August 30th 2010 4:00 pm PT

Price change for Xbox LIVE Gold subscription


I wanted to let you know that as of November 1, 2010 we are increasing the price of an Xbox LIVE for some members. This price increase only affects Xbox LIVE Members in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom or the United States.




1M Gold:  $7.99

3M Gold:  $19.99

12M Gold:  $49.99

Starting Nov 1, 2010

1M Gold:  $9.99

3M Gold:  $24.99

12M Gold:  $59.99



1M Gold:  4.99 GBP

Starting Nov 1, 2010

1M Gold:  5.99 GBP



1M Gold:  $8.99 CAD

Starting Nov 1, 2010

1M Gold:  $9.99 CAD



12M Gold:  499 Pesos

Starting Nov 1, 2010

12M Gold:  599 Pesos


Unless listed above, there is no change in any other subscription packages.


Since launching Xbox LIVE in 2002 we have continually added more content and entertainment experiences for our members, while keeping the price the same. We’re confident that when the new pricing takes effect, an Xbox LIVE Gold membership will continue to offer the best value in the industry.


However, we do want to thank our loyal members and give you the opportunity to lock in your current price with an additional discount, so now would be a good time to renew your subscription.


Again, the only subscription packages impacted are those mentioned above. For instance, the 12m UK Price? Not affected since it is not mentioned above.


Edit: You can sign in and hit this page on to find out when your Xbox LIVE subscription expires.



Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Mr BoomStick XL

    I know I may be late here but WOW Major, this is a bad time for MS to rasie pricing!! I would have bet my house that MS was going to lower the price to kick Sony in the teeth b/c of thier ridiculous pricing plan. I was thinking a 24.99 to 29.99 pricing plan and now THIS!! So it seems that WE the gamers are the ones paying for ESPN coverage huh?? Not cool @ at all!!

  • Water Rat

    Hmm… I’m wondering if the live price hike was done so that Microsoft could kick back some money appeasing publishers like Activision
    who have recently been demanding a piece of the online action?!?

  • alehizzle

    This is absolutely terrible news . . .

  • Qwiller

    For most people (myself included) its not the amount of the increase (less then $1 a month) its the sudden realization that microsoft can increase their prices for gold membership any time they want.

    Like most people who have posted here, I only have gold membership so I can play games online, not for any of the other stuff they offer.

    $60 a year is a lot to pay for peer to peer online game play, and with the threat that it could increase even more, I have made the decision that all my future game purchases will be for the PS3 so that I can enjoy peer to peep online gaming for free…as it should be.

  • Zander180

    Will this result in fewer ads on the dashboard then? How is it that with an increase in the number of ads that there is also an increase the amount for a subscription? For me, the worst part was the email sent to notify us of the increase. The email boasts:

    “And we aren’t even close to being done. This holiday, Xbox LIVE is adding new Gold features, including ESPN and Video Kinect, with Hulu Plus coming on Xbox LIVE in 2011.”

    Then follows with fine print explaining how we’re going to have to fork over even more money to even use these features:

    “*Netflix unlimited subscription required, sold separately. ESPN on Xbox LIVE provides great content from and For access to content, including live sports, you must have an ESPN3 affiliated broadband provider. See for details and providers. Hulu Plus membership will also be required. Video Kinect requires Kinect sensor.”

    Just doesn’t seem well thought out.

    Thank you Major for providing us a place to voice our complaints. Love the podcast.

  • griefrapids

    It seems like in Canada the price has fluctuated quite a bit anyway for one thing (Cdn dollar has been on a roller-coaster for years).

    But this IS a kick in the nuts no matter how you look at it. Due to some differences in flags we can NOT get Netflix, ESPN, or

    I remember back in the day when we use to get free themes on Canada Day, or Christmas…or even free game content (Bioshock, GoW are just two big ones I can think of).

    “1 vs 100 is doing way to well, lets shut it down…”
    “Okay we have the most subscribers of any console…let’s increase the rate”

    I’m disappointed but I’ll keep subscribing…I think, we’ll see how the finances are come renewal time.

    Thanks for nothing.

  • dive4ever

    Are you guys kidding me?
    The ONLY reason Microsoft (or any “for profit” company) exists is to maximize shareholder value. They are here to make as much money as they can. Yes, Bill Gates is worth Billions, BECAUSE HE IS MUCH SMARTER THAN THE REST OF US.

    But he gives away more each day to charity than anyone on this site makes in a year.
    If you don’t want to pay more for live, DON’T.
    If you don’t want to buy this new controller, DON’T
    If you ask me, the marketing guys at MS are geniuses; they know most will keep on paying because we enjoy the service.
    I am 40 with a degree and I play for a few hours at night after the kids are asleep because it helps me relax.
    Will I pay more for live? Yes.
    Will I buy this controller? No because I don’t need a new one.
    All of you need to answer these questions for yourselves and stop complaining because your empty threats about leaving are as likely to happen as my wife telling my boys they won’t be going to Disney this Christmas if they don’t keep their rooms clean.
    Please Major, take the GT’s of all that say they are quitting and then post the results of how many of them actually dropped the service over $10. I would rather it was free too guys, but it isn’t, so get over it or quit.
    And lastly, your threats might seem better if there were not so many typos.


    Any price increase is going to be unpopular with users. However the reason they give to raise prices is total BS. Facebook, twitter, are nifty but I don’t use them on my xbox and not like they are hosted on xbl servers and kind of like apps. Rather much use them on my laptop. The deals are the week are okay but there is too few deals that i’m actually interested in. To use this video kinect you have to buy another $150 accessory. If I want to watch ESPN i’ll turn off my xbox and change the channel to ESPN. This move royally screws users not from the US. Most of these new features they probably will never use are available in their countries. LAME escuse. Just say you want more money or blame the price increase on higher costs of maintaining xbl. I can take that excuse better than some BS excuse.

  • drscience9

    Darn, I thought I had this beat when I took advantage of their $39.99 renewal offer for a one year subscription. This was last month and I stupidly assumed it would just kick in after a 3-month self-renewing subscription ended. But noooooo … They still showed the 3-month renew on auto and had the 12-month showing up on another page. Then I turned the auto renew off, and all of a sudden, BAMMM, that 12-month subscription that I bought disappeared. These guys at Microsoft must have had a Rube Goldberg software engineer design their subscription software.

  • XxLightkunxX

    I just realized something Major. Why the heck isn’t Destination Arcade an actual..y’know….IN-DASHBOARD APP? How many people have bothered with it since it released? If it was on the app as a ready-to-use thing instead of having to go through my game library just to get to it, then it would have been better.

    Take your guys’ heads out of your asses for once.

  • Cronan

    How will this impact the announced Family pricing?

    Also, with all due respect Larry, most of the features touted for the service are garbage, and you guys know it., Twitter and Facebook are all free on my PC or my phone. Netflix is not available to me in the UK, if it was it requires a monthly subscription. Times are hard for people right now, and this increase, while trivial, is one of the things that is starting to make your service look like less of a good deal compared with your competitors.

    The slap in the face for core gamers that was the Kinect launch, cancelling 1 vs 100, and now this?

  • mrfusiononcar

    Well I don’t know about the rest of you but this price increase makes sense. HOW!?! Well my angry gamers it’s simple WINDOWS PHONE 7. My guess it will launch either Nov. 1 or sometime around this price increase and kinect.

    My guess would be that with every Win 7 phone sold you need to have at the very least a silver account if not a gold account. That’s a lot more dedicated severs and staff to monitor the system. If you don’t feel your getting enough out of the service then when WIN 7 Phone launch throw your iPhone and your Droid away and get a Windows Phone 7 you’ll be glad you did with the added games and avatar and marketplace functionality. That’s really where your extra 10 bucks or however much extra is going to.

    Me personally I rather pay 60 and have it include a year of Zune Pass or at least a Zune Pass bundle. But this price increase is no different than when At&t changed their data plan when the new iPhone came out. Get a grip people it’s only 0.84 cents a month more, really your going to miss 84 cents a month? When they connect Live to Win 7Phones, offer Netflix, Hulu, and the best online community and multiplayer experiences. Well if you don’t like that then go get your free under dedicated servers from Sony and enjoy lagged MW2 sessions and get off my Live Service.

    But I think by announcing this they might have just announced when the Wins Phone 7 comes out and I again under stand the price increase because more users will come to Live even when they don’t own a Xbox. There’s 40 million plus consoles and over 20 million Live users just think of the numbers when Live reaches the phone.

    that’s my 2 cents.


    The greed is immeasurable.
    Last financial year M$ only made a net profit of $14.57 billion USD, so you can understand how they’d be feeling the pinch.

    So in a bad economy you wanna give us another swift kick in the nuts? Nice.

    I say make a bronze package because all I want is to get online with friends, chat and play MP.
    You can keep all that other CRAP I can get online for free anyway.

  • Destromas

    For what it’s worth, they ought to change Silver to ‘Rusty Iron’ or ‘Fool’s Gold.’

  • chiruno99

    Why can’t anyone from the UK understand it only effects 1Month subs by £1. Bunch of retards.

  • Legitti

    You are guys poor. its just few bucks more. and i dont even know if it effects here in Finland. LOL

  • onemorechanc

    I doubt anybody will even read this comment (as I write this, there are already 824 for this article alone) … but here goes.

    After looking at the chart, does this mean that the 12-month cost for Canadians will not go up? It only mentions the 1-month going up one dollar.

  • Xlrking

    Stop being ignorant and see that its about the principal, which is what most of the comments are talking about here.

  • SadisticDeath4U
  • Cronan

    Thank you to the Xbox team for all the value you’ve provided me over the years.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use a version of Twitter that is basically broken and unusable. Thank you for not giving me a web browser too. Thank you for providing a version of Facebook that has less features than the one I’ve have on my mobile phone for years. Thank you for giving me a dashboard that is riddled with advertisements and that I can’t customize. Thank you for allowing me to pay you money for Xbox Live Avatars, premium themes, DLC and other premium content. Thank you for allowing your scummy partner publishers (thanks EA and THQ) to nerf games in the secondary market so that they can’t be used online unless I pay even more money. Thank you for allowing me to use video-on-demand services that I already pay a monthly fee to use for free on my PC and mobile phone. Thank you for allowing me to spend $150 buying Kinect, so I can enjoy all those shovel-ware Wii look-alike titles. I like me some shoddy kiddie games. Thank you for restricting my friends list to 100 people. Thank you for removing support for Xbox games. Thank you for charging more for digital downloads of older titles than Amazon charge to deliver me the disc and manual. Thank you for cancelling 1 vs 100.

    And above all, thank you for announcing a price increase based on all these great “content and entertainment experiences” I’ve listed above.

  • IIII Bobby IIII

    This is terrible since this year Xbox Live have not increase the services in Mexico we are paying for a service that you can find free on a PC, this is bad too bad, and we dont even have netflix or video on demand, what a piece of. ….. also arcade games are terrible i have seen superb arcade games on PS3 and Xbox have very bad arcade games, come on you want our money give us quality service

  • Zacxx201

    Bring back 1 vs 100 and then maybe i’ll continue buying live. If not it’s been fun and when my account runs out 11/27/10 I won’t be renewing it. Back to the ‘ol PS3 and PC for me

  • deffjams09

    This is all about corporate greed, Steve Balmer (sp?) and his cronies are looking for a reason to get multi-million dollar bonuses in a couple months. Microsoft has not made a good product since Windows XP (sp2) and only exists because they choose to buy out all the competition to profit on their patents.

  • chris the clown

    Wow that is such BS! The pricing they have now is fine. We’re in a bad economy and they have the nerve to raise the prices! It’s not even worth it. Xbox and Microsoft have enough money! I would think strongly about raising the prices cause if you do, you will be probably losing a lot of customers. Stupid.

  • phisting phenom

    Oh jeeze, when you work out the price difference for a years worth of live its only 84 cents a month of a price increase, seriously its $5 a month people, if you cant afford $5 a month for all that XBL offers perhaps you shouldn’t be playing video games and should be focusing your attention elsewhere

  • Luke8744

    It dosen’t affect yearly prices for us in the UK, but I’m still against it. Your jacking up the price by adding useless features that we can easily live without. I don’t care about Facebook or Twitter. As long I can play online and download games and DLC I’d gladly give up Facebook access on my Xbox.

  • phisting phenom

    I’m actually really excited after reading these comments. From the grammar and spelling in them it seems that most commenters are around 13-16 years old and they all say they won’t be paying for live. I guess I can finally game without hearing screaming or obscenities in my headset anymore :)

  • ChiLobster

    i’m willing to bet most 13-16 year olds have parents that pay for this, so they wouldn’t care if it was $200 a month.

    what you are probably losing is the more mature gamers that are sick of getting nickel and dimed to death by MS, and can more readily afford to go get a ps3

  • ChiLobster

    oops, hit submit too soon.

    anyway, the 10-24 age range are probably the ones that spend the most time online playing games, as they are in school, and have plenty of free time.

    the people that feel taken advantage of are ones like me, who only game online a few hours a week.

    heck, if i played halo or MW2 or whatever 8-10 hours a day, i’d certainly have no problem forking over $60 and consider it money well spent

  • NoBullet78

    Except MW2 on PS3 you can play 8-10 hours for free. How was your $60 well spent?

  • ChiLobster

    umm, i dunno, because i’m chatting with some dude that is playing a different game? ;)

  • DarkKnightNine

    This guy is obviously disillusioned. People purchase Xbox Live primarily for the online gaming experience. Anything else is just added junk that most us will never use and/or get somewhere else. Since the gaming experience with it’s severe lag is anything but spectacular how in the world could Microsoft ever justify a price hike?! I live in Japan where I have fiber optics broadband and some the fastest internet throughput on the planet and yet I experience lag so bad on Xbox Live, I’ve often considered seeking out a lawyer to sue Microsoft for not providing adequate service.

  • BeAN ToWn BrOwN

    i love how people break down the prices, $60/yr = $5/month.
    though you have a point, you guys are forgetting; YOU HAVE TO SPEND THE FULL $60 FIRST. if people had an option to just spend 5 dollars a month nobody would care about this announcement but they cant…just like most companies, you have to spend a lot upfront to get that “saving”

  • DarkKnightNine

    Basically until they improve and fix the online gaming experience (meaning little to no lag), they have a lot of balls even mentioning anything that closely resembles a price increase. What is this guy smoking? The main reason that people buy an Xbox Live membership is to play games online. Playstation and Wii offer their memberships for free and yet have no noticeable lag. Microsux charges for their piss poor service and can’t seem to get it right.

  • Bristolmonkey69

    LOL, I am on my 3rd xbox, I love it, 2 red rings of death, second not fixed under warranty. I also bought a PS3 a couple of years ago for Blu-ray, I still have my Xbox hddvd player :( I didn’t really play many games on the PS3 because I loved the multiplayer on xbox so much but having discovered that online multiplayer is free on the PS3, and after cancelling my gold subscription I have decided that I will now make future game purchases for my PS3 instead of Xbox, way to go MS, for that extra £1 you tried screwing out of me, you made me wake up. You lost £4.99 a month and the next 1st person shooter I’ll be buying will be on for the PS3, lmao now at you utter incompetence.

  • Wayens

    PSN just released Playstation Plus. I don’t think it’s a good idea to add to consumer cost while Sony’s adding value to their own service. Microsoft needs to keep gamers in the mindset that LIVE is the best value for online gaming. This price hike at this juncture just creates a tilt if not an outright topple of the scales of opinion on the matter (quite a few here seem to already have poor opinion of LIVE to begin with). Doesn’t matter if gamers will still pay for it or not. Opinion is important to keep gamers from jumping to the first better alternative they see…

    My own use of Gold is minimal compared to some. But I play online enough and use Deal of the Week enough to feel it worthwhile. Obviously this doesn’t apply at all to all the other features Microsoft wants to tout.

    Someone had mentioned a price tier to further pare down the services available to give consumers more choices. Sounds like a good idea. That way people can choose the level of involvement/investment they want without feeling they wasted money on features they’d rather not have.

    P.S. The 39.99 price lock discount deal hadn’t seemed to be working the last few days. Can you have some one check?

  • Randactyl

    How is this going to affect the Family Pack pricing?
    I’m not super opposed to the price increase, however PSN Plus seems to be planning more things that (I think) more people will be interested such as full game trial, free PSMinis (arcade), etc.
    I’m not threatening to leave XBL of this change, but some are. And saying “We’re confident that when the new pricing takes effect, an Xbox LIVE Gold membership will continue to offer the best value in the industry.” doesn’t make customers feel important. It makes them feel like Microsoft is trying to squeeze every penny possible out of their wallet because it knows XBL is generally viewed as the superior online gaming service. I would like to caution a marketing strategy like this, because the less than 1% that may leave now could grow exponentially the next time, or the time after in which a move is made that few agree with.

  • grouchyscorpio

    What!? Why? Microsoft has had 5-6 percent sales increase on hardware and the new xbox slim model. Isn’t that enough? Seriously this is going to make some folks mad.

  • RomaFISICO

    Well this is a bummer. Especially on the heals of losing Xbox Live for Xbox1 titles. Can’t say I agree with this, but it is what it is.

  • Falso Reality

    First off, I guess it’s not too big of a deal considering (with the exception of November) the price has Never gone up since launch.
    So what better way to help pay for more experiments/Launches (kinect, Windows phone 7 OS, Zune Marketplace, ESPN), than to up the price of live?
    The problem with using the “we’ve continually added new content” argument, is that not all of us (and in many cases very few of us) use this new content. I could care less about facebook, twitter, ESPN, Kinect, or the Xbox version of Zune marketplace.
    In fact I think it’s a bit rediculous that my Zune Pass is worth nothing on the Xbox.
    Oh well, fortunately I’m fully paid up until May of 2012. Hopefully by then, we’ll know if the hike was really worth it.

  • EvoSero

    $10/month is $120/year, so basically two full new release titles. I think that comparison alone is proof that it’s a bad deal. Would you give up the last two full titles you bought just to have the exact same service you’ve been paying for?

    To all those from other regions – I myself am in Canada so am only affected by the price increase for the already far overpriced monthly membership – but it doesn’t really matter whether Australia or areas of Europe are currently getting MORE screwed, it’s still getting screwed.

  • Arcturous

    So when did Microsoft officially start screwing its customers?

    Paying $50 a year for Live. ( against my better judgment )
    Overpriced DLC ( won’t even allow any for free )
    Xbox Live Arcade games that averaged 400, then 800, then 1200 points.
    Overpriced Games on Demand ( at least twice the cost of the retail disk version )
    Overpriced movie rentals on Zune ( who would rent these at those prices? )
    Overpriced Game Room games
    NXE covered with advertisements ( it’s barely customizable. I’m pretty sure this is to preserve valuable ad space )
    Overpriced premium themes
    Overpriced Avatar items
    Faulty launch hardware
    Shortage of exclusive franchises for core gamers ( It’s all about Kinect lately. Where are all the great games besides Halo? )
    Overpriced Proprietary Hard Drives
    Overpriced Wireless
    HDMI cables no longer included with the system

    And now you have the nerve to raise Xbox Live Gold subscription another $10 a year?
    For what? EPSN? I thought this was a gaming system.

    I already pay Cablevision for all the ESPN channels. Why must I be forced to pay for it on Live?

    Where does it end? All this stuff adds up.
    It’s a bottomless pit of greed.

    I currently buy only exclusives on the PS3 ( 9 titles ) and all multi-platform and exclusive games on the X360 ( 120+ titles – all purchased new )

    Going forward, mutli-platform purchases will be on the PS3. So I can still play multiplayer online.

    I hope the $10 hike was worth it.

    Arcturous – Silver Member starting 1/1/2011.


    This is not right. It is hard enough to get $50 with the way the economy is now and now Microsoft thinks it’s a good idea to add $10 to their Gold membership. I sometimes wonder if I should have just gotten a PS3. They have a lot of the same stuff but they don’t try to charge you for everything. What do we have on the 360 that requires more money? Facebook is a joke I could do more with FB mobile than I can with FB Live. And why would someone want to Tweet on their console when they can just take their cell phone out and do the same thing. The only two features I use are Netflix (wich I have to pay for) and I won’t be surprised if people start going to the PS3. I mean we already have to pay for virtual clothes, Game add-ons, Pictures, and themes. If those were free then I wouldn’t mind it. Maybe we will be lucky and they are just getting more money to release something big.

  • grouchyscorpio

    I strongly agree with Arcturous. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Just that it’s completely unfair to those who only to play video games online not watch movies or stream through espn. That’s what the computer and TV are for.

  • grouchyscorpio

    crap! my absence of words. I blame my A.D.D.

  • unhappymatt1

    Big deal, what’s a measly $10? I don’t mind paying an extra $10 because XBox Live plays such a big part of my life. I use it every day and I would pay even more. I heard a rumor of a $100 per year plan that I’d be interested in. I don’t understand all this whining and crying. If you don’t have the $10 extra per year then maybe you shouldn’t be playing videogames period, you can’t afford it. Go get some paper and a box of crayons. There’s cheaper services on the market but you get what you pay for. In fact maybe this will eliminate some of the foul mouthed children from the service. We are talking $10 per year people not per month,75 cents per month! What are you going to buy with that? A pack of Ramen noodles?

  • The Gh0sts

    thankfully these price hikes don’t take effect in Australia because we’re already paying $79.95 AUD for yearly subscriptions but mind you the US is still cheaper by about $10 AUD at least.

  • UKresistance
  • Finerion

    @unhappymatt1 I think the big deal is that the price hike has been announced but there aren’t any new features announced to justify it. If Hulu Plus is added that is great, but it really does not add value because it requires a completely separate 9.99/month subscription.

    I think Tycho over at Penny Arcade summed it up nicely:

  • CptBrassBalls

    Funny how MajorNelson hasnt respond to any of these posts, besides the PR crap that’s prewritten for him. I would like to see something from him concerning all our reactions. Also funny how new posts have been added to bury this subject.