September 22nd 2010 1:48 pm PT

Arcade: Alien Breed 2: Assault and DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue


Alien Breed 2: AssaultContent: Alien Breed 2: Assault
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE Regions
Dash Text: (ONLINE INTERACTIONS NOT RATED BY THE ESRB) Alien Breed 2: Assault is an explosive science fiction arcade-shooter with an epic story, swarms of highly intelligent alien enemies, high-impact weapons, highly detailed and rich environments, developed using Epic Games’ Unreal® Engine 3. In addition to the thrilling single-player campaign and all new survivor mode, the game offers action-packed, online two-player co-operative battle modes. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see


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DeathSpank™: Thongs Of VirtueContent: DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Japan 
Dash Text: Join DeathSpank, in his all new adventure! Fight through war-torn battlefields, tame the violent High Plains and sail your own pirate ship through the savage seas. DeathSpank will vanquish all-new evils, help all-new downtrodden, and dispense justice as only he can. Wield exciting new weapons, slay unbelievable new creatures and get to the bottom of the Thongs of Virtue. The downtrodden cry for justice and DeathSpank will save them or kill them trying. This product supports the following languages: In-game speech: English; On-screen text: English. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see


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Plus: For the next week (until Sept. 29) Tankko The Warrior game add-on for DeathSpank TOV is free. Grab it now.


Update: Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Blade Kitten are also now available



Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Rlan

    And Blade Kitten (1200MSP)

    And Serious Sam: The Second Encounter (1200MSP)

    It’s not that hard to know what’s coming out this week major!

  • SummTrulli

    “Not available in Japan and Germany ”

    So how come i’m loading it right now ? and why should the 2. Part not be available in Germany when the first one was ? strange ^^

  • Ultima22

    Deathspank = instabuy.

  • Joecr

    Why list the addons if you are going to say “Sorry This item is not available for purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web.”

    Kind of pointless to put it on the site & then not let people buy it.

  • Anonymous

    ^^You need to get it through your xbox, that works

  • The Real Napsta

    Where’s the weekly top 20 Major?

  • Cygnes

    I cant wait to play DeathSpank 2. But I have to wait till Saturday for some birthday points. weak!

  • Exu

    1200, 1200, 1200, 800.
    Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

  • twisted poke

    Pretty lackluster effort with this post. Why list only two of the four games available? Also the links you provide won’t let you download the free content.

  • Joecr

    If I download it from my console directly I’d have to sign out of my game of gears of war 2. I’m still getting 25x experience playing horde. after I make it to level 100 or the Halloween weekend when we get the 30x is when I plan to quit. Well then start-up again at the higher if I haven’t made it to level 100. Man that achievement is a pain to get.

  • BusbyBabe89

    Apparently the free dlc is only available to those who buys the full game!

  • ElektroDragon

    I really with Microsoft would do what Sony does and have a CORPORATE WIDE gaming blog run by a STAFF and accessible to developers to post on. Instead, we only get ONE POOR GUY in Major Nelson. For a company with so much capital, it is sometimes amazing how miserly they can be. :)

  • DarkGin87

    @busbybabe89 – or you cant download it free now and buy the game in the fture which is what im doing

  • russian box

    1200 points. WHAT!? and still only 200 achievement point.


    Make it 500gs and me along with others wont see 1200 as such a bad thing.

    also all this good content and it seems like you don’t know how to promote it!

    most people don’t seem to know about stuff that’s come out, I’m always telling people at work about new stuff such as Dead Rising 2 : Case Zero. You need to get rid of the twilight / halo crap and actually show people the cool stuff like Alien Breed 2: Assault [By halo crap i mean the halo competitions and all the avatar stuff cluttering up the spotlight panel] You have good games coming out on your console and nobody knows about it. Sort it out MS. In store download codes!

  • WarioFan63

    Dude…you seriously think giving a more expensive game more gamerscore points would help justify it? What happened to games being fun to be worth it? Achievements are cool but some people take it too far…

  • StanleyPain

    Wait, what?? I thought this weeks’ games were supposed to be Space Invaders IG and SkyStage. That’s what most websites were reporting. What the hell is up with the scheduling on XBL?

  • chiruno99

    I came when I saw Blade Kitten.

  • Joecr

    If you are going to post links to full games instead of demos you should at least warn people. If you didn’t notice when he added “Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter” and “Blade Kitten” he linked to full versions instead of the demos for those games.

  • russian box

    Thats good coming from sombody with 8710 and the word wario in there name! lol

    go play smashbros

  • Zzdog30

    @russian box
    u play toy story 3 and you call him names

  • metallicorphan

    @stanleyPain-yeah that was last weeks games

  • russian box

    your just bitter because i play halo, go back to CoD [thats if you want to do game bashing =P]

    as for toy story 3, have you not playd it? its very good for a movie tie in. me and my gf playd through the story and did most of the toy box

  • NeoVampyre

    Nice line up Major N! It has something for everyone, Deathspank 2 was an instant buy, even though it paused every few minutes failing to upload my leaderboard score making me plug my I/net cable. Grabbed the ther 3 demos but am saving my MSPs for next weeks DLC, although I’ve already played Alien Breed 2 when it originally came out, lol.

    There’s always someone to winge about someone else’s score, played games or GS addiction, it’s called personal choice guys! I’ve totally over the whole GS thing but never over playing games and wouldn’t buy anything based on cost or possible gainable GS if I didn’t like the game.

  • chiruno99

    @russian box
    Who cares?


    ALL of the DeathSpank: ToV DLC is currently available for FREE even without purchase of the full game, but only from the Dashboard Marketplace. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be available like this or not, but in any case it’s all available now for the low cost of FREE!

  • Zzdog30

    @ russian box
    i play cod and halo i just haven’t got time to pick up reach
    also any1 know when breach release date

  • Exu

    You know if I was a developer of an Arcade game and Microsoft gave the launch of mine less notice than other games, I’d be a bit peeved.

  • Hedfix

    russian box wrote: ’1200 points. WHAT!? and still only 200 achievement point.

    Make it 500gs and me along with others wont see 1200 as such a bad thing.’

    I fully support this statement.

  • Sneeches

    for all the ppl complaining about the price of these games, sure I agree most of them are not worth it but Deathspank is easily worth the 1200 pts, and then some!!! This game is rich, full of side quests, hours and hours of gameplay and 200 gs.

  • Radical Dylan

    @sneeches – so I assume they made the sequel a bit longer? The first one was short, and I easily beat it with all 200g in under 6 hours.


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