September 23rd 2010 9:44 pm PT

LIVE Activity List update


Yesterday I posted the TOP LIVE Activity list which I have since learned contained a manual error in the reporting data for the week of September 13th.


I have just the list but I also wanted to share an interesting data point: (that has been double checked) Halo: Reach was the number one game on Xbox LIVE for the past seven days and had nearly four times as many unique users playing the game on Xbox LIVE vs. Halo 3 for the week of Sept. 13.


Bungie has posted even more interesting numbers as well.


I have corrected the list has which shows Halo: Reach as the number two game on Xbox LIVE for the period of Sept. 13 – 19 (having only been available from September 14th onwards), followed by Halo: 3 in third place.  I hope that clears things up.


Now, once I finish the Reach campaign, anyone know of some good Excel classes I can take ?


Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson


    @ Static Jak

    The point I was making is that Activision is the only one gaining anything by releasing CoD’s every year despite what us gamers may think of the tactics. We may end up with a new CoD game with the most UU’s every year but Activision makes a boatload every year regardless.

    Who’s number 1 in UU’s isn’t that important to me personally, it’s more entertaining watching the heads explode on these comments when game X isn’t in position Y. Gamers have needed to grow up for a long time, to that extent I agree with you.

  • JoeCool314

    @extreme chaos – I agree with AARON82. I always tell people the difference between MW2 and BC2.

    If BC2 was a football field……..MW2 is the crappy little concessions stand. The difference is huge!!!

  • Exu

    So Major, you screwed up the list twice?

  • Sneeches

    MW2 beat out halo reach…wow that sucks balls!

  • Twisk

    Wait a sec… I, I swear the list originally showed Halo Reach at number 3. ? I must be remembering it wrong (weird). :P

  • The Real Napsta

    LMAO at saying Halo has more little kids than CoD. Little kids like easy newb friendly games, that’s why the little kid population is so much higher in CoD games.

  • CuddlyClamShot

    Wow, Halo fanboys gripe and get Reach to be number one. Big surprise. Who cares? It’s just Halo the Fourth.

  • Anonymous

    i knew this all the time

  • chiruno99

    WELL WOULD YOU FINALLY ADAM AND EVE IT! MW2 is finally dethroned by Halo. Good thing I put my bet on that to so I’m up £12,000.

  • Wils35

    Halo 3 and the cod games are both fast action shooters, more arcade than simulation. Difference is that Halo is full of pre pube under 14’s ok COD isn’t perfect but 100% better than gaylo as on the other hand Battlefield Bad Company 2 is where the 22+ year olds play, Just depends on your age and maturity level really.

  • Wils35

    @chiruno99 Thought you would be out spending your 12k then rather than on here saying you won 12k??

  • Sorb

    I suggest that instead of taking Excel classes someone should be focusing solely on communication classes until he learns why his post made a terrible confusing mess out of a simple list correction.

  • Anonymous

    can’t wait for FIFA XI

  • chiruno99

    You know last time when I read a post wrong, I have again, but it’s ok, the bookies don’t know yet. All I have to do is hide the 12k in a bag and bury it underground so if they find out I’ll just claim “I know, I lost, that’s what hppens with silly bets.”

  • rorytmeadows

    Yeah, it’s nice to see articles like this which basically show that everyone involved with Xbox is glued to Bungie’s nuts when it comes to Halo. Bungie is a terrible company that kowtows to 6 year olds and ruined a prospectively good franchise. I’m glad that there was such a fight over there and MS has taken over from now on. Basically everyone at Bungie can GFT.

  • Its A Mirage


    why are you sayin bfbc2 is for mmature people if you play it?

    calling halo gaylo does not make you mature and it makes you look really stupid

    now im ny opinion it goes halo then bfbc2 then cod4 and mw2 is on the bottom cause of all the noob tubes and people who think their “pros”
    and if bfbc2 had less people just sniping it would be a lot more fun
    Halo is only at the top because its the only series that doesnt piss me off because of cheap things

  • chiruno99

    Playing a game dosen’t define how mature you are, stupid.

  • VirulentDiurnal

    Walk though environments as a floating gun shooting everything in my path – very original game idea! The meatheads want more, Major, don’t relish in this win bring out Halo Reach: ODSTSFG next to milk ‘em to death! I know you will. Can’t say I blame ya. Cheers.

  • CuddlyClamShot

    And the Halo sheep are still griping…

  • CuddlyClamShot

    chiru, you need help. It’s just the Internet, quit talking about winning money here in invisible ego land.