October 12th 2010 5:46 pm PT

Dead Rising 2 Game Add-on: Skills Pack – Psycho


Content: Skills Pack – Psycho
Price: 160 Points
Availability: Not available in Germany or Japan
Dash Text: Wearing this special costume gives Chuck all the shockingly disturbing abilities of a deranged homicidal psychopath! Actually, that’s quite handy if you’re surrounded by a horde of zombies. Some of the special abilities Chuck’s costume-enhanced psyche affords him include better resistance to damage due to his deranged state, stronger attacks with some classic killing implements such as the chef knife and chainsaw, as well as truly sick new attacks for weapons loved by murderous maniacs everywhere, including the machete, mining pick and meat cleaver!


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Game Add-on By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • rogXue

    I’m enjoying the outfit so far. Looks cool but not much of a benefit yet. Seems like more zombies grab you wearing this. Worth $2 though

  • Punisher138

    $2?!?!!?!!!!!! Anyone remember when stuff like this would be unlocked by cheat codes? For $2 this is lame

  • Chicken Wyng

    Let the nickel and dimeing continue. I don’t own the game but things like this are a little irritating. Not the fact of the cost but stuff like this use to be unlockable in the game for doing certain things or finding them in the game.

  • SalarymanDaishi

    @Punisher138: We do remember and many of our wallets remember as well. Some of them have been remembering for quite some time by now but it has been proven time and time again that stuff sells and when it sells, it’d be foolish not to sell. The seller is happy, the buyer is happy, and everyone else can, quite righteously, deal with it.

  • chiruno99

    I wouldn’t buy this since I’m not interested, but i do like the idea of costumes to give Chuck special powers. Sure it’s cheap but it’s not my thing.

  • Vega DD

    well said Punisher138…rippp offfff

  • metallicorphan

    Microsoft-well done for telling us the day before release that Pinball FX2 has been delayed for two weeks

  • Ultima22

    Seriously? I buy the High Stakes Edition for this, and they release the DLC that came with it for 2 bucks 2 weeks later?

  • rogXue

    yeah if you bought high stakes and didn’t get all the pre-order dlc for free I would be miffed. I used it to even out my 2400 points for this month. still need to waste a buck after getting “The Writer” DLC.

    After playing more it really doesn’t seem to beef up the attack all that much, at least not on the machete. At least I can imagine I’m Jason Voorhees while chopping up zombies :D

  • MrHaru

    God you guys are complaining over $2? Jesus Christ, get a life.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @Punisher138: I do in fact remember when this stuff would be unlocked by cheat codes.
    However, you still needed to buy a $5 magazine to *get* the cheat codes.
    That’s the way it goes. I still spend less per month on games now than I did when I was 16!


    I got this with the High Stakes Edition and it’s okay. The serial killer animations from psycho weapons are pretty crazy but that’s about it. The ninja outfit is by far the best because it makes you almost invisible to zombies, you get special ninja attacks with sword-type weapons and also extra distance and damage with throwing weapons.

  • TG kolz4ever

    lol wow, you retards are complaining about 2 dollars? You guys are seriously poor and generic as I always say. Damn the xbox community has to be the most poorest bunch of bastards I ever been around. Get off the welfare, stop bothering your parents for money, and go do something besides play games if 2 dollars is killing your extremely low income. I thought the generic bastards that are 2 or more people on one console was being poor but this is worse… or are you’re exactly the same people? lol..

  • dirty whirlwind

    TG kolz4ever: Calm down, there’s no need to be an ass about it. It’s pretty clear to me, by reading the comments, that its not so much about having to fork up the 2 bucks for the content, it’s more a matter of principles. You can’t argue about that these type of things used to be free, just a few years ago. I’m not taking any sides, but you gotta understand where those people comes from, before you call names. To me, it all evens out though, I earn a lot more money today than I did ten years ago. So it’s all fine, really.

  • LawdaddyCO

    As much as I disagree with this…it’s simple economics. It’s priced at the point people will buy it. If not, it will become cheaper (highly unlikely on the marketplace).

    Simple pimple.

  • bakerShai360

    can anyone tell me how i can use the ninja pack, i downloaded the free one but cant use it, is there a ninja pack what i need to buy? but i cant find it^^ thx

  • Anonymous

    SONIC 4 on the maarketplace rite now !!!!

  • Anonymous
  • SAKY


    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  • SAKY


    You have to equip unlocked and downloaded costumes form the locker that is in the safe house’s bathroom (save point).

  • dirty whirlwind

    bakerShai360: You can’t. Learn how to read the description next time, Facebook kid.

  • chiruno99

    $2 is a lot to these retards. Think of all the tings they can buy with them, like lunch at McDonalds.

  • Z4M0

    I think it’s not the $2, is the fact that stuff like that was FREE on Dead Rising 1. Locker keys anyone ? I find natural people getting annoyed cause they paid for the whole potato chips bag (the actual game) but there is something preventing them to eat the last few ones laying on the bottom (animations and benefits that are already in the final product).
    If you paid for it, you have the legit right to decide wether to use that features or not but it’s your (owner) choice no others’.
    The concept is as ridiculous as buying a pair of shoes but manufacturer asking you for 2 extra bucks if you want to wear both at the same time. Once you paid, it’s up to you to use them as you please even if you want to just shove them to your a**s and sorry to be like that, but the ones not understanding that this point of view as a matter of principles, even law instead of a matter of money are the ones to be called ‘tards. BTW this blog needs serious moderation.
    Besides, $2 is nice for REAL extra stuff not being in the disc.

  • Karachi King

    @Z4M0: Where to start with a reply to that?
    For starters, this is not on the disc. That’s why you need to download the free pack to play with someone who has the paid pack.

    This has been discussed before, but you aren’t actually buying what’s on the disc, you are purchasing a licence to use the software within the limitations spelled out in the End User Licence Agreement (that screen during installations that everyone ignores and just clicks “I Agree”).

    Your shoe analogy is ridiculous. It’s more like buying a pair of shoes, and then having to pay $2 extra for steel caps. The shoes are completely functional without them, but if you want added toe protection, you have to shell out the extra money.

    And people need to understand that while some content may have previously been included on disc, some of the content we now see may never have seen light of day before, because there was simply no way to deliver additional content to the consumers.

  • Z4M0

    @ Karachi King
    It makes sense I admit it. So may you be right but still you know, some DLC comes short after game release and feels like they made it along with the game, then put it apart to make extra money (unlike GAT4/Fallout3 add-ons i.e.) It’s hard to imagine they hadn’t that done beforehand release date but hey, that’s just a feeling that lots of people share (and lots will argue) just like stores exclusives and so but as it has been discussed many times @ many places before we better don’t go that way here.
    I suppose I’ll have to take those downloadable bits on the positive way; as exclusives or dx edition extras that can be upgraded from the regular v. (instead of having to get multiple games to get the whole thing, like fallout vegas exclusives, d’oh).
    TY for your reply, cheers.

  • Breed Evil

    I find it funny when people argue in the comments. lol