October 17th 2010 5:12 pm PT

Show 374: Dead Space Ignition, MOH and Fallout New Vegas


Note: Due to illness (mine) at the time of recording session, we were unable to do a normal show. Therefore, this week you can enjoy these interviews that I had recorded prior to illness striking me down.

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)  

Dead Space™ Ignition

Interview: Rich Briggs, Dead Space Ignition (00:00- 13:48)
Interview: Kevin O’Leary, Medal of Honor (13:49 – 22:11)
Interview: Jason Bergman, Fallout New Vegas (22:12 – 40:41)

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Podcast By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • SZips

    What about having the rest of the Podcast crew take over while you’re ill? They seemed to do a great job when you were out of the state a few weeks back.

  • Dedatos

    we here at Bangkok are hoping u have a speedy recovery Major!

  • SZips

    Didn’t mean to come off as insensitive to your illness, but I do wish you a speedy recovery as well. Where’s an edit when you need it? Ha.

  • LawdaddyCO

    Fallout New Vegas could be pretty sweet.

  • lockload

    Not in itunes yet, how long does it take?

  • Tjoeb123

    Were you already recording when the illness got you? I was weally weally (yes, in Elmer Fudd language) wanting to hear what your (as in all of you) thoughts on Fable II being free a few days ago.

    Also it’s been quite a long time since we’ve had a normal show…Interviews, e/Stepto/Laura, and now more interviews…

  • Z4M0

    hope you get well soon mr hryb

  • SM4LLy360

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, the teams doing good but it’s not the same without you.

  • Whiskey Tan9o

    I hope you get to feeling better, Major. Thank you for posting the interviews for us though. :-)

  • Arsenic13

    I’m sure the producer saw the hate for Ignition. It’s absolutely horrible.

  • Culebra 64

    Seems to be that time of year, everybody’s getting sick lately. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Anonymous

    I hope you feel better soon/ what do you have, like the flu, cold, pneumonia?

  • xLoCk 0nx

    He has an ear infection I believe (though possibly something else on top of it). Thanks for taking the time to post these – hope you feel better soon! Looking forward to the next full show :)

  • chiruno99

    Pah, everyone giving him the sympathy he dose’t give a crap about.

  • bullka LT

    @chiruno99: very well said.

  • The Gh0sts

    @chiruno99: how do you know that? from the lack of replies from Major?

  • SkyyPlum

    Fallout New Vegas is the main reason I’m still up after 6 am so I can pull an all nighter after picking it up at midnight tomorrow. I’m so excited. Oh and Major, was it the way our Orange football team played against Pittsburgh that made you sick? Just kidding, get well soon.

  • Major Nelson

    Thanks for the nice words everyone. I do appreciate it, regardless of what some may think.

  • chiruno99

    Inb4 “Well that goes to show…faggot”

  • HeartbreakRidge

    It wasn’t on iTunes when I checked earlier this morning, has anyone gotten it from iTunes?

  • Surly x Duff

    No iTunes for me either.

  • Rock1t

    Not in my iTunes queue either. Other podcasts are updating fine (This American Life, The Moth, etc.) Was really looking forward to listening to this on my commute

  • rogXue

    Get well soon Larry. BTW still not on Itunes as of 3pm central today.

  • Major Nelson

    iTunes is fixed. It was my error. Sorry about that.