September 24th 2010 1:59 pm PT

Demo: ArcaniA – Gothic 4


ArcaniA - Gothic 4®™Content: ArcaniA – Gothic 4
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Asia and Mexico

Dash Text: ArcaniA – Gothic 4 continues the successful "Gothic" RPG-Series. Ten years have passed since the end of Gothic 3 and the world has changed – the Southern Islands have become embroiled in a grueling conflict, and set the stage for the player to brave countless adventures in the guise of a nameless hero. In a vibrant and elaborate environment, decisions will have to be made which will change not only the future of the Southern Islands, but of the entire world.


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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • darkjester74

    Weird. Larry’s profile is pointing to the Germany region.

  • Ghostwize

    Ooh. DLing now. Curious as to what the ??? next to Nelsons Reach icon is. New dashboard probably?

  • WinterSnowblind

    Well, I played this for a good few minutes.. To sum it up: Ugly graphics, atrocious frame rate, poor animation, awful frame rate, bad controls, very little freedom and tedious quest structure.

    Perhaps I should give it a bit more of a chance, but that’s a lot of problems literally 2 minutes into the game.

  • Exu

    “ArcaniA – Gothic 4 continues the successful “Gothic” RPG-Series.” Never heard of it but I’ll give it a bash.

  • WinterSnowblind

    Just noticed I listed the frame rate twice. But hey, it really is a big problem.

  • Sneeches

    will dl the demo to give it a try…

  • Ghostwize

    Seems like all games like this suffer from Frame Rate issues aside from awesome titles like Oblivion and Fallout 3. Games I am referring to are Two Worlds, Risen, and Divinity 2. They are all damn near unplayable due to the extremely poor coding. I was hoping this title wouldn’t suffer from the same issues. :(

  • Anonymous

    was not that good

  • Ghost of Kirin

    Might have to give this one a go…

  • Ghost of Kirin

    I read on Joystiq that an Enslaved Demo was also meant to be up.

  • Anonymous

    Enslaved is up also

  • Ghost of Kirin

    @o0 Daz 0o

    Ah, thanks buddy.

  • Tusock

    Not showing up in the Marketplace here in New Zealand…..

  • metallicorphan

    why is everyone spelling it like that(ArcaniA)?..the front cover of the game is in all capital letters,its just the first and last letters are bigger so that the subtitle of the game(Gothic 4)can fit underneath snuggly like many other titles of films and games do

    @Ghostwise-i asked the same question yesterday,and somebody answered that its the Kinect beta

  • The Bill Payer

    It reminds me to much like Two Worlds and I hated that game, the good news is the demo for Enslaved was awesome!

  • Grumbledock

    The latest Gothic-game was a bug-feast, and it seems part 4 is no different. Demo is unplayable on Pc since it crashes all the time, on 360 you at least get to play, even if gameplay and performance is quite lacking :/

  • Spiraea22

    Not sure why Major hasn’t posted about Enslaved but I will post this here… OH… MY… GOD!!! I loved Heavenly Sword to death, even though I only got one playthrough on a borrowed copy on a friends PS3 and I always hated that it was never on the 360. Enslaved… is just a beyond amazing experience. The dude’s movements are a little tricky to get used to, he moves more like a monkey than a man but the more you play it, the more it just works. And Ninja Theory now officially has my favorite female character models. I can’t say enough about this demo, everyone MUST experience it.

    Now about the release date… why October 5th?! NBA 2K11 comes out then and there’s no way I can reasonably afford 2 $60 games on the same date :( Why must the gaming gods make me choose!

  • Ai Kago

    This looks pretty good, but runs at like…10fps. It is also full of bugs. I had one were i couldnt even attack as my character kept switching weapons, and appeared to have an arrow and an axe sticking out of his hand. The voice acting is also pretty dire.

  • Steve with OCD

    BLEAH! This game blows as bad as Two Worlds did.. Well if your a huge RPG’er like myself stay away from this one. Voice acting is HORRIBLE (just like in Two Worlds) and gameplay feels boring, do yourself a favor and go play Sacred 2 if you want something similiar in nature but better in gameplay.

  • Joecr

    @Major Nelson if you are going to post gold only games please have the link you give out include that information. This is the second time since I let my gold account expire that I’ve had this happen with a demo. Or at the very least put a note in the post that the demo is gold only for a period of time.

  • metallicorphan

    wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be(especially after the comments on here,LOL)..but there is a lot wrong still,my objectives i had no idea where to go each time,there was no mark i could see on the map or at least a direction to go,i had to end up going into my inventory and selecting quests and reading the very small text for at least an idea of where to go

    this is one of those RPGs that incredibly detailed in the inventory and set up dept,and playing a demo of it was quite hard,so it took a while to figure stuff out…like when you level up,there was no on screen indicator telling you to press Select(or start whichever)to tell you to go spend your points

    sure all these complaints can be washed away when you have the manual with you when you play the full game,but otherwise prepare to get yourself lost(both in and out of the inventory)

    least said about the combat the better,that really was terrible,sure i only had a Shepherds cane,but it still very clunky

    the graphics for this kind of game aren’t bad…i think too many people are expecting Mass Effect type graphics,but it isn’t one of those type of RPGs

  • metallicorphan

    @joecr-EVERY demo that comes out is Gold only for the first week


    Never heard of Gothic RPG-Series


    For those who haven’t heard of this, it’s from a RPG series that started out on the PC back in 2001. And I don’t know what some of you guys are talking about, because I thought the demo was pretty fun. I have to wonder if maybe some of your 360s are about to die or something, because it was far from “unplayable” for me and I didn’t have any frame rate issues with it, certainly nothing like pre-patch Two Worlds. Maybe I’m more forgiving than some gamers or I’m just a really big fan of RPGs, because I enjoyed this game for what it is rather than trying to compare it to a game like Oblivion made by a developer with a much larger budget to work with. The only real complaint I had about the demo is the microscopic text in the menus. I’m currently stuck using a SDTV so some of the inventory and quest text is so tiny that I can’t read it at all. Hopefully they’ll patch that by the time the game is released. Overall if you’re a fan of open-world RPGs and can go into this demo with an open mind and not expect it to be Oblivion 2, you might have a lot of fun with it like I did.

  • MrHaru

    “ArcaniA – Gothic 4 continues the successful “Gothic” RPG-Series.”

    Never f*%(ing heard of it.

  • Sneeches

    I hope no one buys this game, maybe dev’s will stop making such horrible games or go under. I played the demo for about an hour, did everything i was able to do and it was like two worlds. The game is like a 5/10 but the voice acting is horrible, the caption was off from what the people were saying, the fighting is horrible.

  • Ghostwize


    Probably because you’ve never been a PC gamer. After playing the demo I must say I think it much better than everyone on here is saying. It is a Gothic game through and through and it looks to be the best one yet.

    Also….no mention of the Enslaved demo Major? WTF!? It was awesome.


    Yeah even though the Gothic demo was good, I’m surprised that there was no mention at all of the Enslaved demo, which was just as good. Looking forward to getting both games even more now after playing those demos!

  • KRiSX85

    not available in asia and mexico…. might wanna add Australia to that list… i’m pretty sure i don’t live in asia! (though i assume you’re including australia in “asia”… LAME!)

  • Casserole

    I don’t get the negativity, it wasn’t the best game in the world, but certainly decent and kept me interested throughout. Nothing is broken gamewise, apart from some of the subtitles not accurately saying what is being said – the obvious one being when you are asked to pick 6 mushrooms, but the subtitles say 5.

    Ivy is obviously carrying someone else’s baby though.

  • CoWb0y FrM HeLL

    Not available in Mexico?
    why not :/ …

  • aXXXXo

    after play the demo sure we will buy it