October 25th 2010 9:32 pm PT

Tell us what you’d like to see on the Avatar Marketplace


I was chatting with some people who work on Avatar Marketplace and they asked me what I thought the community would like to see added to the Avatar Marketplace. After a short discussion, I said let’s just ask ‘em….they’re not shy about telling us what they do and don’t like.  So here is your chance. Vote in the poll below, or leave your comments and tell us what you would like to see come to the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace.




I’ll keep the poll open for about a week so let us know what you think and I’ll share the results with the Avatar Marketplace team.


Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Bratt87

    free stuff, right now the prices being charged for some of these stupid props/ avatar items is rediculous, its almost on the level of EA’s robbing

  • xxBlitzBurghxx

    NFL helmets…..

  • QuiCkz AleX

    Xbox 360 gaming accessories (controllers, Kinect camera prop, etc.)

  • GriffGB

    I’d like to see a price reduction. Afterall, it’s not like they’re hardly seen anywhere other than the “friends” tab, which I doubt many people even use.

    Also stop ripping people off by making them pay for two parts of an outfit. Surely, an outfit and the headgear should be together.

  • Kroesis

    A free multiplayer Arcade game (which does not do a U-Turn to retail title a la Joyride) in which you can show off your gear to people other than those on your friends list.

    Also 360 accessories. Your avatar gets a control pad when browsing the avatar marketplace but it’s unavailable to purchase as a prop. Like to have that as a prop for my casual outfits.

  • jurrabi

    I’ll like to see the initial MS promise come true. They said that there would be no charges for avatar stuff. I still can’t stand that MS is so money driven…

    Avatar stuff should be earn with game achievements!

  • r3dreck

    “I’ll like to see the initial MS promise come true. They said that there would be no charges for avatar stuff. I still can’t stand that MS is so money driven…”

    Also, whatever happened to people making their own store, selling their made avatar products/themes/etc and making MS bucks? That was 8 years ago before the recession so ??

  • Shiaoran

    What I want the most is to be able to combine the stuff I have. In real life you don’t see people take off their pants when they put on their helmet to ride a bike, so why should my avatar do that?

  • Anonymous

    more jeans,shorts,…
    more hats, caps (kangol, new era)
    more sunglasses (ray ban)

    avatar marketplace needs co-branding !!!

  • Lavindathar

    I voted Dino pets, but any new full costumes would be good. So anime costumes would be fine.

    But, why do only Americans get the sports love? We have the Premier League over here in England, with more money involved than any american sport. (Maybe Basketball runs it close?- I dunno).

    Yet we can’t get EPL kits/shirts? I need a Man Utd footy kit.

  • Anonymous

    sorry i forgot more soccer kits, mlb ,…

  • DualCoreSTEVE

    Yes yes yes, UK Football Premier League shirts, I completely agree with that great suggestion. As stated earlier, the Premier League is followed by fans all over the world, it wouldn’t just be UK Xbox users wanting these shirts.

    Also, weapons. it’s not THAT controversial to have weapons, is it? We already have lightsabres so what’s the difference between that and say a Samurai Sword ? And guns, is there some way guns from games such as Gears or Black Ops could be introduced but maybe in a comedy style that fits in with the whole Avatar ethos. For example, maybe an authentic looking M16 assault rifle or M9 pistol but when the Avatar pulls the trigger, the classic white flag with “BANG!” appears from the barrel. Maybe something like this may allow weapons but in a slightly non-violent way ?

    Finally, how about some Neo and Trinity Matrix full outfits with some cool looking bullet-time style animations ?

  • LittleBigSamuel

    As long as there is Stupid people there will be smart ones. I don’t know how people pay for imaginary stuff like avatar clothing that don’t exist. They will never give them for free as long as there is stupid gamers paying for it.

    Sorry…. Is the reality.

  • DualCoreSTEVE

    Its a fair point regarding paying for imaginary items, but games are imaginary as well and we pay for them. Doesn’t it all boil down to how much entertainment we get from these pixels, be it in game format or avatar format. In either case, developers and designers have spent time contructing these creations and need to be paid for their work. Admitedly there’s much less work involved in creating avatar items than there is a full blown retail game but they are much cheaper as well. Even though these Avatar items are not a real tangible product, we still get some level of entertainment out them, and these days entertainment will nearly always come at a price.
    I do agree that a lot of the avatar items are over-priced but fully understand they need to charge something for the the more sophisticated designs and animations because of the level of work that’s gone into creating them.

  • Aqualung812

    I don’t want free Avatar items, I want GOLD MEMBER Avatar items. It doesn’t need to be much, just throw 2 complementary gold items out there for Gold members whenever a batch of 30 paid items get added, that’s all.

    It costs MS very little to do that, but it makes those who are paying for the service feel like they’re getting more value.

  • One Crazy Idiot

    Not only more free stuff, but bring back the “Save Carmine” and the “Carmine Must Die” shirts. I missed out on them before:(

  • chiruno99

    How about, just, answer the problems we have at the moment instead of giving the filthy weeaboos what they want.

  • rubernck21

    Star Trek outfits, Star Trek toy flying ship (like remote control A-10 Warthog), Star Trek props (like phasers, tricorders).

    More DJ outfits (rave outfit would be hilarious).

    Free items would be cool too…

  • Real Xebec

    Major Nelson has turned in to nothing more than a corporate tool. He titled this post “Tell us what you’d like to see on the Avatar Marketplace”. In all reality, it should have read “Tell us what we can create to nickle and dime you some more”.

  • chiruno99

    Real Xebec QFT

  • L0ng5h0t

    It’s been said before, but needs to be emphasized. More FREE stuff! Especially since you’re jacking up the Live subscription fee.

  • L0ng5h0t

    “I do agree that a lot of the avatar items are over-priced but fully understand they need to charge something for the the more sophisticated designs and animations because of the level of work that’s gone into creating them.”

    Remember when companies used to create additional content for their games and then give it away, just to say thanks to their loyal fans and support their community. Like the way Valve still does!

  • Spargo CXVII

    How about being able to get a bike, skateboard, etc, to do tricks with.

  • Osiriis

    More free items or at least lower prices, $5 for an avatar costumes, really?!! That’s bordering on highway robbery!

    I’d complain more but I know there are morons out there buying $5 costumes and hats for their avatars, so I won’t go any further…

  • TANK 2old2play

    Where’s the option for ‘none of the above’ ?

  • I DLord I

    How about restructuring the prices? A suit of armor should be .50c not $5. I actually might use money on this crap if it wasn’t the price of a god damn meal.

  • krisxx

    comic book costumes!!!!!!

  • AARON82

    how about the option to turn them off,there a waste of space for anyone older than 2

  • Dedatos

    would really enjoy it if we had some superhero costumes. (maby they are already planned to come out with mvc3?) would be super cool to be wearing spiderman’s, ironman’s, or cap’s. would be so awesome.

  • Tyger Cheex

    I’d like to see a HUGE reduction in price across the board for all avatar items! Now I know it’s never going to happen because crazy people are willing to buy these things at their current price but the price (which, let’s be fair… hardly anyone really sees) is vastly over inflated! They should be priced so I can spend any space points on them… 10 or 20 points each with a maximum of 80 for a full outfit (including helmet). If they were priced like that then I would have bought dozens of items and spent far more than I have so far (I think I have only actually bought ONE item… a Lionhead T-Shirt!) I was shocked to see that a lightsaber was more expensive than Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved! I’d love a lightsaber… if it were 20 or 40 points I’d have bought it… hell at that price I’d have bought different colours! At it’s current price I’d much rather go without!

    In short, with the current pricing structure there is zero chance I’ll ever buy anything else and I’ll be content with my free stuff and game unlocks to customise my Avatar! It’s a shame, but I won’t be losing any sleep over it!

  • BillyMagnumFOD

    id like to see everything cost…..NOTHING. all of that stuff should be free if not pennies. more personal facial customization. Miis had it right.

  • Static Jak

    I’d much rather see more hairstyles, glasses, facial features and that sort of stuff. Surprised these haven’t been done at all yet.

  • jchapman

    Where’s the option for “I don’t plan on buying any avatar crap”?

  • Carg0

    speaking of Avatar stuff, Major, what happened to the Madden NFL jerseys? will they ever show up again on the marketplace (hopefully at lower prices)?

  • xxxHolic Waltz

    I voted for more Anime stuff for sure. I’m pretty sure I bought every Anime picture pack and most themes on the marketplace. Sucks that the Japanese get all the good stuff in that regard. Love to get some avatar stuff, assuming it’s all well made, that is.

  • Punisher138

    More free stuff. I wont pay for avatar items. Unlockable items are cool though.


    I (and many others) want a RED lightsaber. animations, props. and while not a live function per se, it would be cool to be able to use the 360 as a dvr

  • monkeyfiedcheez

    How about a deadmau5 helm, that would be so cool and there are soo many different ones to choose from!!

  • Anonymous


    Deadmau5 is amazing! I saw that it’s already available in the United States Avatar Marketplace from DJ Hero 2. It’s a shame that it’s not in new Zealand.

  • Black Fist

    It´s great that they ask what the community wants, continue to do that.
    As for the choise, the animations one is cool.
    Personaly i don´t buy anything for the avatars, basically, because why should i, there is very little reason to

  • warlost

    I totally agree with a lot of people here… NHL Jersey, especially in Quebec, it will be a best-selling product for sure!!! It’s our National Sport!!!!

  • BossbotPrime

    My kids would like to see all of these. Unfortunately since everyone on the same xbox cannot used purchased items and it’s per avatar I will not buy any avatar items for anyone. Which is too bad because I would be buying some items ( especially if the prices were more realistic, are you people at Microsoft made of money or something I think you are quite out of touch with the average gamer )

  • N0RDS

    NHL jersey!!

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SeeUInTheFuture

    Dragonball avatar clothing now please!

  • Red Son Rising

    the poll options arent enticing at all, much more interested in games that feature avatars. already purchased 250+ items [262? 264? cant remember] but the one item thats missing are the Band Hero Striped Pants.. they were one of the first ‘limited time only’ female items with no expiration date that disappeared from xblAM way way way back

    Avatar Marketplace Team: plz put the Band Hero Striped Pants back up on xblAM. if not then something similar or [um] better? otherwise keep up the good work and dont worry bout the pricing, its not unreasonable or unfair

  • BJWanlund

    I would have liked to hit more than one option, and definitely must concur with the free Avatar stuff, even if it’s just some lame-o promotional item, like a Spartan helmet to promote Halo Reach, or a Kinect prop to promote Kinect, or what have you.


  • Whetzel

    I would literally pay money to make my avatar go away.

    Why don’t they make an invisible suit or something like that, and when I say invisible, I mean just that, invisible. I don’t want to see anything. Just like it’s not even there.

    Seriously, I could pay money for that.

  • a Frisky Dingo

    how about nfl jerseys, caps, and other related items. nothing available there yet.

  • IcyMidnight

    Free stuff. If I’m going to advertise your game/company/product on a fake t-shirt/costume on my avatar, I’m not going to pay you for the it!


    I’m really surprised by the vote. I didnt think Anime was that popular with the Xbox crowd.