July 20th 2010 4:01 pm PT

Announcing Kinect Pricing, Xbox 360 4 GB Console and Holiday Bundle


Today we have officially confirmed pricing for Kinect. Plus, we have also announced a new 4GB Xbox 360 Console and a special Kinect Holiday Bundle.


Here are the details:


Kinect Pricing
: Existing Xbox 360 owners can purchase Kinect and Kinect Adventures for $149.99 (U.S. ERP). Remember, Kinect will work with every Xbox 360 ever made.









Xbox 360 4GB Console

The new Xbox 360 4GB Console includes built in Wi-Fi N, 4GB of internal flash memory and a black matte finish. The console begins shipping August 3rd and will be available for $199.99 (U.S. ERP).











Kinect Holiday Bundle
: Available later this year will, the bundle will contain: Xbox 360 4GB console, the Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures packaged together for $299.99 (U.S. ERP).












Pre-order Kinect or the Xbox 360 Kinect Console Bundle today, and at launch receive a token to download three exclusive game levels for Kinect Adventures, the game included with Kinect.


Kinectimals, Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride will retail for $49.99 (U.S. ERP) and are part of the 15 Kinect games that will be available at launch.


Kinect on Xbox.com



Kinect, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Deltacore16

    @Major and 95% of the Comments
    If you’ve remembered me from page 2, I was all for it. A $100 for a device that’s breakthrough. It’s actually $150 with a game most of us don’t want. So, please. . . Major and everyone at MS . . . look at the comments. “We” are the gamers.
    Looking through history, why did the low powered Wii succeed? It had breakthrough technology at the lowest price of the consoles (and I don’t even own a Wii). Kinect has the technology but “not” the price.
    To sum it all up. . . We’ve already invested in your incredible machine, please give us this device at the price we “all” want to pay.

  • rastansaga

    I was under the assumption that one of Microsoft’s “rules” was that DLC had to be original content, produced after a product was finished and released. This fact was boasted about and promoted numerous times over the last few years – on this very website as it happens.
    …Fast forward 2010… Kinect + games still under development (some only 75% finished according to comments at E3), yet here we are, and I quote “Pre-order for $150 an unfinished Microsoft device and unfinished Microsoft games and get… 3 DLC levels for free”.
    What? Has it be ascertained months before the game is finished that these 3 Kinect Adventures levels won’t fit on the disk? 4.GB of storage, but we just can’t find any way to squeeze these last few levels on the game. They just won’t fit! We tried compression, but we’re still short of a few bytes. Arrrhgh!
    Ludicrous, rip-off, I smell a huge flop….

  • SCS 85

    It would have been better if it was $99.99 considering the 360 4 GB and Kinect bundle is only $100 more. Oh well. I *may* still end up getting one. At least it comes with a game.

  • BeAN ToWn BrOwN

    Will the arcades need a hdd to browse the marketplace and play on live???

  • RuairiAU

    I can only imagine how much this device will cost in Australia. M$ will probably use their default pricing rule of doubling it and then adding some.

  • Rastin

    Wow yeah 150 bucks is way to much… /sigh. I really wanted the voice activated controls for netflix movies.

  • T Mecha

    Its the price of games im more angry about. Same RRP of normal 360 games is BS.
    They arnt much more than arcade games to me.

  • ElektroDragon

    I am UPSET that there is no Slim 250GB + Kinect bundle! That is what I want to buy! Also, the Kinect game prices retail for $60, but the Move game prices retail for $40. Why is that?

  • o ELITE CHEZ o

    With Microsoft pushing digital downloads, This 4GB offering is almost insulting. I know this particular console is for users with no current interest in digital downloads, but read on.

    I welcome the digital download revolution on XBOX360… BUT when is MS going to stop strangling us with the storage space bottleneck?

    BestBuy has terabyte+ drives for under $100.

    I haven’t heard any reasonable argument supporting this failure to keep at least remotely in step with the greater marketplace. Some of you will say “Oh it’s so they can make more money”. Nonsense. We WILL pay for terabyte drives – just make them available already so those of us who choose to can download as much digital content as we like!

    I wanna NOM on a terabyte drive! :)

  • xLoCk 0nx

    People here are forgetting that Kinect is not about pleasing existing customers – it’s about branching out to new ones, namely kids, girls, mums and grannies. There is not a single game in the launch lineup for core gamers, but again, Kinect is not for the core gamers. Games will still be predominantly made for core gamers using the controller. I just hope the two are never merged in a single title – keep kinect games kinect, and core games core!

  • Migz7

    Kinect… Kin…. both start with K. Both have terrible entry price points. Kin is dead. I fear what lies ahead for Kinect. I’ll take a “wait and see” approach. But I think $150 is way too much.

  • xLoCk 0nx

    @SilentHunter382: I was also pretty annoyed to see joyride go from a free arcade title to a paid retail game.

    It seems as though microsoft is doing everything it can to piss off its core fans right now, what with all the attention on Kinect and the cancellation of 1vs100. Yes, they tell us they are working on bigger and better projects (even though many of us loved 1vs100 just fine as it was. But seriously, we all know whatever those projects are, they are going to require Kinect functionality (which will be used to help sell Kinect).

    I admire Microsoft for taking what is essentially a pretty big risk with Kinect. The motion games market seems pretty competitive right now, and I do question whether Microsoft can knock the Wii off number 1. Lets face it, the Wii is cheaper and has a way bigger selection of motion based games, and the number of Wii consoles sold today is still incredible. Sony’s Move seemed like a gimmick when I watched their E3 press conference in 2009, but I was really quite surprised with their comeback at E3 this year – they really stole the show. Impressively, they managed to reach out to all their audiences – both their core gamers with typical announcements, plus new audiences with Move(and their launch lineup seemed way more interesting than Kinect’s). Microsoft blatently ignored its core fans at this year’s E3, with nothing more than a handful of extremely predictable titles. Instead, they focussed on Kinect, showcasing games that could only excite a 5 year old or induce incontinence in the elderly.

  • K04 Passat

    On one hand, this doesn’t interest me much, as far as playing games on my own. On the other hand, my family would have a good time with it…

  • TANK 2old2play

    PASS. collect being 149.99 is an EPIC Failure. Won’t even consider purchasing it until it’s sub $100.

    Add on gizmos traditionally get very little support from anyone and I don’t believe this is going to be any different. And i’m not going to spend a Wii’s worth of money on an add on gizmo.

    Fail. Keep it.

  • Renown Recon

    Why is this console selling with a 4GB Hard Drive? Why not do a bundle with the 250GB Xbox 360?

  • Whetzel

    I honestly thought that Microsoft was smarter than this.

    Here’s what I see happening. Right before Christmas, Nintendo is going to announce a price drop on the Wii, taking it to $150 (and that’s bundled with a game too). Nintendo’s whole marketing is going to be something along the lines of “buy an ACCESSORY for $150 OR buy a complete system with several games already at market for $150″.

    I’ve never been excited about this whole motion control gimmick, but at $150 I can guarantee you that I won’t be buying it. If I do buy anything (which I doubt will happen), I’ll buy Move for my PS3. I probably won’t even do that though because I already own a Wii and never play that. I actually LIKE having a controller/steering wheel in my hands.

    Someone at Microsoft needs fired or they’re going to take the whole gaming division down with them.

  • BurningFlag666

    I checked EB Games in Australia and they are saying it will cost us $198.00 but this is not official and therefore may cost more. COnsidering we pay from $100 to $120 for new standard games that cost Americans US$60 i fear we will be paying more than this. Either way its too expensive and there is not one game i’m interested in and i love games. I could only imagine what the “casual” gamers will think of the price especially parents who are just buying for there kids.

  • BurningFlag666

    If there were some games that were geared towards the “core” gamers as well then the price may not be as much of an issue but the games would have to be damn exciting and use th motion controll features in an intelligent and creative way that inhances the games. So far all we are seeing is wii Play rip offs, a bunch of excercise “games” (i believe there are at least 3 or 4 out of the 15 games released), and a bunch more dancing games. AHHHHH YOUUU KIDDING MEEEE! It seems as this is a rushed effort as there is not one creative idea. For what is suppossed to be a liberating device it sure comes across as unliberating in the current line up. 15 games and 3 choices (oh yeah plus you can pat a tiger). Do i seem a little negative, maybe, but consider this – i was extremely excited for this device before the current line up of games now i have absolutely no interest. Make me interested Microsoft.

  • AntenDeathStar

    The Kinect should be bundled with a voucher to get a Kinect game of your choice. This might cause a problem of people of either not getting the game they want or one not at all. But they won’t have to shell out another $50 because the Kinect was bundled with a lame excuse for a tech demo.

    The Arcade + Kinect bundle isn’t great either because instead of getting a 360 game it is replaced with just a Kinect game. So this will make you shell out another $60 for a proper 360 game because this is no Wii Sports and won’t carry the Kinect as Wii Sports did for the Wii.

    This is the marketing I know and love. Sell quick before people know what they are buying.

  • rogXue


    You hit it right on the money. But left out one card that Nintendo has that Microsoft never will… Mario, Zelda and the rest of the NIN clan. I’m damn near 30 and still can’t divorce those SOBs. They are the only reason I have a Wii. And that is one reason that Kinect will fail compared to the Wii. Now Move vs Kinect, that may be a competition.

  • BurningFlag666

    I agree with Whetzel i like the feel of having a controller. In fact there are some games the crave for a controller. In real life we use physical tools: I drive a car with a steering wheel, I shoot with a gun etc., so on so forth. There are some games that may not need a controller but for the ones that do we are losing something not gaining. I thing Kinect would benifit from a specially made controller (and let’s not make it expensive just to rake in more $) otherwise we will be stuck with certain genres which will flood the market (such as we have ween with the wii and why most core gamers like myself won’t by it) and cheapen the device in the minds of everyone. I was so hoping that Microsoft would finally give “core” gamers motion controlls that relate to the games we like as well as “casual” gamers but i guess that will not be the case this time around. I applaude PS3 for at least not forgeting there fan base. Shame Microsoft for forgetting us in the MOVE forward.

  • Lavos BR360

    There´s no power supply to old 360? how could us use if we don´t have a 360S ?

  • Trimillionaire

    It’s about time… I’ve been waiting for MS to officially price Kinect. Can’t wait to get it!

  • Whet Wetty

    I was all set to plunk down my $100 for Kinect and then I remembered the Vision camera and what a waste that $40 was. Now that Kinect is 50% more expensive than I thought, I’m going to wait until Amazon makes this a Gold Box surprise. I can only assume that there will be numerous “$XX.XX off Kinect” sales in the coming months.

    Remember guys, this is MSRP… as in Manufacturer’s SUGGESTED Retail Price.

    Also completely baffled by the lack of a 250Gb Slim + Kinect combo. Which leads me to believe there is something special in the works that hasn’t been announced yet.


    I was very excited for Kinect when it was first announced. After witnessing the mediocre selection of games for it at E3, and hearing about the rumored price point, my hopes for the device have since dwindled.

    Now that the $150 price point has been confirmed, I can honestly say that I won’t be purchasing a Kinect.

    I still love my 360, but this is a joke.

  • Strud

    You pay $60 for a single game, so it is only the cost of 2.5 normal games (taking into account its bundled game value, even less). Seems like OK value when you remember that this is a peripheral that can be used for many different apps and games in the future, unlike bundles like Rock Band (which can cost well over $150) that can only be used for similar music titles.

  • xXDarkShotXx 93


    150$(just 116€) is cheap, 150€(193$) is fucking expensive!

  • Darth Pman

    Yay, I knew they would release a Holiday Bundle. This is what my family is getting for Christmas. I can use USB sticks for memory expansion.

  • LittleBlueAlien

    It’s official, Microsoft is on crack.

  • Ai Kago

    I dont think Kinext is aimed at their core market at the moment. Microsoft are trying to get the other crowd onboard, ie families, women, girls etc, the Wii market basically. I might have bought one of these if there was some proper games out on it, maybe if that Star Wars game came with it for $100.00 or whatever.

  • DarkTear81

    Meh, I’ll just get a Wii. 150 Bucks… Pfff

  • BlazeHedgehog

    4gb of storage? The first computer I ever bought in 1998 had 4gb of storage. 12 years ago! The original Xbox from 2001 had 4gb of storage! 9 years ago! There are files on the Xbox marketplace right now that are larger than 4gb!

    That’s an absolutely horrid amount of storage in order to justify a Kinect bundle at “under” $300.

  • EveofLight

    I was thinking of getting Kinect….but you know that feeling you get when something is telling you not to do something or you will regret it. I have been having that every time the months get closer to its release. The price MS left this thing is will be a no no for me; my daughter really wanted it and how I am doing financially right now I won’t be able to get it. I have a feeling I don’t need to rush into it and I can wait months till I see a bargain for it or someone out there is selling it cheap.
    I really don’t know why MS decided to sell Joyride, I feel like they screwed us and they did. They should have given it out for free as promised then updated it to work with Kinect. I find myself being bored with my 360 and I only watch
    Netflix on it; I just don’t get excited as I used to before. I find myself playing LittleBigPlanet and Patapon 2 on my PSP and Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s on my daughter’s Gamecube.
    I like gaming and I like all consoles but MS has been going down on my fav list and the others are jumping right over it. Sorry no Kinect for me either.

  • bullka LT

    The funny thing is that MS will sell soooo many Kinects. I promise you :) I see here only 120 who are unhappy about the price. But there’re 40 million other xbox owners and number X of players who will migrate from Wii or PS3. I think MS doesn’t care a bout your opinion. I think they made a pretty good price calculation.

    And the price will really serve the purpose. But only MS knows what is the purpose at the moment (make profit on selling less? get market share from PS3/Wii? Maybe a combination of both?).

  • Blue Thunder28

    That is cool! It comes with a game too, perfect. I was picking this up anyway but this rocks.

  • DeviseUSA

    Yes it will sell well. But no core gamers means shovelware deluxe. Respectable developers will keep away from it. Kinect is going to suck with budget development. It’s a complicated device to program for.

  • LittleBlueAlien

    To the optimists, I disagree – this will have a very hard time selling.
    The true recession is only just beginning and consumers will never go for such a novelty at this price.

    Casual gaming must = casual prices. $50 for a Kinect game is absurd. (It should have come free priced at $99)

  • Exu

    The only Kinect game out there with any appeal for proper gamers is Child of Eden.
    And guess what?
    You can play it with a controller.

  • JeffRand

    I’ve been looking to upgrade to the newer 360 since my current 120GB drive is almost full. I was really hoping for a Kinect bundle with the 250GB system. My decision will be based entirely on whether or not the 4GB system can be later upgraded with a harddisk. Does anyone know the answer, Major?


    £130 in the UK!

    This thing is gonna flop so hard!

    I’m sorry, but seeing as this thing is just a couple of cameras & depth sensor, it’s sooo overpriced.
    Also, the KINECT device doesn’t have it’s own processor, so all the processing will be done by the 360. This was obviously done to cut down manufacturing costs of the device, so why does it still cost an arm & a leg???

    The cost just can’t be justified.

    Judging by the comments on this website & many others, hardly anybody will be buying KINECT at the current retail price. Get ready for a massive flop Microsoft.

    The only way KINECT was going to be a run away success was if the Hardware price was subsidised somehow, maybe even sold at a loss. Then Microsoft would recover the costs from game sales (like they did originally with the XBOX 360), but I guess you guys decided against that & instead want to milk the customers.

    Good Luck, you’re gonna need it.

  • Ai Kago

    Good point about Kinext not having its own built-in processor. This basically means pretty much all the games are going to look like those terrible party games on the Wii.

    Way too much money considering the current economic climate.

  • Cottonjaws

    Ouch… bit pricey… probably be $200+ by the time it reaches Australia… Mind you if they use the special currency converter they use might $250+. It just changed to a definite buy to a wait for a sale price….

  • MeS FEAR

    Kinect is great but i dont know if its worth 149€. I know there is a game inside but i could get a new console if i pay 20€ more. Kinect is not a console microsoft! Your pricing strategy is a bit weird…why u sell your console for 170€ and kinect for 149€…i dont see the sense. Major…only a small part of people will buy kinect for that price cuz if we are complaining about the price then others will do. Give us a realistic price for kinect and u will get customer.I think that Bill Gates is angry about not beeing richie rich anymore *lol*

  • Shiaoran

    Add a 1TB HDD and I’ll get that bundle for that price.

  • XBOXDroobey

    Seems a good deal for a new XBOX…. oh wait. 4GB?!? Less space than my current 360? Put the 250 GB Hard Drive on it then you have yourself a deal.

  • The Phazer

    I really have no idea what MS were thinking here.

    History has shown over and over again that additional controllers are a really really hard sell, because if they’re expensive people skip them and then nobody makes games for them as they have no install base which means people buy them even less.

    Seriously, this is three times what it needed to be to succeed at the market. And you must have known this, so exacerbating it by including a game that appears to be a glorified tech demo rather just letting people choose their own software and culling the price a little is just crazy.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Like some others have said, MS is trying to expand their customer base to the “casual” and “family” gamers…people who have Wii’s and rarely use them. For most of us, 4GB is insulting, but a 4GB HDD will let you use Netflix (with Gold), save hundreds of games, play Arcade games online (most retail games would require more space due to map packs and such…and with Gold of course), and have multiple profiles saved. Add a 8-16GB Flash and you are good to go…and the memory IS expandable, just they don’t seem to have announced the options yet. As for the PS Move, you guys need to do your research, as it is by no means “cheaper”…some games require TWO move controllers ($50 a pop), most require the “navigator” (nunchuck) $40, and a camera $50…if you buy one of each, you are looking at $130-140, and if you get the “bundle” you get the sports game but no navigator! So PS Move, spend $20 less, you can’t play all the games, and you are only set up for one person (not a family). Kinect, spend $150, have 4p access out of the box, you don’t need any other accessories, and you have one game already.

  • Stephan1237

    For 149 dollars you get a Arcade.

  • wolfzero01

    I really don’t think audience that Microsoft is targeting are going to pay $299 for the Kinect bundle when they can get a Wii for $50 cheaper that basically plays the same type of games. The price for a standalone Kinect is also a little to expensive & isn’t going to make the core audience rush out to get it, especially when there aren’t any games worth getting for it.

  • chiruno99

    Everyone’s going to cry on about “Oh PSMove you need to buy your extra players and Kinect you just tell them to come forth into the camera.” and “PS Move is flawless unike Kinect’s a problem a day.” but I’ll stick with my own opinions.

    Sure Kinect is expensive but requires no other addonds and Move has better controllers, motion sensoring gmeplay sucks anyway. Srsly, playing with a steering wheel for racing games is fun, but you take that away and it’s going to be too tough. I’ll stick with the flawless design of the joypad.