October 21st 2010 9:51 pm PT

Join me at the official Kinect Launch in NYC–Updated


We are days away from Kinect and the launch plans are starting to finalize. Join me at the New York event where we have some great surprises to kick things off. I’ll share more details as we get closer to the date, but for now I wanted to tell you the save the date so you can join in on the fun.


Xbox 360 Presents The Official Kinect Launch

When:  November 3rd, 6:00 p.m. – November 4, 3:00 a.m.

Where:  Toys R Us Times Square, New York (1514 Broadway at 44th Street)


More details on the event here


See you in New York.


Update: We’ve just announced that the first 3,000 people to line up and purchase Kinect at the official launch party with me at Toys R Us Times Square will receive a free copy of Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride, along with a one-year Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.*

Fine Print:
*Gift with purchase available for the first 3,000 people who purchase Kinect for Xbox 360 (Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor or Kinect bundle), starting at midnight on Thursday, November 4, 2010, at Toys"R"Us Times Square, NY. Gift includes two Kinect for Xbox 360 games (Kinect Joy Ride and Kinect Sports) and one-year Gold subscription to Xbox LIVE. Limit: one gift per person.



Events, Kinect By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • goobot

    i live in new york! :)

  • CrazyCake

    I can’t click the event link it says its broken :/ but hopefully my appointment for the doctor trip will be that week or a day or so before so i can come down and see everything :)

  • VoodooHack

    That’s just a couple blocks from my job. I may have to stop by after work. The Times Square TrU is usually mobbed with tourists, so I can only imagine the mayhem with the Kinect launch.

  • porschephiliac

    You know, if I still lived there, I just might have come. I am in Arizona now… kinda far away.

  • Mr FuZzYbOtToMz

    i work in rockefeller center,just two blocks away,have to check out my schedule to see if i get out early or off for the day

  • EveofLight

    I will see if I can go, I don’t like being around people too much but this time I will make an exception :)

  • Xbox Sonic

    see ya’ll in NYC!

  • CLaSik McLoVnYy

    Yea Imma Be there on the 3rd and 4th Not to far… From there

  • Phen0m24

    Hey Major – If my wife and kiddo want to use Kinect will it recognize them or does everyone need their own Live login?? Like say we bought Fitness Evolved. Would my wife and I both be able to use it without her own Live account? Just wondering. Thanks!

  • Shinji257

    Hehe… Those are my days off. Too bad I don’t live in NYC. I’d have quite a drive on my hands.

  • Mr FuZzYbOtToMz

    anybody know when is a good time to be there to secure a good spot?

  • Radical Dylan

    @Phen0m24 – It doesn’t matter what account you use, Kinect will pick up anybody within it’s view. The only problems are if it is a one player game, one person has to completely leave Kinect’s View before another person can enter. But if no one is in the Kinects view, anyone can enter and Kinect will automatically use the person it sees as the body movement focal point.

  • Phen0m24

    Thanks Dylan – I”m guessing it’s more of a question about the game (like the fitness game) – will it let my wife and I have separate “profiles” if you will. Much obliged. I’m hoping we can get some in-depth game coverage on Live of how Kinect works with the launch titles and Netflix, etc.

  • SuperDunners

    Wait a second … I AM IN NEW YORK! With that, I may have to make a trip into the big city for this :D

  • Rokntek

    If I’m in the city for work, I’ll come by to check this out fer sure…

  • Kinectamaniac

    I just found out I can’t get Kinect at release…I’m so bummed about that. I game using an HD Projector, and I need to have the light level pretty low while using it…so I doubt the Kinect can accurately read my body position in that level of ambient light.

    I’m getting a nice 3Dtv around Tax Return time…so that’s when I’ll be able to get my Kinect.

    Maybe Kinect will have some 3D titles announced by then? Kinect+3D=Awesomecicles!

  • QuiCkz AleX

    see ya’ll in NYC!

  • chiruno99

    You do that, I’ll play Move in the meantime.

  • Kinectamaniac

    Ha! Move. Having to hold something the whole time you are playing…so yesterday. Go back to the Sony forums Barney Rubble.

  • dedtime

    Hey Kinectamaniac, You can play kinect in the dark. It also uses infrared to see you :).

  • dedtime

    Oh yea, Hey Major. For those special few that have Kinect already, do they get to go to this after party with the 400 that buy it? Just askin.

  • Oh baby 1994

    I played the Move extensively and I thought it sucked. Not sold on Kinect either, we’ll see.

  • Kinectamaniac

    @dedtime…there is a video on the Marketplace about the set-up process. And, it says room must have even lighting conditions or it can throw off the Kinect Sensors. Using only the light from the Projector would be constantly changing light levels…think of a movie theater, with scenes going from bright to dark frequently. I’m sure that type of lighting would be sure to throw off the Kinect Sensors.

  • Premierdrmmr07

    sigh…don’t forget about us gamers that got you where you are in the console world Microsoft…I’m fine with you wanting to broaden your install base to the wii demographic. Just throw us a couple of good NON-KINECT REAL EXCLUSIVES a year…

  • juan cabrera

    Hmm… Howcome there’s never a Phoenix, AZ launch =( haha!

  • dedtime

    @Kinectamaniac, I See. didn’t watch the video. But, it works in the dark ;)

  • Anonymous

    @juan babrera how did you get the backround for your avatar pic?

  • Anonymous

    @juan cabrera how did you get the backround for your avatar pic?

  • LittleBlueAlien

    Looking forward to the Launch – shame the line-up is full of shovelware.

  • Anonymous

    BTW i been trying to get to xbox.com for a day and a half and i get the same message when you guys were fixing it. is something wrong?

  • MangledRex

    If you fancy paying for a ticket to fly me over I’m game!


  • Real Xebec

    Kinect will fail miserably, just like the XBox Live Vision camera. Who the heck wants to hold a virtual steering wheel while playing racing games? Where is the accuracy? There is none. Kinect is a joke.

  • DonP97

    Kinect is such a joke. Like Minority Report and sliced bread.

    It’s a tough date for a Finance guy, but I’ll stop by.
    Can’t for long though.
    Hey, lemme ask the community here. Do I need to buy a stand for Kinect? Or does it come with something I can use to put it on my TV or Wall?

    Ha. Kinect. I laugh.

  • laserboyjc

    Still trying to find out if Microsoft stores will have special events for the Kinect launch…please say yes :)

  • chiruno99

    Re-reding old comments, getting ideas.
    I’ll hold you to “playing Move in the dark” and will record the results.
    I predict more painful results with banging into the coffee table.

    Can’t help but feel the other guy’s being a fanboy.

  • Chap

    So if the event starts at 6, will I be able to buy at 6, or will I be standing around till midnight waiting to buy it?

  • xZ3XYxGR4NDP4x

    You guys should have more things in Orlando, besides the Kinect Orlando event which with you there made it AWESOMEEEE!!