September 21st 2010 6:40 pm PT

Cast your vote for Deal of the Week


Want to tell us what YOU want to see for an upcoming Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week? The next time you sign into Xbox LIVE, head over to the Spotlight channel and check out the Member’s Choice Deal Of The Week Poll.* Here you can vote on what you want to see for an upcoming Deal. You can choose from Deathspank for 33% off, Perfect Dark for 50% off or discounts on select Dragon Age Origins, Trials HD or BF BC2 content. The winner of the poll will be a Deal of the Week in October.  You can only vote once per Gold Account, so choose carefully. 

*Currently the poll is only available in Canada, United Kingdom and United States


I’ve posted screenshots of what the complete voting experience is like in case you are not near your console right now


Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ptuco

    This is a great idea.

  • Anonymous


  • waitfortomorrow

    Thanks for the heads up, Major! This is definitely a great idea. :)

  • rogXue

    wow that’s pretty cool. Thanks Major. I want Deathspank :D

  • Exu

    I’ve got an idea: ALL OF THEM.

    You’re not giving us the choice of a deal, you’re witholding all the others.

  • ElektroDragon

    Why can’t we choose other games like Mr. Driller Online, or Meteos Wars?!?

  • EssCee UK

    Not showing in UK at this time.

  • NextMemory

    Awesome! When it shows up in my Canadian dashboard I’ll be voting for Perfect Dark.

  • RyanMc360

    None of the above. I would vote for Deathspank, but 33% off is not enough.

  • Kickers97

    That’s an amazing idea. I hope my votes get me some good deals!

  • Shawcross

    Thanks for posting this. Goin to vote right now

  • ElektroDragon

    Vote the Trials Big Pack add-on and I’ll give you a virtual cookie! ;)

  • metallicorphan

    i would vote for Perfect Dark…i already have Deathspank ;p

  • Alphos

    Everyone should try getting Deathspank. Is a GREAT game.

  • alex5523

    half assed idea major why not give us mor options? or let us choose ANYTHING from the marketplace,like EVERY WEEK, or let us choose like what do we want the deal to be about like pure arcade games, DLC, or games on demand, themes and pic packs, and like that, and you can choose which DLC but give us different dlc from different games not just one game.

  • alex5523


  • The Red Shadow

    I’m voting for Perfect Dark because I already own Deathspank. (Great game, try the demo if nothing else)

    Have any of the XBox Originals or Games on Demand ever been on sale? Having some of those as deals of the week would be great.

  • sk00ks

    Quit whining, at least they’re giving us a choice for once. You ask for more choices and input, they give you tht and now you want more? I’m by no means Microsoft’s biggest fan, I think they take the piss far more than they do anything right but come on, they give you an inch and you want a mile.

  • Oatmeal25

    This is cool but I’d still like to see older content permanently discounted.

  • Exu

    I’m liking the new effects we can have in our Avatar gamerpics by the way, noticed a few Kinect testers here with them.
    One thing though, can we have better camera/pose/frame control? Cheers.

  • JoeCool314

    voice your opinions people and vote vote vote
    bout time they listen to their buyers!!

  • JoeCool314

    btw I will vote BF BC2 content cause the other I do not or will not own

  • Chicken Wyng

    I agree with sk0Oks, quite a bit of you itch and moan about everything. The DOTW could be better but at least they are somewhat listening and giving us an option to vote.

  • TBizzle4Shizzle

    Dear everyone,
    Please choose Trials HD.

  • CthulhuBRA1978

    Well, as said before, at least they’re giving us the opportunity to participate more. But I have to agree that 33% off Deathspank is too little. Give us 50% and we’ll have a deal!

  • Gambit3rd

    My first choice is Deathspank. My second choice would be the other Dragon Age DLC(S). Even if DAO dlc(s) are not good. :/

    And, please, stop complaining about 33% discount: it’s worth 400 MS points. Every 1200 points game is discounted by 33%. 1200 to 800 points. A few exceptions to this rule were one day deals on holidays.
    A 400 points discount is better than nothing, to me, for Deathspank.

    I wonder if we can get a DLC and an XBLA as winners. :)
    Could you, Major?

  • BossbotPrime

    This is a great idea to have us vote on deals, anything with greater customer feedback with Microsoft would be welcomed.

    My vote would be that you bring back the 12 month Gold + Noble 6 helmet for your avatar for 29.99!

    I was pretty upset when I tried one night to signup my son’s account for the deal only to get an error, and then the next day it’s up to 39.99 even though the offer was supposed to run through the 27th. The xbox live customer service was terrible, and after waiting and then speaking to a rep and an escalation specialist for about 45 minutes, all I am told is the offer was subject to change without prior notice. They apparently have no power at all in that department to help the customers out by honoring offers that are advertised. Seriously why are you changing an offer for virtual items? Limited Stock, did you run out of fake helmets and 12 months of live service or something? Does MS even realize that by bumping the price up $10 you just lost the $30 I was willing to pay, and I’m not sure my son would have got the moneys worth out of it anyway so thanks for saving me $30.

  • tbs0

    RyanMc360 Not enough with 33% discount on Deathspank!?
    That game is easy worth 1200p

  • Zzdog30

    this is a great idea
    ty for heads up major

  • Xlrking

    Im happy they let us choose, but why not just 50 percent? Make it cut in half you greedy bastards, even if we can vote on it, being greedy isnt a excuse.

  • CRAIG1983

    Nice Idea :)

  • shane86

    Good idea, but I don’t see why all xbox live regions can’t vote, i.e. IRELAND

  • Wiizpig

    *Currently the poll is only available in Canada, United Kingdom and United States


  • penguin1992

    Very nice, would love to see you guys do this alot more often, with more options too.


    Good Idea!

  • Logic Squirrel

    Nice idea, shame there is nothing i would like right now.

  • CDN Crockett

    Not showing in Canada at this time.


    I’d say I have to vote for the Dragon Age DLC since that’s what I want the most out of all of those offers, but I’m hoping that the other deals will eventually be offered too, like the Perfect Dark one to help push me over the fence on getting that game.

    And to those wanting a 50% discount on a 1200MSP game, you’re never going to see that happen, because MS for the most part likes to price things in multiples of 80MSP($1).

  • ElektroDragon

    50% off DeathSpank is a crime, since it is one of the few XBLA games actually WORTH the ASKING price.

  • trickybuz93

    Love this idea!

  • Quaranj

    I’d like to see this on a much larger scale. I’m still waiting on all the Burnout Paradise stuff that I haven’t already bought. I was also hoping there would be a deal on the Halo Wars content as those of us who bought the collectors tin still feel a bit burned by that. C’mon, it’s Reach week, it would have been a great DOTW. Some of us are still looking to boost our Waypoint scores wherever we can.

    I’ve also been noting a trend that the pre-order bonus content items are hitting the marketplace a few months after release (Transformers WFC, Bioshock 2) – more of this please! DLC prices for a game should drop once a title becomes a Platinum Hit too. It would really be a boost to the multiplayer community for aging titles.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    This is a great idea. Much more meaningful than voting what my favourite Halo vehicle is. :)
    The screenshot is perfect, the information could not be more clear.
    GREAT JOB! Props to the team!

  • AllTeam

    I’m hoping Perfect dark since I really want it and like to get it on sale.

  • Rossa AU

    *Currently the poll is only available in Canada, United Kingdom and United States
    Damn :(. Out of them i would pick Perfect Dark though.

  • IrishTirade

    even given the choice to vote the options will probably still be mediocre at best … not too many people care about DLC to specific games and 33% off of an actual arcade title is weak IMHO … oh well it’s a start, but I think these types of things need to get better to justify the hike in Gold pricing …

  • T Mecha

    poll is only available in Canada, United Kingdom and United States. Way to make everyone outside those countries feel important :(

    Why do we have to pick anyway. Just put them all on sale. Also really old arcade games should have a price drop sale too of around 60-80% too.

  • trickybuz93

    I don’t see this on the Canada spotlight channel

  • Ultima22

    lol @ alex5523. Can’t you just be happy with what you have, instead of constantly complaining all the time?


    I think this is an awesome idea, it’s just a shame that I have most of this stuff.

  • Z4M0

    It’s so nice to know microsof cares about what do their customer want… well their US/UK, Canadian ones at least. My heart feels so warm now.
    If I had to cast a vote I’d go for “why not offering the same LIVE content for all regions, especially the ones that usually pay more (€60 are no $60 sir) for stuff and usually get less”.
    Deathspank 33% off – will make my remaining 800 points fly away.

    Trials have been discounted enough times so far, so it’d be a ridiculous choice. Maybe just the extra content + something else.

    Perfect Dark? Come on, it’s already cheap enough; a full retail game redone in HD, with plenty of online modes and avatar awards 800 points? shame on you if you wan’t it but ain’t spending those 800 points. Rare should re-release conker…
    Add-ons are nice but I’d rather pick a brand new arcade other than just content to extend an already owned game.
    My two cents tho.

  • NeoVampyre

    Very nice idea! How about NOT even having a poll, I’m sure you have a junior entry employee that within the 1st week could tally up every single resonable suggestion and then it would be upto you for the %off?

    Speaking about good ideas, isn’t it time you bottomed out the price of the XBL arcade games from the first couple of years of the 360? There are quite a few good ones but not at their current price.