October 4th 2010 1:33 pm PT

DOTW: Save 50% on CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Game Add-ons


This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can save 50% on BOTH Game Add-ons for CoD: Modern Warfare 2. Normally 1200 points each, both The Stimulus Pack and the Resurgence Pack are specially priced at 600 MS Points each until Monday, October 11, 2010.


Purchase the Stimulus Package for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and add it to your Xbox 360 download queue


Purchase the Resurgence Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and add it to your Xbox 360 download queue



Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • AutomaticOcelot

    2-for-1! Definitely something I’ll consider, especially with the points bonus this month.

    With just the stock maps most of my time has been private matches. Would be nice to have more variety if I want to grind/claw up the ranked ladders. :p

  • MajorMask

    No “Coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace” post for this month?

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @MajorMask: The previous coming soon was posted on Sept 21st, so we already know the XBLA titles for the next 3 weeks.

    It’s not a ‘like clockwork’ thing…

  • Julio Ernesto

    L├ístima y yo sin paga y sin chamba… :'(

  • TuBaTye

    OMG, i just bought those YESTERDAY!!!! I haven’t played my 360 in probably 6 months and decided yesterday to fire it back up, and play a little MW:2. So i bought the map packs to play, and now they are on sale. Any chance I can call MS and get a refund?

  • chiruno99

    I’m guessing more than 1 million players are recieving a kick in the nuts.
    Incoming Drama in 6.

  • MajorMask

    @AutomaticOcelot Yeah, but what about GoD, Avatars, Addons and the DotW for the next weeks?
    Also Sonic 4 is coming October 13th which isn’t in that list

  • RidinSlow

    @chiruno99 Ya’ll were kicked in the nuts when Microsoft announced the increase in the cost for XBL subscriptions. This is a simple smack in the face followed by a giggle.

  • Cronan

    Meh. I wanted these when they came out but I didn’t buy them because they were too expensive, now the price is just right and, guess what, I just don’t care anymore, too late, I’m keeping my money for better games.

  • JoJoStarFire

    Noooo, and I m strapped for cash… waaa I really wanted the resurgence pack. Well, *sigh* I will get it in time.

  • Oatmeal25

    Does this count towards the 800 point Thank You Gift offer (http://www.xbox.com/en-US/press/2010/0930-thankyougift.htm) or does this fall under the “cannot be combined with any other offer” in the fine print.

  • Exu

    Discounted content DOES NOT COUNT toward the 2400 spend.
    Anyway, a nice gesture but this deal is too little too late. I was done with MW2 ages ago, map prices in part due to that, and this is not enough to tempt me back in.
    If you’re an avid MW2 player this is a good deal. However, if you’re an avid MW2 player then you’ve already paid twice as much for the maps ages ago.

  • DarkGin87

    This is only because Black Ops is coming soon and no one would wanna buy the maps after another Cod game is out

  • Dedatos

    can someone CONFIRM that this deal wont count towards the 800 point refund? thanks!

  • Aqualung812

    What Exu said. I was turned off by the map pack prices, started playing other games, and now I really don’t have much use for MW2, even for 1/2 off. Had they been this much to start with, I bet I would have got them as they came out new.

    Now, with Reach and other games, I don’t even have the time for MW2.

  • metallicorphan

    so no Arcade DOTW titles this week?

    and why not have a ‘Classics Range’ of Arcade titles after they have been out for awhile?

  • Anonymous

    really sweet deal


    I already have the Stimulus pack but I will be getting the Resurgence pack, Thanks. Also, thanks @Oatmeal25 for the promotional gift offer link, that is the first I have heard about it. I am not worried if this counts towards it though cause I already have plans for another purchase, plus the Marathon Durandal that I just bought yesterday.

  • Dontasciime

    Where is Lara Gol live Co-op ? Why is it advertised as having live co-op still (you do know their are laws applicable to advertising features that do not exist which your company of employment is breaking)

  • CessnaDriver

    DAAAAAAAAAAAANGGG! I just bought these a week ago against my better judgement, and now I get smacked like this.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, at least they’re cheaper for a while. I already have the map packs though. This should of happened sooner…

  • lightsup55

    Go figure… I already have both of them, but I’ll tell my friends for sure.

  • SCS 85

    Finally a decent deal for DOTW. I’ll consider this. These were overpriced. Now they are a decent price.

  • CrazyRonIsHere

    Everyone who wanted these already bought it and everyone who didn’t buy it doesn’t want it even at half price. I really don’t see many people taking advantage of this deal.

  • theuglyteradon

    Maybe I’ll buy these if I get that 1200 back this week. Any news on the hold-up, Major?

  • Kroesis

    http://www.xbox.com/en-US/press/2010/0930-thankyougift.htm – Read the small print. Also the Xbox Social Media Editor (Europe) ‘cowfishdreams’ tweeted the confirmation of it in non-small print speak here: http://twitter.com/cowfishdreams/status/26016325799#

  • Renown Recon

    Yeah, I’m keeping my money for Fable 3 :)

  • julianwelton


    Yeah I was hoping we would finally get a date on Yu Gi Oh Decade Duels :(.

  • Oatmeal25

    @II W4RLORD II – no problem
    @Kroesis – thanks for posting that twitter link. Having an official confirmation makes this DOTW less appealing with Black Ops only 6 weeks away. A GOTY edition of MW2 is probably due in a few weeks too.

  • trickybuz93

    Can’t believe people actually still buy these.

  • penguin1992

    Omg finally! Been waiting for this extremely overpriced stuff to go on sale! Might just be picking both up. Good DotW (the stuff should have been cheaper in the first place, but whatever)

  • Gonzo345

    1 month to Black Ops and this deal? No thanks.

  • SeeUInTheFuture

    wtf DOTW doesnt count towards the 800 point refund deal? thats super lame MSoft. good thing DOTW sucks 9 times out of 10

  • HugoStiglitzJr

    How about a rebate for those of us who already got it?

  • Pappy 247

    Wow what a deal!!! NOW we still pay more than these maps should have cost. Gee Thanks!!…PASSSSS

  • Exu

    Well I wouldn’t say that. The maps should never have cost 1200, but 800 would have been sound at the time.
    I’d say the map packs would be worth 600 each if I wanted them.

  • Archangel3371

    That’s actually not too bad, better then the 800 I was expecting. Still I’ll probably pass on this myself with Reach currently dominating my online multiplayer time and Black Ops to soon be joining it. Also with a bunch of other games coming soon I just really don’t have the time to go back to MW2.

  • bullka LT

    Somebody in that page http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/Xbox_Live:_Deal_of_the_Week wrote that Fallout addons are also on sale. But I see that still at full price (800MSP). Strange.

  • Vega DD

    haha to little to late bring on Medal of Honor

  • TymmeZinni

    Another ‘gracious’ DotW for Gold memembers that also happens to apply to PSN with no restrictions. How nice of you guys.

    (I’m Gold and wouldn’t buy it either way, but c’mon.)

  • Exu

    If you’re a Silver member you’re hardly going to have wanted them anyway.

  • Z4M0

    plus puzzle chronicles seems to be DOTW @ 400 msp too.

    I’ll pass till DOTW will be worthy again (full arcade games not just add-ons)

  • skullivan

    Great deal…about a month too late.

  • kdzBiBa

    too late, do not need

  • loopingstar

    I’m thinking about picking both of these up – the price seems much fairer now – but my only concern is , is it a bit too late – Aren’t most players going to move onto Halo Reach and COD Black Ops ?

  • Oatmeal25

    @loopingstar most players will or have already moved on to other games. It will still be somewhat popular but will you keep playing after black ops or reach?

    I’ve been tempted to pick this up but with it not counting towards the thank you deal and still costing $15 for 6 new maps and 4 rehashed at the “end” of it’s popularity… well it would end up being a waste of money.

    And now that Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 are bundled on Steam for $10 (along with all the free maps and campaigns) until tomorrow this would really feel like a bad purchase.

  • BHZ anakinjmt

    For the record, I asked the XboxSupport Twitter if getting DOTW counts towards getting the free 800 points and they said it does because it’s a game add-on. So, if you were thinking about getting this to build towards the free 800 points, rest assured, you can.

  • Col Hartman

    A year after the maps come out, after Reach, and 1 month to Black Ops for 50% off, No thanks.

    Too little too late MS/Infinty Ward.

    btw I rather spend my $30 towards a full game or pre-order of MoH.

  • loopingstar

    @Oatmeal25 Yeah after thinking about it I don’t think I’ll bother with these – probably just hang on for Black Ops now