July 29th 2010 1:11 pm PT

Will Carmine live or Die? His fate is now in your hands


As announced last week, you now have a chance to decide the fate of Gears of War 3 character Clayton Carmine.
Head over to the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace and register your vote by purchasing your choice of shirts:


Decide the fate of Carmine T-Shirts





He’s the last one…he can’t die! SAVE CARMINE (Male) (Female)




Screw it…he’s outta here: CARMINE MUST DIE (Male) (Female)









The proceeds from the sales of the Save Carmine and Carmine Must Die avatar gear will go to Child’s Play, so cast your vote, donate to charity, and have your say in the future of the oldest member of the Carmine Clan.


Gears of War By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous


  • Wiizpig

    Poor Carmine.

  • AriesDog

    It would be like letting a Star Trek red shirt live.

  • wolfzero01

    its a tough call, because its expected that a Carmine will die, but based on the screen shots of Clayton, he looks like to much of a badass to die, so I want him to live. however if he must die I hope he gets a heroic death unlike his brothers.

  • deejay194

    carmine must live.

  • JoeCool314

    I have no idea what this is about……….yup!

  • moocow21

    CARMINE MUST DIE! This is the first (and probably only time) I’ll ever buy something for my avatar, just because the proceeds go to charity.

  • hied

    This promotion must die!

    The charity is cool though. If you go to the Child’s Play website you can buy actual games for specific hospitals.

  • Pezby

    Off topic, but PLEASE major announce the winners of your Adidas competition that ended a month ago, so I can finally have some peace of mind!

  • Mcmax3000

    I’ve never been a Gears fan so I have no real interest in the outcome but I’ll buy a shirt to support Child’s Play.

  • SilentHunter382

    It has to be Carmine must live.

    @Mcmax3000: Pick Carmine must live. ;)

  • rogXue

    How much of the proceeds go to Child’s Play Major?

  • RidinSlow

    It’s for a good cause and gamers get to decide the fate of a character. Still, you can donate to Child’s Play without this silly promotion.

  • moocow21

    @RidinSlow True, but this promotion is kind of fun for fans of the series. Plus, it’s a really easy and convenient way for people to donate since a lot of people probably have some spare MS points handy.

  • Urban Flow X95

    He’s gotta live this time

  • Ratfoot

    The new Carmine is an absolute monster, he’s even more ripped than the Cole Train. He must live.

  • SilentHunter382

    Major. Do you want him to die or live? :p

  • TymmeZinni

    FFS… to think there was a time when you’d just put a poll up on a site somewhere, not make people pay to cast their vote….

  • Master Mudora

    Major Nelson wants him to live if you did not see the video on XBL. I DO want to see Carmine die, but rather as a surprise at the very end, maybe in a heroic or comedic way.



  • Archangel3371

    That’s cool that the proceeds go to charity plus it’s fun for the fans.

    Save Carmine!

  • CuddlyClamShot

    They should not try to pretend that Gears has a story. Probably the most homoerotic game out there. I played both and I have no idea who Carmine is.


    Wait, wait, wait… I thought there where 4 carmine brothers. If clay is the last, what happened to D. Carmine?

  • Venom V73

    They should change it up and let him live.


    Carmine should be saved only if he is the original.

  • r3dreck

    “vote by purchasing” HAHAHA ya right

  • SilentHunter382

    I just love the two cheap people here that can’t afford to spent 80msp.

  • I1UglyMo

    I bought all the T-shirts. Oh Well I hope Xbox does more of these with the Money going to a good cause. Any more things to buy for a good cause? Maybe have something for the Gates Foundation, Make A Wish, more Child’s Play next week?

  • The Pizman

    Just purchased “Save Carmine” shirt, I wish his bros would of died either

  • Casserole

    lol, this is quite hilarious yet sick at the same time.

  • Exu


  • Quicksilver4648

    Carmine must die!

  • BossbotPrime

    I thought about buying since it’s for charity, but since I learned you can’t use avatar items for other accounts on the same xbox, I’ve vowed not to buy any more avatar stuff until they change that. There are some really nice Star Wars, Harry Potter, and pets I would like to get for myself and kids but I am not doing so until the items act like other marketplace content and are usable by my entire family.

    Come on Major, help make this happen.

  • AriesDog

    Clayton Carmine does look cool. Kind of like a Gears version of Jason Vorhees. So I say he should make it to almost then end of the game and then die. In the most ridiculous fashion possible. Like getting killed by a baby Locust or falling into a pit of Tickers.

  • AriesDog

    We still have the rest of the alphabet to get through. When we get to Zach Carmine, maybe he could live.

  • SilentHunter382

    wow 26 kids. Far play to Mrs Carmine. :p

  • Ark Hunter

    OMG they killed Carmine. Those bastards!

  • Whetzel

    It’s a good thing Carmine’s fate isn’t REALLY in my hands because I STILL refuse to waste money on worthless avatar crap.

    I didn’t waste money on gamer pictures or themes so I’m definitely not wasting money on something I hate.

  • rob18

    I’ve never truly played Gears of War, but if it’s for a good cause, sure. :D

  • AriesDog

    @Whetzel. Yeah, screw those sick kids. :P

  • AriesDog

    “The proceeds from the sales of the Save Carmine and Carmine Must Die avatar gear will go to Child’s Play”

  • Whetzel

    @AriesDog I would rather just give them money directly than to tunnel it through Microsoft. That way I KNOW it’s going to them.

    I just refuse to contribute to these stupid avatars. I’ve hated them since they were first announced and I hate them now.

  • X PeCH

    US only :( …SAVE CARMINE!

  • Vega DD

    i thought these would be free…80mp no ty

  • Rossa AU

    Carmine must die, that’s my choice. It’s not a gears game if you have a carmine that lives lol.

  • Rossa AU

    And i laugh at the people like Vega DD here who complain the shirts aren’t free. The money goes to charity, don’t be a cheapo :P

  • Xper Vadam

    What happens if you buy both shirts?

  • RuairiAU

    Could you please clarify the statement above it should read “A portion of the proceeds from this item will go to the Penny Arcade charity Child’s Play” (as it says on xbox.com).

    I’d like to know how much is a portion? And why can’t they get all of it? It’s a charity for crying out loud, who else is taking a cut?

  • RuairiAU

    oh, nearly forgot “Carmine Must Die!!!”

  • monosocratic

    Epic site says 100% of the sales go to Child’s Play. Help children’s hospitals. Help the running gag: Carmine must die!