October 25th 2010 9:32 pm PT

Tell us what you’d like to see on the Avatar Marketplace


I was chatting with some people who work on Avatar Marketplace and they asked me what I thought the community would like to see added to the Avatar Marketplace. After a short discussion, I said let’s just ask ‘em….they’re not shy about telling us what they do and don’t like.  So here is your chance. Vote in the poll below, or leave your comments and tell us what you would like to see come to the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace.




I’ll keep the poll open for about a week so let us know what you think and I’ll share the results with the Avatar Marketplace team.


Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • DailySloppy2nds

    Why can I still not get a Flyers jersey? Basketball, baseball and football are all represented, but still NO hockey. Sad.

  • vader29

    NHL jerseys, NFL jerseys that you can put your own number on instead of double 0’s and a Darth Vader helmet, that is all.

  • reyalP LGSO

    I think the Xbox Live marketplace should have multi-tier pricing.
    The prices that they have now would be the base prices and should apply to silver member purchases. If you are a gold member every item should be discounted across the board (for example 10%)
    You should also get discounts for your consecutive years as a gold member. 10% for the first year, 12% for two years, 14% for three years and so on. A member with 7 or 8 years as a gold member would get around a 22% discount or so with a formula like this on all items in the marketplace. Of course if you let your gold membership expire or revert back to silver membership for some reason you would lose your discounts and have to start all over again at the base prices.
    In addition to the gold membership discounts, I think all Xbox live marketplace items should be discounted annually. For the first year an item is available on marketplace the price would be the full retail price. After one year it should be discounted 5%, two years 7% three years 9% and so on. An item on the marketplace for 5 or 6 years would be discounted around an additional 15%.
    Finally, I think you should get discounts for total amount of Xbox live points you have purchased. If you are that kind of person that buys dozens of Xbox Live Arcade titles, maps packs, game add-ons and avatar items you should get a discounted price. (Think of it as a volume customer discount) The points spent discount would also vary depending on the total amount purchased.
    The total points purchased discount even allows silver members to get discounts on marketplace items. I am sure there are at least some silver members that purchase a lot of points but don’t pay for gold because they prefer single player or at home multiplayer games.
    Seem complicated? Well it really isn’t. Every time you make a purchase MS checks your membership status (gold or silver) the amount of consecutive gold years, the age of the content and the amount of points you have spent and automatically applies the correct discounts.

  • coma darkvale

    i would like to see some dc comics stuff like props or costumes of green lantern or batman or etc

  • coma darkvale

    i would like to see some dc comics stuff like props or costumes of green lantern or batman or etc

  • Kinectamaniac

    Can we can an update for the “Download History”? It would be nice if it was more organized, instead of going thru a list of over 1,000 items until you find what you’re looking for.

  • Kinectamaniac

    “Can we can”? I guess I should have gotten my coffee before I posted this morning…hehe.

    Of course, I meant, “Can we get” an update for the Download History?!

  • Dragon Athena

    Disney related Avatar costumes, and not Mickey Mouse ears or Goofy hats, actual character costumes.


    An injury collection that features band-aids, casts, wounds, amputations and such.

  • chiruno99

    Remember when our clothing updates were put straight into the wardrobe like Cowboys, Surfer and Rave at no price?
    Pepperridge Farm remembers.

  • Black Fist

    It doesn´t have much to do with the thread at hand, but then again, it has.
    Want to make the Avatars marketplace better?
    Make a new category…NEW, this way, we always know what is new of the marketplace insted of searching for it.
    Another category…..Marketplace Items Bought, this way we can actually find the clothes and items we want to dress our avatars with, insted of having to search for it.

  • UKresistance

    Non-ridiculously over price crap. 40 MSPs, aka 50 cents should be plenty to charge. Five bucks is just a big FU to the userbase.

  • DroothR

    Personally, I’d like to see new hair and facial hair varieties be made available.

  • x AdReNaLjNe x

    Id like to see Fallout 3 & Fallout: New Vegas armor, like the Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, Legion, NCR Trooper and/or Ranger. Most of all the Desert Trooper like on the cover of New Vegas. Also having a Gears of War lancer and other weapons would be amazing.

  • a1984darkboy

    I’d like more animations, of the zombie variation. Dinosaurs would be awesome as well.

  • tozOL

    really about time we had UK “football” premier league shirts, I can tell you they would sell a lot.

  • Goomba Assassin

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned already but with regards to Avatars it would be nice if more customisation options were available with regards to attitude of one’s Avatar.
    They all virtually do the same hand wave movement as you select them on your friends list. It would be nice if you could choose a bubbly Avatar attitude or a grumpy one (that was G-Rated of course) or maybe sporty etc. Just get them to do something other than the same animations all the time. Change their facial expressions up as well essentially giving them more personality.

  • LinkinPrime

    I would love it if there was a requirement to have all the items split up. Head, body, legs, hands, face…and have the option to combine anything and everything.

    Bundled costumed sets for sale is cool, but allow each of the items to be changed and mixed, like for example, a Stormtrooper helmet, with a COG chest piece, and Halo Reach armor legs…etc.

  • Bacon McShig

    I voted for Sports props but that’s not really accurate. What I’d really like are expanded sports team collections.

    Example: I like the Atlanta Hawks and would love to show my support with an avatar shirt. However, the only style shirts available are replica sleeveless jerseys like the players wear; as a skinny white guy both in real life and in avatar form, I would look ridiculous in a replica sleeveless jersey like the players wear. Why no simple t-shirts with the team logo? That, I would be on board with.

    I felt the College Collections did it well, there were many varieties of branded clothing for each school, offering several styles of polos and t-shirts in team colors and branding, as well as hats, wristbands, jackets, and shoes. You don’t walk into a team shop and see one style of shirt; the XBL marketplace should strive to offer a similar variety of choices and customization.

    Additionally, the varied types of items offered a range of pricing so that both the person that can only justify $1 on imaginary clothing, and the person that can justify $5, could both find something they liked.

  • Dr Leo

    I always hoped to see an Elite (from Halo) helmet that the avatar could wear like a hat. I’ve had a Gold Elite as my gamerpic for years, and it’d be sweet to dress the part, since we’ve got Spartan gear now after Reach’s release. The shape of their helmets are quite unique, and there are several to choose from in both Halo 3 and Reach.

  • NikOPE Jims

    I voted for the Anime stuff, but I’m afraid all that will be done is those two shows. I mean, Vegeta’s original suit and Scouter or Goku’s outfit would be awesome, but I think they should expand on more series in the future. Dragon Ball is a good way to start, though. Now if we could get some TF2 stuff…

  • Profeten DK

    Voted for Anime stuff, would really like to see something from Naruto, especially Akatsuki robes from the Shippuden series, headbands would be cool to. Some different hairstyles that could match the costumes would be awesome. But really any anime stuff would be nice, since there is nothing. Could be nice if there was something from Bleach and One Piece also. Any free stuff would be sweet, i just don’t understand why things like avatar outfits have to cost money, but less pricy would be cool to.