dirtbound

    @The KaneRobot:

    If they want it to be a success… I agree with you 100%. Just in the past 10 minutes I think I’ve gone from “I’m going to buy Kinect.” To… “I’m going to see how things go with Kinect ‘BEFORE’ I buy.”

    The only thing MS can do to pull me in on Day 1 is to bundle it with the 250GB 360s… otherwise they are losing both sales.

    I’m done spending my time thinking about this, going to lunch…

  • Sogeman

    @b trumpet Same difference unless they sell it without game for 100 which they don’t

  • I chex mix ho I

    they had all of the new black accessories at the gamestop i went to a few days ago in the oklahoma city area. i saw the new black controllers, the black wireless headset, black chatpad, black controllers that come with the play and charge kit and even the black wired headsets. it doesn’t appear places like amazon have them yet though.

  • Helvedeshunden

    OK, so Kinect pricing leaves me absolutely disinterested. However, I am interested in a matte new 360 with a 250 gig drive.

    Finally got rid of the abomination that was my glossy PS3, so I would like to keep my entertainment center gloss-free. Matte all the way.

    I guess it won’t happen, though. The old arcade units looked nicer than premiums as well, since they didn’t have the faux silver tray that looked like a child’s toy.

  • Djshep

    I’m not paying £130 for it, plain and simple and I’m one of the people who has been enthusiastic about Natal/Kinect from the word go. Was planning to get this around christmas but now I’ll wait until it drops A LOT. Is it not enough that Microsoft will make a huge profit on the games it will sell?

  • Kincaid Kino

    *sigh* I had my hopes for Kinect. I planned on buying one of the new motion control set ups this year and Kinect was what I was planning on. But Move is officially cheaper, so it looks like it will be Move. Someone else had it right, I could justify ~$100. But it’s the holiday, I got other things to buy (Fable 3 and New Vegas, not to mention christmas gifts.) Kinect will have to wait until the price drops. And I really wanted the voice control for Netflix. D:

  • TheDagda509

    Love my Xbox, just no desire for this..

  • Juganawt

    It’s over £100, it’s dead in the water. I give it 12 months before you can pick it up cheaper than Tony Hawk’s Ride.

    It’s WAY beyond the “impulse purchase to keep kids quiet” price it NEEDS to be to succeed. at £99.99 it could have possibly done well, £79.99 and it’d be a runaway smash depending on software, but £130? You can buy a Wii CONSOLE for the same price!

    Even the Playstation move, with the EyeCamera, Playstation move controller, Sub Controller AND optional Gun Attachment only comes to £99.99.

    Not only that, ITS THE SAME PRICE AS THE 360 ITSELF!

    You are priced higher than both of your main competitors with an unproven technology that may not work well in Real Life circumstances (i.e. with mirrors on the wall, limited room space, low light levels, oversaturation, multiple voices and background chatter), and with a very sub-par software lineup. There is no “Killer App” for Kinect yet.

    I am not convinced, and neither are many other core gamers I know.

    Kinect has gone from an interesting gadget to an utter flop in my eyes. It really has to be spectacular for me to even consider getting one at full price.


    That Holiday Bundle is epic… as long as you can upgrade the HD… which I’m pretty sure you can.

  • mig0

    Matte finish… nice.

    My big question is whether a hard drive can be put into either console. Given that existing HDDs wont work, Im not interested in upgrading to the new arcade without being able to add a hard drive, and id rather have the matte vs gloss.

    I dont like the $150 price tag for kinect, but Rock band was $150, as was guitar hero world tour with the drums. If Kinect works as well as it can, no reason it will flop. Guitars are >$50, as are drums and whatnot for those games.

  • mann alive

    What a shame. Kinect will never get enough penetration to matter now. No must have game and overpriced. What a fumble for a remarkable piece of tech.

  • Xlrking

    150 dollars as expected.
    Pay 50 more dollars, get a wii.
    What the fuck.

  • Fossett


  • penguin1992

    I got past the whole motion control gimmick 6 months after the wii so I’m going to pass obviously. I can’t see how people are going to pay $150 for a attachment to a $200 console (at least), but whatever, I’m sure it will still sell great >_<

  • xXDarkShotXx 93

    150$ is a pretty good deal, but in Europe we have to pay 150€(193$)!!!!!!!!

    Thats just unfair! Whats wrong with you guys at Microsoft?


    Thats expensive , Major Nelson are the 3 levels are included in the package? or you must pre-order from a specific store? , i pre-ordered from Amazon.


    This will be the zune of motion controllers- the vista of operation systems- the virtual boy of handhelds – … I have zero confidence in this product… this is just a test for the next xbox (but in the end I see this as being as successful as the zune)… perhaps if I wasn’t fooled by other products like the HD DVD addon, xbox vision camera, steering wheel, all products that had limited support… plus I still have a bad taste in my mouth from my launch day 360 having to be replaced several times… I do recall everyone saying the Wii would fail before it launched, but with the kinect it is different- I don’t see how it can succeed with this current setup… who makes these decisions???

  • AzBat360

    Do the 3 exclusive Kinect Adventures levels only come with the $300 system pre-order? Or do they also come with the $150 add-on pre-order too?

  • Damaster11

    We already knew kinect would be a disappointing 150$ with it being on the Microsoft website. Telling us the same information that we all know and sounding enthusiastic about it will only sadden me further.

  • bUbbALoUmCc

    Well Microsoft just lost alot of business. Me and alot of people in my family were going to get this but at that price not anymore. We were all thinking $99 or less. That is way to expensive especially for core gamers. Oh Well.

  • Anonymous

    I bought my 360 just to relax and play video games in my spare time, not to get a workout. I run a couple miles and use my weight bench daily. Well, Kinect won’t affect me then since I have no intention of buying it :)

  • HeavenOrHell

    Looks like I’ll be passing on this. I wasn’t really looking forward to any of the launch titles but would have still liked to pick up the camera.

    If they eventually release a package that is just the camera at a lower price then I will pick one up.

  • JerryG

    I’ve been looking forward to this. Since I already had a pre-order in for the Kinect I’m excited to see that a game is being included and that the price of Dance Central is now reduced to $49.99.

    Like a previous poster, I am interested in knowing whether the preorder bonuses are being made available to buyers using Amazon/Gamestop/etc.

  • JerryG

    Major – Is there a reason you linked to Amazon for Kinect Adventures? Seems strange to link to the individual game on Amazon when the game is being bundled free with the hardware.


    more expensive.
    150€ = 193$


    Whatever happened to Fable 3 being the first full game to support Kinect? Are we ever going to see some kind of results from Lionhead’s Milo demo from E3 two years ago? Using Kinect with Fable 3 or other full retail games was the only thing that would even get me to consider getting Kinect for that kind of price. But there’s no way I’m paying that much just to play a bunch of Wii minigame knockoffs – I don’t even use my Wii for that!

  • Jaiyan

    I bought the HD-DVD drive – “once bitten, twice shy”.
    Not ruling out Kinect, but I’ll wait for a price-drop I reckon.

  • Grimoire

    $150 and 6′ distance from the camera? Doesn’t look like I will be picking one up. I have 3 TVs in my house, and none of them have a 6′ space between them and the couch.

    I’m guessing MS is not targeting Japan as a consumer base either…

  • Fire Shaman

    Kinect reminds me of this old commercial.


  • DeviseUSA

    Very disappointed. As are all the retailers and developers that hoped to support this camera. So much for treating Kinect as a platform. Adoption is going to be very slow and developers are going to look the other way. I can’t see this being a value for money buy.


    Kinect reminds me of this old commercial.

    I fell for the 32X back in the day- I hope that I have learned from past bad decisions… so I will be skipping Kinects…