October 29th 2010 4:00 pm PT

1 Billion Entertainment Hours spent on Xbox LIVE every month


We’ve just released some interesting Xbox data that I thought you might enjoy:

  • There are 45 million consoles sold in 35 countries.
  • In the last year alone there has been an 157 percent increase in the time spent watching movies and television on Xbox.
  • 42 percent of Xbox LIVE Gold members in the US are watching an average of an hour of television and movies on their Xbox, every single day or more than 30 hours of digitally distributed television and movies a month.
  • The 25 million members of Xbox LIVE around the world are each spending more than 30 hours per month on the service – that means cumulatively Xbox LIVE members are now logging more than one billion hours a month on the service
  • Access to Xbox LIVE is expanding from 26 countries to 35 this November.

And when we ship the next dashboard update in the very near future, Xbox LIVE will launch ESPN on Xbox LIVE, along with Video Kinect.


Update: Corrected the number of consoles sold.



Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Aqualung812

    Please, update us on how “very” the very near future is on that update.

    I’m in the beta, and would love to party chat with my non-beta friends this weekend.

    Sadly, I assume it will not update until Tuesday next week.

    Please, though, learn from Rock Band and do NOT drop the update on Kinect launch day! That will end in tears.

  • Dedatos

    stats are always awesome.

  • Hauz20

    Do the video stats include videos streamed on the home network?

  • Whetzel

    I’m very curious to see what those numbers look like next year after the price hike starts hitting people.

    As a multi platform owner (360, PS3 and a Wii), I can honestly say that I will most likely NOT be renewing my subscription when it’s up in February.

    I can do (pretty much) everything on my PS3 for FREE (at least the stuff I care about) so there isn’t any reason for me to keep paying (even more now) to watch Netflix when I have 4 other devices that I can watch it on for free (PS3, Wii, WDTV Live Plus and my PC).

  • VVho Cares

    Can’t wait for the ESPN. The beta does suck that you can’t chat with non beta users. That’s because of the new CODEC changes. Good thing i have a 2nd xbox (old non HDMI version) :)

  • Aqualung812

    Oh, I know *why* it won’t work, and I knew it wouldn’t work going into the Beta. Not complaining, just excited to get party chat back!


    Impressive stats indeed!

  • Nintendo Tim

    You’ve got a fact posted twice:

    “In the last year alone there has been an 157 percent increase in the time spent watching movies and television on Xbox.”

  • MyClockIsOrange

    Whetzel makes a good point.

  • viper1829

    When i logged on last night I thought they were dropping the update… It said that something was going on with the system. But after i got down playing CODMW2, the dashboard was back up and nothing looked different to me. It’s like waiting for Christmas, but not knowing when Chrisatmas day is. Obviously, it “should” drop by the Kinect release date. Why is it such Top Secret information on when the dashboard update is coming?

  • twisted poke

    Yay, I guess. You guys want a cookie? It still sucks that those of us that just want to play games have to pay more for the service. ESPN, and all the other crap can be had for free on my computer.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    That’s 1 billion hours people aren’t out in the streets messing each other up. Gaming is good for society. (Productivity, on the other hand… ;)


    A 10 dollar increase is hardly anything worth complaining about. Sounds like some people need to prioritize. Five dollars a month to game on one of the best services around is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

  • metallicorphan

    42 mil?…i thought it was about 44mil,as SONY just announced 41.6 million PS3s sold..so what the hell is going on there?

    and as we don’t have Netflix in the UK,any chance of bringing Lovefilm to the 360 instead?


    I also will probably not renew my live subscription. The money is not the point.xbox live is already over priced and now there raising it,If Sony can do it free I think M$ could manage without the price increase.why pay if I have a ps3 that’s free.

  • Monhegan

    Looking forward to the update. I’m surprised they’ve waited this long given the high stakes involved with the Kinect launch. Imagine buying Kinect day one and XBL is down because of update issues. That would be a quick way to turn off a lot of new customers.

  • Myst3r1o

    Wow…nice stats. Crazy how many hours are spent watching movies/tv shows on the 360(mostly due to the awesome powers of Netflix!). haha

    And I wonder if that dashboard update will coincide with the launch of Microsoft Kinect? Let’s hope so.

    And yeah, Monhegan, exactly! lol I’m sure the Xbox/Kinect Team is working extremely hard not to make that mistake. That would seriously be disastrous. Well…maybe not disastrous, but extremely problematic.

    Wow…next week is Kinect week! Hell yeah…can’t wait!

  • RICE md

    I know I’m doing my part adding to these stats!

  • RICE md

    I know I’m doing my part adding to these stats!

  • AN1MAL75

    I would have to say they ll probably drop the update this evening with the launch of kinect next week they need time to work out the bugs if there is a problem they have time to work it out before the launch.Just my opinion remember Xmas a few years ago when live crashed.The mayhem that insued After that.lmao

  • ZombieTron

    How many hours are spent gaming on Xbox? Does the increase in TV/Movie watching mean that game time is decreasing?

  • xxBlitzBurghxx

    I have seen more & more of my friends watching movies on their 360 lately…..

  • viper1829

    I watched Hot Fuzz last night. One of the funniest movies ever…. if you like British Humor.

  • Redneck ant

    I almost never see television and movies on my Xbox but my past 3 xboxes had their good share of gaming :D
    by the way, I hope the Xbox Slim is finally free of the 3 lights of dead and other RIP errors…

  • rastansaga

    meh… no more 1 vs 100 = no more gold subscription for me when this one runs out.
    a twitter follower (UK) of mine went to cancel her subscription today and was able to get half price gold subscription with 800 points thrown in, so it’s worth trying your luck i reckon.

  • chiruno99

    It dosen’t impress me.

  • logikil

    Just curious Major, but is your number for consoles sold correct? That’s about 2.5 million shy of what the investor report states. If the 42 million is correct that means the 360 is now only 400K ahead of the PS3 and the year advantage is now completely eroded.

  • Bellsten

    Nice but i want some info on the top 20 played games on Live

  • Garratose

    @metallicorphan: Weren’t those 41.6 million shipped numbers?

  • Anonymous

    25 million LIVE members and u can only befriend 100….NICE

  • mccalejk

    **free** dashboard update. Yay, thank you! lol

  • lewgiffard

    I’ve read an interview quoting Marc Whitten stating that when the 9 new countries are added to Xbox Live, they will be able to migrate their international accounts to their own region.

    Will this be a feature available to all members, for those who created a tag localised to the wrong country by mistake?

  • CLaSik McLoVnYy

    ok i got a Question do the old xbo 360 going to get the new xbox update and the espn ???

  • simon zephyr

    and then all DLCs will be free for gold members?


    Wasn’t the update in “the very near future” supposed to be this past Tuesday the 26th? What’s with the delay?

  • Tondo

    Wow great looking numbers. Now that the Live service is expanding to new places I wonder when we can get Indie games section of Live to Finland ?

  • Anonymous

    Esperando el Live acá en CHILE!

  • NorthernEmperor

    Well done Xbox team

  • Shiaoran

    42 million consoles sold
    25 million members of Xbox LIVE

    My guess is the same 25m people have bought several 360s due to RROD :P

  • Wulf684

    So is it clear now that MS needs to pay more attention to the world outside the US?


    Sweet, Whetzel is leaving


    Bye bye toad



    Your guess is wrong I purchased one for every room with a TV. 4

  • ToothlessFrog

    I must admit that the video features on Live are awesome. Especially NetFlix. I utilize NetFlix and zune market place to download The Office, Smallville (which needs updating, missing two episodes) and Supernatural every week. I’m a good stat for MS lol

  • AN1MAL75

    We have 3 consoles in our house,not to mention they have all been replaced due to RROD.lol so 6 consoles in total.

  • Whetzel

    @VENOM MADMNESS, are you 12?

    I’m just stating facts. If you disagree, fine, but please tell me why you think so.

    And I’m not going anywhere. I’m just going to be around as a Silver member (or whatever Microsoft changed that title to).


    I hate complainers. You’re crying over 10.00 when LIVE has been the same price for 8 YEARS. 8 years is a loooong time for anything not to get any price increase. If you really have all those devices and game consoles, you’re telling me $10.00 a year or .83 cents a month or .21 cents a week or .03 cents a day is your BREAKING POINT. Come on man, stop complaining.

  • Alex Atkin UK

    Why all the moaning about “Sony can do it for free, so why not Microsoft”.

    Sony do a terrible job and are desperately trying to get people to switch to their paid service. If the PS3 gets party / cross game chat I can totally see it being for their paid service only.

    I really do not know how anyone can say PSN compares remotely to Live, its far more thrown together with things like “oh you want to view your trophies, I will have to sync to do that because we never thought to do it seamlessly in the background” and “I have a game update, just downloading 500MiB, because we never thought of a patching system”, its just so badly implemented compared to Live.

    In fact the ONLY thing I like about that is the fact updates only need to install once, but then they are so large you are likely to need to delete them to free space plus not have time to play the game once they are downloaded because its taken so long. Even the fact different games use different ports to communicate whereas Xbox Live has a standard set of ports so its easy to forward those ports across and be done with it. So worrying about uPNP support in your router, or “did I get all the ports right”, it just works.

  • Whetzel

    @VENOM MADNESS, it has nothing to do with price. It has to do with smart and rational thinking.

    Why on earth would/should I pay ANYTHING for a service that I can get for free?

    It’s true, XBL USE to be the best service for online gaming, but things have changed.

  • Whetzel

    Oh, and I should mention, I do think that XBL is still the best online gaming service, but not by much.

    Most of the things it does better really aren’t things that I take advantage of on a regular basis so, me personally, I don’t feel there is a need to pay for it when I can get it for free.

    For example, cross game chat, sure it’s a great feature, but not for $60 a year.