September 22nd 2010 5:18 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program



I am happy to announce that we’re doing an Xbox 360 System Update Preview program for our next release, and the opportunity to sign up is now available. The Preview Program will give you the chance to check out ESPN on Xbox LIVE, Zune music, Netflix search, the new Xbox LIVE dashboard, and new updates to Zune video and Family Settings on your Xbox 360*.  Much like we did last year, you’ll need to visit the Microsoft Connect site from this link and sign in with your Windows LIVE ID that is connected to your Xbox LIVE Gamertag.  Once you complete the survey that is presented to you, the Connect site will notify you immediately if you’ve been accepted.  A couple of points before you head off to register:

We’re looking for multiple thousands of participants, so your chances of making it in are good.
•This is not for Kinect. You will not be receiving a Kinect sensor if you are chosen to participate.
•This opportunity is open to all Xbox LIVE Members in regions where Xbox LIVE is available.
•To avoid any problems, read the survey carefully and double check all the information your provide.
•While both Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members can sign up, Priority will be given to Gold members in the selection process.

I’ll be sure to updated this post if the program fills up.

Sign up for the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program

Good luck!

*Not all features are available in all Xbox LIVE regions. Netflix subscription required to use Netflix features. An ISP that supports ESPN 3 is required to use ESPN features. Xbox LIVE Gold Account required to use some features

Update: We have as many people as we need right now, and registration is now closed. If we need any more, I’ll make a post.



Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • A Twisted Logic

    Hey Major when can we expect to recieve the update

  • Immortal User

    =/ aww i didnt make it…

  • drummer2k

    can’t wait for preview program

  • ELiiTe SH0T x

    I got accepted, forgot to post this. and i wonder when we’re gonna get the update? I know its in 2 weeks but what day

  • DeadOne Walking

    I am going to guess this starts either on the first, the fourth, or the sixth.
    As for all the questions about when it’s starting, it says and I quote “The program will officially start within the next two weeks.”
    Key word being WITHIN! This means that it can start any ware from September 22ed to October 6th.
    Most likely, it will be in waves, but more likely hourly or daily waves for the initial accepted people. Then, if they decide to add more, or re-open the registration, it will be in weekly waves.

    This is coming from my previous experiences with the XBox LIVE Dashboard Preview programs.
    In addition, I think they are adding an additional check sum to this update, simply because of the start up animation being changed. After all, I don’t think MS wants to risk a corrupt flashing.
    Look on Youtube, and you will see it.

  • GfWL PoC

    Damn – too late :( Its a reopen planned ?


    Will we get a notification when the update takes place via email or will it just happen?

  • BoLt x AkTii0nZ

    i think it’s just 3 or 4 days =D maybe tomorrow. I have a strong feeling xD and mostly i’m allways right =P

  • Goodeye84

    I’m surprised there inst more pages to this post and whatnot. When they started doing the dashboard previews two years ago in one day I think Major had over 20 some pages of posts.

  • BoLt x AkTii0nZ

    i think the update is friday ;-) because my horoscope says that friday is my lucky day xD



  • Tracker Wolf

    Best guess is Friday but next Tue looks about right. Wish had better intel but hey Microsoft has yet to let down.

  • DeadOne Walking

    Any information for this is going to be released on a verified bases.
    That means until they KNOW that they will release it on X day, they won’t want anything. I can’t see MS risking people getting mad because of something like this being re-scheduled.
    In addition, they will most likely know after they get the serial numbers and gamer tags put into the system for access as well as have multiple servers set up to handle the traffic evenly.
    I had a “joke” played on me and have had the update on my system for a few days now, so I don’t have Live access. I want this ASAP, but even if you look back, at my previous posts I haven’t complained, or wanted this to be rushed. I want to get some more downloads from the marketplace, but now I just wait for the release.
    In addition my birthday is on the 3rd, and I hope to be back online by then.

  • XxKillaman01xX

    How will I know when I can update

  • stickerman14

    i bet the first like all the other betas were oon a friday but still skeptical.

  • DeadOne Walking

    XxKillaman01xX, you should get an E-Mail saying that they started pushing the update out.
    You could get the update before you get the E-Mail.
    Sometimes, (only in previews) you will be prompted as soon as you are identified, even if you are in a game.

  • Goodeye84

    Well Major posted via twitter those of us accepted should turn on our 360 later today!

  • BoLt x AkTii0nZ

    @MAJORNELSONIf you did sign up and were accepted, you may want to turn on your #Xbox later today ;)about 2 hours ago


  • Goodeye84

    @BoLt x AkTii0nZ

    You didn’t “tell us” anything you kept saying friday.

  • BoLt x AkTii0nZ

    i think it’s just 3 or 4 days =D “MAYBE TOMORROW”. I have a strong feeling xD and mostly i’m allways right =P

    you see =P

  • II EV0L 0NE II

    @BoLt x AkTii0nZ Yup good guess LOL called it… maybe your physic??? can’t wait to get the update :)