October 19th 2010 1:30 pm PT

Changes coming to Xbox.com



Tomorrow, Xbox.com will be getting a massive facelift and I want to give you a preview of what you can expect.  In addition to support for the 9 new Xbox LIVE regions that will happen next month, Xbox.com will get a brand new look as well as some new features.


Here are some highlights:


Browser based Avatar editor: Edit your avatar and preview avatar items before purchase

Combined views for messages, friend and game requests

Improved notification of your account subscription

Leverage Family Reports to understand what your family is doing and how they are using LIVE

Play web games with your Xbox LIVE friends on the web or on Windows Phone 7

Marketplace: More powerful search and more intuitive ways to browse and filter


Those are just a few of the changes, starting tomorrow you’ll be able to explore the entire thing yourself. Until then, I’ve uploaded a few screen shots to get hold you over until then.



In order to prepare for these changes, starting at 0500 ET/0200 PT/0900 GMT on October 20th (tomorrow) Xbox.com and the Xbox forums will be offline and unavailable for a short period of time. When it returns, you’ll see the new site.


The Xbox LIVE service is not affected by this upgrade and will remain available during this time.


Update: The upgrade is in progress. Until it is complete, you may see some slowness, error pages (and maybe more) on Xbox.com. Thanks for your patience while the team finishes the upgrade.


Edit: Once the update is complete, drop by the Xbox.com forums and let us know what you think


Xbox.com By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Grubish360

    I really love Microsoft’s initiative to unify all of their products. It also helps since “metro” is a very clean, slick, and fast interface. Zune, Media Center, WP7, and now even Xbox Live is all coming together in the metro revolution. One thing though, I hope Windows stays Aero.

  • Grubish360

    I really love Microsoft’s initiative to unify all of their products. It also helps since “metro” is a very clean, slick, and fast interface. Zune, Media Center, WP7, and now even Xbox Live is all coming together in the metro revolution. One thing though, I hope Windows stays Aero.

  • DL CyberSkull

    Much cleaner than the current design. Are the performance/usability issues with marketplace going to be fixed? Also, will the javascript login be replaced with server side?


    These are welcome changes.

  • ELiiTe SH0T x

    Looking good. I wonder when the New update coming out on Xbox Live?

  • CrazyCake

    Really is it tomorrow yet lol can’t wait for the new xbox.com :) haha,

  • theXtReMe1

    I would love the ability to record and listen to voice messages via Xbox.com. Also, the ability to leave longer voice messages… say 30 seconds to 1 minute long.

  • Dj Ron360

    It looks great. Can’t wait til I can browse through it for myself.

  • Ghost of Kirin

    Yes, yes and yes for the browser based Avatar editor! Loving the new look as well!

  • Lord Of Blah

    Wow, a 2AM xbox.com update? Awesome.

    I hope there’s some super sweet forum updates, and I’m looking forward to the Browser Avatar Editor!

  • Legitti




  • Legitti

    I live in Finland and i got Account registred to UK, am i able to do migragation??
    Also how can we download Legendary Content again if we cant use Download History??

  • D4rth T Man7iz

    Another welcomed Xbox.com Update!

    Hopefully the forums will be updated too!

  • Quaranj

    Live service just kicked me out at 12:21 PST for a few minutes. Glad I wasn’t in an arena.

  • melkor2301

    “Xbox.com is currently down for maintenance.
    Please check back soon”

    *waiting mode*

  • The Gh0sts

    start twiddling those thumbs ppl!

    can’t wait for the new look and welcome to the 9 new countries joining xbox live!

  • Zzdog30

    omg it so cool and run great

  • ChakramPrincess

    The friend list is terrible and maybe now the Australian Xbox site will work properly? Haven’t been able to look at registered cobnsoles, repair page etc for ages due to broken links on the site.

  • Shawcross

    Pretty sweet looking from the preview shots. Can’t wait to try it out later on tonight

  • bullka LT

    I have problems opening forums. I can’t open from my email (automatic messages) and can’t open forums directly from xbox.com.

  • Mikro

    xbox.com having a few Issues Games cover art (the forums on the old site format) It’s a Mess right now

  • twpps

    hehehe… Yeah.. they got a few glitch… But i love the error message that I,ve got on the site

    Uh oh… that shouldn’t have happened.It appears you’ve found a glitch in the system.
    Sorry. We were, uh… a little bit distracted playing Halo: Reach. We will work on fixing this right away.

  • Zacabeb

    Looks like the migration is taking a lot longer than they expected. Right now I cannot access the forums at all.

  • Shinji257

    I just took a quick glance and it looks nice. I’ll come back once I get a good look at it.

    Oh btw
    http://xbox.com results in a 403 forbidden page
    http://www.xbox.com works fine though.

  • Anonymous

    looks sweeeet

  • Anonymous

    Uh oh… that shouldn’t have happened.
    It appears you’ve found a glitch in the system.

    Sorry. We were, uh… a little bit distracted playing Halo: Reach. We will work on fixing this right away.


    Where is the “My Forums” option on the website to view all the threads that we have posted in, created etc?

  • WooDyWalKerHK

    It’s slow and many error found after this update. Still finding “My Forum” button…

  • sleepydumbdude

    Fable2.com no longer works so I can’t get stuff from those minigames anymore. :(

  • ShaggyB

    how is the progress going Major, i can log in but cant buy stuff

  • ShaggyB

    not seeing secret achievements for a game i was playing… Basically they are stage completes for the ones i havent beaten yet…. but now they arent listed.

    Also the line up of the ones i have gotten are displayed in an order that is not to my liking…. Latest gotten is not first…

  • trekx

    Where’s the web games ???

  • MangledRex

    Alot of growing pains..errors left and right for me :/

  • Dale Baldwin

    Not a fan, feels like a big step backwards in terms of usability to me. Far too many more clicks to get to the pages I actually care about, and I detest this growing trend (across the web, not just on xbox.com) for bright white pages.

  • Mikro

    Well that’s the end for Me Xbox.com was up but everything just quit responding here in Michigan

  • hydroxyde

    Well, after using it a little bit, this new design is terrible.
    So much extra scrolling introduced to find information that used to be right in front of you.

  • Punisher138

    When are we going to be able to preview dashboard themes???

  • Alliedwar

    It’s awful :(

  • r3dreck

    Some things I like about it, some not so much… design-wise it’s not that great.

  • r3dreck

    “Play web games with your Xbox LIVE friends on the web or on Windows Phone 7″

    Where can I find those? And can I get chevos with them?

  • simon zephyr

    Nice, more ways to lure people into micro transaction.

  • jchapman

    I understand the need for change and the natural reluctance to embrace it, but I do not like the new look.

    I can no longer see my recent achievements, online friends, see their games and achievements or message them from the front page. This was all incredibly useful information and functionality to have immediately available.

    You’ve added a lot of white space to the layout that requires a significant increase in scrolling to find information; especially the friends and message pages. It just takes more time and effort to use.

    You’ve highlighted “Games” and “Friends”, but not “Messages” on the front page. The ability to send messages through xbox.com is a key feature (computer keyboard > controller) and you’ve buried it in a small sub menu.

    You’ve removed the grayed-out achievement icons. It may be more colorful but it’s much harder to browse progress visually.

    You’re wasting incredible amounts of screen real estate with large link images (e.g “Games”, “Friends”, etc.). I understand you’re part of the Windows 7 Phone group and you’re trying to make your page look good on that device, but the vast majority of your customers are using a computer; 87,000 pixels allocated to an image of 2 avatars with no meaning to me is annoying visual garbage, not a link. Another 87,000px for a picture of a game controller? These huge images may as well be advertisements for all the function and/or meaning they bring.

    You’ve apparently chosen style (and money with the strangely prominent link to the avatar marketplace) over real substance… xbox.com is now less useful to me. It may look like the new dashboard and look nice on your new phone, but everything takes more clicks, more scrolling, and more effort. Congratulations on the redesign; you’ve successfully made my xbox.com home page just as useful as my playstation.com home page.

  • theXtReMe1

    You guys need to do away with the ads in the My Xbox section of the new Xbox.com. IT is annoying as hell to see these ads, so huge, in the friends list of the My Xbox page. Whoever came up with this idea, is ridiculous. Seriously, the implementation is terrible. I dont mind the ads on the page, just dont put them in the friends section. It not only looks terrible, it makes me not want to ever go to that page again. May just make Friends, my new home page until you fix this.

  • EveofLight

    I noticed on my friends list that offline achievements are dating back to 1/1/1753 O_o….weiiiiird……

  • r3dreck

    Anyone having issues redeeming codes? i get an error every time I try.

  • Marboba

    wow cant wait… 10 years in the making.. and we finally see it unfold to what bill gates envisioned…

  • DUDI1969

    COOL Design! and great work! I Love it! It’s awesome & better than before!
    but what about the side: Free Your Avatar (http://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/avatars/freeyouravatar/) where you could make pictures of your Avatar for Facebook & Messenger?

  • metallicorphan

    so did things go tits up?,as now when i click on Xbox.com,its back to the old design

    @sleepydumbdude-the Fable 2 flash site for the exclusive items has been broken for ages,i went to complain about it about 6 months ago on the Fable 2 forums and there were lots of people already complaining…MS/lionhead whoever don’t seem to give a shit

  • Jayifiied

    I’m sorry, but I hate the new look. It’s really white, burns my eyes if i’m on the site for too long, the “My Profile” page looks kinda cluttered, not a fan of the new friend list, and I don’t like how when I compare games with a friend, All of the achievements are in white. Not like the old setup where all the unlocked ones are highlighted and the locked ones are shaded in gray. Web-based Avatar Editor, it’s cool and spiffy, but is it really necessary..? Not trying to sound like a jerk, I just want to put my opinion out there. I appreciate that you guys are just trying to cater to us, but I really really like the old version of the xbox site.

  • ShaggyB

    not liking the achievement lists fir games… please change them back. They are displaying the pics for secret achievements, the order is all messed up with dlc achievements mixed in (check out force unleashed 1 for what i mean) and they display by oldest unlocked first instead of newest like before.