July 23rd 2010 2:00 am PT

Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo: Reach Bundle


Today at Comic Con in San Diego, we announced the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo: Reach bundle which will be available September 14th when Halo: Reach launches

Designed by Bungie, the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo: Reach Bundle includes all the features of the newly designed Xbox 360 console, such as a 250 GB Hard Drive and the fastest built-in Wi-fi. Additionally, you’ll receive two Limited Edition Wireless Controllers and a standard edition copy of Halo:Reach. The bundle will be available for US $399 in limited quantities and only while supplies last.


More pictures on my Flickr

Official Press Release

Bungie unboxes the console for you



Edit: The bundle is now available for pre-order along with the special edition controller and wireless headset



Halo, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Tracker Wolf

    Man if only came with special edition…but i would rather have limited edition and my old 360…not enough money for them both.

  • YODA12320

    Wow 399.99 USD so Slim 250 GB is 299.99 retail value of game 69.99 and controller is 49.99 so you’re saving 10 or 20 USD not much for savings lol.

  • Halfazedninja

    This gives me an excuse to give my kids my “old” 360. DADDY NEEDS A SILVER CONSOLE!

  • DHX

    Wow! I seriously was just getting ready to go out and buy the regular 360-S this evening! I’ve literally JUST changed my mind! I’ll hold out for this one instead! What a beautiful console! Having owned the green Halo 2 Original Xbox, I’ve convinced myself to get this baby as a tribute! Not much of a Halo fan, but I do play, and you’re actually getting a bit of a savings by buying this package. Wait what?? It features alo sound effects???!!? Can this be preordered at Gametop yet? If so I’m going do that TONITE! Awesomeness!

  • DHX

    From the Press Release”

    “The Xbox 360 Limited Edition “Halo: Reach” Bundle features an exclusive silver design and comes with two custom Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers with artwork inspired by the game, a Standard Edition copy of “Halo: Reach,” a token for the Limited Edition Elite armor set, an episode of “Halo Legends” and a “Halo: Reach”-themed Xbox 360 wired headset. As an added touch, the specially designed console in the Xbox 360 Limited Edition “Halo: Reach” Bundle not only captures the look and feel of the game, but also features custom sound effects from the “Halo” universe.”


  • Nintendo Tim

    This as a Kinect bundle for $500 and I’m sold.

  • The Grim Heaper

    Holy crap. I was thinking about waiting for a good Kinect bundle, but I think I will be getting this console instead!

  • Tjoeb123

    I’m guessing the console itself is the same as the New Xbox 360 released at E3? (AKA the Kinect console?)

  • SCS 85

    Best looking LE I’ve seen of Xbox 360 so far, the Halo 3 LE was ugly.

  • Anonymous

    excellent!,, waiting here in chile Kinect

  • DarkSpartan017

    I was itching for a regular S-system but was hoping for a Reach edition. Only issue now is saving up over $500 to buy this and Legendary.

  • Earths Massacre

    I’ll be coppin this

  • StingRay ZA

    Any chance of some nice hi-res wallpapers of this beauty?

  • MisterBigMack

    god that console is sexy….congrats to the people who was hoping to buy a slim but haven’t yet for whatever reason

  • Quaranj

    Nice. Sadly another vertical motif on the front, but I wouldn’t kick it out of bed for leaving crumbs.

  • Ai Kago

    Everyone who has had problems and had to send their elites back more that 4 x should get one of these free for sticking with Microsoft.

  • Tiptoe Turtle

    Whatever the next big system microsoft comes out with I’m waiting 2 years before I buy it. Who can afforad a new 360 system every six months when they change something or add something new or themed. You would have to have a few million in the bank to keep up with all the new and different systems they come out with each and every year, and really who would want to spend all the extra money on a themed system just to have it break down, stop working and you send it in and get a referb system that isn’t yours and isn’t the theme one you spent all the extra money on. Yes we all know the video game industry is huge and Microsoft is making huge bank may I please have some of my money back. Thanks a Million.


    Eh the silver motif is ok and everything, but not nice enough to make it worth replacing the sexiness of my FFXIII 360.

  • Static Jak

    So far I can only find the pricing in Dollars and on the US Amazon instead of say, the UK version. So is this for America alone or is Europe getting in on this too?

  • chiruno99

    My current Xbox is way better, it’s 1.5 years old and still works and has a sexy Street Figther 4 motif with 250GB External HDD. I like it way more than that Halo thing.

  • DeviseUSA

    Congrats Bungie and MS. You finally have a good looking Halo console (I didn’t like the others). Those controllers look … divine.

  • X Ray Hamburger

    Alrighty. Looks like I’ll be getting this. Been saving up for a Slim but I’ll hold out for this since it is around my birthday and I will justify the purchase as a well deserved gift to myself. On my fifth console right now, which I am waiting to receive from Microsoft… “Advance Exchange”… what’s so “advance” about it. Going on 3 weeks now and no console or tracking number… awesome. But I can bitch and moan all I want, I’m still going to stay loyal. At least the slim won’t break down on me anytime soon. So congrats on keeping a customer and making a nice looking console.

  • ghostlymostly

    and i was just planning on getting the black slim xbox …. hmmmm what now? troubles, troubles :)


    I so want this.

    I’ve already pre-ordered the Legendary Edition – watching the unboxing video made me glad I did; that Noble Team statue is awesome! :)

    I may have to grab one of these – It just looks too good.

    Only problem is, what to do with my current Super Elite? Resale value is far too low now that the Slim is out…
    Decisions Decisions :)


    To everyone in the UK.

    GAME have this available for pre-order for £250!
    That works out cheaper than the American price!

    £250 GBP = $384.57 USD :D
    I also get £12.50 worth of reward card points & £3.75 Quidco :D

    I have just pre-ordered as it’s a pretty good price imo. Will pay £250 if the price goes up, & will cancel if it’s much cheaper elsewhere/change my mind.

    I have 6 weeks to save up :P

  • RidinSlow

    It’s insane how many limited edition Xbox 360’s have come out during the console’s lifetime.

    Microsoft has taken the concept of changing the colors of the console and made it more personal by connecting the themes of the paint to popular games. This is certainly something MS has gone above the competition with and I would like to see Sony and Nintendo try to do something about that before the end of this generation and going into the next.

  • StuartATrueRed

    I’m quite happy to get the black one next week.

  • mik29

    I prefer the old Halo 3 console. If this one had been green and Bronze, I’d have traded my new slim 360 in for it, but I’m happy with the shiny black thanks.

  • mccalejk

    The black version looks better and it’s not as good of a deal as the previous Limited Edition consoles (all came with bigger HDD than any other ‘standard’ console).


    So will the Halo Reach wireless controllers be made available separately? I wouldn’t mind picking up one of those.

  • Stoney0ne

    when i bought my xbox sexy i didnt know about the sound effects the thing makes..

    i literally squealed with delight when i turned it on and found out it made those noises

    the first time a halo fan hits that button I’m sure it will be amazing for them

  • JUAN71322

    I reserved it allready :]

  • DeaconBlade 360

    i’d buy a sound pack from the Marketplace to change the sounds of my Xbox 360 S. get it on it Major since this one has cool Halo sounds. :)

  • wolfzero01

    after watching the unboxing video, I didn’t realize the Legendary edition box was going to be so big, & the statute looks pretty cool(but I’m sticking with the Limited, can’t afford the price tag on the other one) the Reach console looks sweet, but I just bought the new one & am quite happy with it.

  • vampress willow

    That sell really fast and I love the color alot and not a bad price tag either.If I had money I buy one for my bf.

  • Blue Thunder28

    I prefer the look of the new sexy black ones.. but damn that’s still a nice looking system.. especially the controllers.

  • RealRuler

    I traded in my Halo 3 edition 360 for the 360 S during gamestop’s promotion. Though the silver looks awesome, I’ll be sticking with current model. Green/bronze would’ve been nice though…

  • Veive257

    Anyone find a firm answer one way or another if this will include the flaming helmet effect that’s in the legendary edition? Post a link so I can make up my mind to pre-order. Thx.

  • Static Jak

    I’d reserve it right now if the UK Amazon had it.

  • CuddlyClamShot

    Kind of looks like crap.

  • Blood Hurricane

    Looks cool *thumbs up*

  • ToEvadeSlugs

    I planned to pick up a shiny new xbox 360 in a couple of weeks. Pre-ordered this instead now. It was reading that it had Halo sound effects that really made the decision for me.


    EEWWWW, silver! Seriously, people still desire silver electronics? I prefer the old flat black or even better the piano black of the new 360S. Any color but silver and I might have thought it looked nice.

    On top of that it looks like it’s painted silver which makes it even worse after some wear and tear.

  • Surly x Duff

    Bummer, I already got the Xbox 360 S when it came out. I would be interested in this otherwise. I may spring for one of the controllers, because they look pretty cool. I’m glad MS wised up and is selling them separately this go around. I loved my Halo 3 LE console, right up until it red-ringed.

  • Rap Pinda

    extra $60 Controller, $70 game, Halo Sound Effects and various other extras.. I’m going to EB Games and Reserving this next week FOR SURE!