September 2nd 2010 4:05 pm PT

PAX Prime weekend (and how you can win a Halo Console)


As we head into PAX Prime this weekend in Seattle, I’d like to point out some things to add to your long TO DO list. We’ve got a whole team of people headed to to the event and we have so much stuff for you to see, we needed four booths show it all off:

Booth 412 (in the same area as the Xbox booth from last year) we’ll have Halo: Reach, Fable III and Gears of War 3.

Booth 670  We’ll be showing off new tiles for Xbox LIVE Arcade, Games for Windows and Windows Phone 7

Booth 682  Stop by and try out Kinect. We’ll have Kinect Adventures, Kinect Joyride, Kinect Sports and more

Booth 822  Halo: Reach


While you are planning what sessions to attend over the three-days, allow me to shamelessly plug one that has the potential be slightly entertaining: Join me, e, lollip0p and Stepto Sunday morning at 10:30am as we record the show live in front of a studio audience at the luxurious Benaroya Hall. I know it’s an early session, but we’ll try to make it worth your while; in addition to being able to observe the dysfunction for yourself, we have some cool prizes to give away including a few of the just announced controllers and one lucky attendee will walk away with the very first Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo: Reach Console.


See you this weekend!


Edit: Let us know if you plan on joining us


Events, PAX By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Mega Luigi

    Can we hope one announce of one crazy feature on Live ?

  • DarkRedRain

    If one of those new controllers makes it to eBay, I am so bidding on it!!

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Played those games a few times this past week, and they are AWESOME! The new FireFight mode is MUCH improved, Fable III has the same feel with a nice streamlined control scheme (combat is super easy, flows smoothly, and is FAST), and Gears, well, what can you say about GEARS that isn’t great. Only got to play Beast mode, but it is definitely a nice addition and pulling off kills as a weak little Ticker is very satisfying! Also got up close and personal with the Jun life-sized statue, and I soooo hope to pull off an epic win on that contest! Keep up the great work Microsoft/ Xbox 360!!

  • RaceStevil

    It’s a darn shame I live in Belgium, all the coolest game expo’s are in the united states. Wish I could be there.

  • Anonymous

    It seems like everyone is bringing more to PAX Prime than they did to PAX East… which saddens me as a Boston resident. Oh well, at least we got avatar hoodies! :D

  • JerryG

    Looking forward to getting up “early” on Sunday and seeing you all. Are you all planning to hang out in the Microsoft Booths all weekend, or are you going to get the chance to mill about with everyone else?

  • chiruno99

    The very first? Don’t expect it to work. Pahahaha.

  • xZ3XYxGR4NDP4x

    Does anyone know if they ever have any gaming events like this in Florida?

  • Monhegan

    I’m heading to PAX early Sunday, hope to make it in time for the live podcast! Driving up from PDX for the day. Totally stoked to see all the great 360 games! Major, bring lots of swag :-)

  • ElektroDragon

    It is fantastic that Microsoft actually listened to us this year and has some nice stuff to give out. They showed up virtually empty handed in previous years, especially compared to Sony, and always ended up looking like a bunch of misers. I will be there!

  • MightyThor460

    Please tell me you’ll bring this kind of show to PAX East next year!

  • gasdog

    i would go to every Gaming Expo but im poor -.- i have to watch them on T.V. or the internet and none of them come to minnesota which is really sad its like Everyone forgets about minnesota hey its not my fault brett farve was on my football team last year and maybe this year

  • Cronan

    Have a great time at PAX Major. Any chance of anyone at Microsoft announcing a new Live feature at PAX that doesn’t require me to either shell out more money, or isn’t available in a better form, for free, on every other platform including my mobile phone? I’m just asking, because it would be nice, especially given that price gouge, sorry, hike, you announced recently.

    Just saying.

  • Kroesis

    The UK needs a decent gaming Expo.

  • chiruno99

    No Major, why don’t YOU join ME for once! I’ll dig out the Arcade Classics while you get the lads, some share size crisps and booze.

  • juan cabrera

    Major, sorry I couldn’t make it to PAX, but I did have a comment. I mean, it’s fine if you guys increase the price and all (that’s just the way the economy works). BUT a really cool feature that I think would more than make up for the extra money would be online storage such as saves and other stuff!

  • ElektroDragon

    Major, the Facebook page doesn’t work, but my wife and I are attending!


    Maybe they will say that the bathurst(au) track for grid is now on 360 as it is already on grid for ps3 and it is awesome.Dont know why its not on 360.

  • Wahrnye

    So, basically, you’re showing all of the same crap from E3 2010, maybe a little less. Riding Halo: Reach for all it’s worth even though it’s only a week and two days from retail and we’ve been bombarded with media from it for the last month. Biggest difference between this and E3: You can’t try to buy positive press by giving EVERYONE a new 360…

  • ZombieTron


    It might not be as big as the US expos, but the Eurogamer Expo in London seems pretty decent to me.

  • UNSCleric

    It’s 2010, I don’t get why it takes 24+ hours to upload an .mp3 of the audio.

  • Kroesis

    @ZombieTron Thanks, I’ve been reminded of that. Seeing as I’m fairly close I might be able to convince the better half to let me go.