October 18th 2010 12:58 pm PT

DOTW: Member’s Choice Winner


This weeks Gold Member Deal of the week is the winner of last month’s Member’s Choice Deal Of The Week Poll. If you own Battlefield: Bad Company 2, then you’ll be happy to know that the majority of your fellow Xbox LIVE members Gold Members voted for this deal:


Onslaught Mode, normally 800 Points, is now 400 Points.

While the SPECACT Upgrade Bundle, normally 480 Points is 320 Points.


These deals are available for Xbox LIVE Gold members until Monday, October 25th.


Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • moocow21

    I hope the other choices will become DOTW relatively soon, because they all seemed like pretty good deals.

  • Exu

    Well no, Battlefield had the highest amount of people vote for it out of all the options, but the majority of my “fellow Xbox LIVE members Gold Members” voted for Not Battlefield 2.
    More people will be unhappy than happy. Fail!

  • SilentHunter382

    I really wanted it to be Deathspank. :(

  • chiruno99

    I’m not gonna be bitter. Spiteful. Spoilt like the rest of you.
    BF2:BC DLC won. So what. They wanted it, they got it. Democracy man.
    Just shut up and accept it.

  • alex5523


  • Bennyishere

    Time to dust off Bad Company 2 and get some achievements!

  • Disco Ball

    lame, honestly who voted for this…. anywho heres to hoping Deathspank DOTW soon!


    From now on when people vote it should be a vote for 1 Game and 1 Add On. This way everybody wins!

  • ElektroDragon

    Please don’t make this available for voting anymore. The military shooters will always, always win!

  • I DLord I

    My vote was for permanent discounts on older XBLA titles that no one buys or pays attention to anymore. EX: CoD2 and CoD3 map packs have seen absolutely no discount or mark down and they are years old.

  • darkdeath174

    Sure would have been nice if the voter hadn’t broken in Canada, I didn’t even get to vote because of that :(

  • Velete

    You could have just you know, put them all on fruxing deal = super happy community

    Its not like MS have some big unreplenishble stock of DLC and have to carefully dole it out.

    Also agree that some of the older arcade games/DLC needs a permanent price cut,plenty of things that have been out for years and must only get a handfull of downloads per month ( or not at all for some of the more obscure content ) – a quick pricecut on old stuff=tons of downloads on what was really old crap

  • r3dreck

    Oh ya…

  • Gambit3rd

    Enjoy it while it lasts, I’ll buy the Ultimate Edition.

    Hope to see DeathSpank on deal asap. :D

  • Rick Dias PK

    No, I am not particularly happy to be told the community voted for this. I don’t spend much time or money on games along these lines, so a discount on them does nothing for me. The majority has as usual picked a military shooter when I have no interest in the genre, and a discount isn’t enough to get me onboard. Instead of one voting bloc controlling what discounts there are (they will always pick the same things that don’t interest me)… just give us a variety of promotions each week. Steam does this, letting the military shooter crowd have their delicious candy while more ‘niche’ purchasers like me also get something neat; everyone walks away happy! Steam, incidentally, gets fairly regular purchases from me. More than what I’m spending on XBLA at the moment.

  • allinmike51

    I agree that with the holiday season almost upon us, that we should have one add-on and one xbla title to get discounted. Show some bart xbox live:-)

  • chiruno99

    I’m not suprised some people had to spit their dummies out at this. Not at all. Crybabies you is.

  • Kroesis

    Complaining about people complaining is just as bad.

  • trickybuz93

    LOL People are never satisfied here.

  • KEVN38

    Thanks. Just purchased onslaught mode.


    Here’s an idea. How about 2 deals of the week. One must be a game and the other a game add-on. The players without this game are like , yeah so this sucks. Also, how about an option on every piece of content for sale on xbl with a , “vote this for deal of the week” button or something similar instead of having to choose from a very limited selection.

  • peejam

    shame Perfect Dark didnt win. How about a european poll next time, major?